only to torture him with love

Raphael Santiago was tortured extensively at the hands of his oppressors.

Raphael Santiago, a religious Catholic Latino had his faith turned against him in a perverse manner.

Raphael Santiago was told that he would be the reason that 50 + members of his family would die if he did not fix a mistake he never created.

And still Raphael Santiago hesitated to ask Magnus to betray a woman he loved despite how evil and abusive she was. Still he wanted to spare one of only living people he loves that pain.

Think again next time you call Raphael Santiago a ruthless and selfish monster.


- organising john’s ties by colour
- buying john beer
- eager to learn john’s middle name
- loving the depth and complexity of john’s…jumpers
- reading john’s blog and commenting on its romanticism 
- feeling cleverer through john’s eyes
- taking his glove off to shake john’s hand
- pressing the same hand to his lips
- lending john his card
- attempting to “tidy” to get john to stay
- asking john on a date
- thinking john is the only feature of interest in any case
- saying the speech was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do
- having john as his pressure point
- pasting john’s face onto the vitruvian man
- watching bond films with john and defending them online
- going shopping with john
- teaching john to dance
- leaving john’s wedding early
- thinking that john thinks love’s a mystery to him 
- faking his death and enduring pain and torture for john
- missing john
- moving his chair because seeing it empty was too painful
- also staring sadly at the chair too
- saying “into battle” before going to john’s wedding
- saying that it’s always john watson, he keeps him right
- coming back to life for john

(feel free to add more tbh)

do u ever think about neil being tortured but still his only thoughts being about andrew giving him kisses and somewhere to call ‘home’ and the foxes making him into someone real and neil, who spent his whole life running, not even regretting once sacrificing himself for them bc this is the closest thing he’s ever felt to love and he’d rather lose his life than lose this and them and then tracing a key he’s learned every ridge and dip to on the palm of his burned and bloody hand as he wishes himself goodbye bc oh boy i sure do and i cry

Still Sane// Jughead Jones x Reader

Requested By: @castellandiangelo
Prompts: 13, 12, 14, 16
Word Count: 1374

Summary: The reader is mentally unstable after witnessing the death of Jason Blossom yet is too afraid to speak about it to anyone. Jughead and the reader have only started their relationship as a couple yet Jughead has mentioned he loves the reader.

Warnings: mental illness, swearing

It’s was a cycle you began practicing everyday ever since you saw his death. You would come home from school, stare in the mirror and cry. You could have done something! You could have saved him!

You screamed on the inside, tortured yourself to think about it and what you could’ve have done to stop it. You can’t stop the feeling and you can’t stop replaying the moment in my head. Your trapped, your stuck, you feel paralyzed almost in fear and hatred of yourself.

The cell rings and you get sucked back into reality. You’ve been throwing things, your room is a mess and all kinds of shit is tossed on the floor or thrown on your bed. You reach for your phone and close your eyes not wanting to see the damage anymore.

“Hello? Who’s this?” You ask right away not wanting to open my eyes to check caller ID.

“Oh wow. You really care about me. It’s Jug

“Oh I’m sorry, I was just-so-yeah I’m sorry Jughead.”

He chuckles and it relives you for a split second,“It’s okay I guess. Hey you promised you’d help me write a few days ago, and I’m sorta close by. Would you let me in?”

“Yes!” You say without hesitation,“I mean, yeah, why not I just, come over.”

“Alright I’ll see you in, erm, six?”

“Yeah okay love. See you.”


He hangs up and you sigh and open my eyes. The damage you had caused was still there. No different. You feel the memory of that day coming back to you and you feel yourself getting sucked in but close my eyes. You try to remember something else. Something far more happier than that day.

“What’s wrong Veronica?” You ask as she approaches your locker squirming,“You seem odd.”

She laughs,“Anything but. So I heard you and Jug have started going out? How long?”

You give her a questioning look,“Seven dates so far. Why?”

“Hasn’t asked you be his girlfriend yet?”

“No. And he doesn’t need to. I’m perfectly fine in the state we are in.”

Veronica smiles,“Alright. Well I overhead Jughead talking with Archie. And Jughead is smitten.”

The though Jughead had mentioned he loved you even though you had asked him out with a the line of “You, me, date, Friday. Pick me up at six. Okay bye!”

“Nice to know.” You smile and you begin to walk down the hall and she follows.

“And well Jughead may have mentioned he loves you.”

Your smile grows and Veronica looks at you happily.

“All I have to say is, maybe you should think about loving him back. Just a thought.”

“Just a thought?” You laugh lightly.

“Yeah just a tiny tiny little thought.”

You smile at the memory and slowly open your eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You scream when you look at the mirror once again.

You see it all, the words you wrote with consciousness, you could have done something, you could have saved him, your as bad as a killer.

Is it true? You want to say something yet the words won’t come out. Why won’t anything come out about that day? You don’t want to feel the guilt anymore your ready to tell somebody.

For fucks sake why can’t I tell somebody!

“Hey Y/N!” You hear someone scream from outside the window. You walk over and see Jughead out on your lawn and he waves at you. You don’t wave back and you only notice when you pull away for the window and try to hide everything thrown under your bed.

After that, you run downstairs and you open the door for Jughead. Maybe this, well Jug, was the detox you needed from all havoc you’ve been causing yourself.


You pull him for a hug and catch Jug off surprise for he isn’t a huge hugger. Jughead surprisingly hugs you back.

“Hey… are you okay? You don’t usually hug me when we see each other. Not that it’s a bad thing or anything, I guess.”

You let go,“Sorry. I’m sorry.” You say awkwardly,“I didn’t mean to really…”

You gesture for him to follow as you head up towards your room.

You open the door and look through your closet for a sweater as you hear Jughead shut the door.

“What are you writing about?” You ask as you continue searching. Jughead doesn’t answer you,“Jug?”

You back away from the area and look at Jughead who is twisting his head to read what you wrote on the mirror with a marker.

Shit. You had forgot to clean that up.

You grab your makeup wipes and immediately attempt to clean the mirror as quick as you can. The wipes only smudge the words and it’s still visible, so you take duct tape from the floor and ripe pieces to cover it up.

“You know. I’m just decorating my room.” You say as you rip another piece and stick it over,“I just noticed it’s better without those words.” You speak rapidly.

“Y/N.” Jughead says.

You continue sticking pieces.

“Y/N!” He yells at you now.

You look back at him and try to pull at another piece yet he takes it away from you.

“What the hell are you doing?” He ask setting his bag down and grabbing a hold of your arms.

“Jug let go, let me just-”

“Y/N what the hell is going on?”

“What? What do you mean?”

He sighs,“You think I don’t notice? You started coming into to school with red eyes and bags under them. Your distance and last time I set up a date you didn’t show up.”

You stare hardly at the floor clenching you fists not wanting to feel now both the guilts rising up to take over your thoughts.

“Do you really love me, or was that an illusion you made me believe?”

“What?” He says leaning forward.

You look at him in the eyes grabbing the side of his face and holding him there,“Did you really mention you loved me, did someone really tell me, did you really do it? Or am I making that up?”

Jughead looks at you and he smiles lightly,“No I- I did mention that. I think I love you. I guess Veronica did tell you.”

You let go of his head and wrap your arms around his neck and he doesn’t question this time, he wraps his arms around you and holds you protectively as you cry. Part of you is happy your not losing all your sanity but still the other part feels it’s still losing itself.

“I’m not very good when it comes to relationships.” Jughead tells you,“So I might be wrong about this. But if something is wrong, you can tell me.”

You wipe you tears with your sleeves and Jughead leans in to kiss your forehead.

“I just- I want to tell someone. I do but the words won’t come out.”

He rubs your back soothingly as you press your cheek against his chest as you continue talking.

“But I saw something, and it’s all I think about Jug. I can’t go a day without having hundreds of flashbacks to it. I feel like I’m not living anymore.”

Jughead pulls back to look at you,“Y/N if you ever need me. I’m here okay?”

You nod and Jughead leans into you to kiss you. It’s slow, very slow, yet it’s okay because this is new. Jughead always gave you peck, for you know he was not the best at kissing, but the longer he kissed the more you felt like he really did love you, even if you’ve only been a official couple for a few weeks.

“You hungry?” He asks you when he pulls away.

“I could go for some food.”

“Oh good. I thought you were going to say no.”

“And what if I did say no?”

“I would still go Y/N. Between you and food, I chose food.”

“Wow, I’m so special.” You chuckle before kissing his cheek.

He swings his bag onto his body and takes your hand in his as he leads the way.

Mr. Barnes (Part 1 out of ?)

(A/N): Here’s that mafia AU you guys! 

Summary: Living in 1940′s Brooklyn as a crime lord is all fun and games until someone falls in love

Warnings: for now just swearing and brief mentions of torture

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   Bucky huffed on his cigarette as he walked down the empty streets of Brooklyn, a crooked little smile upon his face as his dress shoes clacked against the pavement. He’d had a business meeting only a few hours before but his newer- partner- had taken a little more negotiating than others. 

   “Good evening officer,” Bucky smirked as he tucked his bloodied fist into a handkerchief, hiding the already scabbing wounds. The officer gave him a polite smile and gently tip of his hat as he walked down on the road, attempting to hide the way he nearly quaked in his shoes as he walked off. Bucky chuckled dryly as he puffed a little bit of smoke into the air, watching it curl up beautifully only to dissipate a few moments later. With a gentle sigh Bucky continued on his way, bypassing half the slums of Brooklyn and slowly, nearly leisurely, made his way to the nicer, bigger houses in the Brooklyn area. 

   The lights to his house were on and a figure stood in the doorway, their arms folded over their chest as the looked out into the road with no doubt that distasteful eye of theirs. 

   “Dot,” Bucky smiled as he made his way up the steps to his home, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. “Hiya babydoll,” 

   “You’re late,” She sighed, tucking a red curl behind her ear. Bucky gave her a gentle smile as he flicked his nearly burnt cigarette into their rose bushes. 

   “Business ran a little later than usual, seems like old Danny won’t be able to sell secrets for a bit,”  Dot smiled, a twisted little thing as she got up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to Bucky’s lips. 

   “You cut out his tongue, didn’t’cha?” She asks with an almost morbid curiosity. Bucky smiled as he pressed another kiss to her cherry painted lips, letting her sweet taste fill his mouth. 

   “Mh, It was only fair, was it not?” Dot smiled even more, her hands sliding up to grasp at Bucky’s blood stained tie. 

   “Such a dirty boy Mr. Barnes,” She chuckled in an almost sultry tone. 

   “You know it,” Bucky gave her a little wink as he stepped away from her, waltzing into his warm kitchen. “Ah, doll, you made me dinner?” 

   “ ‘Course I did Baby, I even warmed it up for ya,” Bucky turned to Dot with a mock fond smile, an almost coo falling from his lips. 

   “You’re so good to me Dot, what would I do without’cha?” Dot smiled, an almost girly chuckle falling from her lips as her cheeks dusted a light pink. 

   “I suppose starve, you don’t ever seem to have the time to stop and eat,” Bucky smiled, turning back to look at the food with an almost ravenous look. 

   “Of course I would,’ 

    (Y/N) walked down the street, their jacket pulled around their freezing form tightly as they breathed in and out shallowly. Damn, they hated their stupid asthma and they hated stupid winter. With a wheezing little breath (Y/N) turned a corner, marching right out onto main street. (Y/N) eyed the little bakery just down the block, it’s soft lights an invitation to get out of the cold, an invitation (Y/N) would accept. With a smile (Y/N) walked as briskly as they could to the shop, pulling open the old wooden door. 

   “(Y/N),” Mrs. Rogers, the baker, smiled out at (Y/N) with bright eyes and rosy cheeks. “I was wondering when you were going to stop by today,” 

   “Sorry,” (Y/N) gives her an apologetic little smile as they remove their mittens and hat. “Asthma’s been acting up and I got here as fast as my horrible lungs could carry me,” Mrs. Rogers gave them a sympathetic smile as they browsed over the baked goods, their fingertips gently reaching out to brush along the glass. “How’s Mr. Rogers doing?” (Y/N) poked their head up from the case just long enough to give Sarah a look before ducking back down again to look at the cookies, cakes, and breads. 

   “He’s just fine deary, thank you for asking,” 

   “And what about-” The name catches in (Y/N)’s throat, as though stuck by some invisible force. “What about Steve?” Mrs. Rogers sighs, her bright eyes losing their shine. 

   “I don’t know (Y/N), he’s hardly ever visiting, he doesn’t ever write to us, we only ever see him on the streets smoking with some hooligans.” 

   “I’m sorry,” Is all (Y/N) could provide, their tone coming across as sympathetic. “It happens to the best of them,” 

   “These….these gangs are dangerous aren’t they?” (Y/N)’s head perks up again, a look of remorse crossing their winter touched features. 

   “Yes Mrs. Rogers, very dangerous,’ Sarah sighs, hanging her head in shame. 

   “That boy is going to be the death of me…” A brief look of pain crossed her features before she was suddenly perking back up again, her cheery smile returning (even if it was a bit more plastic this time). “Well, what are you going to be having sweetie?” (Y/N) gave her a small smile as they point to a loaf of bread, the steam still slowly rising from it. With a smile Sarah retrieves the loaf, placing it in a small bag for (Y/N) to take home. 

   “Tell your mother to come visit sometime, god knows she needs to get out of that house every so often,” (Y/N) chuckled as they placed a few coins on Sarah’s nearly pristine counter top before they reached over and grabbed the still steaming loaf of bread. 

   “I’ll be sure to, I’m sure she’d love to catch up,” 

   “And mind that asthma of yours! I don’t want you dropping dead on me!” Sarah calls after (Y/N) as they exit the shop with a wave, a small smile plastered on their dusted cheeks. Sarah smiles as she places the money in the register, listening to the satisfying little chime that issued when she dropped the coins in. Her thoughts drifted to (Y/N), of poor sickly, stubborn (Y/N). God bless their soul she loved them, but in this world, with their ailments she doubted they’d last very long. And oh how right she’d been…

    Bucky walked through the freezing streets of Brooklyn with a lighter in his hand, his thumb flicking over the tiny flame over and over again, almost tempting fate to burn him but he knew it wouldn’t, even fate was scared of Mr. Barnes. With a little satisfied smirk Bucky flicked the cap closed and placed the lighter back in his pocket, right next to his Brazilian imported cigarettes. His eyes linger on the small rounded material as he turns a corner, his feet carrying him down the familiar main street but suddenly his freshly polished shoes are colliding with some force, another person to be exact. 

   Bucky grunts a bit as he grabs onto whoever he bumped into, gripping them to steady not only himself but them as well. 

   “Sorry there kid, I didn’t even see you there-” Bucky’s sentence trails off as he looks up, his blue gaze connecting with one of the most gorgeous faces he’d seen in his life. Their eyes were brimming with tears, no doubt due to the harsh air, their cheeks and nose were dusted an almost innocent pink color, and their outfit, albeit old and shabby, complimented their rather sweet look very well. 

   “I’m sorry,” They whisper, their voice rather hoarse. “I wasn’t looking were I was going and-” 

   “It’s a-okay kid,” Bucky gives them a gentle smile as he dusts off their shoulders. “Nobody got hurt,” 

   “Well uh- thanks for sparing me a lecture about being mindful,” (Y/N) smiles sheepishly, their face suddenly contorting with pain as they turn their head to the side and cough up a raging fit. If Bucky didn’t know any better he’d say they were dying, hacking their lungs right up into the crease of their arm but suddenly the fit ends and they look at him again, giving him a sheepish smile. “Sorry,” (Y/N) whispers, their voice even more hoarse than before. “Um, thanks again though Mr…?” They trail off, waiting for Bucky to supply them with an answer. Bucky chuckled a bit, shaking his head in almost amusement. Oh, this was always his favorite part, telling someone his name and watching the life and color drain from their face, watching the way their eyes would dim and their smiles would fall. 

   “I’m Bucky. Bucky Barnes, and you are?” (Y/N) suddenly gulps, their eyes widening just enough to let Bucky know that they recognized his name. 

   Bucky Barnes- mobster and leading crime lord of Brooklyn 1944


happy anniversary to the loveliest and rowdiest bunch of boys~ i hope this year and all the years to come are wonderful and full of blessings~ ೕ(⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́ฅ) featuring yoongi and a restless night. 2013.6.13→2016.6.13~FOREVER

방탄생일✧방탄코믹스 #3yearswithbts

Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox:  A Summary.

Jody Mills:  How do I begin to explain Sam and Dean Winchester?

Hunter 1:  The Winchesters are FLAWLESS. 

Hunter 2:  They have a garage full of cars, but still only drive a ‘67 Chevy Impala. 

Hunter 3:  I hear Sam’s hair is ensured for $10,000.

Hunter 4:  I hear Dean tortured souls…IN HELL.  

Hunter 5:  His favorite band is AC/DC.

Hunter 6:  Once, an angel raised him from perdition…

Hunter 7:  …And it fell in love with him. 

Demon:  Once, they exorcised me.  It was AWESOME. 

i don’t know about you guys, but i was in total awe of oswald’s character development in the last episode. the fact that he went from being completely selfish, hellbent on his own survival, to being willing to DIE for ed is just amazing?? like, i’m still not over it. he was willing to be tortured rather than betray ed, even after EVERYTHING ed admitted to. not only did ed try to kill him (in a very violent, painful, way) but ed admitted to leaving elijah’s remains in a dumpster. (i mean, i think that’s not true, but we all know ed treats corpses badly, so who knows??)

even babs was stunned at oswald’s love for ed. she looks at him like she can’t believe it, and she even has to repeat it back to him. “so you’d rather die than give up the man who tried to kill you?” because this is such a huge deal for oswald, and babs knows that.

oswald was more than willing to let butch shoot ed for “betraying” him in episode 5 (when ed took the money back from the voters). but now? oswald would rather die than see ed hurt, even after everything. i am still so fucking shook over that. it’s such a beautiful thing.

ANYWAY. @colfernygma‘s gifset (here) made me realise something. in season 1, oswald says that love is weakness (“your greatest passion becomes your greatest weakness”) which is an obvious parallel to what ed says in season 2 (”but for you and i, it [love] will always be our most crippling weakness”).

but oswald is now at a point where he doesn’t see love as a weakness. it’s his strength. he was willing to put someone else before himself, and he is now more emotionally “mature” than ed. if you squint, every time oswald talks to ed in episode 14, he’s basically trying to help ed see the truth – that ed does love him, that they need each other, that ed didn’t really love isabella.

he even corrects ed, at one point. ed says “i’ve killed before, oswald,” and oswald says “not like this”. okay, oswald’s making the point that ed loves him, which ed claims to not be true, but COME ON. ed is so obviously conflicted about shooting oswald, it’s not even worth going into here. (but for a beautiful, in-depth analysis of ed’s feelings on the shooting, check out @edngyma’s meta here!) oswald is the more emotionally mature of the two of them, even though ed’s the one in a position of power.

oswald is playing the martyr card really hard in this scene. he’s desperately trying to enlighten ed, to make him see the Truth – that he does love and need oswald. but edward nygma is in so much denial it’s literally tragic. he doesn’t want to see past his anger at what oswald did. he doesn’t want to entertain the possibility that he loves oswald, because he’s too blinded by his own pain at oswald’s betrayal. (again, further proof that oswald is more emotionally mature than ed at this point. oswald was able to see past ed’s betrayal, because he loves him.)

ever since the first season, oswald has been steps ahead of ed, narratively. when ed was a nerdy smol, working at the g.c.p.d., oswald was murdering his way up the criminal ladder. oswald was on his Villain Journey way before ed. oswald really took up the moniker of the penguin at the end of season 1, and ed hasn’t even been called the riddler yet.

and then, in season 2, ed was fanboying over oswald and wanted him to be his murder senpai, because ed was still behind oswald, narratively. ed has always been following oswald’s lead. since getting out of arkham, ed has even dressed like oswald. he’s always been playing catch up.

people have already paralleled ed shooting oswald to oswald pushing fish off the roof in the season 1 finale, so i’m gonna bring that up now. oswald had to kill fish, to fully blossom into a beautiful criminal kingpin in season 2. it was a case of the student becoming the teacher (with a dash of homicide).

oswald has always been ed’s teacher. ed asked to be oswald’s student in season 2. (“i brought you here, in part, because i was hoping you could guide me on this new path.”) and then, after getting out of arkham, oswald gave ed suits, and a home, and a position of power. though ed had become a murderer all by himself, he was still subordinate to oswald. he still looked up to oswald. he even says it (“i continue to be in awe of you oswald”).

in order to fully begin his riddler journey, ed needed to “kill” his mentor, as a symbolic way of letting him go and moving on without him. to edward, oswald has fulfilled his purpose as his teacher. ed has to assert his position as a Badass Villain (in the eyes of babs and tabs and butch) by killing his mentor. like oswald killing fish to show everyone that they shouldn’t mess him with, ed “killed” oswald to prove to the criminal underworld that he’s not someone to be trifled with.

to drag it back to my original point: oswald had already gone through a version of this arc. as with everything, it took ed longer to reach this narrative place. but now he has, and we all know he’s gonna go on to don the ridiculous green suit and bowler hat, and fully embrace the riddler aesthetic.

so, at some point, ed is going to have to come to realisation that love ISN’T a weakness, but a strength. in season 2, when he says “for you and i, it will always be our most crippling weakness”, he’s including oswald in that. “for BOTH OF US love is weakness”. but love is no longer a weakness for oswald. love is a strength.

now it’s ed’s turn to come to that realisation. oswald’s already TOLD him – “you need me, edward nygma. just as i need you. you cannot have one without the other.” oswald and ed are stronger as a team than they are apart. oswald knows this, but ed doesn’t. not yet, anyway.

it makes sense that oswald comes to the realisation that love is actually a strength before ed does. because oswald has always been ahead of ed. this is just a continuation of the pattern that ed and oswald always follow. oswald is, as always, steps ahead of ed.

can we also get a round of applause for our lil birb because having one of the only two people you love in the world dying in your arms, then being extensively psychologically and physically tortured for something you didn’t do, then having the other only person that you love in the world also die in your arms

that’s enough to make you turn against the world and never let anyone into your heart, ever, but instead Oswald got an old friend out of a shitty situation, bought him a suit and learned to love and trust again and that shows a level of strength and resilience that i don’t think people commend enough

You know what...

You know what I find interesting about DGM? The characterization of the Order vs the Noah family. In a normal series, the good guys would be seen as one big family. Sure they have their quirks, but they care deeply about either other. Then you have the bad guys, which are usually a ragtag team of people who would betray, back stab and even murder their teammates to get somewhere in life.

Yet, the Order here is portrayed as almost a prison. Exorcists really have no choice, but to follow. Hell, Lenalee was basically kidnapped from her only family by the Order. They have been shown to torture, experiment and even kill their exorcists in an attempt to make them stronger. Allen alone was locked up and going to be executed for no real reason accept the possibly of him one day turning to the Noah side.

Now, take the Noah family, the villains of this tale. They are shown to be very close. Yes not every member loves the others, but they are shown to openly weep when a member (Skinn) is killed in battle. The Earl often speaks of protecting his family and even going so far as to try and save Allen, simply because he is a Noah. They are literally so intertwined that they keep the same memories from their past lives. 

I think it is an interesting contrast. On the one hand, The Order are the good guys. They wants to protect humanity, but at what cost? How many exorcists have been senselessly killed or led to their deaths to bring about this peace? Yet the Noah family is shown to dearly care about each other and yet, they wish to rid the world of humans as a whole. Neither side is truly good or evil, but both clearly know what they want and they know how they will go about it.

Honestly I’m so upset about this whole thing I legit started crying while I was having dinner and I know I’m being dramatic but it’s just Eren has given so fucking much and not once did he ever complain about anything nor did he ever expected anything in return and to see him, someone who deserves so fucking much, go through all this shit because of other people is just…… The amount of shit he has been through is just ridiculous and he still keeps going and going no matter what. Eren has been fucking tortured, he is mentally unstable too, everyone he loves is taken away from him so fucking easily, he harms himself regularly, he has begged to die, he keeps hallucinating and having break downs, he is treated like a monster and a tool, he just wants to be trusted and to keep the only friends he has left close to him no matter what, he has given his life away so many times, he was fucking used and traumatised by his poor excuse of a father and that disgusts me more than anything honestly what the fuck.

And there he is, again, in a goddamn cell, probably hungry, unclean, uncomfortable, sleep deprived, having hallucinations, crying. He specifically said in those interviews he hated to sleep underground because of the lack of sunlight and because of the mold but I don’t see him complain at all, he just endures it like always and suffers for other people’s mistakes and stupidity and this kills him. Why? because he begged to save his best friend (the one and only who always believed in him no matter what, the one who was ALWAYS by his side since the beginning) and it is so fucking unfair to see literally everyone shitting on him and shitting on his problems and treat him like this is all his fault when he’s the one who suffers the most because of all of this and he just got caught up in this mess. He never fucking asked for any of this, he literally told Historia to take his powers away from him, he just happens to have a fucked up dad who happens to use his goddamn sons as fucking war tools or some shit I don’t even know what to say I’m just really upset, specially when I get to see so many people shitting on a character to whom I can relate deeply and who is heavily misunderstood. Eren is constantly taken for granted and people criticise him for the simple fact that he’s the protagonist and they reduce him to certain characteristics because they don’t even bother to try to understand how amazing his character actually is and how unique he can be.

Again, I just don’t really want to see Eren crying in a fucking cell and literally deteriorating and becoming progressively worse and worse and honestly if this gets worse I’m going to be so fucking sad because Eren has so much potential and he can do so many great things but unfortunately it seems like people won’t realise that any time soon which is kinda sad because having such a nice character is one of things that makes snk so appealing and even if you don’t like him, eren gives a very special vibe to this show and he fits in it perfectly and he has shown enough times he’s worthy being this show’s protagonist and he was literally created to fit in it and he is so complex in his own messy way and I’m just being clumsy right now but what I really want to say is that I really love this character and I’m upset things are going against him right now and I just really really hope he gets through this because I know he can and I believe in him a lot

Imagine the boys running into your room because they heard a scream and find Crowley tickling you.

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There was only one thing you hated more than anything else in this world…being tickled. Of course, your boyfriend, who just happened to be the king of hell, didn’t really care that you hated it. It was torture for you, and he knew that, but he loved to torture people. Now, he hated putting you in any pain, but this form of torment wasn’t inflicting any injury. It was only causing you to laugh. 

As your laughter, which sounded more like screaming, floated through the bunker, the sound of heavy boots on the floor mixed in with it. The door suddenly busted open, and the sight before the two Winchesters’ eyes was something they wished they could forget. 

“Y/n! What the hell is going on?” Dean asked. Stuck between the uncertainty of whether to fight or run caused him to stay in his confused position until you clarified what was going on.  “What is he doing here?”

Your eyes darted over to Crowley. When the door swung open, he quickly scrambled off of you, but now he was just as embarrassed as you were. “Boys,” you started, “let me explain…later.”

“Oh, no. You’re explaining right now!” Sam snapped. 

“O-Okay, look. Crowley and I have been seeing each other for a long time now. Two months, in fact. We just never really…told you.” A short, nervous laugh escaped your lips. 

“Y/n is a grown woman and can make decisions for herself,” Crowley explained once he saw your nervous expression. He never failed to have your back. 

Trading confused looks, the boys just sat there in shock, their jaws on the ground. “So- you’re like a thing?” The green eyed hunter questioned. You nodded. 

“Really? Y/n, he’s the king of hell!”

You eyed Sam in pure fury. “Tell me something I don’t know, moose!”

“M-Moose? Oh. Hell. No. Not you too!”

Crowley, who was smirking proudly, wrapped his arm protectively around you. “I might have taught her a thing or two.”

“You’re not going to tear us apart, so get used to it." 

The boys sighed, and Dean was the first to throw his hands up in the air signaling that he was more than done with the situation, though, you knew that that would not be the end of this conversation. 

February 8th - Hanahaki Disease/ Budo

[Hanahaki Disease explanation and Ayano´s picture]/ [Oka’s picture]

“The pain this love is giving me is more painful than 1000 punches to my body, but I will resist since it´s the proof of my true feelings…”

Because I´m ayando trash, obviously I needed to include Budo in the Hanahaki series right away, and as his sentence says, even when the disease is killing him, he sees it as a test of fate for determinate if he is worthy of Ayano´s love.

About the flowers…finding a flower for him was so hard, there were so many good options that only deciding one was a torture, and as you can see in the end I choose two:

For one side, there is the Orange Rose, which represents a fiery blaze that portrays passion and energy, but for the romantic side, express intense desire, pride and fervor, combined with a sense of fascination (What I personally think Budo feels towards Ayano). For the other side is the White Chrysanthemum, which symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy, long life and especially truth, making in the romantic side represent loyal love.

I’m going to say that my favorite part of GoldenQueen is simply how sad it is. The Evil Queen clings to the only person she has, and she has him simply because he needs her. She clings to the familiarity of that abuse and torture because a healthy true love isn’t available to her. Her own son told her that she’ll always be alone. So she desperately clings to someone who doesn’t love her and who is the reason she’s evil, because he’s the only one there. And that breaks my heart.

Remus Lupin/Sirius Black x Reader - Pangs (Rated Super M)

This is based on a dream I had!

You’re with Sirius Black, his best friend Remus Lupin is in love with you, but finds it hard to hide his affection. I’m not really happy with this but…meh!

Warning- SUPER SMUT!! Dom!Reader, Sub!Sirius, Remus watching, jealousy, Reader on top, pleasure with pain, OOC

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The thing that gets me about this particular gif is Steve’s body language, he looks frail and weak. I know it’s probably due to Peggy’s funeral which is causing him a great depth of grief and sadness but he just seems exhausted from everything. He slumps against the isle like he doesn’t even have the energy to stand up. He is nodding his head whilst looking down, probably telling himself that he has to be strong for the team even though he just wants to break down inside and cry. This is what is painful about Civil War. None of the characters want to fight each other, in fact it’s quite the opposite, the rest of the Avengers are the only people Steve can confine in but still then, no one understands the pain he has been through. The thing people forget about Steve is his past and the things that have happened to him; thinking his best friend Bucky Barnes was dead but then in fact found out he was tortured and turned into a brain washed assassin, the love of his life Peggy being stripped away from him just to save the world and the fact that he’s 97 years old. Steve just wants to take a moment to breathe and be a normal human being but he never achieves that and he knows he never will and that is what’s heartbreaking about Steve Rogers, he will always put others in front of his own emotions.

cause on christmas you can depend

Summary:  Bellamy asks Clarke for help choosing a gift for the girl he likes.

AO3 //

Sometimes it sucks, being in love with your best friend. Of course, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Clarke could just tell him she’s in love with him, especially if, you know, it turned out he’s in love with her too. But she’s pretty sure he’s not, so she just… pines in silence. It’s only ninety per cent pathetic.

Normally it’s fine. Not great, but fine. He spends most of his time with her anyway, and if she just squashes any thoughts about wanting to kiss him, she can pretend she doesn’t want anything else from him. Then there are other times, like now for instance, that it’s complete torture.

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"But Tony has PTSD"

Steve Rogers:
- Canonically has PTSD
- Severely bullied and physically beaten by other children as a child
- Fought in WW2, witnessed first hand the horror of war during combat
- Watched his best friend ‘die’ in front of his own eyes, and consequently blamed himself
- Accepted his own death and willingly gave up his life for the greater good, only to wake up 70 years later to find his friends, family, everyone he had ever loved is dead and gone (save for Peggy)
- Forced to rapidly assimilate to a time period he should’ve never been alive to witness
- Discovered his best friend is still alive, only to have him try and kill him many times over

Bucky Barnes:
- Has also seen the death and carnage that comes with first hand combat in war
- Had his own arm ripped from his body while falling down a ravine, and come within an inch of death
- Kidnapped by a Nazi organization
- Tortured and brainwashed by said organization for 70+ years to the point where he had no concept of his own identity
- Treated like an animal and forced to commit countless murders
- Spent two years slowly piecing himself together after that severe trauma, only to be framed for a bombing and sought out by the entire world for a crime he didn’t commit
- Blames himself for everything he was forced to do while brainwashed

Sam Wilson
- War veteran with PTSD
- Watched his best friend die in front of him
- Is considered a fugitive to the world after helping Steve in Civil War, will never be able to return to his family and friends

And yet, you all seem to only talk about Tony’s mental health in relation to his actions. Double standards, I wonder?

Simon was an insensitive asshole last episode and nobody can tell me otherwise. So, now he owes an apology not only for the betrayal but also because of being dismissive of Raphael being tortured by calling him scarface right after being told what Victor did because of his slip up (and also pushing Raphael who had been - may I mention - been tortured shortly before). 

But Raphael is the bad guy here, right? :D