only to find out there's more left

Volume 4
  • Ruby: I have to go on this journey. Even if it means leaving some of my loved ones behind. There's dark forces at work here, and doing this is the only chance I have to find out more about them.
  • Weiss: I'm back where I started. I wanted to break free of the shackles my family name kept me in, but now I'm under its thumb once more, this time all the more aware that so many are against us.
  • Blake: My past is back to haunt me. The life I thought I'd left behind has only brought grief and pain to the ones I love. I have to leave them for their own good... they're better off without me.
  • Yang: Everything is gone. Our school is in ruin, our friends have died, our team is broken...this is not the world we grew up in. Things will never be the same, and looking for hope must be pointless.
  • Team RWBY: ...
  • Team RWBY: Time for some SWEET NEW THREADS!

Anyone who is complaining about Emma still having some issues to work out before her and Killian can become the next Snow and Charming need to sit down. Emma is a woman who has been thrown into a word of magic, fairytales, hardship, evil and love all from absolutely NOTHING. She is coming from nothing, no family, friends, and she’s felt betrayed most of her life.  Cut her some slack.

Yes, Emma knows she has feelings for Killian. She IS opening up to him. HE knows that. If Killian just wanted things to be fine and dandy instantly, he would have never stuck around and given her space and time like he has.

When JMo talks about how she can’t really talk much about Captain Swan’s progress yet because the reason Emma has really been putting on the breaks is something we will soon find out, and she can’t talk about it, I don’t panic.

Dude, I am SOOO down for this. Like I can’t even express to you my utter excitement for this journey. Theres a reason she has held off on moving forward with Killian, more than just being left by Neal, dating a monkey, and growing up in a foster home. There’s more than that according to Jennifer, and we are gonna find out at the end of episode 3.  Honestly maybe it’s something to do with her magic, and the way she says she is worried about not only her heart but others too makes me really think it does.

Bottom line, back off the Emma hate train. It’s really old at this point. Emma’s got issues and so does Killian, but they both know they care for each other, and they are both gonna help each other work through those issues and grow together into this beautiful couple, but you just gotta give them time. Honestly I would rather see some struggles and shy, flirty moments still before he go into full blown couple mode, because sometimes in shows after that happens, we actually get less time focused on the couple portion of their relationship.

Just enjoy this amazing ride they are giving us for Captain Swan, it’s honestly been so great and this season is gonna be AMAZING for them, I already know it. :)

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Teppei and s/o meeting for the first time in a book store, trying to find the same book only to realise that there's only one left.

(this ask is so cute im screaming)

You had been standing in the mom-and-pop book shop for almost an hour now, scanning the shelves for one book and one book in particular.You had been waiting for it to come out for months now, and when you found out that there was a shop that was selling it at early and at a discount, you made your way there as fast as possible. The only downside: the organization system in the shop was garbage. You grew increasingly more frustrated by the fact that you hadn’t found it yet, even after looking in most of the sections you thought it would fit in. As your hands traced over the spines of the books, about to give up, something catches the corner of your eye. 

That’s it. That’s the cover. 

Your hand reaches towards it with your heart racing, excitement bubbling up inside you at the thought of finally being able to read the book. As you’re about to make contact, it feels as if the world slows, and suddenly your hand is on something warm.

Books aren’t warm. Usually. 

It’s a hand.

When your brain finally registers what’s going on, your eyes follow that hand to the person it was attached to. A blushing, insanely attractive brown haired boy around your age was staring at you, just as bewildered as you were. You quickly retract your hand, fumbling with apologies. 

“No, no.” The boy says in the most gentle voice you had ever heard. “I should be sorry. You went for it first, you deserve to get it.”

“N-no!” You try and protest, “It’s alright, I’ll just find it from another store.”

The boy shakes his head, “I’d feel horrible if I got the book now and you didn’t. You have it, really.”

You do want the book, desperately, but that’s exactly the reason you couldn’t just take it. If he was coming here to find that book a couple of days before its official release in such an obscure shop, he must have really wanted the book as well. 

He notices your hesitation and chuckles, “Do you like this author?”

“I adore them.” You say, sheepishly, looking away from the boy. “I’ve been wanting that book for months.”

“Me too.” Does this boy ever stop smiling? 

Eventually, the both of you sit down at a table, ordering a coffee each to sip at while you talked about the book series. The boy, Kiyoshi, he tells you, is the sweetest person you had ever been blessed with talking to. He loves the series and the author just as much as you do, and he speaks about it with a passion. The both of you even trail off into conversations that didn’t pertain to the book. You learn that he plays basketball at a school that wasn’t too far from yours, and that he’s pretty darn good at it. You’re so enthralled by him that you don’t even realize that you had been sitting with him for a full two hours.

“How about this,” Kiyoshi proposes once the owner warns the both of you that the shop would soon close, “We’ll share. I’ll pay for half and you’ll pay for half, then you can take it home and text me when you’re done.”

You smile at his suggestion, and it’s only after when he had handed you back your phone that you realized: you had just gotten a cute boy’s number. A cute boy who was totally into the same books as you. 

You each pay for your share of the book, and as the both of you exit the store, he playfully pushes you on the shoulder. 

“Don’t forget to text me, okay?”

In that moment, you didn’t know that Kiyoshi would eventually become your boyfriend, but when you looked up at his gentle expression- staring down at you in a way that made your stomach stir- you knew that you wouldn’t let the boy go easily.


Wait Aria?

So it seems more and more clues are appearing that point out Aria might possibly “A”. Theres the whole thing where Aria wanted to go investigate Mona’s house by herself (I mean sketchy much?) The whole Andrew thing where it appears he was the “mummy” that appeared in Cyrus’ hospital room after Aria and Emily had left. Could she have asked Andrew to find out if Cyrus knew more than what he had orignally said?  And last but not least how the prosecution came to find out about Jason’s and Ashley’s affair when the only person who wouldnt be affected by this was here.

Alas though we have found a new clue which went unoticed until recently. Here it is judge for youself.

Could this be what Ali meant when she said your letting “A” win? I mean if the letters on her shirt mean anything it could only be the one person whos initials are “AM”. Oh you know Aria Montgomery!!

text 💔 brody weston
  • Rachel: I know we're not supposed to be talking, since we broke up and all, but I wanted to let you know that I intend to find out who BayWatch is. And that I might make even more people hate me along the way, not that there's many left who don't.
  • Rachel: Anyways, my point is, I don't know what they're going to say. About me, about you, or about Effy. And before anyone does try to undermine what we had - every good thing with you was true. Effy was honestly only a one time thing and though my feelings for her are always going to be complicated, they never diminished my feelings for you.
  • Rachel: I really did want us to work, Brody. I wanted to be that girl for you. And I'm sorry I couldn't be. But don't ever let anyone tell you that I never cared at all, because I did. So much.
  • Rachel: I still do. But that's my burden to carry now.
  • Rachel: Okay, I'll leave you alone now.

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I thought Powers was meant to debut in December? There's only 2 weeks of December left and no news on a release date, will we find out when it come out soon please? I want to watch it.

It’s coming this winter.  we thought we might get December but instead a date has been set and locked. Sony has been a little preoccupied this week so you will have to forgive them.

 but we are coming.  promise. episode nine is filming as we speak and I just saw a cut of episode six. sorry I haven’t been more transparent with everything I just didn’t want people to get sick of me talking about something they haven’t seen yet.  

 again :-)