only two pounds!!

Weight Loss, Update, and Measurements!

Hey peoples! Wickedly Healthy here, coming at you for an update on my weight loss journey. Hope you’re all having a great Sunday! Hope all is good in your world and that you’re taking it easy. My Sunday is going to be very lazy aside from going to the gym later on today. It’s most likely going to be a repeat of my yesterday. I’ll be sitting on my butt playing video games for most of the night. (Yes, I’m that kind of girl. Lazy as f-) 

I lost two pounds from last weigh in so now I am at 244! My original goal was to be at 242 around this time, but since it’s only a two pound difference I’m not letting it bother me. I know there were days where I could have worked harder and I could have eaten better, but I also gotta live life, plus I was sick for a good week. (excuses, excuses) 

I took my measurements today…. Here are my measurements from the beginning till now. 

From starting Date, Jan 15th., Feb 18th., to Today March 19th.

Measurements in inches

Jan 15th

  • Waist- 47″
  • L Thigh- 29″
  • R Thigh- 28″
  • Bust- 48″
  • Hips- 49″
  • Butt- 49″
  • R Arm- 14 1/2″
  • L Arm- 16″

Feb 18th

  • Waist- 42.5″           (-4 1/2″)
  • L Thigh- 28″           (-1″)
  • R Thigh- 28″          (-0″)
  • Bust- 45″                (-3″)
  • Hips- 47″                (-2″)
  • Butt- 47.5″             (-1 1/2″)
  • R Arm- 14.25″       (-1/4″)
  • L Arm- 14.75″       (-1 1/4″)

March 19th

  • Waist- 41.5″             (-1″)
  • L Thigh- 27.5″         (-1/2″)
  • R Thigh- 27.5″        (-1/2″)
  • Bust- 45″                 (-0″)
  • Hips- 46″                 (-1″)
  • Butt- 47″                  (-1/2″)
  • R Arm- 14″              (-1/4″)
  • L Arm- 14.25″         (-1/4″)      = -3 3/4″

Total Inches Lost!

= 17 ¼ inches!!

I am absolutely thrilled to have see these numbers today, I mean 17.25 inches!!?? Lost. That boggles my brain. I know I will be losing a lot more, but I look forward to being astonished each and every time I add it all up. Inches matter. 

Total pounds lost from Jan 15th to now = 14lbs.

Winter Weight Gain

I have always been attracted to fat men and had the desire to become one myself. I struggled throughout my college career to put on weight. I would binge for weeks and put on about ten pounds, only to become stressed and overworked resulting in me losing the weight. It was a frustrating cycle. I never had the time to truly transform my body into the jiggly ideal in my head. Once I graduated, I knew it was my time to grow. Before entering a master’s program, I decided I would take a year off to save money and gain weight. Between June and December I made a lot of progress. I gained about thirty pounds in six months, going from six foot and 150 pounds to 180 some odd pounds. It felt great. I wasn’t fat by any means, but I had filled out. I felt more in control of my body and like I had more of a presence when I entered a room. These gains were assisted by a new boyfriend I had met, Liam, on grommr. He was much fatter than me and had a well-developed paunch when we met. The combination of his encouragement and simply being around someone who ate so goddamn much really assisted in my weight gain. 

I flew home to a small town in Southern California for Thanksgiving. It was sad parting ways for a week with the boyfriend, but the prospect of a gluttonous Thanksgiving was enticing. My family was rather traditional when it came to holidays and Thanksgiving was always an expansive, fattening, home cooked affair. I had been practicing bloating for weeks before hand so I could be sure to stuff myself to maximum capacity. In addition, my family had yet to see my thirty pound weight gain. When I arrived, I received several comments about how I’d “filled out.” Most of them were compliments amounting to how I looked more like a man, and much older. When feasting began I shocked everyone with how much food I consumed. I by far was the biggest eater at the table and filled up my plate four times. My stomach was so distended by the end of the day that it almost looked like a deformity. When I returned home, Liam raved that I was noticeably fatter. The scale had only shown a two pound weight gain, but he claimed it felt like more. Still, I was definitely excited and felt like an overweight BMI was just within my reach.

Liam and I both had plans to spend December and January with our respective famillies. We decided to make a rather fattening deal. After two months, when we returned home, we both had to have gained 25 pounds. If one or both of us failed to meet this criteria, the punishment would be 7,000 calories a day for two weeks. 

After two weeks of home cooking and holiday treats, I had already packed on twelve pounds. And it was starting to get noticeable. My belly poked out above my waistline. T-shirts and sweaters clung tightly to my midsection. I was a cliche, my weight quickly rising due to holiday sweets and egg nog. No one made any comments, as I assumed they figured I would lose it all in the spring. What they didn’t know was that my gut would continue to grow and that my newfound potbelly was a source of constant eroticism. My cock grew hard at every meal, and even the slightest jiggle of my belly would leave me dripping precum. By the time Christmas day arrived I was about 15 pounds heavier than when I’d first arrived at home. I was greatly looking forward to Christmas dinner, which was typically a bigger affair than Thanksgiving in my house. My mom made a spread with all of the traditional holiday food, but went especially crazy with the desserts. There were more cakes, pies, cookies, cobblers, and loafs than our family could ever consume in a day. 

After exchanging presents, my body was ready to gorge. I was jittery with excitement at the prospect of stuffing my gut as full as I possibly could with delicious fattening food. Once dinner began, I made no attempt at hiding my gluttony. I inhaled my first plate of food within minutes. I got a couple comments about how hungry I was. I would only smile and agree as I loaded up plate after mountainous plate of food. My belly was swelling under the tight knit sweater I was wearing. After three plates of ham, turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and yams all drowned in gravy I began on the dessert foods. My gut was significantly bloated. My uncle was surprised that I was still “going so strong on the food.” While my mom made a comment that I better “watch my eating” as my “midsection is growing by the day.” A few other family members remarked with supportive jokes about how I was a growing boy and that everyone gets a a little portly over the holidays. My cock was rock hard and mashed against my thigh in my skinny jeans. I eventually had a healthy serving of every dessert at the table and seconds for some. By the time I was finished, my stomach looked abnormally bloated and I was in great pain. Once everyone finished, I retired to my bedroom and immediately took a nap. 

I woke up groggy and with an intense boner. I looked at the clock and it was 1 AM. I’d slept for several hours. I went outside and smoked a bowl then proceeded to watch A Christmas Story. Soon enough, the munchies began to set in, and the massive food baby that was working its way through my system, suddenly seemed to vanish. I was ravenously hungry. I began to storm the leftovers, eating pieces of pie and cake so large that I was shocked at my own gluttony. I was stuffing my face with everything I could get my hands on. I began to get enormously turned on and decided to bring the food to my room so I could eat and jerk off. I covered my bed with plates of delicious sweets and began eating with no hands like the hungry hog I was. Meanwhile, I stroked my cock and massaged my belly fat. I was getting food all over my fattening body, which I would lick and scrape off. I was determined to consume everything that I brought. I tried fucking the cobbler and then eating the filling off my dick. I was swallowing so much food that I hardly even recognized what was going into my mouth. Whatever I could get my hands on was swallowed. I cleaned all the plates in what seemed like no time at all. I finally let myself cum and shot my load across the room in moans of ecstasy. I  passed out sticky and bloated.

A few weeks passed and New Year’s came and went. I had gained 4 pounds just on Christmas day alone and continued to pack on the weight like I was an animal going into hibernation. I could barely fit into the outfit I had planned for New Year’s Eve festivities, which was slightly embarrassing, but still incredibly hot. Hungover the next morning, I looked through the photos on my phone and on Facebook of the night before. I had gotten completely wasted and didn’t remember much. I was shocked to see just how far my belly protruded out of my denim jacket. In several photos my shirt was riding up to reveal a swollen and hairy abdomen. Even my face looked a little fatter. A slight double chin appeared in certain angles. This was the first time I had a good look at all the weight I had gained and was truly shocked. I looked fat. 

I went to the bathroom and began examining myself in the mirror. My gut was on the verge of an overhang, ten more pounds and it would happen. I had even started to develop a fat pad. I knew my thighs had gotten thicker, but looking in the mirror I realized they were almost touching. I squeezed and jiggled my ass cheeks, Liam was going to love playing with those. Slight love handles were apparent from behind. I wanted them to grow. I got inches from the mirror to examine my neck fat. If I looked down or tucked my chin in, I developed a definite double chin. To top it all off, my entire body looked a tad bit hairier. I’d always had a decent patch of chest hair, but now it was spreading from shoulder to shoulder. I wondered if weight gain sparked hair growth.

I’d stopped tracking my weight since Christmas because I was confident I would meet, and likely surpass, the 25 pounds I promised Liam. The trip home had come to an end, and I was noticeably larger than when I’d arrived. Barely any of my clothes fit. I couldn’t wait for Liam to see. When I arrived at our apartment, he was sitting on the couch. I could tell he’d gained weight but not merely as much as me. We embraced and began fooling around. He was shocked and amorous of my newly formed love handles and jiggly beer gut. He squeezed handfuls of both and asked how much I’d gained. I told him I didn’t know and had stopped weighing myself. Liam revealed he had only gained 15 pounds. At first I was disappointed, but the prospect of the next week of gluttony was going to be amazing for Liam. We had wild sex exploring the new curves of each other’s bodies. 

Later that night, Liam coaxed me out of bed and onto the scale. I was shocked at the number that appeared. No way was I that fat now. 223 pounds. I had gained over forty pounds in two months. This realization caused my cock to stiffen and rise against my newly rounded, hanging, belly.

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Can you make a work out plan for a guy with no access to a gym who only has two 5 pound dumbbells? Also, I'm skinny af, trying to gain muscle mass, not trying to lose anything lol. Thanks in advance!

I’ve been a personal trainer and strength coach the last 7 years

I can make a routine out of anything for a fair price.

Though Im having a special Super Saiyan Tier pledge on my patreon right now for people trying to get Beach Bods this summer

Or if you want FULL ONLINE COACHING, DIET, And ROUTINES you can email me here


I’ll make ya super, just saiyan

Fall and Aladdin

Jason Todd X Reader

Word Count: 1438

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2

When you get back to your hospital room, you and Jason hold each other while you cry.

You listen to Jason’s story, about how he became who he is. You listen to him detail his childhood, and then you listen to how he dies. You cry for him. It touches him, that you’d be willing to cry for him, for his poor tortured and dirty soul. You snap at him to never say those words again. You tell him that he is a good man, and good men don’t stoop to the level of the bad guys. Your request is clear, please don’t kill anyone else.

You don’t ask about the superhero thing often. You treat his wounds, and learn how to stitch him up. But you never ask, because you don’t want to know. In fact, you’ve never set foot in the Batcave. When Bruce’s wife goes down there you stay above level and watch over Faith. The little girl is adorable, and you love holding her and cuddling her, and watching her laugh.

Jason will usually appear by your side in the middle of these sessions and join you. He’ll place kisses on the little girl’s cheeks, or tickle her feet. Sometimes, he’ll appear with a new stuffed animal. In these moments you can’t help but think that Jason will make a wonderful father someday.

Someday, comes a lot sooner than either of you plan. He takes you away on a romantic weekend to one of Bruce’s snow covered cabins. The two of you may get a little bit careless, and well … two months later you’re staring at a little plus sign on a pregnancy test.

You’ve only been together for about a year at this point. The two of you have talked a bit about your future, the possibility of marriage and children, but you’ve always felt that was a ways off. You’re only twenty-four.  

You hide it for a few weeks, not exactly sure how to tell him. Nothing is out of the ordinary for those few weeks; no morning sickness, no bloating, and no mood swings. Then, suddenly, like a light switching on, the morning sickness comes. After four days of waking up to you being sick, Jason is more than a little worried. He eventually, enlists his mother’s help in trying to convince you to go to the doctor.

That’s when you know that jig is up. You assure his mother that everything is fine, before dragging Jason off to your room. It takes you a few minutes to work up the courage to tell him. When you tell him, his face goes a bit slack, and he kind of just sits there.

Eventually, you sit down next to him, and the two of you just sit there for about an hour. His voice is a little shaky as he says, “A baby.” You just nod. “Well, at least we know that it’ll be cute. With us for parents, how could it not be?”

That makes you smile. The two of you spend the next part of the night talking about what you think this child would be like. By the time you’re done, you’re both feeling a bit more relaxed. That night, you fall asleep with your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

You set up a doctor’s appointment the next day. A week later the two of you go in and have your first prenatal appointment. You get to listen to the heart beat. It’s loud and strong, and it makes the fact that you’re growing a person, real.

On your way home the two of you stop by a baby store. The two of you go in and wander around. You feel the fabric of the clothes, and you can’t really imagine anything ever truly being that small. Then again, your baby is the size of a lima bean right now.

You’ve lost sight of Jason at this point, but he pops up a moment later. He’s holding a stuffed tiger, it reminds you of the one from that one Disney movie, with the princess. He just smiles and says, “He’ll make the perfect guardian; don’t you think?”

You smile, taking the little plush animal. It was soft, and the perfect companion for a child. An image of a child, toting it around comes to mind, and you can’t help but buy it. You take it home, and place it on your bed. It’s a reminder of the good that is about to come, and how much love this child is going to experience.

You tell his family later that night. There’s hugs all around, and congratulations. The next several months fly by, and Jason begins hanging back from patrols a bit more often. He attends every appointment, and his face lights up every time he sees the baby on the ultrasound.

Everyone is truly excited about the idea of having a baby around, so your heart breaks when at twenty-eight weeks along, you feel a sharp pain at work. Your bump has just become noticeable at this point, and you know something is wrong. Your co-worker immediately calls an ambulance. You’re taken away in the back of an ambulance in a flurry of activity.

You keep asking for Jason, and he shows up right as the doctor tells you that you’ve gone into premature labor, and that the baby is coming. You can’t help but cry, as Jason squeezes your hand and you’re wheeled back into the operating room.

Your child comes into the world at seven months’ gestation. He’s small, and doesn’t cry as doctors rush him away. You can tell from Jason’s eyes that it’s not good. He doesn’t say anything, just grips your hand and kisses your forehead, as they stitch you up.

You’re not allowed to see your baby for twenty-four hours. When you are allowed, you have to be wheeled down because of the C-section. It’s a boy, a little boy. He weighs only two pounds, and he’s on oxygen. He so much smaller than those little baby clothes you saw on that shopping trip all those months ago.

You and Jason are dressed in gowns, and the doctors encourage you to touch him, to talk to him. You have to reach through these holes on the side of this clear plastic box. You stroke his cheek, and you tell him who you are. You tell him that you’re his mommy, and that you love him so much.

Jason is silent for a few minutes, but then he starts talking. He tells your still unnamed child that he’s his daddy. That he loves him, and then he tells him about everything that the three of you are going to do when he’s a bit bigger, and a whole lot stronger. He brings up tee-ball, and theme parks, and paint ball.

It’s somewhat hard to ever imagine, this tiny child in front of you being big enough for any of that, but Jason’s enthusiasm is easy to share, and you can’t help but do so. You stay in there for hours, until the nurse gently tells you that it’s time to go. Before you leave, Jason lays the plush tiger on the top of the box, and tells your son, “This guy is going to watch over you until mom and dad are allowed back in. He’ll keep you safe, buddy.”

today i broke my 2 month plateau and even though i only lost two pounds i’m so happy because it’s a start!!! seriously the joy from seeing 136 on the scale after i’ve been at 138-140 was sooo good

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Fics for when you've had a horrible day and need a big warm hug from Harry and Louis in fic form?

Hugs from Larry (aka for when you’re down) Fic Rec

Everything I Need I Get From You (8k)

Historical AU. It’s two days before Christmas, and Harry has only two pounds and thirty pence to his name to purchase a gift for Louis.

After Me Comes the Flood (8k)

Louis is anxious about a lot of things, Harry works at a bookshop and wears skinny jeans even though it’s too hot, and they eat french fries in the park.

Show Me Life Like I’ve Never Seen (28k)

Louis never expected to leave the small art studio three blocks down from his job with anything besides the painting he caught a glimpse of and simply couldn’t forget

Keep reading

Who should you fight, Thunderbirds Are Go Edition

Scott Tracy - If you’re in a position where you might need to fight Scott Tracy, you’re probably already fighting Scott Tracy. And maybe you started it or maybe he started it, but it doesn’t matter, because the point is, he’s finishing it. If you’re lucky, Virgil’s there to pull him off what’s left of you. Do not fight Scott Tracy.

John Tracy - Okay, well. Flip a coin. Heads, you’re on earth. Go ahead, fight John Tracy. He’s all long limbs and lean muscle, but in the same way that a newborn giraffe is after that six foot drop out of its mother. Tails, though. Different story. Presuming you even get aboard TB5 to mess with him, between the gravity ring and the airlock, it’s not likely you’ll be on board for long. Even if you do manage to get your hands on him, he moves in 0G like he was born for it, every motion is perfectly calculated. The three body problem in a fight with John Tracy is your body, his body, and whatever he’s about to hit you with. Absent of gravity, stay the hell away from John Tracy.

Virgil Tracy - The question is, why would you want to? He’s just so lovely. All right, well, for the sake of argument; let’s say you are. He’s built like a brick shithouse, why did you think that was a good idea? The good news is, he doesn’t really wanna hurt you. Lucky you. But there’s no good view of that chiseled butt of his when he’s sat on top of you, forcibly de-escalating the situation. Go ahead, fight Virgil Tracy. He’s only two hundred pounds of raw muscle, how bad could that be. Probably your chiropractor will understand.

Gordon Tracy - Here’s what’ll happen if you hit Gordon in the face. He will smile at you. Then he will laugh at you. And he’ll grin the entire time he’s tearing you into itty bitty pieces because:
 A) You know what they say about short guys with shit to prove
 B) He’ll enjoy this
 C) He was basically born waiting for someone to give him a reason to go the hell off.
D) Do not fight Gordon Tracy

Alan Tracy - Read back over the above four answers. If there was even the slightest sliver of doubt in your mind about a violent encounter with any one of his brothers, do not lay a hand on Alan Tracy. If he comes at you, flailing his tiny fists, just let him do it. Because unless you’re in the mood to take on every one of the other four, at the same time, it’s a terrible idea to fight Alan Tracy.

Kayo Kyrano - If you’ve made the fatal mistake of picking on Alan, the surprise good news is, Kayo beat the other four boys to the punch. Literally, she beat them to punching you. She got there first and she just kept punching you and there wasn’t anything you could do about it. You’ve been punched to death. If you’re fighting Kayo entirely of your own accord–well. You know what, take your chances. The worst that’ll happen is you’ll have to bail out of a plane in mid air because she won’t stop throwing the contents of the cargo hold at you.

Brains - Do it. Punch that nerd. Fight Brains. MAX too, that bastard.

Grandma Tracy - You MONSTER. You wanna fight Grandma? Why do you want to fight Grandma? Grandma wears uggs and a onesie year round. Grandma don’t give a fuck. Don’t fight Grandma. Christ.

everything i need i get from you by moodlighting/ @mooodlighting

Historical AU. It’s two days before Christmas, and Harry has only two pounds and thirty pence to his name to purchase a gift for Louis.

since i’ve found you by rearviewdreamer/ @all-these-larrythings

Louis woke up on the morning he was meant to volunteer at the Feed the Homeless program at St. Mary’s church hoping for an opportunity to give back a little to a city that has given him everything he could ever want. Little did he know, there was one more great thing waiting there for him; a boy with radiant green eyes in a weathered jacket and a beat-up backpack slung over his shoulders.

coming up for air by stylinsoncity/ @alienproof

It’s a long plane ride to LA but sitting beside Harry makes time fly.

we’ve got unfinished business by suspendrs/ @fukcinglouis

There’s a ghost in Harry and Louis’s apartment that seemingly just wants them to date.

cameras flashing by juliusschmidt/ @juliusschmidt

With his breakout single platinum three times over and his second album still selling out in stores around the world, Louis Tomlinson has made it to the top. However, his position as Pop Heartthrob of the Decade is threatened by the edgier, more artistic Zayn, who happens to be releasing an album a week after Louis’ upcoming third. Louis needs something groundbreaking- scandalous, even- to push past him in the charts. Much to Louis’ dismay, his PR team calls in The Sexpert.

Consulting with PR firm Shady, Lane and Associates pays the bills so that Harry Styles can spend his down time doing what he really loves: poring over data. On weekends and late into the evenings, he researches gender, presentation, and sexual orientation, analysing the longitudinal study that is his father’s life’s work. That is, until his newest client, the popstar with the fascinating secret, drags him off his couch and frighteningly close to the spotlight.

As the album’s release date approaches, will Tomlinson and Styles be able to pull off the most risky PR scheme of the millennium and beat Zayn in sales or will the heat of their feelings for each other compromise everything?

if i should stay by gloria_andrews/ @gloriaandrews

Louis is a television actor who suddenly needs a bodyguard. Harry is the bodyguard he ends up hiring.

A fic loosely based on the classic 1992 movie The Bodyguard.

the impossible now by stylinsoncity/ @alienproof

A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

lips speak louder by bravefortheboys/ @bravefortheboys

Pool water dyed blue, a deep hatred for R.E.M., shorts catching on fire, a karaoke night that somehow changes everything, an angering lack of proper communication—oh, and what’s camp without a bit of rivalry?

(AU in which Louis is a summer camp counselor along with a few other less-than-qualified people just trying to make it through the next four weeks in one piece. The curly-headed bloke from the camp sharing the campsite with them surely won’t let that happen)

space oddity by velvetoscar/ @mizzwilde

Louis’ blessed with the inconvenience of getting his neighbor’s mail. It works out really well for the both of them.

inconceivable by alivingfire/ @alivingfire

Louis and Barbara Tomlinson are twin brother and sister. Harry’s in love with Louis, Niall’s in love with Barbara, and they both go by Tommo. It gets a little confusing.

in vogue by otpwhatever/ @otpwhatever

Fashion AU. Louis is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, and Harry’s running British GQ. Featuring Zayn as the crazy creative director and Louis’ confidant, Liam as the sports writer that gets to sit front row at fashion week and DJ Neil as the only sane person in the whole story. (There are no skinny jeans in this fic)

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I love your blog, it's fantabulous. Can I have some headcanons about Gili because he's my smol baby please!

( i lovee you, you’re fantabulous <3 (alsoidk if you mean’t bf headcanons or regular so i will do a mixy-moo))

2P!Prussia/Gillen Beilschmidt

  • dude knows sign language (I accept both mute/non-mute headcanons of him, but either way he knows it in my head)
  • he loVes his hair being played with, but will also bite you if you try and touch it bc he thinks it doesn’t feel nice
  • probably keeps every single gift he has received from a child
  • loves kids
  • is a master gamer ofc
  • like don’t even try and play with him
  • he will kick your ass
  • he has a popular tumblr blog or 27
  • his lucky number is 2 because it only takes two pounds of pressure to push the nose bone into the brain and kill someone and he just h o P e s
  • he has cold hands all the time and will stick them up your shirt when you’re not expecting it
  • he is a cinnamon roll with a hidden sinnamon side
  • his hands are really big and slender
  • like why
  • who gave you the right
  • stop that
  • he needs glasses but doesn’t wear them
  • his first kiss was 2P!Austria/Roland Eidelstein
  • he broke his nose straight after and that’s why Roland has a lil nose bump
  • he loves to cuddle but won’t ask
  • like let this baby put his head on your chest pretty pls
  • i hc him as panromantic demisexual
  • he l o ves dogs
  • if you share a bed with him you’re not waking up due to suffocation
  • he always wears merch and hoodies
  • he has at least 379340 hoodies
  • Gil might actually die if he sees you wearing them
  • they’re all oversized too bc he be a tol bean
  • he can’t whistle and dies inside bc of it
  • he likes to take photos (even if he isn’t the best, he just loves to)
  • be the subject of the bean’s photo pls it will mean a lot to him
  • he can’t stand the smell of vinegar or strawberries
  • he likes PDA but wont initiate
  • he secretly injects PSL during autumn
  • he used to be a directioner and drowns out the pain with MCR and Panic!
  • he has too much merch
  • gIL S T OP
  • loves to kiss but is insecure about how good of a kisser he is
  • will lay with you for 58934 hours in silence
  • loves to cook (especially for you)
  • his ringtone i the Thomas the Tank Engine/I Write Sins mashup but always has his phone on silent so no one knows
  • filled to the brim with memes
  • harambe 5evr


She felt the powerful stare before she heard the stuttering speech. She pivoted and swiped the .45 off the dresser and had it trained on the man in a single smooth move as he stuttered out “I….”. Her hands were steady. Only a two pound pull on a nine pound trigger. She lowered the weapon she always kept by her side since Lecter’s escape. Some days she hoped it would be him she caught in the corner of her eye. It never was.

“You get a good enough look?” She asked sarcastically as her Appalachian drawl caressed her words. Her hands grabbing a tank top near by and yanking it on. She had noticed he hadn’t exactly whirled around around embarrassed at the site of her naked. She could have given less than a fuck that he saw her topless. She was curious if Graham would open his mouth to anyone at the bureau and if that would sway the gossip greater to her being straight or a lesbian. She found that sexual orientation of other agents made male agents titter with gossip like hens.

“And I know who you are.” She told him flatly, she thought that with a scar like he had in his cheek, it was obvious to anyone in the FBI who was paying attention. “But thank you kindly for your concern. You can turn around now. I’m adequately covered.”

Starling was every bit what Will had been expecting: hard, soft, abrasive, and with every intention of proving her self-worth. He’d felt quite similarly when he’d started off as a beat cop. Now, however, he couldn’t give two shits about what people thought about him.

Starling’s snide remark had Will sneering despite the flush in his cheeks. “I don’t make a habit of peeping, if that’s what you’re trying to imply,” he said. “I came by since it’s my ‘duty,’ or some horse shit. I doubt you want to do this any more than I do. Correct?”

Starling’s announcement gave Will pause, but nevertheless, he slowly turned around and appraised her. She was once more wearing a top, so he felt his stance relax. He hadn’t seen a naked woman since Molly – namely because he hadn’t wanted to look.

Stepping further into the room, Will stuffed his hands into his pockets and glanced toward the window. “I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about me, so you must also know I’m not much in the way of feelings and sharing them. Or at least, not anymore.” He found it ironic how his empathy had seemed to die the day he’d lost everything. “So since Jack’s your mentor, I’ll allow you to dictate how this goes.”

Heinz 57 Mince-Meat, 1918.

“There are many ingredients in really good mince meat. And each of these many ingredients gives Heinz an opportunity to show his resources in procuring the best - choice apples from the wind-swept orchards of Northern New York, Grecian currants - fruity and clean - raisins from Valencia, beef from America’s great plains and fragrant spices from the Orient.

With each ingredient good as it can be, Heinz Mince Meat adds goodness to goodness - blending, seasoning, bringing out the flavor, until the result is a triumph.

Heinz Mince Meat is sold only in one and two pound glass jars and tins - never in bulk.

Heinz Plum Pudding

This fine pudding, sacred to festivities for hundreds of years, is made by Heinz according to the best English traditions, and is a perfect ending for a good dinner.

Heinz Fig Pudding

Here is a pudding that is simple and wholesome, but choice enough for your most particular dinner party, especially if served with the sauce for which the recipe is given on the can.

Some of the 57

All Heinz goods sold in Canada are packed in Canada”

to the person who
stays home from school
because their too depressed
to get out of bed,
i love you

to the person who
stands in the front of the mirror
unable to fight the tears as they
criticises every inch,
i love you

to the person who
can’t keep their dinner down
because they only lost
two pounds,
i love you

to the person who
cries of the cold tile
of the bathroom floor
bloody razor in their hand,
i love you

to the person who
wears a long sleeve shirt
in the middle of august
to hide their scars,
i love you

to the person who
pops a handful of pills
just to feel normal
for a while,
i love you

to the person who
drowns themselves
and their feelings
in a bottle of booze,
i love you

to the person who
watches the one they love
fall in love with
someone else,
i love you

to the person who
has a mother that
tells them they
aren’t good enough,
i love you

to the person who
locks their bedroom door
whenever dads
been drinking,
i love you

to the person who
wont go home tonight
because their parents
are always fighting,
i love you

to the person who
feels hopeless and alone
and planning
to take their life,
i love you

and to you who reads all this,
whoever you may be,
wherever your life may take you,
always remember:
someone out there loves you…
even if its only me💖


Do-It-Yourself 3DMG is possible, guys! And it’s not as hard as you think!
Here’s how I did it…


- - - BOXES - - -

What you’ll need: lots of sturdy cardboard or foam board, packing tape, scissors, silver and/or brown spray paint, hot glue or super glue, and paper brads

  1. Take the cardboard and cut and tape it together with craploads of packing tape until they’re in the shape you want. Mine are 30.5in long, 7.5in high, and 4.5in wide.
  2. On one of the narrow sides, cut out six slots (or three, depending on your preference / general box size) of equal distance. Mine are 1in x 3in.
  3. For the metal ‘tank-holder’ bars, get cardboard or foam board (which is what I used here) and make them as tall as your boxes plus as tall as your gas tanks. Cut additional pieces to bridge the two metal pieces, and others to decorate the box up is you choose (I put some on the sides just for show). Don’t glue or tape them to your box yet!
  4. Spray paint the box bodies brown or silver (mine are brown but they should be silver; that was my mistake). If your paint appears dull, buy some clear lacquer spray paint and spray over it again to give it gloss.
  5. Spray the metal pieces (separately!) like above and add gloss if you need to. To give mine a buffer metal look, I didn’t use any. I also poked paper brads in where the screws should go.
  6. Finally, glue the metal pieces on the box with hot glue or super glue. If you choose to use hot glue, use a lot. Hot glue will not normally stick to paint unless you use a ton.


- - - GAS TANKS - - -

What you’ll need: two full-sized poster boards, scissors, two disposable water bottles, two glue sticks, and a piece of cardboard big enough for both of the bases of the water bottles to sit on.

  1. Empty the bottles and cut off their tops, right at the top of the paper wrapping.
  2. Roll both poster boards tight enough so the bottle tops will fit over them. Glue / tape everything in place.
  3. Take the two glue sticks and hot glue them to the tops of the bottle tops.
  4. Stand your gas tanks upright so the empty end is down. Trace out two circles on the cardboard / foam board.
  5. Cut out those circles and glue them to seal the open ends of the tanks.
  6. Spray paint everything silver. Again, use a clear spray paint to add sine if you need it (I chose not to, again, so they’d look more like metal).
  7. Slip them inside the tops of your finished boxes and glue or tape in place very securely. This is where they will be attached to you, so make it tight. I used a lot of hot glue.
  8. To put on the box/gas tank pieces, slip two dark strings around the gas tanks and tie them around your belt loops. If they’re flopping around when you walk, fix them in place by safety pinning the box itself to your pants, but don’t let them carry any weight, or you run the risk of them popping, getting bent, ripping the boxes, or ripping your pants. The finished pieces are only about five pounds apiece, and are very easy to move in. I can jump, run, and climb stairs as fast and easily in mine as I could without them.



What you’ll need: one foam board, paper brads or small screws, paper and a printer, colored pencils, black and brown paint, two small pieces of brown pleather, scissors, a screwdriver or nail, two bottle caps, and two long black strings.

  1. Get a foam board or large piece of sturdy cardboard, and paper brads or small screws.
  2. Find a picture of the sword handhelds online and trace them out on paper. I did not find any that were useful to me, so I drew my own using my own hand as scale.
  3. Color code your sketch so you know how many layers of board to put in certain spots. Mine are three layers of foam board thick, with additional small layers in certain spots. The triggers are only one board thick, as well as the large handle on the side.
  4. Cut out all the pieces you’ll need and glue them all together, except for the large side-handle.
  5. Take two bottle caps and glue them on the fat ends of each handle, then glue the bottle caps to the sides of your handhelds.
  6. Hand-paint everything accordingly. Find the place where you hold the handhelds from and cut out the outline of that place on the pleather, then glue it on.
  7. When you’re finished, take a screwdriver or sharp nail and poke holes in the board where there are metal screws / rivets. Stick in the paper brads and paint over their bottoms to disguise them.
  8. Hot glue long black strings on the bottom of each handheld, and their other ends to the undersides of the spools.


- - - SWORD BLADES - - -

What you’ll need: one foam board (don’t use cardboard this time), one box of aluminum foil, one can of spray adhesive, scissors or an Exacto knife, a rubber band, and some electrical tape.

  1. Trace out the shape of the blades you want, but make them only as wide as your handhelds are. Mine are 29in x 2.5in. Cut them out.
  2. Get the box of aluminum foil and stretch it out so they’re as long as your blades. Lay the blades down side-by-side and coat each with a thick layer of spray adhesive.
  3. Quickly flip them over on the aluminum and press out any air bubbles or wrinkles. You’ll only have about thirty seconds before it sets.
  4. Do the same on the other sides. Cut away the excess aluminum or wrap it around the edges.
  5. Hot glue them on your handhelds and secure at the bases with electrical tape.
  6. Now slip them inside the slots in your boxes. If they are flopping around or are at risk of falling out, cut two small pieces of rubber band and put them on the slots in your boxes. When you want the swords to be stored away in the boxes, slide them in and slip the rubber band around them somewhere to keep them from sliding. When you want to take them out, slip the rubber band off and slide them out.


- - - SPOOLS / NOZZLE - - -

What you’ll need: a large piece of cardboard / foam board, both small and large paper brads, poster board, toothpicks, gray, brown, and black paint, scissors, hot glue, and two large pieces of industrial strength black Velcro.

  1. Get a plastic lid and trace out the tops of the two spools on either side of the fan. Mine are 5.5in in diameter, and in the picture above, are seen in gray. Cut them out.
  2. Trace out the same shape on the poster board and lay it underneath the heads of the spools. In the pictures above, I used foam board, but I wouldn’t recommend it; it makes the top thicker than necessary and poster board works just as well.
  3. Take another piece of poster board, and cut it as long as the circumference is on your spool heads. Then cut off another inch or so. Make them as wide as you want your spools to be deep. Mine are 2.5in wide. Tape both ends together so it will stand up as a circle, and glue it underneath your spool head.
  4. Trace the lid again on your foam board or cardboard and glue it to the open end of your rolled poster board.
  5. Cut out about ten curved ‘L’ shapes on foam board or cardboard. Lay the unfinished spools on their tops. Place the short sides of the ‘L’s on the bottoms of the spools, with their tall backs to the center. Make them equidistant to one another!
  6. Glue a small square piece of cardboard or foam board (only about an inch in each direction or so) to the bottoms, and glue a larger cardboard piece (I used 3.5in in each direction) to that little piece at about a 45 degree angle. It will look really unstable and may not hold together well yet, but the central nozzle piece will hold it in place.
  7. To make the central nozzle piece, do the same thing as the spools. But make it smaller. Mine is only 4.5 inches in diameter. Also, the poster board that is measured as the circumference does not need any length taken off of it unlike above. You may also cut out a smaller piece for the top of the nozzle just for decoration, like I did.
  8. Cut out a little nozzle’s shape and glue it to the side of the round nozzle body, and glue a small piece of cardboard or foam board underneath the round body at a 45-degree angle. Use extra glue here.
  9. Glue the back of the nozzle body to the fronts of two cardboard plates, facing in the same direction as the spools. Add small piece of cardboard where you’ll need it for reinforcements.
  10. Hand-paint accordingly. Stick paper brads in where screws would be. Also, roll a bunch of toothpicks in gray or silver paint (I forgot to do that) and then stick them on the sides of the spools.
  11. Put large pieces of black industrial Velcro on the backs of the two large cardboard plates; where they’ll attach to your back. Do the same on your leather straps and where they look like they should attach with the spool/nozzle mechanism. Most Velcro is adhesive on the back so it should stick, but you can use hot glue to reinforce it. To put it on, simply press the whole thing against the matching side on your straps. It weighs only a pound or two and will absolutely not fall off if your Velcro is strong enough. It’s also easy to move in and easy to take off / on.


Total time for everything: one month (but it could be shorter if I wasn’t so slow to do it)

Cost: Less than $50

It may be tedious, but this is definitely possible! This is by far the biggest cosplay feat I’ve overcome yet, and I’m very glad I did so. If you really want to make some 3DMG for your next SNK cosplay, do it! Don’t hesitate! All it really is is shaping and gluing basic materials into the shapes you need, then painting them to look realistic. It may be more time consuming than ordering online, but the bonus is that you can customize it (both to your liking and your body size/shape), and make it better than anything you’ll find. It’s very cheap to do if you’ve already got most of these materials at home, and really the only working space needed is a wide, flat area (like a garage floor or patio or unused table) and a tablecloth. I even took this to a con and got non-stop compliments on it, though I told them it was actually really simple to make, so I made this tutorial for anyone who wants to try it. Give it a shot!