only until march

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety


Uni is only back in March, until there I will review many past subjects and start new ones(finances is one of them), I will increase my french studies and take care of some invests. I am going to work a lot, because I wanna buy some really pretty stuff to myself! Be a good person, work hard, believe in your dreams and realize, you are your best friend! Have a great year flowers!

After the longest four weeks of study leave in existence, I finally have my last exam today woooo

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If he didn't quit he'd only have like 2 movies left after phantom thread.. so idk maybe he decided it's time.

Do you know what “2 movies left” means? That’s another 10 years we have with DDL. 10 YEARS! Just the possibility of witnessing his talent again excites me so much. Now we will only have until March next year before he disappeared completely. Those 2 movies could be another My Left Foot or There Will Be Blood. We talking about the Daniel Day-Lewis here not some mere actor. I can’t think of a greater loss for cinema than this.  


Of course experimental-music legend Laurie Anderson’s dog plays the keyboard.

on iTunes or Vudu today – it’s only available until March 29!


We’re all surprised about the announcement that Chiaki is graduating from AAA in March. I think it’s important that we international fans do something special for her. She deserves to see how many lives she’s touched all over the world!
Everyone who wants to can submit a message to my blog to include in the gift. I’ll put it all together and ship it to the AAA fanclub.

misakolove and I have been talking about what to do and how to do it. (She’s so helpful! Treasure her.) She told me about exploding gift boxes, which are so creative and cute! It would be such a great gift!

First, the shape of the box will be a heptagon. It’ll emphasize all the home countries of the people who are part of the gift because the theme is hearts touched by Chiaki around the world. There will be a globe in the center, with red thread running from the different countries back to Japan. There’ll be lots of red and hearts and flowers and room for people to include messages. (And if anyone has some more good ideas, let me know! Everyone can have a say because we’re doing this together!)

I made a miniature prototype of it and there’s enough room for thirty-five messages, but I don’t know if I’ll need more or less room because I don’t know how many people will participate! Please let me know soon if you want to be a part of it so I can plan accordingly and get supplies! We only have until March for it to get to her, so we need to work quickly!

I can’t tell you exactly how much room everyone will get because this is still in the planning stages and I don’t know how many people will get involved (and I won’t get supplies for a few days…) But I want to say it’ll be about a sixth or a quarter (there will be two sizes) of a regular 8.5”x11” piece of paper. But you can start brainstorming, at least! You can put whatever you want in your message, but make sure to…

• Include your name/nickname
• Include your home country
• Be unique! You can make an image or just submit text and let me know what font/pictures/decorations you want (or I can just decorate for you)
• Try to stay positive because we want Chiaki to be happy when she sees it! Congratulate her, thank her for everything she’s done in AAA, etc.

Hopefully I’ve described it well and everyone will participate. Share this post so more people see it too! I’m worried about space, but I’ll definitely work it out so everyone who wants to has a spot.

It’s pretty fast, but please have your message done and sent to me by February 1. We need to send it out quickly so we can be sure she’ll get it!

Again: please let me know right away if you will participate!

This post has been updated with more information here:


Hot Toys SDCC 2015 Booth: Quarter Scale Iron Man Mark XLIII with sculpted Tony Stark head based on Robert Downey Jr.’s likeness [x|x]

Reason why I preordered this–

They’ve finally gotten close in getting RDJ’s face correctly. It only took seven years, four Iron Man figures (with interchangable unmasked head sculpts), and five Tony Stark figures to get it right.

(PS– If you preorder now, it’s only $60/month until March 2016)

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Hi could you pleas explain sunset clause to me? I saw blogs talking about it but I think some words were lost in translation I don't really understand contract and clauses work. thank you

Here’s a link to a formal definition in the context of music management:

Basically, the idea is that even after a formal contract ends, there may be a period in which the parties owe something to each other. The term has been used to describe the obligations that the boys may still owe Syco, and possibly Modest, that extend beyond the formal “end” of the contract. I think most people who are using the term, however, acknowledge that it is inapt at least with regards to Syco. The sunset clause as described in the link is mostly about ensuring that management gets compensated for the work they did before the end of the contract. For example, management may have done the legwork to get you a gig that doesn’t happen until 6 months after the end of the contract and they should be compensated for that even if you’re not paid until it’s technically beyond the term of the contract and have a new manager. 

In the context of the boys’ continuing obligations to Syco, a better, though still somewhat inapt, comparison would be a non-compete clause, which prohibits one party from doing something (working for another employer, putting out competing music) that would undermine the value of the contract to the other party for a term after the end of the contract. So, it’s likely that there is a clause in the boys’ contract that they cannot produce music as One Direction for a certain period of time after their last album with Syco was made available because Syco is entitled to reap the full benefits of sales of that album without new music, which would benefit someone else, cannibalizing that market. 

In addition to something like a non-compete clause prohibiting them from producing competing music, there is also likely a contractual obligation for the boys to participate in the marketing of that last album for a period of time. This is the clause that affects the image rights we talk about – the boys have likely agreed that their images may be used to market that last album for a period of time even though the contract has been fulfilled by delivering the album. The purpose is to give Syco a chance to profit from the album. 

There is also a theory, though this one depends on facts that we’re really only guessing at, that the contract the boys are subject to has been tolled because of an allegation of breach and that this explains why it still seems in force nearly a year after release of MITAM. “Tolling” a contract basically means that a breach freezes the time under the contract until the party alleging a breach is satisfied that the breach has been compensated for or until it is determined through litigation that the breach allegation was not substantiated. So, for example, if the image rights/PR obligations for MITAM were really only supposed to last until March, but Syco alleged that the boys had breached their contract (perhaps because the bears violated Syco’s exclusive control of their images or violated an non-disclosure agreement or some other contractual provision), that breach allegation could toll the terms of the contract until the parties would be able to negotiate a way to make up for the breach. Even if the boys didn’t agree that they had breached, they could choose to give something to Syco (like, let their images be used for longer and participate in new PR campaigns) to avoid litigation. This would make sense to do because litigation would likely take years and the contract could be tolled that whole time, preventing them from signing with another label. They may have decided that an additional 6-9 months of obligations to Syco was worth it so that they could cleanly move on when that time was up.

Sorry – I think I probably went way beyond what you were asking me.



In honor of Gemsona Week I will animate your gemsona for only $20!! You can also pick out the background or have let me pick it out for you. All I need is reference photos of your gem, pretty much what you would submit to gemsona-week.

If you would like me to add in any extra iteration to your gem animation, that will be one dollar for each version.

For Example:

When Pearl reforms she has 3 iterations ($3) and then her final one ($20), so that would cost $23.

But when Lapis forms she has one form ($20), so that would be just $20.

I WILL ONLY DO THIS UNTIL MARCH 18, which is the end of gemsona week submissions. After that I will not accept any more submissions. Also i reserve the right to refuse any submission.

Send me an ask, or email me at if you would want me to animate your gem!



2015 in Graphics by StrengthCas
⇢ Individual Graphics: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10.


Heard Martyn might play Twilight Princess HD when it comes out! Would be excited to watch him play it. ‘Twas the second Zelda game I played and the first I finished I think.

I thought I’d draw a little Martyn TP Link until I realised I didn’t like the pose I was drawing him in and didn’t finish the other hand, then sketched a few other things

“hello sweet buttercups!! welcome to our mad house! let’s do this, shall we?”

The Rules

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  • enter until 10th of March 
  • one winner + runner-ups

The Awards

  • Nicest Blogger(s)
  • best Doctor Who
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  • best Game of Thrones
  • original graphics/edits
  • best Multifandom
  • Marit’s Favourite 
  • Teph’s Favourite
  • Best Overall


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Hey there!

This is an emergency commission and will only accept until March 25. My niece will be graduating from High School this March 28 but she has yet to pay her tuition fee. Unable to settle her account means she won’t be able to graduate and receive her diploma. They did save up for her tuition but unfortunately, her mother died last month. They used up the money they set aside for her burial.

My wrist is still healing from its injury which is giving me hard time to draw because of my cast. However, I really want to help her out! So here we go!

  • All work is digital
  • I accept OC, Furry, Other fandom, Nudity, Blood, ect.
  • I also do B/W colour - $5 each
  • I can only accept payment through PayPal
  • More art work can be found HERE

If you’re interested please e-mail me at

If you can’t request commission, a reblog would help greatly. Thank you!