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Because When It's Only Raining, It's Better To Surrender- Part 1


 Author: @dylan-trash-tbh 

Pairing: Stuart x Reader 


 A/N:SO HERE IT IS GUYS. This is the first part of my 1k special :)

Thank you soo much ❤️ I really appreciate every single one of you!

 A special thanks to my Piggie for helping me out and be my co-pilot for this. 💕🐷 @golddaggers

 Let me know what you think about it!


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Exo React↬Their s/o's arms covered in bruises because a rival mafia tried to get info out of her

Minseok would be livid, there was no chance of the other members calming him while Lay tended to your injuries. Once you came back out of his makeshift medical room you were by his side, taking his face in between your hands and whispering soothing words to him. Minseok would place his hands on your hips and whisper to you “I’ll find whoever did this to you and I’ll beat them worse then they did you..”

Junmyeon would be scarily calm, he would be with you while Lay wiped the little blood you had on your skin away. Junmyeon would start talking to lay about a plan while Lay put bandaids and cream on your injuries “No matter what, we go after them, bring one or two back, and show them that they can’t disrespect my girl. Ever”

Yixing would be more frantic than anything, he would only see your injuries over the fact that you’re okay. He would sit you down to treat everything and you would have to stop him for a hot minute to reassure him that you’re okay “Baby, they HURT you. Whoever did this is going to suffer for weeks before I let them live in peace.”

Yeol would have tears in his eyes while one of the guys fixed you up, you didn’t flinch so no one could understand why he was crying. Once you were done being treated, he dropped to his knees in front of you. Chanyeol would lightly stroke your bruised cheek and sniffle “You aren’t leaving my sight ever again…they bruised my babygirl..”

Baek wouldn’t be too pleased when he saw you, he would kiss the top of your head before leaving the room to talk to Suho about the issue. The both of them would come back to assess the severity of your injuries, Lay would tell them before leaving “It seems like we have a deal we need to make with those thugs….tonight.”

Jongdae would put on a fake smile to reassure you while he silently planned out what he was going to do to the people who injured his beautiful significant other. Once Lay was done cleaning off your scrapes, he would gently take your hand into his and leave a kiss on your knuckles “Which one did it? I’d like to pay them a visit, love….”

He wont bat an eyelash about killing whoever did this to you until he’s positive that Suho lets him. He held your hand tightly while Lay proceeded to finish up the stitches along your hairline, Kai would soothe you to make sure you wouldn’t flinch and end up with something worse “Everything will be alright baby, I’m gonna take care of this asshole for you.”

There is a reason why D.O’s nickname is Satansoo, he would be all smiles..and not the good kind. He would take it up with some of the members while you were being patched up, discussing methods of blitz attacks. Soo would kiss the tip of your nose and smirk “No way in hell I’m passing up and opportunity to let little punks know you’re MINE. What’s mine isn’t to be touched by anyone but me..”

Poor kid, he would be distraught to see you all scratched up and bruised because some other mafia wanted info on them. His sadness would turn into anger and denial while he saw Lay wiping blood off of your nose bridge, he would lightly pat your knee and sit next to you “If you give me the okay, I’ll go and give that bastard a free rhinoplasty…actually, I’m feeling generous, I’ll give them all free ones..”

i sent an ask on anon a little whileago about being scheduled outside of my availability and being told not to come in on those days.

i was fired for a nc/ns.

turns out the general manager changed my availability without letting me know. my availability was 3 days out of the week. it was like this because im a high school student with another job. all my managers understood this and worked with me… except for her. and the only reason i was fired was because it was on her shift (so ive been told).

the other managers have been super understanding and trying to get my job back because they know how much i love it and i was always early, always kind, always hardworking, always ready and excited to help and to learn. and they keep telling me to keep my chin up, it’ll be ok. i love them so much. they asked me to please keep coming to eat because they love seeing me and whenever i come in theyre so nice and so happy to see me, and always make sure to ask if im ok, because im not very good at hiding the fact that i want to cry.

it really hurt because i really really loved that job and was abt to draft my two weeks notice at the other one so i could work there more often. but i might wind up with my job back. my depression has honestly spiked and i know it’s stupid because i was only there for a month but it was the only place i was actually happy to be. i used to dread going to work but when i got that job i loved it and they were always so good to me.

the worst part? it was the day before my birthday.

Lost Angel (Bonus Part)

A/N: I decided to write a little bonus part! I hope you like this one too! Pictures are not mine!

-8 months later-

“Easy there, bug.” I say as I feel that little kick inside me, gliding my hand over my pregnant belly. “Give your mum a little break.” While laughing, I caress the area where I feel the kick, drawing circles on my skin. “You’re very active today aren’t you, my little football player?”

I smile at the thought that in one month I will be able to hold my two babies in my arms. I am patiently waiting for the day where I can finally meet them. They are the only reason why I still continue living. After Marcel’s passing I have felt like dying myself. I have barely eaten or drunk anything. I haven’t even spoken to anyone for many weeks. I was just buried between my sheets, sobbing and crying the entire time. My parents have been very desperate, they couldn’t see me suffering. They tried to comfort me as much as they could, however I didn’t find any of their gestures comfortable. It killed me more, because it confirmed that Marcel was really gone.

However right after his death, I found out that I was pregnant. I had no idea how to feel at the beginning. A wave of emotions overwhelmed me. I was practically shocked. First, I cried tears of sorrow and desperation because I had absolutely no clue how I would raise my children without Marcel. I would have needed his help and his support.

But after a while my tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy and happiness. I thought I lost Marcel forever but I was granted with not only one, no, with two babies. His babies. They are a part of him and knowing that he left a piece of himself back makes me feel less lonely. I found my comfort.

When I have felt like falling off cliff, my babies have saved me. They came at the right time.  I miss their daddy every day. There is not a day that I don’t think about Marcel. I am still grieving but the unimaginable pain that I’ve felt at the beginning is more bearable now. I have to remind myself each day to stay strong for the sake of my children. I love them so much.

Time has passed by so quickly, I still can’t realize that I’m living 8 months without my boyfriend. Eight months ago, I felt his arms around me for the last time. Eight months ago, I have kissed his soft lips for the last time. Eight months ago, he declared his love for me for the last time. I miss him so much, words cannot describe this feeling.

The fact that neither Marcel would meet his children nor our babies would meet their father breaks my heart. I know Marcel loved children whole-heartedly. He always wanted to have children and now his babies are on their way but he’s not there anymore. Physically at least.

It may sound crazy but I still feel his presence around me. Sometimes, his scent would hit my nostrils. And when I sleep at night, it feels like he’s lying next to me, engulfing me with his arms, stroking over my belly. I know he will always be there for us, protecting us and watching after us. I just wish that he was here. I wish there would be a way to rewind time.

I sigh, adjusting my position that I’m sitting in. Being pregnant is definitely not easy. Then, I hear someone unlocking the door to my apartment and as I turn around, I see Gemma with two cups of Ice cream in her hands. Gemma is Marcel’s big sister and one of my best friends. She has decided to take care of me during my pregnancy and I’m grateful for her help. She lives with me.

She and her family had a rough time as well. Still have. Her mother Anne still can’t process Marcel’s loss properly. There are days where she feels okay but the next day she starts crying again. Poor woman.

But there is still a glimmer of hope for Anne. Her grandchildren. When I told her family and mine about my pregnancy, Anne had burst into tears, thanking god for giving her grandchildren over and over again. She has something to hold on to now.

“Sorry, I’m late!” Gemma calls, putting her jacket and shoes off, then joining me on the couch.

“It’s okay.” I respond taking the cup that she hands me over. I take a spoonful of the delicious Ice cream and shove it into my mouth. It tastes heavenly. We are having a conversation about different things and laugh a lot. She is very good at distracting people.

“Have you chosen any names for the babies yet?” Gemma inquires. I have been looking for names recently and I found two names that I really like.

“Yeah, I found two cute names. Darcy and Edward.” Darcy and Edward, sounds good in my ears and they match perfectly.

“Holy shit!” Gemma calls suddenly. “Darcy and Edward? Are you kidding me?”

“What?” I am wondering why she reacts this way. Gemma takes a spoon of her Ice cream before she speaks.

“I don’t know if Marcel has ever told you these but these names were his favorite and he wanted to call his children like this.”

My eyes widen and my mouth hangs slightly open. What a coincidence that I’ve chosen two names that Marcel liked!

“Wow, I had no idea.” I just whisper, feeling slightly overwhelmed.

“Yeah,” Gemma responded, “That’s surprising. I think Marcel just gave you kind of sign.”

It can be possible. Never thought about it in that way. I run my hand along my belly and the kicking starts again.

“Baby, please stop!” I whine. “You’re really hurting me.”

After talking with Gemma for hours, I am very tired and all I want is to go to sleep. I’m very exhausted and the kicking of my unborn children has drained my whole energy. I wish Gemma a good night before I go to my bedroom, changing my clothes and slipping into my pajamas. I lie down in my bed, covering myself with the silky and soft sheets. My eyes are nearly falling shut from the exhaustion, but I still manage to glance at the photo of me and Marcel on my nightstand.

We look so happy and so in love in that picture. I always make sure to look at it before I fall asleep because it reminds me of the good old days and I also feel connected and close to Marcel. It became a kind of ritual.

“Good night, my love.” I mumble, closing my eyes fully. “I love you.”  Before I drift to sleep, I hear a whisper very close to my ear. I’m not very sure if I’m imagining this or not.

It says “I love you too, sweetheart.” And I feel his warmth engulfing my whole body.

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The funny thing is I'm not sure how aware people in the industry are of how crafted the con appearances are. A few years ago, I got dragged to one by a friend who was appearing (free vacay) & afterward, I literally asked, "Who the hell was that?" because the person onstage bore no resemblance to the person I knew. It was surreal. But they were confused by the question & hadn't realized how thoroughly a stage persona took over.

And so here i am going to name names.  Everyone I’ve met who has had an individual fan interaction with Jennifer Morrison comes away with an wonderful impression of a smart, thoughtful woman who cares about a wide variety of subjects relating to the show and her character.  The number of friends of mine who have come away 180 degrees changed opinion is pretty amazing.  

And then the stage persona happens.  And it’s gotten to the point where the stage persona is so frustrating to me that I’m no longer impressed by the individual stories.  

But also… just how much work a con can be.  So say you are taking 500 photo ops with a fan in an hour.  Not only do you have to look good but things are going to happen.  A couple of people in those 500 are going to grope the actor.  They just will.  And they have to be “on” for the next person 15 seconds later and still deliver a smile and a positive experience for that fan.  Who the hell could do that without a lot of concentration and frankly disassociation.

Last year I know of an instance where a fan stepped on Lana’s two weeks after surgry doing a photo op.  And she hard core waited for the fan to leave the area held up her hand and went behind a screen to … I can only guess cry in pain before coming back out and taking a couple hundred more pictures.  Never let the fan know they stepped on her toe.  Never let the next set of fans have a bad experience.  

That’s not … oh she’s so nice.  That’s a professional commitment.

Or say… I was in a meet and greet with Rebecca Mader after she signed 700 autographs.  The woman couldn’t even open a bottle of water her hand was like a jelly claw.  Actual pain.

I think we all have to understand that these are jobs.  Just like filming is a job.  


kingdom hearts appreciation week ღ 
 ↳day three// favorite trio

One for each of us.

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This may sound vague, but could you elaborate some more on Armin's hallucination? Do you think he could have/gain some of Bertie's memories? I hope so. That'd be friggen sweet. I just became a Bert appreciator as of a few weeks ago then he died 😂😢

I’d love to elaborate, but I don’t know what else to say. I can think of only two reasons why the chapter would open with Armin’s vision of Bertholdt crying:

1. It was a cool, creepy and symbolic way to remind the reader that Bert was human

2. It foreshadows that Armin is somehow mentally connected to Bert

If #2 is true, it’s a totally new development. No character except the coordinate has inherited memories during the transference of power.

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Can you do the 6 with Calum? LIKE pls and thank you.

here you go!  Writing requests is super new to me so hopefully I did okay and  you like it! 

You couldn’t believe your eyes. There he was. The beautiful Maori man you had fallen in love with all those years ago had just stormed into the little powder room you were waiting in. You had to blink a few times just to make sure you weren’t imagining him. The last time you had seen him he was leaving you, onto conquer the world on another tour. He didn’t want to hold you back he had told you. He wanted to you find a man who could love you in all the ways he wasn’t able to. You had yelled, screamed, and cried, he was the only person you wanted, but it didn’t stop him. Calum had been convinced what he was doing was the best thing for you, he wanted you to be happy so if he had to sacrifice his love for you that would be what he would do.

“Hi, princess,” He said with that charming smile. The pet name made you weak in the knees, it had been two years since anyone called you that. 

“C-Calum, what are you doing here?” 

“You look more beautiful than I remembered,” He said ignoring your question. You were speechless, honestly at a loss for words. He took a step forward giving you a slow look up and down your body. Taking in the shockingly white dress that was too poofy, the veil that was obnoxiously big, the outfit that was so not you. He knew it and so did you.

“You don’t know how many times I imagined this day… We would be on the beach, at home In New Zealand. You know that little cove we used to swim at? We would be there, flowers would be scattered all over the sand. My mum would be crying, of course, probably clutching onto your mums hand. The boys would be there too. Michael would be wearing those green thongs you always made fun of him about, just to make you laugh. All our family would be standing with each other both sides intermingling excited to finally be each others family, you remember how well they got along? God, they all loved each other. But I wouldn’t be looking at any of them, my only focus would have been on you. I always imagined you in a little white sun dress, there would have been flowers in your hair too. It would have been down and curled so I could run my fingers through it. You always had the softest hair, smelled like roses too. It would have been the best day of my life, the day where I could finally declare to the world how much I loved you,” As he spoke he made his way over to you, stopping in front of you, your eyes never left his shining brown ones. You didn’t realize tears had begun to fall down your face until he brought his hand up to your cheek, gently sweeping away the tears there. He didn’t know, but you had imagined that day just as much as he had. 

“But now here we are. Its all so different than I imagined, absolute the opposite of what I wanted. Especially the man waiting for you at the altar. That should be me. It should be me who you are marrying, but I fucked everything up. I messed up one of the only things that was going good in my life…No one could believe what I did. Mum didn’t talk to me for two weeks when she found out I left you. She knew how good you were for me. You kept me sane, grounded. Everyone was so mad at me. I was mad at me. I ruined everything, and now here I am ruining your special day,” He said his eyes welling up with tears. Nothing crushed your heart more than seeing Calum cry. In ten minutes you were supposed to go out in front of your family and proclaim your love for a man who, at this point, you could barely even recall his name. The only thing occupying your mind right now was Calum. The only man you ever truly loved. The only man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Calum took one last step towards you pulling your body into his. He leaned his forehead on yours and cupped your cheek with one of his calloused hands. 

“I’ve never moved on from you, (Y/N). You will forever be the only girl that has all of my heart. I am going to spend the rest of my life regretting the decision I made; wishing I was the man you married…I..I know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me one more time.” 

Santa Baby~Michael Clifford

Heading up to Michae’s parents while you were nine months pregnant was a struggle. Trying to get everything into the car while trying to get your big belly into the car was a rough time. 

“Ugh.” You cried out once you were in. It didn’t matter how you sat, you were uncomfortable and had been all night. 

“Are you okay?” Michael asked reaching over to rub your belly. At this point in your pregnancy, you didn’t want anyone to touch you. 

“Don’t touch me!” You growled at him. Right away he moved his hand back before starting the car. 

“Are you okay? Are you in pain?” He questioned. 

“No, I’m just super uncomfortable and I don’t want anyone touching me.” You answered. Michael was a saint throughout this entire pregnancy. He stayed when you had weird cravings and that long period of time when all you did was cry. He stayed through the morning sickness, he stayed through every mood swing, every doctors appoint, and every single bathroom break. 

“I know, Baby. Only a few more days and he should be here.” He commented. You were more than excited to meet your very first baby. You always loved the idea of being a mom. You always loved the idea of being pregnant but when your body started to ache you realized you could live without that but you loved it no matter what. 

“What if I’m like two weeks late? I’d hurt someone.” 

“You won’t carry for that long.” He said. He was so sure of it. Michael’s parents house was about two hours away from where you lived and you hated that fact because that meant sitting in the car the entire time. 

“I uh…” You trailed off and Michael looked over at you. You were more than halfway through the drive. 

“What?” He asked. 

“I think I’m having contractions.”You shrugged as you felt your stomach that had slight pain to it along with in your back. 

“You’re having what?!” He nearly shouted swerving off the side of the road. 

“Jesus Christ! I’m going into labor! Try not to kill me while I’m in it please!” 

“We have to go to the hospital.” 

“Michael, they’ll send me home.” You commented to him. “But I should call my parents to warn them.” 

“Where are we going to go?” He asked. 

“Just go to your parents house!” You said while he drove finally calming himself down. 

“Does it hurt?” He questioned, the look on his face looked like he was going to pass out. 

“A little. It’s not too bad.” You shrugged. The worst part was that you were stuck in the car. Once you got to his parents house you got out of the car as the pain got a little worse. “Now it hurts.” You said and he nodded as he helped you into the house. 

“Merry Christmas!” His parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles shouted. You smiled while sitting down and breathing. 

“What’s going on?” 

“I’m in labor.” You breathed as a contraction hit. It was amazing how fast it went. “We have to go to the hospital.” You said standing up. “Who’s coming?” You said taking Michael’s hand and going back out to the car. “Jesus Christ!” You shouted as it got ten times worse than before. “Hurry!” You shouted as he drove. “And you thought he was coming in a few days.” You laughed a little. 

“I know.” He said as he pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. 

Once you got settled into a room, the doctor checked you, your parents came into the room. 

“How are you feeling honey?” Your mom asked. 

“It hurts.” You cried out. The contractions were about two minutes apart now and there was still pain between them. Both you and Michael decided that you wanted to have an all natural birth and hopefully that would still work. 

“It’s gonna kill when he come’s out.” She said and you glared at her. You knew exactly what was going to happen. Soon the doctors came over and wheeled you to a different room while sending your parents to the waiting room. 

“Alright, Y/n, as soon as you are ready give me a big push.” The doctor said as he got between your legs. Michael held your hands as you prepared. “Now, Push.” She said as she counted to ten before you took a break. It hurt so bad you weren’t sure exactly how you were doing it. “Push.” Your screams became ten times stronger and you were sure that everyone in the hospital would be able to hear you. “I see his head.” 

“Jesus!” Michael shouted as he looked between your legs where your son was coming out. “How are you doing that?!” You shouted more as he watched while then looking up at as all you could do was cry and push him out. 

“Get him out!” You shouted. 

“Give me one more big push.” You did as the doctor said although you felt like you weren’t doing much. 

“My god, he’s here.” Michael said and he was cutting the cord. “He’s real. He’s here.” He cried. You had never seen Michael cry which made you cry. “I’m so proud of you.” The nurse’s took him away to clean him off before they rolled you back to your room to relax. 

“I want to see him.” As if on cue the nurse’s brought him into your room wrapped in a stocking. You smiled down at the little boy in your arms and you had never felt so content in your entire life. “Welcome to the world, little man.” 



Summary: You and Jin broke up recently, and it is killing him inside.
Member: Jin x Reader (appearance by Namjoon)
Type: Angst/ fluff
Length: 1,396 Words

I cried a little while writing this. I was listening to Jin’s cover of I Love You on repeat and it just made me really sad. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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The storm outside seemed to match the feeling inside of Seokjin. He stared at the raindrops on the window. The sound of the tapping against the glass, feeling as though it was starting to calm him. But he knew it wasn’t. Nothing could calm him. Not for the past few weeks. He felt like he could sit in the silence of the kitchen for days, letting himself get lost in the rain. He wanted to be one of the drops of water, to just land where it may, to roll down the glass, to not be alone with the millions of other droplets. He watched as one of the drops merged with another; as though lovers who could not part. Lovers who would find each other once again.

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Since I’m feeling Super Extra Gay today, I just wanted to mention that women are so important.  All women.  Trans women, WOC, queer women, disabled women, mentally ill women, fat women, all of you are important.  You’re important if you work your ass off all day to get that paycheck, you’re important if you work your ass of all day at home taking care of kids.  You angry women, sad women, women who feel like there’s no point anymore, women who are stressed out and harassed by school and paying taxes and making money are all important.  All those women who are professional athletes who have to deal with the bullshit astronomical wage gap and bad working conditions and everyone telling them they can’t do it.  Women who try so hard all the time but at the end of the day still get people telling them they don’t matter, I love you, you’re doing so well, it’s okay to take a day off!  All those women who, despite people claiming that women are too emotional, feel like they can’t open up - go ahead!! Be angry, you deserve to be angry, be furious, spitting mad.  Be sad, and not in the cute way.  Ugly cry and forget to shower for two weeks and eat three pints of rocky road and zone out.  I know the internet has gotten to be a more body positive place a little bit lately, but fat women, wear a fucking crop top, don’t worry about eating in public or your thighs or only wearing clothes that make you Look Better.  Fuckin’ wreck it babe, you’re fine.  

And honestly I could go on forever but I’ve been at work and class all day so, just to stress the point again Women. Are. So. Important.

Give Me Love - Justin Bieber Imagine

‘Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go,

-Ed Sheeran

“I’m fine, mom.” You mumble, closing the door to your apartment as you slide your shoes off. “I literally just got home from work. I’m about to make some dinner then I’m going to bed. Don’t worry about me.”

“It’s my job to worry.” She chuckles, making you roll your eyes. 

“Alright mom, I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you.”

“I love you too dear.” She answers before the line goes dead. 

A heavy sigh falls from your lips as you head to your flashing answering machine before clicking the play button. 

‘You have two missed calls’ 

You smile as you head to the kitchen, preparing your dinner while the first message played. 

“(Y/N)? I- uh- It’s Justin.” You froze, your full attention turning to the voice. “I would have called your cell phone, but i know how you are about checking this thing.” He said, his voice cracking a little towards the end. “Basically, I miss you. I need you, (Y/N). I want you to come home.” You could hear he was crying, only paining you more. “Maybe this is stupid. I mean, It’s been two weeks. But, I can’t let you go. I’ve been so out of it, I physically hurt without you here and I can’t focus on anything. You are the only thing on my mind.” tears rushed down your face as you sat on the floor, head leaning against the kitchen counter with your knees pulled to your chest. “I know you don’t believe me, I didn’t cheat on you. I swear to god I love you and only you and I would never do anything to jeopardize that. You-”

‘next message.’ the machine rang. 

“Sorry, I forgot there was a time limit on these things. I just wanted to say I love you and I really miss you. Please call me, I want to work this out. Please. I love you.”

You placed your head into your hands, wiping the tears away. You pulled yourself up deciding you just wanted to go to bed and forget about all of this

little info

it’s no secret that i’m no longer active in the fandom nor do i exactly care about all those theories and scandals, but i still enjoy drawing those weirdos and i’m no ungrateful ass, i saw a lot of nice messages and there are people that supported me in every way possible so i want to draw these first pieces after “break” for them.

Oh also! hope that after all that time, people realized that fanfics and fanart are for fun, for us, people mostly do it free and this fandom has SHIT TON of free art and fics in it. no one should tell anyone what to do and what not to do, if you dont enjoy one person’s content, swtich to another one, we have so many artists that you literally have a choice, so don’t make it uncomfortable for all of us.

I’ll probably start with those gifts and then i would open commissions centred on this fandom, not any personal stuff or anything that could make it more difficult for me to deliver. There’s the best moment in my life waiting for me in two months and i have like 10dolars, so amongst other stuff, i will try to do what i do “best” and gain from it as well, only make sense, because those hours wont go into any other work that could give me that.
After i’m back back, should be around summer break, i’d release free stuff along with some sets and themed “weeks” (rememeber those?) on my patreon and just pay more attention to this blog than i did until now

Also i’m not having it with anyone being drama queen or villain™ in my inbox so you can cry me a frickin river but i’m way too past the point of caring.
i’ll try to stick to proper tagging and im okay with ideas in my inbox, but as for right now i’m not taking requests and i’m drawing literaly what i want. sometimes i can give a warning before or hide it under read more for topic that i know people can be more sensitive to.
also- i’d pay attention to smut more than fluff things now, that thing kinda bores the hell out of me right now.

that’s about it! thanks for staying my followers i guess, you have some patience and tolerance, you people

EDIT: im most likely going to re-draw some pieces because those are just horrible and i don’t get how you could like them, you guys have no taste

Alternate: Limelight (pt.2)

@thescenarioswhichhinawrites: AASDFGHJUKLKJHGFDSA PLZ can I have a continuation to Limelight!? I wanna know WHY Kise dumped the reader! D:

@vehluhree: At long last, your askbox is open~! And I’d like to request a sequel for Limelight. Personally, I rather dislike the idea of Kise falling for Sayuri’s charms. Sayuri wants to twirl Kise around her fingertips? Well, two can play at that game. Please write a continuation where from the pivotal exchange in Part 1 (you can choose whether to reveal what was said or not), Kise saw Sayuri’s true colours. However, he also figured that Sayuri won’t let him or the reader off that easily. After all, she’s the vindictive type that will go to extremes to achieve her ends. So he decides to string her along, and bring her down in the spotlight. I’d love me lots of drama, with the the sullying of her reputation as the grand finale~

By demand, here it is! I’m sorry there isn’t as much drama, I can’t do drama for shit. FINALLY REVEALING SAYURI’S ULTIMATE GOAL AT THE END OF THIS because phew it took a while to build it up to that moment. Officially making Sayuri Kiyohime an OC at this point. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right? :)

Reminder that the Kise Ryouta in this particular request is Manga!Kise so take that into account when reading into his characterisation, and the reader in the original Limelight request is female.

Mentions of alcohol ahead. Under the cut because of length.

Part one here.

“I’m doing this for your own good.”

How could it be? He left you for her. “I’m Kise Ryouta,” he’d said. “What did you expect?”

What did you expect? You expected him to be different. Not the playboy the media made him out to be. Someone who would be truly committed to a relationship with someone that he genuinely loved. You knew something was wrong, the way that he talked to you that day, the satisfaction on Sayuri’s face when she left the office, hand-in-hand with your boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend, by this time.

But no one believed you. You were just the jealous ex with a grudge, impossible to reason with. “Of course Kise would choose Sayuri over you.” “Of course Sayuri is better than you, in every department. No offense.” “Of course. It’s Kise. What did you expect?”

Kise wasn’t even answering your calls or messages anymore. Part of you wanted to believe that Sayuri was the one preventing him from doing so, and that somewhere in his heart he still loved you, and not her.

You needed an explanation. Closure, at the very least.

And unless you heard it from Kise himself, you wouldn’t give up.


Kise looked up from the table where he’d been staring at his glass of vodka for the past hour, and at the red-haired man in the suit whom he once called his captain and now called his lawyer. He exhaled a breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. “Akashicchi.”

Akashi acknowledged him with a nod and slid into the booth across from him, placing his briefcase on the table and loosening his tie. “You look tired,” he commented, without much compassion. Just stating a fact.

Kise supposed he should be lucky that Akashi did show up. Ever since Sayuri showed up two weeks ago, many of his friends had abandoned him. Mostly because of him dumping you. It got to the point where Kise realised he didn’t want to be the bad guy anymore - not by Kurokocchi, Aominecchi, and most importantly, not by you.

And that was why Kise called Akashi and asked him, politely, to go over the deal Sayuri had made him and meet him here in this dingy bar with crap alcohol and no snooping reporters. The media had blown up in the first couple of days with the announcement of their relationship, but even the public were beginning to doubt if it was genuine love.

Kise sighed. “Just tell me what you’ve found. Please.”

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Luke Imagine: He Gets Jealous at your Cheerleading Competition

Author: Julie


Excitement fluttered through the entirety of your body. Getting to go to the World Championship was your biggest dream, and you finally got to fulfill it.

It was even better having Luke, your boyfriend of about three months, watching and cheering you on from the crowd. Just knowing that he was somewhere out there was enough to settle some of the nerves you were getting.

Except, of course, you were really nervous. He did his best to calm you down before you had to go back and get ready to go out and cheer with your team, and it had worked for a while, but as you heard your team name get called to head out, the butterflies returned again.

You had rehearsed and rehearsed for months now, working so hard just to make sure your routine was perfect. This year, your routine was more fast-paced than last, and it included you being one of the flyers. You were used to doing the tumbles and stunts, but had to take on flying this time, and just the thought of having to get thrown up in the air for your first time not in rehearsals was nerve-wrecking enough – it just was the cherry on top of the cake that it had to be at the World Championship.

Despite your nerves, as soon as the music started up for your routine, it all faded into a sudden adrenaline that you got whenever you were in front of a crowd of people. All thoughts of messing up left your mind and instead, you focused on getting to your marks at the right timing. From what you could tell by the crowd’s cheering at certain flips and stunts, they enjoyed it.

The time came for your moment as a flyer all too quickly, but you were launched up and fell back down into a sea of crisscrossed arms connected to each other. The end of your routine came, and after your stuck your finishing pose, the lights dimmed and you all made your way to the exit.


You didn’t find out your placing until later, but you managed to sneak away and meet up with Luke and ask if he liked it.

“You did amazing, babe,” Luke said as you came up to him. A sheepish smile overcame your lips, and you were about to thank him when the guy who happened to launch you and catch you walked by. You complimented him on his good work, but as soon as you did, you felt Luke’s arm around your shoulders.

Your team member left shortly after that, no doubt catching on to Luke’s sharp glare as a cue to leave the two of you alone. Once he was gone, you turned around to face your boyfriend, his arm still around your shoulders so that the space between you was limited.

“What was that?” You asked, looking up into his pale blue eyes. A shadow lingered behind them, but once his eyes focused on you, it disappeared. He let out a small sigh before answering.

“I don’t like how he was touching you out there. I get it’s part of your performance, but I thought it was, I dunno, too touchy,” He said, and you felt his arm tense when he said that last part. You don’t know why, but his jealousy brought a smile to your lips.

“Luke, you don’t have to worry. That routine was pretty normal stuff, especially since I was a flyer this time,” You replied, then stood on your tip-toes to bring your lips to his. He relaxed then – you could tell by how his muscles lost tension. “Besides, he’s got a girlfriend, anyway.”

That gave him more reassurance, as he connected your lips in another kiss and smiled when you two pulled away. “Good, because you’re mine and only mine.” 


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Dog Days | Chapter One: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish... Red Fish?

Chapter one of wordsofawitheringwriter‘s and my doggy daycare AU :) She’s writing the next one and it should be out next Friday!

Gray grumbles under his breath, lips pulled down in a frown as he rolls his eyes at his friend—enemy? Frienemy? Brother from another mother? What is Natsu to him?—as he crosses his arms. Natsu ignores this, which is strange, because usually he’d be picking a fight right now.

A pout pulls at his lips. Ever since Natsu started dating Lucy during their senior year, he hasn’t wanted to fight as much. And, while Gray fully enjoys not having his face be beaten in, he can’t help but miss riling up the other hot-blooded male. It was always fun to watch Natsu finally snap.

The not-so-fun part came directly after that. When Natsu gave him a black eye or a bloody nose.

“Natsu,” Gray says, exasperated—because he is not whining. Gray Michael Fullbuster does not whine—as he stares at his friend’s back, wondering for the twentieth time why he decided to go with Natsu to the damn pet store. Don’t Natsu and Lucy have enough pets already? They’re going to become animal hoarders some day, and then they’ll be thrown out of their house, and then they’ll have to live with Gray. And Gray does not do animals (meaning their actual pets, not Natsu). Not since he was in first grade and woke up to find that one of his goldfish had eaten the other and then subsequently died from overeating.

He couldn’t keep two fish alive, but Natsu and Lucy have, like, sixty pets and they’re all fine? How is that fair? Sure, Lucy is an awesome caregiver, but Natsu can barely take care of himself! Gray is eighty-percent sure that Natsu would be dead or homeless if it wasn’t for Lucy keeping him on top of things.

It’s not that Natsu is dumb, or a slacker. He’s just a free spirit who’s a little bit crazy. Lucy is the part of him that keeps him grounded—so he doesn’t just float away.

Gray supposes that it’s sweet, in some way, but he’d never admit it out loud.

“What?” Natsu responds, not looking at him, still crouched down in front of bags of—what is that? Cat food?

Gray sighs, shaking his head. “Why are we here?” Meaning, in the cat food aisle, not here as in the Wild Four Pet Store! God, he hates this place. The employees are always screaming and they wear these weird, spiky dog collars. You want to be kinky? Fine, just save it for at home!

His pink-haired friend looks at him like Gray’s stupid. “We’re buying dog food,” he says slowly, swiping his brightly colored bangs away from his face.  

Gray sometimes wonders how people can take Natsu seriously. He’s got bright pink hair, two piercings in his left ear, and dresses in ripped jeans and band tee’s. Frankly, he looks like some punk kid that walks around with a girly, floral-dress-wearing, tiny blonde girl that barely reaches up to his chin.

What a weird couple (adorable, but weird).

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anonymous asked:

can you do a song preference of too late by 5sos please?

Sure thing, this might suck because it’s like the first preference i’ve ever done. I’m just gonna do Calum and Michael to start with i’ll do the other two later.

But I’m always too late
I’m always too late
I see you but I always hesitate


It was too late. Like always. He would break up with his previous girlfriend then come crying to me. And about a week later he would find himself a new girlfriend before I could tell him how I really felt. We had been best friends ever since we were smaller and i’ve been in love with him ever since I was 14. But he would never look at me as more than a best friend unfortunately.

I only once came close to telling him until he got distracted by his newest girlfriend. Whenever I see him I hesitate. Do I tell him? or do I just let him carry on being happy without me. I’m brought out of my thoughts as I feel some one sit down next to  me making me isnk lower into the couch.

“what are you thinking about?” Calum asked

“I have to tell you something” I whispered

“what is it? are you okay? are you ill? has something happened?” I could see him start to panic

“no, it’s nothing like that!” I said in a hurry

“jeez you scared me then” He laughed

“sorry” I apologised

“anyway, what do you need to tell me?” He asked

“I-I- well… I kind of-” I started but was rudley interupted

“CALUM BABE” A high pitched squeal emitted from the door way as his newest girlfriend came running into the room.

“hey babe” he greeted getting up and planting a kiss on her lips.

I could feel the jealousy radiating off of me. The way he looked at her. With such love. Even though they had only been going out a few weeks. 

In that moment I realised he would never be that way with me. He would never need me as much as I need him.

“what did you want to say?” Calum asked turning to me as if suddenly remembering I was there.

“It doesn’t matter” I said sighing

“are you sure?” He asked

“It was nothing, I’ve got to go, i’ll see you later” I said grabbing my things and rushing out of his house. It was too late to tell him now he was finally happy.


Wanted to tell you
What I feel inside
Don’t wanna hurt you
I’ll make you feel alright

Michael was the bad boy of the school. His reputation was the worst out of everyones; drugs, Alcohol, one night stands and constant partying. I hated him.

Just my luck that my brother Luke was best friends with him which mean’t he was constantly round and I would always end up walking past him or dodging him in the hallway or kitchen. I hated to admit it but altough I hated him, he was pretty attractive. He always had a different hair colour which kept him interesting. 

Me and my brother Luke are complete opposites, he’s like Michael but not as bad, whereas i’m unsociable and would prefer to study or read a book than party and get drunk.

I was sitting on the kitchen counter studing my maths book intently trying to work out some algerbraic fractions when I heard the door slam and voices wander to the kitchen. Looking up I saw Luke and Micheal enter the room, cans of beer and bottles of vodka filling up their arms.

“hey Y/N” Luke smiled

“hey Lukey” I smirked, while Michael chuckled at the name 

“Lukey?” He laughed

“shut up” Luke groaned walking out of the room and up the stairs. I assumed he was going to get changed.

“so Y/N,” Michael said leaning over the counter right next to my face.

“what?” I questioned 

“You joining us tonight?" 

"hahaha no” I said returning my gaze to my maths book. Suddenly it was ripped from my hands.

“Pleaseee” He begged

“why would you want me at a party?” I asked 

“look, I know this is insane but, I’ve always wanted to tell you this, I like you okay?” He said almost embarassed

“What?” I chocked out completely shocked. “but i’m just an ordinary boring person, why would you like someone like me?”

“please just give me a chance, I’ll make you feel alive, I’ll make you feel alright” He said taking hold of my hand.

“okay” I whispered before he broke out into a massive grin.

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wait wait wait? did homophobes forece ship poll to close? but why? mikayuu //for some reason// wasn't even doing good? can you please expand on what happened?

Okay, this is what happened:

Spring of 2015:
OnS first season was aired.

MikaYuu gets accepted to the poll due to its chances of being canon (homo ships are only accepted into the poll when they “actually make sense”, which is unfair because this doesn’t apply to straight ships, but let’s move on). However, it’s only accepted when the spring season was ending(2 weeks left), and the rest of ships had been in the poll for over 10 weeks.
That, however, didn’t stop it from reaching #2 in ONE WEEK, which obviously made homophobes angry.
It didn’t matter because, due to the fact that it was accepted for only two weeks, they couldn’t apply for the “ Ship of the year ” poll.

Fall of 2015:
OnS second season was aired.
This time, however, homophobes were more wary and more aggressive than ever.
I cry just by remembering, honestly. It was awful. They were terribly mean and I met the most disgusting of people there.
Entering Anime trending still makes me want to puke due to this.
Any homophobic insult you could think of, they used against us.
Anime trending couldn’t stop them(they tried to please both sides, obviously, which resulted in them supporting the homophobes more than they supported us)
Mikayuu was shot down.
I don’t even know how they did it, but I’m pretty sure even people from other fandoms(those that didn’t even watch OnS) voted for Yuu/Shinoa because it suddenly went up and mikayuu was getting a lot of hate and they kept trying to take it from the chart.
Many people that didn’t even watch OnS commented saying they would take the gay ship off the chart, using slurs and insults.

Anime trending admins closed the poll due to all the fuss…

Obviously, since mikayuu didn’t spend many weeks in the chart, it didn’t make it to the “Ship of the year” poll, while Yuu/Shinoa did.

It was the worst experience I ever had in the internet.
I have no words to describe how disgusting it was for me.
It’s not just because of the ship, but because of all the homophobia. We were called slurs and made fun of.
It wasn’t even against “fujoshis” only, they attacked the lgtb community too.

You're Insecure

Harry: “I’m sorry Harry.” You manage to finally say after several minutes of sitting backstage in silence together. “I know you wanted this so badly and I saw you looking for me… saw you look sidestage.” Harry has all his attention focused on you and it makes this even harder, so much so that you stare at the dirty tile floor instead of into his sea green eyes. Harry had wanted the both of you to announce the engagement to the fans on stage tonight. You had seen the way he looked for you, his heart falling in his chest as Little Things finished up and you were nowhere to be found. He had waited a moment, let the boys stall before nodding to Liam that plans had not gone as drawn out. “Stage fright again?” He asks, very well knowing the answer already. You nod, “I’m so sorry. I thought that I could do it this time. Thought that I had convinced myself that all the wonderful responses we’ll get will override all the terrible things they’ll say about me when they hear.” The tears are welling up in your eyes as Harry takes his arms around you. “Come here.” You lean your head into the crook of his neck as his muscular arms hold you tightly there. “Do you remember when we first began going public?” “Yes.” Harry kisses the top of your head. “There were days when I didn’t know why you stayed. You put up with so much… from everyone. You’re amazing, Y/N. I understand not wanting this right now. It’s ours. We don’t have to make a big announcement. Not if it wasn’t you want.” You lean up to catch Harry’s eyes. “You didn’t think I’d stay?” Harry shakes his head. “You had the choice. You’re so brave. You’re stronger than you think.” You smile slightly as he goes on, planting another kiss on your hairline. “And that is just one reason I’m so glad we’re in this for the long run.”

Louis: “Babe? Is that you?” Louis’ voice rings through the house. He wasn’t supposed to be home yet. Here you were, crying so hard it hurt because you thought you’d have time before he came home. He finds you in the bedroom, back against the bed, trying hard to make yourself stop. “Hey, hey, hey.” He says frantically, throwing his soccer bag to the floor and kneeling down to you. “What’s wrong? What’s going on?” You can hardly speak and the fact that you think you’re crying over something ridiculous makes it even harder to tell Louis. “I… I… I just don’t think I’m good at anything and this whole feeling came in a big wave.” Louis sighs, “Oh babe. You’re good at everything. Except maybe footie. But we wouldn’t be married if you had kicked my ass at footie on the first date.” You smile just a little, earning a half grin from Louis, but you continue on, “You’re just… you’re intelligent, funny, good looking, sweet… and you’re a husband on top of it all. I’m always wrong. I have no talents. I can think some awful things about people and most days I don’t even try to comb my hair. Much less being a wife. I burned dinner all week for heaven sake.” You begin to cry again. Louis pulls you into his chest and begins whispering in your ear. “You don’t have to do your hair, darling, you’re beautiful even when you’re lying in bed with the flu. You are infinitely smarter than me and just as hilarious. Everyone thinks awful things at times, but you always, always manage to convince yourself of the good too. You are talented, and one of your many, many talents is being a good wife. And an amazing mother one day. I love you so much.” “I love you too, Lou.” He cradles you a bit longer before going on and earning a laugh from you, “Do you want to play a game of football? I’ll let you win, just this once.”

Niall: “Hello?” He groggily picks up the phone. It’s 3 am his time and he’s surprised he heard the phone in the first place. It’s you on the other end, and Niall can tell you’ve been crying. “Y/N? Is everything okay? You alright?” He almost sits up in the bunk, hitting his head. “Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry Niall. I just had to hear your voice.” You manage, a lump forming in your throat. “No princess, please tell me what’s the matter.” You wait a moment before deciding that if you don’t he’ll be even more worried and stressed out. “I just worry about you being on tour sometimes. I trust you, I do. But I know I’m not the most breathtaking girl out there. And I know that plenty of beautiful girls throw themselves at you everyday. I guess I’m just scared that you’ll realize I’m not your best catch one of these days.” Niall closes his eyes, wincing. “Not true. You know that.” “It is true. And that’s why I had to hear your voice so I could just remember for a minute that you’re mine even when you aren’t laying next to me in bed.” “Y/N, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But you’d have to be crazy to keep fishing after you catch the perfect one, the one you’ve been fishing for all your life.” “I needed to hear you say it.” You sniffle. “That was all.” Niall looks at the picture he has of the both of you taped to his bunk roof. “Whenever you miss me, you just go into the bathroom and pretend I’m outside the door, asking when you’ll be finished. It’ll make you stop missing me right away.” You laugh albeit hiccupy. Niall smiles on the other end. “Do you want me to sing you to sleep?” You smile at the offer, “The other boys will wake up.” Niall snorts. “Who cares? I’ll be singin’ them to sleep too then. You want me to?” “Please.” You whisper, laying back down in bed and Niall begins one of Irish lullaby songs he hums around the house when he’s home, letting you slowly drift off as if he’s really there.

Zayn: You were crying in the shower again. This is always where you had to go when Zayn was home for fear he’d hear you in the bedroom and get concerned. It wasn’t like this all the time, but lately everything the paparazzi had been saying about you was overbearing. All the rumors and the criticism were too much, too unfair. You couldn’t even leave the house anymore in sweatpants without rumors circulating that surely you were ‘dressed this bad’ because Zayn had 'dumped you for another celebrity’. And even that was mild compared to the recent headlines after a picture of you and Zayn had been released. Apparently everyone expected you to be perfectly fit and clad in makeup at the beach. The door to the bathroom opens, startling you and you take in a deep breath, trying to gather your voice. “Zayn? Did you need something? I’ll be right out.” The next thing you know, he is climbing into the shower with you. “Zayn! What are you -” He kisses you quickly. “You’re so, so beautiful.” You bite your lip. “According to you.” Zayn smiles, pushing your hair out of your face. “Is that what all this has been about lately? Can’t stand to hear you cry over this.” You let him hold you there a moment. “It’s a lot of pressure sometimes. I don’t know how you handle it.” “I don’t. I disappear for days when we aren’t touring. Don’t listen to them, okay?” Zayn kisses you between each word, “You - are - perfect - beautiful - so smart - you’re everything.” Zayn continues to kiss you, “And I’m not going to stop until you believe me.” “And if that never happens?” Zayn smiles at you, “Guess we’ll be in this bathroom for quite a while.”

Liam: He had read in all those books that you’d gotten him that most new mothers go through a period of stress and thus insecurities after birth. He just hadn’t believed you’d fall into the category of most mothers. Life had caught him off guard lately with the new baby and you all of a sudden being so harsh on yourself. The boys had teased him constantly about the bags under his eyes, but if it wasn’t Y/B/N it was you. He didn’t mind having to take care of you. He just wished there was an easier way. He had almost called the doctor a couple days ago to ask when this ended. Or at least when the baby would be on a normal sleeping schedule. He wasn’t surprised to come home from a day in the studio to find you crying on the couch. He had taken Y/B/N with him to the studio and little guy was now sound asleep in his car seat. He leaves him there, bundled up near the couch as he goes to sit next to you. He doesn’t even have to ask, just sighs and cradles you on the couch, tucking his legs behind yours and holding your shoulders gently so that the two of you could lay down. “Is this the mommy blues again?” You nod. “I should be spending more time with him. I need to learn to make the bottles a little better. I should be doing laundry. I should make dinner for once and be putting the baby to bed by 7 pm. I’m just so tired.” “Babe,” Liam comforts you, “you’re a wonderful mom. It’s only been a couple weeks. None of us are expected to be perfect at this yet, okay? No parent is.” “But I want to be, Liam.” You cry. Liam plants a kiss on the back of your neck. “Listen honey, look at it this way- right now is my turn to take care of him. You kept him to yourself for nine months after all. While I’m home, just let me be daddy. Let me be tired and worried and stressed for once, okay?” You don’t say anything for a bit. “Can we just lay here?” Liam smiles, pulling you closer over to his chest, leaning up slightly so he can see the baby. “We can lay here forever, Y/N.” He runs his fingers over your back in that soothing way he has, kissing the top of your head until you’re asleep too. He mumbles something about mother and son, before he drifts off himself.

Comics to Read, 10/22 - This Cat DOES Have 9 Lives Edition

Greetings fellow lovers of sequential art! Today is Wednesday the day new comics hit the shelves or your computing device of choice and I have some suggestions for you.

Let’s start with a first issue that doesn’t have a “1” on the cover but really should. The very handsome Mark Doyle, the editor of the Batbooks, has already provided us some wonderfulness with new books like Gotham Academy and reboots of others and today we get what I can only describe as the end of our “long national Catwoman nightmare”. I’m a long time Catwoman fan - I adore Brubaker and enjoyed Pfeiffer was happy with Morrison and even, even managed to suffer through the burning eyes of Balent’s years. But for the last three or so years Catwoman has been a disappointment to say the best. 

And today that changes.

There’s a new Catwoman team and a new Catwoman or maybe just the mob boss formerly known as Catwoman. Doesn’t matter. New writer Genevieve Valentine along with artist Garry Brown and colorist Lee Louthridge have finally given me a “new 52” Catwoman book I didn’t want to throw across the room or just say “blech”- or to keep to the season this is definitely a treat vs. a “sexy, sexy, sexy” trick.

And now on to a comic that does have a “1” on the cover

James Tynion IV has come up with a very clever idea for this title - a killer meme. With lots of nods to social networks and modern communication it follows how a cute picture of a sloth can lead to apocalyptic horror where both mankind and Reddit are impacted. (But not 4Chan?) Give a read.

Now on to the rest of the week:

Oh, just your usual Rucka and Lark awesomeness

And just your usual McKelvie and Gilen sweetness

Enjoy this while you can as it is gone with #12. 

I’ll have another post on this but this is brilliant, bombastic and problematic all at the same time i.e. Grant Morrison.

Batman 4evah.

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti bring together two characters only they could bring together. 

Is that cover Lara Croft being attacked by idiot GamerGaters? Come on, they’d be crying to their mommy about their kicked asses if it was.

Rucka has more Stumptown and Dex for you.

I missed the first issue of this for some reason but it was pretty good. She’s a spy who is forced into the cold … arms of a familiar man from her past. Pick up the first and read it, well, first.  

That’s it for me - what did I miss? What’s on your list?