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Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack Summarized
  • Anybody Have A Map: Wait how do you parent
  • Waving Through A Window: Tears and loneliness
  • For Forever: If I had friends
  • Sincerely Me: We're not gay we swear
  • Requiem: You were a douche and I'm happy you're dead
  • If I Could Tell Her: I said it but he said it
  • Disappear: I'm lonely so I'm gonna make a foundation dedicated to some dead kid
  • You Will Be Found: If you weren't crying you are now
  • To Break In A Glove: I got a new dad with the power of shaving cream
  • Only Us: Quit focusing on my dead brother and kiss me
  • Good For You: Screw you for being happy
  • Words Fail: Well I done messed up
  • So Big/So Small: I wasn't there for you before but I'm here now so love me!!!
  • Finale: The room is flooded with tears and that's okay
I can’t promise you that I will never fight on silly things because I do have terrible out of the blue mood swings. I can’t promise you that I will make you proud in everything I do because I am not flawless. I can’t promise you that I’ll be the perfect girl for you because I know I am impulsive and I’ll surely mess up things. But I can surely promise you that no matter how many times I mess up I’ll try my best to resolve everything. I promise to be loyal to you and give my 100 percent to our relationship. I promise no matter what we go through in our life I won’t give up on us. I promise to love you from the depths of my heart and soul.

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You're mine

Send me “You’re mine.” to see how my muse reacts to your muse telling them just that.

The small Voidtouched looked up from cuddling with a poro with an expression nothing short of a mix of confusion and embarrassment. He just sort of stared up at the Freljordian in silence for a good long moment before managing to sputter out a reply. “I-I.. I’m wh-what?” His voice cracked with void distortion briefly, sounding almost like a squeak. He’d… misheard that, right?


Brave Girls 브레이브걸스 | With their comeback after 2.5 years, Brave Girls retained two original members, HyeRan and YuJin, while adding five new members: YuJeong, MinYoung, EunJi, HaYun, and YuNa. They released their comeback song, 변했어 (Deepened) on 16 February 2016.


Téa Leoni + her tough love for Tim Daly

Being able to say, “ I love you. ” truthfully, and with such a deep meaning, is what I’ve wanted in this hopeless life.
—  Myself - Realization of True Love