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These men are brothers. They’re a family. I’ve never had a family.

I had a thought about the Hogwarts house ghosts:

The Grey Lady and the Bloody Baron are both canonically Founders-era ghosts. 

Hufflepuff’s friar’s age is never specified in canon, and he could be of any era from the mid 12th century, when the first mendicant orders were founded, up to Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries in the 1530s. I am inclined to believe he was earlier rather than later.

Nearly Headless Nick canonically lived in the late 1400s, based on the date of his 500th deathday party in 1992.

When Harry asks Nick in OotP about why some people become ghosts when they die, Nick tells him that only people who are afraid of death become ghosts.

It took 500 years after the founding of Hogwarts for Gryffindor to acquire a house ghost, because bravery is a Gryffindor trait.

OB Science Time: The Mitochondrial Genome

Hey guys I know it’s been forever since I posted one of these (hiatus is a struggle, but I can see the light of April 18th on the horizon!!), but it’s finally time for another OB Science Time!!! [crowd cheers] Now I know I have totally talked about this briefly before, perhaps in response to an ask or comment, but it felt about time I make a full post about it, so I am here today to talk to you about the second set of genes in our cells: the mitochondrial genome!

Now as everyone probably knows because we were all forced to memorize this exact phrase, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell! Woo! It is an organelle that produces the majority of the energy used by the cell, so big shout out to the mitochondria. What you may not be as familiar with, however, is the fact that the mitochondria has it’s own genome!! Circular pieces of DNA that encode roughly 37 genes, all for proteins used in the mitochondria (such as mitochondrial tRNAs and proteins that make up the electron transport chain).

How is it possible that an organelle within the cell has it’s own genome? Well way back in the day, millions and billions of years ago, when single-celled organisms ruled the primordial soup, a single cell engulfed another cell, but instead of destroying the cell, they worked together as a team. This team eventually gave rise to basically every other eukaryotic organism, which is why all eukaryotes have mitochondria! Yay!

Another fun fact about the mitochondrial genome: it is inherited maternally. What does this mean? Unlike the chromosomes in your nucleus, which come half from each parent, you only inherit the mitochondria via the original fertilized egg. That means, technically, we are all slightly more genetically like our mothers than our fathers. Don’t tell Dad.

So what does this have to do with Orphan Black? Well, in the cloning process, you have the person who is providing the nuclear genome, but you also need an egg to provide the mitochondrial genome. Now, in cloning of mice in the lab via SCNT cloning (you can read about that here) scientists use one mouse for the nuclear genome and a second mouse for the fertilized egg. This produces more successful results than having the same mouse provide both genomes (so tricky science!!).

So what does that mean for the Leda clones? Did they have an original for the nuclear genome and a separate egg donor for the mitochondrial genome? Did each of the clones receive a separate egg donor? (This would be unlikely, because then they wouldn’t really be clones, they would be almost clones!) and what about the Castor clones? Their original, whoever they are, didn’t have any egg cells, so how did they come up with an egg donor? Was it someone random, someone related to the Castor original, or was it the same egg donor they used for Leda? We may never know the answers to these questions, but it’s interesting to think about.

As always if you have any questions, comments, or desires to continue the conversation, my ask is always open :D and you can check out the rest of OB Science Time here!!!

anonymous asked:

Mickey and Ian secretly get married and no one figures it out till they see Mickey wearing a ring.

(takes place some years down the road) 

They had made it work. It hadn’t always been easy, but they had done their best. Ian had taken his GED. Mickey had finally gotten a decent job, and didn’t have to pimp out russian prostitues anymore. Yevgeny was growing up and went to pre-school by now. When he was talking about his parents, it was always “my mommy, my daddy and my Ian.”. And he had already gotten in trouble for hitting a kid who said that he couldn’t have three parents. 

They had decided to finally tie the knot. There was no huge proposition, nobody fell to their knees and asked the big question. Just one night, when they were lying in bed, exhausted from the day, Mickey had turned to face Ian and said: “Firecrotch, we should get married.” 

And Ian had nodded and agreed.

A week later, they had signed the paperwork and then gone to a fancy restaurant. 

They didn’t care that it wasn’t romantic. When had they ever been romantic? What counted for them was that they were finally legally a couple. Mickey could get health insurance because Ian’s new job offered that to partners, and if something happened to Svetlana or Mickey, Ian could look out for Yev legally. 

They really didn’t mean to make a big deal out of this, but they hadn’t taken Debbie into account. 

It was Liam’s birthday and Fiona had prepared a small barbeque for the Gallaghers and Vee and Kev and their daughters (who both were in love with Yevgeny…).

Mickey was reaching for the ribs, when Debbie suddenly squealed like crazy.

“OH MY GOD is that an engagement ring?!”

The whole table turned heads to look at Mickey’s finger. 

Ian grinned sheepishly while Mickey, unimpressed, loaded ribs onto his plate.

“Yeah…actually, it’s…. uh… a wedding ring.”

Mickey munched down on his ribs while the Gallaghers were trying to fathom what Ian had just told them. 

“OH MY GOD CONGRATULATIONS!” Debbie was the first to react. She jumped up and hugged her brother, then Mickey (who just snorted and grumbeled into his barbeque-sauce covered hands).

“Why didn’t you say anything?!” Lip looked somewhere in between of delighted and mad. 

Ian shrugged. “I don’t know, we just wanted to… you know, it’s not such a big deal to us.”

“Not a big fucking deal?!” Fiona slapped him over the head, then hugged him. “My little brother got married! That’s a big deal to me!" 

"Yeah, it only took you, like, 500 years to finally confess each other your love and now your wedding isn’t a big deal?!” Lip laughed. He had gotten up and was pulling Ian into his arms for a big hug.

“Oh Mickey drop the fucking ribs and let us hug you!” Fiona punched him in the arm with a wide smile. 

Mickey grumbeled, but then wiped off his fingers, and let Fiona wrap her arms around him. When she let go, he even smiled a little. 

“We should throw a party at the Alibi!”, Kevin proposed and high-fived Mickey with a huge grin.

Ian looked down to Mickey. They exchanged a glance and a smile. It really had taken 500 years for them to finally be together. But now they would never let that go.