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So I work at Galaxy Dollar in a bullseye, and me and two coworkers are working a Saturday rush when suddenly our only cafe register goes down. No problem, we have one coworker making drinks, while I physically write down their order and the other coworker enters the codes manually in a main store register five feet away so the customer can pay.

Most people are understanding, but not this one lady.

When she got up to the counter we give our little spiel “hello, how can we help you?”
“I would like one regular coffee”

“Absolutely! Unfortunately our register is down, so if you go over to *coworker in main store* you can pay and your drink will be ready when you’re done!”

She kinda scoffs, and repeats slower “no, it’s just coffee.”

“We understand, but we cannot accept cash at this register, if you go over there, you can pay.”

“I’m carrying cash.”

“I’m sorry, but our register is down.”

“Do you know how much it is with tax!?”

We do not know how much it is with tax. We continue to insist that we physically cannot accept her cash at this register, but she’s having none of it.

“Fine, then just keep the change!!”

“Were very sorry, but we absolutely cannot accept your money at this register.”

She continues to yell over the fact that we legally cannot handle her money without a working register, and she eventually storms out, swearing and complaining about ‘waiting in lines’

Like you literally just waited in line??? And if you payed at a different register you literally would not have waited any longer than a normal trip??? But whatever you do you I guess.

TLDR; cash registers go down during coffee rush, lady gets pissed because she has to walk to another register to pay.

Unstable (Part 4/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 3

This was a fight that you never should have taken on; when it was Vision alone, you could hold your own against him, maybe even enough to win eventually, but now that Wanda had engaged, you were beginning to feel the start of your downfall.  It wasn’t clear which of them had taken the upper hand and which of them was taking your strength and turning it into their own, but it didn’t really matter; you were losing, and the world around you was going down with you.

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The death and life of James B. Barnes (1)


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: One curse word? Maybe?

Word count: 1.182

Summary: Bucky and Steve participate in a sailing competition against Y/N and Natasha.

Based on 40′s Bucky and Steve.

First part of the @hunters-from-stark-tower movie challenge! I am SO SORRY that it took me this long to post the first part, my computer crashed some time ago and I lost the entire series at once. I guess I just didn’t have to heart to start over, but here we are! I hope you enjoy my take on the movie Charlie St. Cloud.

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Bitter Sweet

Request: The second is that Jerome has a gf who’s his complete oposite:shes quiet, stern and doesnt smile much, but Jerome is completely in love with her.

(Y/n) POV:

I sit on the couch with my phone playing a game very uninterested in what the boys are doing.

“Don’t you wanna look at these weapons (y/n)? Ohh look! You could use this!” I look back to see my boyfriend Jerome holding up a baseball bat with nails stuck to the end of it.

I shrug my shoulders and tilt my head thinking. “Maybe.” I simply say and turn back to my phone.

“You sure you two are dating?” Greenwood asks in a hushed voice. “Yes. She’s my everything. She says I’m the only one who can make her smile.” Jerome says in a bouncy voice.

“I’ve never seen her smile before.” Greenwood says. I roll my eyes and walk over to them. “I am literally 3 feet away from you, so instead of trying to be secretive and failing at it. Why don’t you just ya know… Not be an idiot and talk to me about it.” Greenwood scowls at me and walks closer.

He sniffs me causing me to jerk back. “What’s your blood type?” I scoff and roll my eyes. I go to punch him straight in the face, but Jerome grabs my hand and spins me into him chest.

“Bitter sweet. Obviously to sweet for you. By one drop she could give you major cavities.” Jerome says and kisses my cheek making me blush and smile slightly.

“Wow. You don’t look like a bitch when you smile. Do it more.” Greenwood says smirking. J doesn’t hold me back this time knowing that Greenwood is getting what he deserves.

I pick up the bat with nails and examine it. “Hm this looks neat.” I turn the but if the bat and knock him in the head hard making him cry out.

“Ohh I’m sorry did that hurt?” I say in a baby voice and walk away to my room. Seconds after I close the door Jerome comes in with a smile. “That wasn’t nice. It was funny, but not nice.” I laugh at him and smirk. “Since when am I ever nice?” “Well you’re nice to me.” He walks closer placing his arms around my waist.

“You should smile more doll. You look gorgeous when you do.” “If I do then how would I win my fights? You know I’m not the best fighter so I have to use the stirn I hate everyone look.” “People are just as scared of the maniacal laughter. Just try it once please baby doll for me. You’ll have so much more fun. Just a lil giggle of cuteness to freak them out!” I giggle cutely and kiss him.

“There it is! Now just do then when pointing a gun to someone’s head and you’re gold baby. Now come on. Let’s go beat up greenwood a bit more.” I giggle again happy to do it. “Aye okay Mr. J.”

Johnny x Reader

Anonymous asked: 15 + 24 with Johnny please?

15. Can I kiss you?
24. Did I just say that out loud?


You couldn’t get over how broad Johnny’s eyes were. The stars were twinkling above you two and reflecting in his gaze, as well as the dancing flames only a few feet away.

“Everybody warm enough?” Darry asked, throwing some more sticks into the fire. They smoldered and cracked, hissing as more sparks flew into the black sky.

“Yeah, Darry,” Sodapop said. A grin tugged at his lips as he looked around at everyone to make sure.

It was a perfect night for a fire. Winter was arriving quickly. Darry’s suggestion for one last fire outside was something everyone jumped at. There were marshmallows on twigs and cocoa that was cooling quickly in everyone’s hands.

“You sure you warm enough, Y/N?” Johnny inquired. Smiling warmly, you nodded your head, lost in looking at the Greaser once again.

“Can I kiss you?”

The words left your lips at the exact moment they ran through your mind and pink raced across your cheeks as you realized what you just said. Although a part of you stood still, and wondered what Johnny’s answer would be.

Johnny simply blinked, disbelief flashing across his expression. The two of you had not talked about your obvious feelings for each other, but now there was a good chance to act on them instead.

“Yeah, Y/N,” Johnny murmured. His eyes fell to your lips, leaning in closer to you. Colors of orange and yellow illuminated the side of his face in a mesmerizing way. “You can kiss me.”

So you did. You brushed your fingers down to his cheeks and pressed your lips to his softly. Darkness concealed you as your eyes shut. You could feel Johnny’s breath hitch against you, and snagged your hand in his hair to bring him closer, mumbling his name.

After some moments, you both pulled back slowly, chests rising and falling due to swarming emotions and pounding hearts.

“Gosh. I love you,” he breathed, then shook his head quickly. “Oh God, I’m sorry. Did I say that out loud?” Johnny stammered.

Chuckles escaped you as you nodded your head. “Yes, you did, but trust me,” you began, smiling at the boy. “I love you, too.”

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 15: Caves and Underground

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.”

I won’t rant for too long, but there are a couple things I want to say before I start my fifteenth biome post. One, I always feel like a thank you isn’t enough, but I honestly and genuinely love you all. I have had a really, REALLY rough couple of weeks, and seeing people still liking/reblogging my biome posts while life got trying for me actually made it all a lot easier to bear. Thank you, followers. Secondly, I recently decided to create an alter-ego for myself as Professor Spruce. I mentioned in a previous post I will be referring to myself as Prof. Spruce, who specializes in Pokémon ecology and evolution. I’m really excited for the rest of summer as I plan on spending a lot more time working on posts and whatnot.

Moving onto the actual biome post, it will focus on caves and underground. I originally had intended to focus on the underground and cave biome together separately, however I decided to combine them because although technically speaking they are quite different, many of the species I have already touched up on are burrowing species. (Sandshrew, Rattatat, etc.) I figured instead of having to touch up on some already mentioned burrowing rodent Pokémon, it might make more sense just consider everything that spends most of its life either underground, or in a cave.

I don’t really have a map because realistically if a certain species tends to create dens for itself to sleep in or hibernate in then it will live somewhere on land. The underground biome literally covers (almost) all the land mass on the globe.

As I’m sure you can imagine, many cave-dwelling animals in real life are often colourless, and have very limited vision. Some are completely blind if they never have to leave the light-ridden depths of caves and tunnels. Species that live only in caves are referred to as troglobites, and species that spend most or some of their life in caves are trogoloxenes or troglophiles respectively. There are also many different kinds of caves, different regions in a cave, and many different temperatures in caves. Much more than a rocky hole in a Cliffside, caves serve as a home for many interesting species. I was also going to focus on spiritual Pokémon that have some kind of relation with tombs and burials as tombs can be considered “underground,” but I think I’m going to save that for a different day.

Let’s get started!

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Caught(Sirius Black)

Summary: You’re James’ twin sister, and dating Sirius in secret because you’re scared what James will do. Remus catches you and you have to convince him not to tell James.

Warning: Fluff too much to handle

You watched as Marlene, James, Lily, Remus, and Peter left to Hogsmeade. You’d told them you had too much homework to go and you really needed to get it done. Sirius wasn’t with them because he felt sick. You waited a minute after they left, then headed up to the boys’ dormitories. Halfway up you ran into Sirius. 
“Oh, hey there Y/N,” Sirius says. 
“Ew, don’t come near me! I don’t wanna get sick people germs!” You said, covering your hand over your mouth and nose. He chuckled and pulled you into a hug. Then he picked you up and carried you over his shoulder. You giggled as he carried you into his dorm and dropped you onto his bed. He then proceeded to attack your face in kisses before tickling you while you screamed pleas for him to stop. After a minute you managed to grab a pillow to shield yourself. 
“Oh, come on!” Sirius whined, plopping down on you like a human blanket. 
“Ow! Get off me!” You commanded. 
“Only if I can get a kiss,” he replied. 
“Alright, fine, fine. One kiss,” you finally accepted. Sirius smiled and rolled off you. You sat up and pecked him on the lips, but he was lightning fast and grabbed you ‘round the waist. He pulled you closer to him and onto his lap. You continued to make out for a good five minutes. That is until the door shot open and you shot away from Sirius, jumping twenty feet in the air. It was only Remus. 
“What’re you two doing in here? I thought you were sick and you had homework…” Remus said, confused. You began to stutter and Sirius was looking nervous. “Wait, were…were you two…?” Remus asked. Sirius gave a small nod. 
“Please, Remus. Don’t tell James! He won’t let me hang out with you guys anymore,” you begged. Remus looked away and seemed to be thinking about this. 
“Please, mate. You know how James is about Y/N. I’d be dead within seconds. Wouldn’t even stand a chance!” 
“What wouldn’t stand a chance?” James asked, walking through the open doorway. Surely, he didn’t hear what you’d been talking about. Hopefully. 
“Snivellus against you in a duel,” Remus said, covering for you and Sirius. You mouthed thanks to him and left. 
“What was she doing in here?” James asked. 
“Just checking up on me,” Sirius said. Then he crawled into bed and took a nap to sleep off the anxiety he’d felt moments before. 
You ran to your dorm and plopped down on your bed. You managed to prevent yourself from hyperventilating and tried to think about anything else. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Sirius asks while fiddling with the corner of the picnic blanket.
“Yes, love?” You respond, looking up at him from your sandwich. 
“Do you…do you think we should…?” Sirius hesitated and stopped. 
“We should…? What?” You question. 
“Well, I was thinking about it… And I thought maybe… You know… We should tell James that we’re dating…?” He was obviously very nervous. As much as you wanted James to know the truth, you were way too scared to ever actually tell him. 
“Maybe… I’m just scared that he won’t let us date, you know?” You said. 
“He can’t tell me who to date. You neither,” Sirius said, almost confidently. 
“Maybe we could like… Tell him that we want to date, but we won’t if it makes him uncomfortable. And, you know, not tell him we’ve been dating in secret,” you suggest. 
“Yeah, but if we tell him I want to tell him everything. Not telling him about us dating already would just make things more complicated. And besides, he’d probably say he’d be uncomfortable with it.” 
“Yeah…” You sigh. There was a pause while you two were in deep thought. 
After a while Sirius says, “We really do need to tell him sometime, though.”

“Sirius, We might get caught…” You hesitated. 
“ ‘S fine, Y/N,” Sirius whispered in your ear and pulled you closer to him. It was after another Quidditch victory for Gryffindor and people had gone upstairs a couple hours ago. Now you and Sirius were snuggled together on a couch in front of the fire in the Common Room. 
You curled around in his arms to face him and give him a soft kiss. Then you snuggled your face into the crook of his neck and drifted in and out of sleep. Sirius placed several sweet, little kisses across your cheek and down your neck. Finally, you both fell asleep, wrapped up in each other arms on the couch in the Common Room, in front of the dying fire. 

“Good morning, angel,” Sirius whispered in your ear as you started to wake. You were still groggy as Sirius started kissing you. 
“What the bloody hell are you doing?” You heard someone yell. “Get your bloody hands off my sister!” 
Suddenly you were wide awake. Before you could do anything about it, James’ hands had clamped down on your shoulder and pulled you away from Sirius. Then he started to attack Sirius. You tried to stop him, but he was too big and strong and you had no affect on him. 
Thankfully Remus came down quickly and separated them. James was fuming mad, a very scary thing to witness, let alone know you were the cause of it. 
“James, mate, before you make any rash decisions, you should hear them out. Let him defend himself,” Remus said. 
“Let him defend himself? Defend himself? Why should he defend himself? Why shouldn’t I pummel him to the ground for kissing my sister?” James asked. 
“I-I…” Sirius started to stutter.
“He obviously cares about Y/N. He wouldn’t just mess with her like you think he would. He knows that she’s important to you and wouldn’t go breaking her heart for the fun of it,” Remus defended. James didn’t seem to buy this. 
“That’s not him defending himself, that’s you defending him.”
“Oh, good god! James, are you so blind that you can’t see you’ve scared your best friend? This is Sirius we’re talking about. Sure he’s got some major flaws, like he doesn’t do the best in school, he doesn’t have the best reputation, he gets a lot of detentions and stuff, and doesn’t do much reading; but he’s got a good heart. Can’t you see the reason he hasn’t been bringing girls up to the dorm lately is because he’s staying loyal to me? Because even though he could technically get away with it, he doesn’t want to hurt me. If you don’t want me with Sirius and his bad boy rep, do you want me with an actual bad boy? Wouldn’t you prefer I was with someone you actually know, and know won’t hurt me? Or should I go find some other guy and hope he’s good?” You weren’t sure what caused you to say all that, but you weren’t about to let a few guys decide if you could be with the person you like. “And you know what else? You can’t tell me who to date or not date. Because you’re not the boss of me. You think that because you’re my brother you need to protect me from every little thing, but I need to stand on my own sometimes, too. You’re my brother, and I’ll always need you, but you can’t plan out my life in very distinct detail and control it, no matter how much you want to. I need to be my own person.” 
James could only stare at you. Actually, that’s all Sirius or Remus could do either.
“Is that really how you feel?” James asked, worry etched on his face.
“Kinda,” you said with a small shrug. Suddenly James was enveloping you in a hug. 
“I’m so sorry Y/N. I never even realized. I just don’t want you to get hurt,” James practically sobbed into your shoulder. 
“I know, and I’m grateful. But you can’t protect me from everything. It’s impossible.” You wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug.
When James finally let go he said, “I’m not happy about you and Sirius…but I guess I can’t really stop you from dating, can I?” 
“No, no you can’t,” you said. 


(I lied) | Part 2Part 3

Love Child Part 4

Part one here, two here, three here.

As you closed your front door after Zoe and your son pulled off you had to fight to not have a panic attack. There was no doubt that the media would figure out that Jai had a kid. As you slowly walked back out to the patio, you contemplated whether to tell Jai what just transpired. You figured you better tell him in order to prepare him and you were done with keeping secrets from him. You found Jai’s father still in the pool. Jai stopped swimming when he saw you.

“Did he get off ok?”

“Yeah he did. I have something to tell you.”

“Uh oh. What’s with the face?” Jai swim toward you and got out of the pool. You had to tear your eyes away from his sculpt chest as he dried himself off and sat on the lounge chair across from you.

“Paparazzi were outside. Zoe saw them when she pulled up. They must have followed you here.”

“That’s nothing new.”  

“They saw Jai. He told them his name was Jai. They are going to figure out you have a child.” You were trying not to flip out. You took a deep breath and looked for Jai’s reaction. He was calm.

“They were going to find out eventually. I do need to let me parents and sister know before they read about it on the internet.” Jai leaned over, grabbed his pants and pulled his phone out to call his family.

“Wait are you calling them now?” You asked alarmed.

“Yes.” Jai looked up from his phone. “Don’t flip out.”

“I’m not flipping out.” You took a deep breath. “I just thought I had more time.”

“How much more time do you need Y/N? My son is four and a half. You had five years to prepare yourself.”

You sulked back in your seat as Jai got up from the lounge chair, went into the house and made his phone calls. You can hear his voice raise a little as he spoke to his parents.

“I didn’t know about him ma!…….She kept him from me!……… Yes we will get a DNA test but trust me when I tell you he is mine…….. No mom he is not here to Facetime……. He doesn’t know about me yet….”

You stopped tuning in because you were beginning to feel like shit. It never occurred to you that you were not just keeping Jai’s son away from him but you were keeping lil Jai from knowing his paternal family.

“Well you can mark my family down as officially pissed at you.” Jai announced when he walked back outside.

“I figured they would be.” You said not making eye contact.

“You really fucked up Y/N.”

“I know.” You looked down at your feet.

“Can you at least look at me?”

You slowly looked up into Jai’s painful eyes. It was too much to bear and you looked away again to only have Jai tower over you and lift your chin up to face him. He was breathtaking.

“Do you think they will forgive me?” You asked as you truly loved his family and they tried very hard to get you two back together before you stopped communication with them. You were so wrong in what you did to that family and you would not blame them if they never forgave you.

“If I can forgive you…they can also.” Jai motioned for you stand up. You stood up and Jai closed what little space you had between you two. He leaned over and lightly kissed your forehead. “It will all work out. What’s most important right now is our son.”

You nodded your head agreeing with him.

“Do you mind staying a little longer?” You asked hopefully gazing into his blue eyes.

“I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.” His smile reached his eyes as he gazed down at you. You smiled back happy that he was going to stay with you longer. “Do you mind if I take a shower. I don’t want to smell like chlorine.”

“Yeah sure. You can use the guest bathroom upstairs.”

Jai grabbed his clothes and threw them on his damp body.

“I have to run to my car. I have some extra clothes in my car. I will be back.”

As Jai went outside you went up to the guest bathroom to make sure you had bath soap and towels for him.

“The vultures are still outside.” Jai stated walking into the guest bathroom. You were startled by his voice and Jai chuckled at your reaction.

“You scare easily….are you not living right?” Jai closed the space between you two, wrapped his arm around your waist, and pulled you to him. You sighed and melted against his body. “You want to take a shower with me for old times’ sake?” Jai asked his lips grazed your earlobe. You closed your eyes and memories of the showers you two took together flooded your mind causing your body to pulsate.

Get it together girl!

You reluctantly pulled away from his embrace and your body screamed for you to stay.

“Take your shower. I’m going to call Zoe and make sure she got home safely.”

Jai’s face expressed his disappointment.

“Can I see Jai’s baby pics?” He asked taking off his shirt.

This motherfuc-

He was really trying to seduce you.

“Ummm…yeah! I will get them for you.” You quickly turned around and ran smack into the doorway.

“Are you alright?” Jai quickly rushed to your side. You were mortified.

“I’m fine.” You said not looking at him. You quickly walked out the bathroom. Gathering Jai’s baby books and photo albums you waited patiently downstairs for his father.

“So what is it that you do for a living now.” Jai settled on the couch as you handed him several photos albums and Jai’s baby book. He had changed into a pair of shorts and a beige shirt.

“I write.” You told him sitting next to him.

Jai raised an eyebrow.

“Really what do you write?”

You started to absent-mindedly pull at one of your locs. You were slightly embarrassed to tell him.

“What do you write?” Jai asked again more curious as he saw you become slightly nervous.

“Ummmm…..I write fiction under the pen name Jade Michael.” You said sheepishly.

Jai’s eyes widen as he recognized your pen name. He sat his son’s baby book and photo albums on the coffee table and scooted closer to you on the couch.

“You are Jade Michael?!”

You nodded your head.

“Everywhere I go women are reading your books. Isn’t a movie being made of the books?”


“How many have you sold?” Jai was intrigued.

“A little over one-hundred fifty million.”

“Oh my God! You are Jade Michael……I mean I have seen women blushing reading your books. I can’t believe you write mommy porn.” Jai started laughing and you playfully hit him.

“It’s not mommy porn….it’s erotic fiction.” You defended trying not to laugh with him.

“Oh it’s mommy porn alright. I snuck and read a chapter….or three.” Jai laughed again. “I have to ask who was your muse?”

You tensed up at his question and the smile faded from Jai’s face when he saw how you reacted to his question.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You snapped tearing your eyes away from his piercing baby blues.

“Who was your muse Y/N?” Jai scooted even closer to you and lifted your chin to face him.

“You were.” You finally told him.


‘Yes.” You whispered.

“Am I the last man you were intimate with?”


“It’s been five years Y/N.” Jai said astounded.

“Trust me I know….hence my writing….have to get the frustration out some type of way.”

Jai scooted closer to you where your knees were touching.

“It’s been five years since you last had an orgasm?”

“We really need to change the subject.” You told him scooting away. You grabbed the albums off the coffee table and shoved them in his lap. Jai sat staring at you flabbergasted.

“Will you stop looking at me like that?” He was making you more nervous and self-conscious.

“Five years?” He could not believe it.

“Jai there are toys and ways to make oneself have an orgasm.”

You saw a sparkle in his eyes and a slight grin play on his luscious lips.

“Jai! Don’t you say a word. Will you look at your son’s pictures please.” You were hoping to change the subject and it worked.

Jai sat back comfortably on the couch as you watch him looked over all over his son’s photos and baby book.

“I can’t believe I missed all this.” He whispered as he looked at the photos. You kept your mouth shut. You did not want him to become angry again and really what could you say in your defense. As he looked over the pictures, you found yourself gazing at his features. You loved every inch of his face and you reflected back to when you use to shower his face with kisses.

You were startled when you heard your text message alarm ring. You checked and it was from Zoe.

Check TMZ’s website.

You quickly googled the site on your phone as Jai was busy looking at photos. There it was the first headline on the website with a picture of your son right next to a picture of Jai.

Jai Courtney a baby daddy?

You knew they looked alike but seeing their pictures side by side there was no question he was Jai’s son.

“Fuckin TMZ!” You barked jumping up from the couch. Jai tore his eyes from the baby book and looked at you puzzled.


“They leaked it.” You said exasperated.

“Well of course they did. What did you expect?” Jai told you in a soothing, calm voice and then went back to looking at baby pictures.

“Jai? How can you be so calm?”

“Are you ashamed to have Jai? Are you ashamed to have me as the father?” Jai looked back up at you.

“No of course not?” You defended.

“Then what is the problem?” He asked searching your face for an answer.

You stood dumbfounded. You had no reason to be upset. You knew this day would come and it had finally arrived. You plopped back on the couch with a heavy sigh. Jai put the photo albums, baby book on the coffee table, and turn his full attention on you.

“Let the chips fall where they fall Y/N. That outside noise does not matter to us. I have a son with you and that makes me the happiest man on this planet. No amount of media hoopla can change that. I am going to be in my son’s life no matter what.” Jai grabbed your hand and gave it a tight squeeze. You felt yourself relaxing as Jai’s thumb caressed your hand.

“Thanks Jai.”

“For what?” Jai pulled on one of your locs. He was fascinated with your hair.

“For not being too angry with me and giving me a chance to make it right.”

Jai looked at you for a long moment and you started to become nervous again…well maybe he was still angry. His gaze was becoming too much for you and you broke eye contact yet again.

“Stop looking away from me Y/N.” He scolded.

You looked back up at him and he leaned over and captured your lips with his. You moaned as Jai slowly took his time tasting you again. You knew you would not have the strength to pull away and Jai sensed your need for him.

“Can I take you upstairs?” He whispered against your lips.

“Yes.” There was no way you could have said no. You needed him again. Hell, you craved for him the past five years and it was about time you satisfied that craving.

Smut fest… part!

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I watch the married couple smile at each other on the dance floor, sharing a soft kiss, which causes a tsunami of camera flashes to go off. I smile at how happy they look, glad that they finally got their day.

“And now, the new Mr and Mrs Parker ask you to join them on the dance floor.” The DJ announced, causing the flower girl to squeal with glee and race to the open space, dragging the reluctant ring bearer behind her. I giggle at the sight, and Ashton nudges my knee with his.

“Fancy a dance?” He grins. I nod, taking his hand and allowing him to lead me to the now half full dance floor.

He wrapped one arm around my waist, the other keeping out fingers entwined against his chest. I rest my free hand on his neck, my fingers playing with the curls at the nape of his neck. He hums lowly along to the song, one I don’t recognise. I smile up at him, and his lips brush my forehead.

“Thanks for coming.” I hum, and he smiles against my skin before pulling away to look at me.

“And miss the sight of you in that dress? I should be thanking you.” He smirks, and I roll my eyes.

“Can we have one romantic moment please?” I giggle, and he pulls away from me slightly, a mock hurt look on his face.

“We have romantic moments!” He protests.

“Ash, last night you told me that I was only your favourite person when I make you dinner.”

“I was joking!”

I grin at him, and he smiles back, pulling me closer again.

“But seriously, you look incredible.” He tells me.

“Thanks.” I blush, looking down at my feet.

“How do you still get embarrassed when I say that after two years?” He chuckles, and I return my eyes to his.

“It’s not everyday you attend a wedding with a good looking rock star who happens to be your boyfriend.”

“However it is everyday that you look beautiful.”


We crawl into bed, tired after the long day we’d had.

“Why are weddings so long?” Michael grumbles, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me into him.

“Well you know, marriage is for life.”

“Doesn’t mean you have to waste half of it actually getting married. I mean really. It went on forever.”

“It did not.”

“Felt like it.”

“That’s just because you don’t like Angus.”

“That isn’t true!”

“You called him a boring, egotistical, moron.”

“Not to his face.”

I grin at him, my finders tapping lightly against his chest whilst Michael’s thumb dragged across my hip.

“Weddings can be fun.” I tell him, and he nods.

“I know. Our’s will be amazing.”

“Our’s?” I question, and his eyes widen.

“I wasn’t meant to say that out loud.” He admits sheepishly.

“You think about that?” I ask, and he nods slowly.

“Well, you know, sometimes. When I miss you and stuff.”

I smile softly, and he relaxes when he realises that I’m not freaking out.

“So it’ll be amazing?”

“The best wedding to ever grace this good earth.”


We stand outside the hall, talking to some friends as the photographs are being taken. Luke’s hand rests on my hip, the other holding his beer. I sip my wine, my eyes wandering over to where the newly weds were posing for a picture.

“You two will be next.” Richard jokes, and I almost choke. Luke grips my hip a little tighter.

“I don’t think we’re next mate.” He replies, sipping his beer slowly.

“Course you are. To be honest, I’m surprised you haven’t popped the question yet.”

“I’m eighteen!” Luke exclaims, before quickly turning to look at me. “Not that marrying you wouldn’t be great, because it would, I just…”

“Luke.” I stop him, and he smiles gratefully.

“Thanks love.” He smiles, kissing me quickly.

“You are so next.” Richard mumbles, and I glare at him.

“We are not.” I growl, and he grins.

“Aren’t what?” A small voice chimes, and we all look down to see Tom, the ring bearer.

“Getting married.” Luke tells him, causing the boy’s face to scrunch up.

“Why don’t you want to marry Y/N?” He asks. “She’s pretty.”

“I agree mate. She’s beautiful.” He nods, dropping down to his knees so he was eye level with the six year old. “But between you and me, I don’t think she wants to marry me.”

“Why?” He whispers back, his eyes widening as he looks up at me quickly before looking back at Luke.

“Because she’s too pretty for me.”

I roll my eyes as Luke stands up again, whilst Tom pulls on my free hand.

“Yeah buddy?”

“Would you marry Luke?” He whispers, and I smile at him.

“Maybe one day.” I reply, nudging Luke’s hip with mine. He grips my hip again, kissing my head, before moving his lips to my ear.

“I may hold you to that.”


“Here.” He mutters, handing me a drink before sitting down next to me.

“Thanks.” I murmur, taking a sip before placing it back on the table.

“Wow. Really feeling the love between you two.” Michael comments, and I glare at him across the table.

“Shut up Mike.” I mutter, taking a longer drink.

“Don’t be mad at him.” Calum snaps. “He isn’t the problem.”

“And I am?” I ask incredulously.


“Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, Mr and Mrs Dean Jones!” The best man calls, and we clap as the couple enter the room.

“I just don’t understand.” He hisses, prompting me to look at him. “Why don’t you agree with marriage?”

“That isn’t what I said!”

“Yes it is!”

“No. It isn’t.” I tell him. “I said I don’t agree with this marriage, marriage being a last resort at staying together, not marriage itself.”

“Oh.” He mumbles, and I roll my eyes. His hand soon finds its way into my lap, and I lace my fingers with his. “So you do agree with marriage?”

“Yeah Cal. I do.”

“And you want to get married one day?”

“Is that what this is about?”

He nods, and I lean over, pressing a kiss to his lips.

“I’d marry you.” I tell him softly, and he hums. “Just not any time soon.”

“So like a year?”

“Don’t push your luck Hood.”

Why Don’t You Just Shoot Me? part 1/(?)

A/N: Here it is! The Kylo Ren fic I’ve been writing. Massive s/o to @couldyoujustimagine, @themeechofitall and @julismythmusic for encouraging me to post it and to @dickren for that lovely soul mate au Kylo fic, it gave me the boost I needed to write this so thank you!

Pairing: Kylo Ren/Ben x Reader

Word Count: 1743

Warnings: Language, some violence

part 1

part 2


He was tall, extremely so. His hair was raven, falling halfway down the ears he hated so much. He was growing it out in the hopes that he could hide them all together. I didn’t care about his ears. They were cute, and I liked them. I told him that as often as I could in hopes of making him feel better. It never really worked, but he always let me know that he appreciated the sentiment. He had kind, hazel, almost amber eyes with thick dark eyebrows resting atop them. Whenever he smiled they would perk up, his eyes alight, his wide smile lighting up the room. He was amazing. Caring and kind to everyone he met. He loved his family. He adored his mother, looked up to his uncle and loved his father. He was everything anyone could have ever dreamed of.

He wanted to be a Jedi. He wanted to be like his uncle. He got his wish, though it turned on everyone around him. He turned to the dark side, no one really knew the reason, and disappeared. It’s not so much that no one knew where he was, but the two people who did know withheld the information from the Resistance. Really, it had been better for all of us to not know.

Poe and I had been captured by Kylo Ren’s troops, held captive in a cell before Poe was dragged off to, one can only assume, be interrogated. Being left alone, I sat against the wall, wishing with everything I had that I was back home helping General Organa with something, anything if it meant I wasn’t stuck in this hellhole.

After what seemed like a forever, Poe appeared at the mouth of the cell. With the level of noise he was making it seemed that he was unaccompanied.

“What the fuck d’you think you’re doing, Dameron?” I hiss, standing up and meeting him at the door, looking through the small window.

“I’m getting us out of here.” He answers, trying his damndest to get the cell door open.

“And how do you propose we do that?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a stray Trooper here to help.” He says, jerking his head to the dark skinned man next to him.

“Hi.” He says in a quiet greeting.

“Hey,” I respond, jerking my chin at him before turning my attention back to Poe. “That still doesn’t mean we can make it with the three of us.” I pause momentarily before continuing, knowing he wouldn’t like my proposal. “You have to leave me.”

“What?” He says, stopping any and all attempts to open the door. “No, I can’t do that. You’re too valuable to the Resistance.”

“Oh please, you’re the best pilot we’ve got and you’ve managed to rope a trooper into helping you.” I huff in annoyance. “Sure, it’ll piss off the general, but if she lost both of us, she would go on a rampage.”

“Are you sure?” He asks, looking from me to the shaky Trooper next to him and then back again.

“If you don’t leave without me, we’ll both be killed and if that happens I swear I will kick your ghost ass from here to fucking Tatooine, do you understand?” I say, more serious than I have ever been in my life. “You’re too important to stay behind.”

Finally, he nods and turns back to the Stormtrooper, signaling that it was time to go.

“I will come back for you.” He says earnestly. “We’re a team and we stick together.”

“I wouldn’t expect any less from you.” I nod and he and the Stormtrooper disappear down the corridor.

Sighing, I slide down the wall and plop down onto the cold floor. This is probably the worst place I could possibly be right now, not to mention my most idiotic idea yet. General Organa is gonna have my ass for this.

I drift off momentarily, only to be woken by the blaring of an alarm and the pounding of feet as a hoard of Stormtroopers thunders through the corridor.

They must have made it out, I think. Good.

Almost immediately after the thunderous group had passed, the door to my cell slams open and three Stormtroopers harshly pull me to my feet. They then all but drag me out down the corridor, opposite the way the mass of men had previously gone. I try to catch my footing so that I can walk instead of being drug along, but I can’t quite manage to stay up long enough to even take a step and I resign myself to sliding along on the floor behind my lovely new escorts.

At the end of our rough and manhandled journey, I am thrown into some sort of chair, my wrists and ankles restrained. After they’ve finished and shoved me harshly against the back of the chair, I’m left alone with my thoughts till an uptight redhead and Kylo Ren enter the room.

“I love what you’ve done with the place.” I say sarcastically, looking around the room and nodding. “The black floors really make every other shade of gray pop.”

“Silence.” The surly redhead commands from Ren’s side.

“Mmm, so that’s how this is going to work?” I ask, smirking at him. “I say something  witty and clever and you shut me down? Very rude.”

“I said silen-” Kylo Ren lifts his hand, stopping the man beside him mid word. He then strode over to the chair, leaning on the back, his mask close to my face. I assume he’s trying to intimidate me, but I refuse to give in and I lean forward as far as my restraints allow, my nose nearly touching his mask.

“What’re you gonna do, Ren?” I taunt. “Use your mind tricks on me? You’ll get nothing.”

“You seem rather confident for your current state.” He comments, his voice distorted by his mask. “Almost cocky. I will break you.” His last words come out an almost garbled hiss.

“You can’t break what’s already broken, dumb shit.” I hiss back. “You’ll only be sifting through shards.”

“You really think so?” He questions, his tone never changing.

“I know so,” I growl.

“Well, we can test that theory if you’d like.” He says as he removes his helmet. His voice sounds so familiar, but I can’t quite place it. When the black obstruction leaves his head I choke. It’s him.

“B-Ben?” I splutter.

“Leave us, General.” He says, waving the auburn haired man behind him away. He retreats from the room, leaving Ben and I alone.

“You seem surprised to see me,” He says, removing the restraint from my right hand. “I assume this means my mother didn’t tell you I wa-”

I loosely ball my fist and swing for his face, clenching right before I make contact with his jaw to put extra force into the punch. It has the added benefit of shutting him up. He stumbles back from the chair, rubbing his jaw. I calmly removed the rest of the restraints on my limbs. After I’m free I advance on him, grabbing his unnecessary cape and pulling him down to my eye level.

“What the actual fuck, Solo!” I almost yell. “You absolute piece of shit!”

I push him away from me and into the nearest wall. His back connects with a dull thud, and I nearly feel bad for him.

“This isn’t the reaction I thought I would get.” He says, his voice surprisingly quiet.

“And what reaction did you think you would get exactly?” I seethe. “I thought you were dead. Now I think it might be better off if you were.”

He just stands there silently, eyes wide, staring at me wordlessly.

“SAY SOMETHING! “ I yell, pounding a fist onto his chest. I can feel tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. “How could you become a murderer? A monster.”

At that he retaliates, sending me flying across the room and pinning me to the wall using the force. My arms and legs are pinned to the wall, so I can’t move. As he strides towards me he begins to close off my windpipe, suffocating me. He holds me about two feet off the ground, making me look down at him. There’s no hint of remorse in his eyes that I can see, only hate and maybe pain.

“I am not a monster.” He hisses angrily.

“Then why- don’t you- care-that you’re- killing- me.” I manage to say, gasping for air as he squeezes my throat tighter and tighter. I look away from him and I can feel a single tear slip from my eye and roll down my cheek.

Something about the display makes him falter and I fall to the floor in a crumpled heap, coughing and gasping for air.

“I-I’m…” He stutters.

“If you’re going to kill me, just do it.” I say hoarsely. “Get it over with. Please.”

“Why would I do that?” He asks, his tone suddenly neutral again.

“I don’t know…” I trail off, refusing to look at him. “It seems to be what you do these days.”

After a moment of silence he quietly walks away from me, and exits the room, leaving me to curl up in the corner until someone decides to take me back to the cell I came from. At some point during my waiting I drift off to sleep, only to be plagued by memories of the past.

“You know, you stick out like a sore thumb, Ben.” I say, nudging him with my elbow. “You’re just s’damn tall. Why don’t you share that height with the rest of us?”

“Oh please, you know you love how tall I am.” He looks down to me, flashing a brilliant smile.

“Even if I do, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t see shit.” I huff, folding my arms across my chest. He sighs and crouches down slightly.

“Climb on.” He says.

“You can’t be serious.” I say incredulously.

“Are you saying you don’t want to see my mother’s address?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“Well when you put it like that…” I trail off, jumping onto his back, earning a hearty ‘oomf’ from Ben. He lifts me up by my thighs and I loop my arms around his shoulders, tucking my chin into the crook of his neck.

“That tickles.” He says quietly.

“I know,” I giggle. “Why do you think I do it?”


Thanks so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

drinking games

Sterek, one-shot, 2k, rated T. 

Warning for mild dub con–kissing while inebriated.

[on AO3]


The day Jennifer dumps Derek very publicly in Starbucks, he goes back to the apartment and gets very drunk.

Stiles gets drunk with him, in brotherly solidarity. He would bet one hundred dollars and his vintage Elvis poster that Derek’s never been drunk before. No way is he leaving Derek to do it on his own.

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Dreams come true

Original Imagine: Imagine masturbating in your room while Peter walks in and offers real sex with him instead

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Male

Word Count: 1437 

Warnings: Lots of smut (we’re talking Peter, after all), oral sex, anal sex, m/m oneshot

Notes from author: And suddenly I had this one shot in my head that had to come out. It is the first time ever I’ve written m/m smut (outside of a roleplay, that is) so I at least picked a character I’m familiar with to write, even when the rest is partly new. I apologize if it sucks… Have fun though!

You weresure you had closed the door. Absolutely sure. You always closed the door when you were trying to get yourself off. No need to have anyone intrude on that, after all. You had settled on your bed, already gotten yourself rid of your jeans and put the laptop in front of you. Now all you needed were a few pillows in your back so you could lean back and still watch the screen and you were done.

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Cristiano Ronaldo - On Again, Off Again

“So what? This is like the hundredth time you two broke up? So you’re getting back together, as always, right?” Natasha nudged me curiously, her expression unreadable. “What happened this time, anyway?”

“Well…” I started, re-envisioning the night of Cris’ birthday.

“Fuck yeahh!” Cristiano slurred, leaning against me for balance as loud music erupted through out the packed club. “It’s my birthdayy!”

“Sure is,” I chuckled at my boyfriends drunken state, seating him on one of the empty booths. “I’m going to get you some water! Don’t move, okay?” I informed over the loud music before making my way over to the bar. “What can I get you, ma'am?” The bartender asked, a polite smile on his face. “A water, please!” I ordered, leaning against the counter. He nodded, walking away before returning, a bottle of ice cold water in hand. “Have a great night.” “Thanks,” I began making my way back to the booth Cristiano was sat at, only to find some tramp straddling him, her lips connected to his as she literally ate his face off. 

“You fucking asshole,” I spat, pouring the water all over the two of them.

The girl gasped, jolting up to her feet as water trickled down her blonde hair and face. “You bitch!” She squealed, running off to the ladies room in cries of horror.

“(Y/N)-” Cristiano began explaining, but I wasn’t having it. “Don’t you dare!” I yelled loudly, attracting a crowds attention. “You lying, cheating scumbag! I don’t know why I keep giving you chances time after time. Fuck you, Ronaldo.” I hissed, giving him my back and making a beeline to the exit. “(Y/N) I swear it’s not what it looks like!” He called after me, chasing me through the silent crowd. “Save it!”

“He keeps texting and calling, explaining she came onto him but I don’t know what to believe.” I sighed, gripping my forehead in frustration.

“Give him another chance?” My best friend suggested. 

“No,” I chuckled bitterly. “No more chances.”

Tash nodded in understanding. “Well I’ve got to go,” She mumbled, pushing herself off my living room couch. She grabbed her purse and I walked her to the door, enveloping her into a warm hug before swinging the front door open. “Keep in touch, okay?” I smiled, waving a small goodbye as she walked down the front porch, “I will!”

Just as I was about to slam the door shut, a forceful hand stopped it midway. “What the hell?” I reopened the door only to find Cristiano standing on the steps, a petty look on his face. 

“You again?” I sighed, walking away from the door, which I left wide open. It was no point trying to get him to leave because he would probably decline. 

“We have to talk, (Y/N),” His tone came out a desperate plea as he closed the front door and followed me into the living room. “There’s nothing to talk about,” I replied coldly, plopping down on one of the couches. “Please hear me out,” Cris sat on the ground facing me to block my view of the television. I rolled my eyes at him dramatically before sitting back into the couch, my arms crossed over my chest.

Cristiano took this as his cue to speak, and he didn’t waste a single moment as he began explaining. “That night,” He started, running a hand through his hair nervously. “That night I was so happy I’d managed to convince you to give me one more chance… I was so happy to be celebrating my birthday with you and I might have gotten a bit too intoxicated. I became unaware of my surroundings and you saw how I could barely stand on my own. When that girl came- I didn’t even know who the hell she was and she threw herself onto me! I couldn’t muster up the energy to shove her off, but I swear to god I didn’t kiss back. I kept mumbling for her to get off but she wouldn’t budge and then you came and-” He groaned, frustrated. By now tears were brimming in his eyes and he tilted his head back in anger, covering his face as he did so.

“Please, (Y/N),” His voice cracked at my name, making me go weak in the knees.

“Don’t cry,” I whispered, immediately giving into him.

“I don’t want to be without you anymore,” He sobbed.

That’s all it took to soften me up. I cupped his face in my hands, smashing my lips against his longingly. He kissed me back with so much want, so much need not even the best liar in the world could pull off such an emotion. “I love you, I swear I only love you,” He mumbled against my lips, crawling on top of me. One thing led to another and we ended up naked, scratching and biting each others bare skin as we made love for the first time in a long time.


Pacing back and forth in front of the front door, I awaited Cristiano’s arrival intently, a flow of emotions running through my veins. It’s been two weeks since we slept together and I’d been getting pregnancy blues ever since. It was nothing at first, but then my doctor confirmed I was with child and I became so scared, not knowing what to do but I knew I had to let Cris know.

A pair of keys jiggled from behind the wooden door, making me freeze in my spot and a worried Cristiano came barging in. “Whats going on?” He breathed, scurrying over to me. “Are you alright?”

“I need to tell you something…” I gulped, eyes wide in agitation. 

“What is it?” He eyed me warily, anticipating my answer. 

“I’m pregnant,” I chocked the words out, my eyes pooling with tears.

“W-what?” He gasped, eyes widening. “You’re what? Pregnant? Did you just say you’re pregnant?” He rambled on, running a hand through his hair. “You’re pregnant?” Cris repeated, pacing back and forth utter shock. “You’re pregnant.” He came to an abrupt stop. “You’re fucking pregnant!” He chuckled, tearing up as he picked me up off the floor and spun me around gleefully. I was caught of guard to say the least. “Oh my God,” He mumbled, placing me back on the ground. “You’re having our first child!” He laughed joyously, placing a hand on my stomach. “I am,” I let a few tears of happiness and relief escape my eyes. 

Moments with her (Harry Styles one shot/imagine)

This is probably way too long… And I’m sorry if it’s too long for you to even bother reading. But I loved writing this. And I don’t care if no one reads it! I’m happy with how this turned out. 

“Moments with her”

They say that, once in a lifetime, you have this one moment where you flash back to all the important memories and happenings from your time on this earth. They say it’s before you die. Just the moment before you let yourself drift away into the darkness. The last bit of air you breathe in. A sigh. A tear. A cry of happiness… or sadness… depends on the way you die. The last moment you have in your life, thinking about all the moments that formed you into the person you are right now.

But for me it wasn’t like that. My moment of re-evaluating my life came so soon and unexpected and not at all close to my death bed, that it caught me off guard. It happened in my hotel room, far away from home, far away from all the people who are close to my heart. And it more exactly happened while staring at the black screen of my phone. Not technically the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about flash backs and death beds. But it still happened. Right there, in that particular hotel room in LA, after my girlfriend hung up on me, telling me she had enough.

‘So can I leave now?’ Is the first thing she says when I meet her backstage. The first time I hear her voice. The first time I notice the wildness of her hair and all the things hidden in her eyes. I cannot help but frown at her determination. This was not exactly how I imagined a fan reacting after I let the bodyguards help her out of the crowd and bring her backstage because she was literally being crushed against the fences. ‘You want to leave?’ It’s like I need a confirmation from her, that’s how much I did not expect a reaction like this. ‘Of course! I’m not going back in there.’ She replies, giving me a weird look like she’s thinking I’m insane. ‘I just wanted to enjoy the music. But turns out those fans didn’t really come for the music. They scream above it all the time. Turns me nuts.’ She rolls her eyes in frustration and I cannot help the chuckle leaving my lips. ‘Well, that’s something I haven’t heard before.’ I smile at her, wondering if her smile is just as pretty as her eyes. ‘You actually came for the music and not for us.’ My sarcastic tone brings the corners of her mouth to go slightly upwards. And it’s then I realize I need to take my chance here before it’s too late. ‘Hey. If you just wait for half an hour, I’m done with the show and if you like, I can give you a whole talk through the new album. No fans. Just you and me. And the music.’ I can see her eyes go into a frown, like she doesn’t trust this part, but before I can assure her that I’m not joking and that I really, really want to get to know her better because she is different from all the other girls I met before, the same determination is visible in her eyes. ‘Fine with me.’ She nods, agreeing to my proposition. ‘Half an hour. I’ll wait.’

Her eyes widen and her jaw drops when she sees the view I have most of the nights. ‘This is incredible, Harry.’ She breaths out in shock when she takes in all the stars above us and the enormous stadium in front of her. ‘How do you even do that? Just standing here makes my heart pound like crazy. How are you able to do this in front of so many people?’ Her voice echoes in the stadium. My feet follow her to where she stands, on the very edge of the catwalk,  and when I reach her I lay my arm around her shoulder, making it look like it’s us against the world. ‘I want to say you get used to it. But that’s not the case really.’ I say while staring into infinity it seems. ‘I think it’s just all about remembering where you came from. That’s what keeps me grounded. That’s what keeps me going.’ I feel her look up at me and when I look down at her I catch her smile and the twinkle in her eyes I learned to love  so much. ‘You’re a good person, Haz.’ She says while resting her head gently on my shoulder. And I could not feel more happy in that moment.

‘Of all the people it has to be you.’ She rolls her eyes like she always does. I wonder if she realizes how much she does it. It’s one of the things that drives me insane about her. ‘You have no idea how much I agree.’ I mumble while dialling Louis’ number on my phone. It didn’t take me long to inform him about the situation we were in. Somehow we both ended up being stuck in the same elevator. And since we don’t like each other’s company that much the past few weeks, it wasn’t something we both really enjoyed. ‘Seems like you two have some time to sort your things out, don’t you?’ Louis answers with a smirk on his face, I just can hear it by the tone when he hangs up and it only assures me that there is no way we are getting out of here without talking about this feud between us.

‘Okay. I’m done with this.’ I exclaim after fifteen minutes of silence and her disturbed face refusing to look me in the eyes. ‘Tell me what’s your problem with me. Because for the love of God, I don’t understand why we are even fighting like this when we both got along fairly well in the first place.’ But she doesn’t move, nor makes an effort to say something at all, making me question her attitude even more. ‘What did I do for you to hate me this much, Y/N? I thought we were friends!’ Truth be told, I miss her. I miss having my best friend around, I miss seeing that one particular smile she smiles when she’s with me. The one I haven’t seen in more than three weeks. ‘I don’t hate you, Harry. I’m just frustrated by how blind you are these days.’ She mumbles, confusing me even more. ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ I frown at her, but before she’s able to reply back to me, I hear my phone going off and because it lays next to me, we both are able to see the caller ID. ‘Taylor’ the screen tells us. And the only thing I hear is Y/N giving me a sigh in frustration when I pick up the phone to hear my girlfriend ramble about how the elevator will work again in a few minutes. She took care of everything, and Y/N doesn’t say another word to me.

‘She’s gone, mate.’ Liam’s words linger in my head, repeating themselves over and over again while I try to make my car move faster. ‘She’s gone. She’s on her way back home. She isn’t happy anymore and she needs to back away for some time, if not always. Just let her go, Harry. It’s only causing her pain.’ I don’t even know why he said these last words  to me because there is no hair on my head ready to let go of someone I never had in the first place. Truth be told, I want to have her. I want to be able to never let her go again. But somehow it feels like she’s always slipping through my fingers and I’m so sick of it right now. And it doesn’t matter that I have a so called girlfriend who’s touring a thousand miles away and has the world at her feet. It doesn’t matter that that girl is someone I can live without. What does matter is that the girl who’s leaving me, is the one I cannot live without and I cannot miss and I cannot stand being unhappy. And it’s only now, while I’m running into the airport, running like a mad man who’s ready to lose every purpose he has in life, that it’s clear to me: I was blind. Blinded by fame. Blinded by what people thought I should do. Blinded by the love I felt for one person and the love I didn’t feel for the other. And it’s when I see her checking in from a faraway distance, that I know she’s the one I love and need to keep close for the rest of my life.

‘What- Hey!’ She turns around when she figures out someone took her luggage from her and is rolling away back to the entrance of the airport. ‘Harry, quit it. I’m late.’ She follows me and tries to pull the trolley out of my hand when she reaches me. ‘Jezus, Harry! Let go!’ My grip on the trolley is so tight she’s not even able to slip my fingers off it while I’m still walking away from the place she has to check in. ‘Dammit. What’s your problem? You have everything you need. You don’t need me!’ And with that being said, I turn around harshly, making her bump into me.The only thing I do is grab her shoulders to keep her on her two feet and make sure our eyes meet when I start telling her wrong. ‘You know exactly what I need. You knew it from the beginning. You knew it in the elevator. And you know it now. Why the hell can you just not say it to me in person?’ I ask her vividly. ‘Why are you the smart little girl that you are, knowing that going away would make me realize it? Why don’t you just tell me? Why don’t you just fucking kiss me if you want to? Why do you make me and you go through hell these past few weeks when you knew it all along? That’s just not fair. Not fair to me. And surely not fair to yourself.’ The tears spring into her eyes and she looks at me like I’m the biggest fool she’s ever met in her life. And to be honest, I cannot blame her for thinking like that. ‘You are the biggest fool I ever met in my entire life, Harry Edward Styles.’ She reads my thoughts while a tear stains her cheek. And without saying another word, she wraps her arms firmly around my neck and presses her soft lips on mine. And somehow I think I finally know what love truly means, having the only definition of it, right in my arms.

I hate this. I love my job. But I hate this particular aspect of it. I hate leaving her behind, especially in the middle of the night when her arms are clinched around my chest. I hate having to wake her up and hear her sleepy whines when I kiss her goodbye. I hate how she almost gets mad every time, but still tries her best to keep her emotions to herself, trying not to make it any harder for me.

I hate the feeling of knowing I have to miss her again. And I very well know she hates it just as much as I do.

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Okay, the longer response to @czarrish’s prompt. Now with fewer ridiculous run-on sentences and more feelings! Turns out I could do it in a hundred sentences, but the five hundred option is still open, I suppose. If there’s one thing I’m never gonna shut up about it’s Adam Parrish being bi and totally fine with it. That kid is my moon and stars, I swear.

“Adam, how did you know that you were interested in men?”

The question catches Adam off guard. Gansey is sitting next to him, hunched over on the porch step with his chin on his knees. They’re both watching Ronan and Blue do donuts across Ronan’s mud slick in an old Jeep Adam had helped him rebuild. Henry, who had been watching with them, has just gone inside for water and left them alone. Adam wonders how long Gansey’s been waiting to ask someone this, if it’s his general curiosity at work or if it’s more specific. If he needs to figure this out before this short break is over and he gets back on the road where he’s once again pressed between Henry and Blue with the whole of the world at their feet.

Adam realizes quite suddenly that he does not envy them the world. In a couple weeks he too will have the whole world at his feet, in his own way.

Several hundred yards away the Jeep makes a sharp turn and rocks up onto two wheels. He can just hear Blue’s shouts and whoops over the sound of the engine and mud splatter. “I don’t guess I am,” he says, “but he’ll get there.”

Gansey rolls his eyes and grins, but he doesn’t look at Adam. He’s very tightly wound, like he is sometimes before tests, eyes straight ahead because the only way through is forward, no room for deviation. This is not a deviation, Adam wants to say, but he knows that’s not what he was asked.  

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DUDE OMG I LOVE YOUR ANGST. MC walking in on Kyohei cheating and what he'd say to get her back?



As you walked to the house, you couldn’t help but twirl every couple of steps. Sure, people stared at you like you were strange, but you couldn’t help it! Life was amazing right now.

You had just been at the cafe that you always wrote at, and you were able to finish one song and get a basic idea of another one for the album. At the rate you were going, you would have all of the lyrics for the new album finished in less than a month! Takashi would be extremely pleased, and you knew that Kyohei would be proud of you.

Breathing in the crisp, autumn air, you hummed lightly to yourself as every step brought you closer and closer to your boyfriend. You couldn’t wait to see what he said about you finishing a song!

You ran the rest of the way home, breathless by the time you closed the front door. Biting your lip to hold back your smile, you dashed through the empty house toward yours and Kyohei’s room to change before the guys came back from all of their errands.

But as you opened the door to the bedroom, your smile immediately vanished. Icy hot fire scalded your veins and you felt like you were about to explode into a thousand pieces.

There, on the bed that you and Kyohei had shared so many times before, was your boyfriend. 

Kissing another girl. Whispering into her ears. Eliciting so many sounds from her that made you physically sick. Sharing something with her that should only have been for you both. 

But he didn’t hear the door open. And you couldn’t find the strength to do anything at all. So you just stood there, the worst memory of your life searing itself on to your mind forever.

Yet, you were only standing there for a few seconds before you caught your voice.

“Kyohei?” you called out, voice coming out so much more broken and fragile than you wanted it to. He immediately froze, and turned his sweat-slick body towards yours. The girl hid behind him. “What’s going on?”

Horror, shame, guilt, embarrassment, humiliation… Every single negative emotion seemed to flash across his face all at one. His eyes showed only one thing, though:


“Y/N…” he whispered, voice ragged, no doubt, from his earlier actions. “I-I can explain…”

You smiled grimly at him, tears already cascading down your cheeks. “You can explain? Really?” You were shaking, but you didn’t know what from. Rage? Humiliation? 


Feeling the fear flooding your systems, you shook your head at Kyohei, slammed the bedroom door closed, and bolted out of the house. You didn’t even make it two feet away from the front door before you fell against a wall, a savage panic attack ripping through your exhausted body.

Pain ruptured through every synapse as your lungs expanded rapidly to compensate for your hyperventilation. Your head was splitting in pain and you couldn’t feel your legs. Body shuddering from the overwhelming emotions and fear, you cried silently on the street, praying to God that no one saw you.

But thank God that someone did.

“Y/N? Y/N!” Iori yelled, sprinting to your side. You merely looked up at him through the tears, but you couldn’t stop shaking. Couldn’t stop hyperventilating. Couldn’t stop hurting.

He didn’t touch you, in fear of making things worse, but he spoke to you in the most sooting, calming voice he could muster. “Y/N? I need you to breathe with me. Slowly. In and out, exactly when I do. Okay?”

Somewhere in your shattered brain, you found yourself nodding. And slowly, slowly, ever-so-slowly, your heart rate calmed down and your breathing evened out when you saw his chest rise and fall. The numbness faded away, but the splitting headache remained. You were exhausted.

“Y/N,” Iori said, trying to keep his voice quiet, “what happened?”

Through the tears, you managed to stutter a reply. “K-Kyohei w-was with another g-girl… In our be-bedroom…”

Shock glazed over Iori’s face, but rage gradually over took it. “What?!” he yelled, forgetting all about maintaining composure. Iori leaped up onto his feet and paced in front of you, trying to comprehend everything and make a coherent sentence. “When I get my hands on him… I swear! I’m gonna strangle him… I don’t care. He’s dead.” Turning back around, he flared his nostrils, trying hard not to punch the wall.

“Where is he?” Iori growled at you.

“H-he’s still inside…” you whispered, rubbing your arms up and down in an attempt to comfort yourself.

Right as Iori put his hand on the doorknob, you both heard the sound of the other Revance members arriving.

“Hey guys!” Nagito called out, completely oblivious to the entire scene. 

As Kota got out of the car, he carefully regarded your tear-stained cheeks and Iori’s rage-red face. “Why does it look like an episode of some cheesy soap opera just happened?”

Before you could speak, Iori stormed in front of the guys. “Kyohei’s in there with some other girl while Y/N is out here having a panic attack! I’m not just about to stand around and let him get away with this!”

With every word out of Iori’s mouth, you could see the rest of the boys’ emotions flaring. Even the stoic-Kota was visibly angry, clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Well what are we waiting for?!” Nagito yelled, pushing past Iori to get to the door. “Let’s go beat his sorry ass.”

But before he opened it, Takashi said, “We need to take Y/N out of here first.”

And so, you spent the night at Rina’s house after Takashi dropped you off while the rest of the guys dealt with Kyohei. You tried to sleep – you really did –  but images from that moment when you walked into the bedroom flashed across your mind every time you closed your eyes.

So instead of sleeping, you cried all night, pleading with God, asking God why your boyfriend cheated on you.


“Please, Y/N!” Kyohei begged, tears filling his eyes. “Please give me another chance! I need you!”

“You need me?” you echoed, tears of anger filling your eyes. “Is that what you were thinking when you made love to that other girl in our bed? Did you need me in that moment? Did you want me?”

One month had passed since that awful day at the house. You were currently staying in a small apartment, paid for all by Revance, as you finished writing the rest of the songs for the new album. In that time, you hadn’t seen Kyohei once, and you were just beginning to get over feeling sorry for yourself. 

And then he had to show up at your door. Begging for you to come back to live with him at the house.

“It was a dumb mistake, Y/N!” he pleaded, very much unlike his pop star image. The man on all the screens was prideful, a pure paragon of what every man strived to be. But this man in front of you? This man was broken beyond belief. And he was lost.

Oh, he was so lost.

“Please… Y/N…” he whispered, voice cracking as his head hung low in front of you. “I’m so, so sorry for hurting you. What I did was inexcusable and abhorrent, and I know that you detest me right now–”

“I do,” you replied curtly. 

He flinched at this, but continued on. “But I can’t do this without you anymore. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat… I can’t so much as even breathe without hurting because you’re the only thing I think of. You’re consuming me, and I can’t live without you.”

You didn’t know what to do. You were still so mad at him, but he filled your thoughts, too. If you lived without him for much longer…. You would go insane.

But you couldn’t give in to him that easily with just a few, pretty words and some tears. You had to think about it.

“Give me time, Kyohei,” you replied, trying to maintain as much of a cool composure as possible. “I just need time.”

And in that moment, you saw a spark of hope in Kyohei’s brown eyes. He stood straighter, and you saw a glimpse of the old Kyohei that you loved so much. “I’ll give you all the time in the world, Y/N,” he said, a small smile brushing at his lips. “I just want you to be with me when the time finally does end.”

As Kyohei turned away and went home, you felt that same spark that you had been missing for so long:



here you go, love! one serving of Kyohei mixed with angst. I hope you like it!


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I love the ones you wrote for when they know their s/o is the one!!! Can you add Miyuki, Mei, and Sanada? :D

Here you go~! I’m a sucker for fluff like this <3 Enjoy and sorry for the long post!

Miyuki: He was sick that day. In the morning he had jokingly messaged you to come over and take care of him. You messaged back about a mandatory conference you had to attend and for him to rest up. He read the message, already predicting your response, and texted back that he understood how important your work was. He fell back to bed afterwards. Miyuki awoke several hours later to a house smelling of food. It alarmed him and he stumbled out of bed, yanking his door open to see a yellow sticky note on the ground. “Good morning Kazuya. Follow the notes.” He did what he was told to, picking up small post-its with little notes written in your scribbled hand writing. “Make sure to take your medicine every 3 hours.” “Water and orange juice are in the fridge. Drink your liquids!” “Cough drops are on the table. Only take 2!” He came to his stove to see a pot covered with soup inside with a note stuck to it. “Hehe ^.^, I bet you thought I wouldn’t come. I only had a 40 minute break so I’m heading back to work. Make sure you eat and take your medicine! I’ll check on you tonight. p.s. Weren’t my post-it notes cute~?” He covered a hand over the large grin that was quickly spreading across his face. A sudden warmth flared in his chest as he stared at all the little post-it notes in his hand. He was in awe at how much you did for him in such little time. All the details of the post-its and even the soup. When he thought you couldn’t become anymore cuter, you did. When he thought he knew you, you went and blew his expectations out of the water. He realized he wanted to be the only person to see you grow like this and it was only you, he was sure, that could make him feel this way.

Mei: There had been a disagreement between you two that day. A fight which had resulted in realizing you were at fault but the damage had been done. Mei sat on the couch a few feet away but to you it felt like a mile. “I’m sorry Mei.” You had tried to ask for forgiveness but he would not concede. “What can I do to make it up to you?” You asked in a last attempt for reconciliation. You saw his pouting face turn to you and quietly he said, “I want you to kiss and compliment me 20 times.”
You felt your face flush at his request and he huffed before turning away knowing you wouldn’t do it. You braced yourself as you scooted over and grabbed his chin, gently turning his face to you.
The first kiss was soft against his cheek. “I love it when you call me by my name in the morning.” The second kiss was on the other cheek. “I love the feel of your warm hands against mines.” The third kiss was a sweet brush against his lips, “I love it when you moan in my ear.” Mei slightly pulled away, a small noise of surprise leaving his throat, his eyes suddenly wide as he stared at you. “What’s wrong?” You asked.
His face flushed red, “I-I thought you weren’t going to do it!”
You frowned at him. “Of course I’m going to do it,” you kissed him on the cheek again, “Your important to me so I want to make up.” A look you never saw before passed his face but you brushed it aside. You kissed him again and again, on the lips, jawline, ear and neck, all while whispering compliments. At last you reached twenty as you kissed his forehead,“I love you.” and Mei knew it too. In his racing heart he knew as well. “I love you too.” He said before pulling you into him and capturing you with his lips.

Sanada: “I want a small birthday with the person I love the most.” Sanada had told you when asked what he wanted to do on his birthday. He would remember the night of his particular birthday. He had come home to the sound of “Surprise! Happy Birthday Shunpei!” and blinked as confetti was thrown on him. He saw you and a grinning Raichi bringing over a cake as Raizou leaned his head in, from the opened sliding screen leading outside, to sing Sanada his happy birthday song.  “Sanada-senpai blow out the candles!” Raichi urged him, as the song ended, bringing the burning candles closer to his face. “Careful Raichi!” You warned and he smiled sheepishly at you.
You saw Sanada staring at you in wonder and you had to laugh at how surprised he looked. He blew out the candles and was ushered to the back by Raichi. You watched as Sanada leaned out the backdoor to talk to Raizou, who was barbequing, as you carried out the rest of the food. His birthday was a grand affair, especially with the Todoroki family present, and it was filled with laughter and energy. You were cleaning up outside, while Raizou and Raichi were washing dishes, when Sanada’s arms wrapped around your waist pulling you close to him. “This was a wonderful birthday.” His short compliment sounded incomplete and you turned around in his arms to stare at him. “What’s wrong?” You wondered. He gave a sheepish smile and rubbed the back of his neck. “It may sound selfish but I was hoping to just have a small birthday with just us?” You reached up and kissed him on the cheek. “I knew what you meant but I realized something. It would be more meaningful to be around all the people you love the most, not just the person you love the most.” Sanada was speechless at your words, your kindness and understanding of what the Todoroki family meant to him. He embraced you into him as he kissed your forehead.

Practice Makes Perfect

Hi there! So, this is just a little one shot that I thought of doing just to fulfill my needs of omelia babies. It’s basically how I wanted things to go for Owen and Amelia to decide to have kids in season 13. Very fluffy, as always. Hope you like it!

It couldn’t be. That could not be happening. 

Amelia paced around the empty bathroom of the hospital, her hands sweaty. She was freaking out. But God, why was she freaking out so much? It wasn’t a big deal! Except that it was. At least for her, it was.

“You paged 911?! Are you okay?” Maggie entered the bathroom, breathless because of the running she did. She looked around the room, looking for a pile of blood or something that could justify her getting a 911 page from her sister.

“No, I’m not okay.” Amelia murmured, trying to hold back her tears.

“What is it? What happened?!” She came closer to Amelia, rubbing her sister’s arms and trying to calm her down.

“Maggie, I think I’m pregnant.” She blurted it out, tears falling down from her eyes.

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