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What better way to start off the new year than with my FIRST Follow Forever!!! Honestly, these past few months have been a whirlwind. When I first made this blog 5 (6?) years ago, I never imagined it would be like this. When I changed my content to K-Pop ( 3 months ago), I was worried about whether it was the right decision for me or not. I lost a ton of followers and mutuals, but in the few short months since, I’ve gained more followers than I ever thought I would have, and I gained so many mutuals and made so many friends. I was welcomed into fandoms with open arms and I’m SO grateful for each and every one of you.

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I missed the 300 mark because of uni so here’s my thanks to u all for following me and all my sourin trash ur great and i love u


alvin + full body shots

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY UNDERTALE! Some of ya’ll may recognize this from some of the conventions I’ve attended with @johnyume. I’ve been meaning to post this up on here for sometime now, and what better time to post this then on the anniversary of one of the funniest games I ever played?

This is the finished colored pic I later turned into a print. The original sketch can be found on this post here. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Especially since I’m not use to digitally coloring stuff. 

You Did This To Me. One Shot

A/N: I start my job on monday but I don’t know what days i will or wont be working so, I don’t know how much writing i be getting done, Also I updated my blogs them, :D after spending god knows how long sorting links and what not :)

Requested from, @lachicadelamanzana Could you make an imagine where Dean and the reader are a couple? And she is pregnant, so she is super bossy. When she is going to give birth, Dean freak out like A LOT and she yells at him? Like very funny, I don’t know if you know what I mean 😜

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Description: Reader is pregnant, and is bossy, but when she goes into labour Dean freaks out, leading to her yelling at him.

  • Y/n: Your name
  • Y/n/n: Your nickname
  • Y/f/s: Your favourite sweets
  • Y/d/n: Your daughters name

Warnings: Swearing (obviously), (mentions)Labour and Pregnancy, Fluff

Dean Winchester x Reader

“Hey, hey Dean,” you whispered, he just groaned in response, he had decided to have a kip on the sofa, as you sat in the recliner opposite him, you had balanced a cup on your baby bump, after many failed attempts, “Dean” you whispered again, “what?” He whispered harshly, not looking over at you, sighing, “DEAN!” You shouted, and he bolted up right, “what?” he asked, “look,” you gestured to the cup balancing on your bump, “really, Y/n, really?” he said, giving you the infamous Winchester ‘bitch-face’ “yes, really, Dean, you have no idea how long it took me to balance that, now get me some chocolate” you demanded, he raised his eyebrows, “please” you said, he rolled his eyes, standing to fill your request, “ya know, just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can boss me about, Y/n/n” he said, handing you the chocolate, “you got me the chocolate didn’t you?” you responded, he sighed, “yes, yes I did” he kissed your forehead, before returning to his spot on the sofa.

“DEAN! OH GOD, DEAN!” you yelled, the door swung open, not even 2 minutes late, “what!?” He panted, worrying you had gone into labour early, “get me some Sprite, please”  you said sweetly, “don’t do that, I almost had a heart attack, thinking you were having the baby” he explained, “sorry, I’m just really, really, really, really, thirsty,” you said, he nodded as he left to fetch your drink. 

The last few months flew by, you were now 3 days over your due date, and you were uncomfortable to say the least, and you had gotten bossier, demanding Dean to do this, that and the other, no matter the time, occasionally, you would make him go to the shop to get Y/f/s at 3am, because that’s what you craved.

You woke up at about 2am, with seriously bad stomach cramps, contractions, you thought it was Braxton Hicks contractions, so you got up and and walked around the bunker, as that usually helped, you knew these weren’t Braxton Hicks contractions when you felt your waters break, “DEAN!” you shouted, over and over, “DEAN, GET YOUR FUCKING ARSE OUT HERE! NOW!” He came running out of your shared bedroom, racing down the hall to you, “what?” his gaze dropped to the floor, “your waters broke?” he asked, “no Dean, I’m fucking leaking, yes, my shitting waters broke, grab the hospital bag, and get me to the damn hospital” you slowly made your way to the car, to wait for Dean. A few minutes later he and Sam arrived and got into the Impala, “what took you so long? Having a nice girly gossip?” you said, breathing heavily, groaning with every contraction, “you’re so mean” Sam laughed, “yes Sam, well you try being fucking nice when you have to push a baby out of you, then we will see” you glared, he raised his eyebrows, returning his gaze to the road ahead of him, as Dean sat in the back with you, “fuck, get this demon out of me” you groaned, “I’m pretty sure, this is worse than being tortured” you complained, Dean didn’t say much other than the occasional ‘breath’ and ‘it’s okay’ you would respond with ‘fuck off’ or ‘I know, how to fucking breath’.

You finally arrived at the hospital, Sam explained everything to the nurse as Dean didn’t know how to function properly, realisation setting in that he’s going to have a baby, he’s going to be a Dad, he took some deep breaths, rubbing his hand down his face, he thanked Sam for sorting everything, and followed you too your room, laughing slightly, as you swore, getting strange looks to which he apologised for you, “oh, I’m sorry they ain’t pushing a baby out of them, knowing the Winchesters, it’s gonna come out and be like 6 foot or something ridiculous, you should be apologising to me, as you did this to me” you muttered, settling into the bed, you continued to groan, when a nurse came in to check on you, “10 center-meters, you ready to have your baby?” you gave her a bitch-face, “as ready as I’m ever going to be, just get this lil’ fucker out” you stated, to which Dean apologised, “stop apologising” you told him, “stop swearing” he retaliated, trying to keep his cool, “you try pushing a baby out of a 10 center-meter hole, Dean, then we will see if you swear. Hey what if I wasn’t ready to have this baby? Like, if I wasn’t going to be ready for another couple days, what would you do?” You asked, “ignore her” Dean muttered to the nurse.

A few hours later, Dean was pacing back and forth, muttering, “I can’t do this,” “yes, Dean you can” you replied, “I’m going to be a terrible Father, with my job an’ all, it’s not gonna work” “Dean shut the fuck up, your going to be a great Father, I know you are” he shook his head, continuing to pace back and forth, as the midwife encouraged you to push, you took deep breaths, glaring at Dean, “fuck!” you groaned, you were on gas and air, which wasn’t exactly the best pain relief, as they didn’t have time to set you for an epidural. “SHIT, DEAN!” You yelled, trying to get his attention. His breathing had increased, as had his pace, continuing to mutter about how he couldn’t do this, you were losing your patience, “I need air, I can’t breath, I can’t do this, what am I going to do” he mumbled about to leave, “Dean, you fucking dare leave this fucking room, I will fucking kill you,” you said, moaning as you pushed again, your hair sticking to your forehead, and your face glistening with sweat, Dean nodded turning back, continuing to pace the room, “DEAN WINCHESTER! STOP, FUCKING STOP, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!” You yelled at him, “YOU ARE GOING TO BE A GREAT DAD TO THIS CHILD, NOW GET YOUR FUCKING ARSE OVER HERE, AND STOP BEING A WHINY LITTLE BITCH!” You finished, his eyes widened, as he nodded, “sorry, sweetheart” he mumbled, standing by your side, you gripped his hand, almost breaking it, “you did this to me, I blame you, Dean, couldn’t of kept it in your shittin’ pants,” you muttered breathlessly, Dean looked to the midwife for help, “sorry, your on your own” she replied, holding back a smile.

“Congratulations, you have a baby girl,” the midwife said, cleaning her up, handing her to you, for feeding, you smiled with tears in your eyes, looking down to your gorgeous baby girl, tears in your eyes, “thank you” you whispered, as the nurses and midwife left you, Dean and your daughter, “what are we going to name her?” You asked softly, “I don’t know, Samantha?” he suggested, you scrunched your nose, “no, not that, not that I have anything against Sam, I’m not a huge fan of ‘Samantha’” you explained, and he nodded, “um, what about, Y/d/n?” You said, looking up at Dean, who was in a world of his own, admiring his two beautiful girls, “Yd/n, I like it, Y/d/n Winchester, yeah, it has a nice ring to it” he smiled, kissing you, then gently on Y/d/n head, “c-can I… Can I, um, hold her?” he asked cautiously, “of course Dean, she is your daughter as well” you laughed, as he took her from your arms, you watched his soft expression, one you had never seen before, one that you loved, it showed how much he cared and loved his daughter, and that he would do anything for her, you noticed his eyes, glazing over with un-shed tears, as he mumbled to Y/d/n, he walked over to the window, pointing out things, as tears fell down his cheeks, he chuckled, “ya know, Y/d/n, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but look at me now, hey, not even a day old, and you’ve already got me wrapped around your little finger,” he smiled, you couldn’t help the tear that traced down your cheek, Dean, he was going to be a great Father.

“Where is my niece? I want cuddles,” Sam announced, Dean still held her in his arms, while you slept, “she’s right here, Sammy, meet Y/d/n Mary Winchester, and Y/d/n, meet your Uncle Sam” Dean whispered, hand her over to Sam, carefully, “she, she is gorgeous” Sam said, and Dean nodded “yeah, well look at her Mother, it’s no wonder” he replied, smiling, watching his brother and daughter.

Y/d/n Mary Winchester, was going to grow up with the best parents, and Uncle anyone could ever ask for.

The End

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Sidenote: Ahh hope this is okay :) I enjoyed writing this, and just a disclaimer, I haven’t had any children, I only know stuff from a child development class I took like 2/3 years ago in high school, and from looking after my niece and nephew, I hope this is funny as I’m not good at writing funny but I hope you enjoyed this one :D

Starting my new art blog off with some Haise!