only to be torn apart in the worst of ways

Hello! This is a whole mix of things right in one post. First of all, I’m actually getting around to posting this for day six of @bmblbweek! The prompt is Beeunion, which is perfect. Second of all, I’m fulfilling prompts that @spooky-dod and @lydiaroguepersonal gave me like… 10000101000 years ago. Those were “Blake seeing Yang without her prosthetic for the first time” and “Yang and Blake talk about how rough each other has been, optional if tears are shed, and maybe they fall asleep on each other” AND this is also chapter three of my fanfic, My Safe Haven Is With You.


Their first meeting was something neither of them had intended to happen. Blake hadn’t planned on seeing Yang again, at least, not so soon. Not until after she’d taken back the White Fang, and taken Adam off the map. Not until she’d made absolutely sure that he couldn’t hurt Yang ever again. Maybe then she would’ve been ready, wouldn’t have been so ashamed to stand under the scrutiny of that lavender gaze. 

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They say there is nothing worse
Than loving someone
And being torn apart by them
By not having their love
By seeing them everyday
And them not seeing you
By seeing them so happily living
When you tore yourself apart in loving them

But there is truly nothing worse
Than seeing someone fall in love;
In love with you
And knowing you can never love them back
And watching
Watching everyday
You tear them apart
When you never wanted to hurt them
But they’re hurting in worst way possible
And you can only blame yourself

In a way
It breaks your heart
Just as badly as theirs is being broken
Watching someone burning because of their love for you
Hurts the same as burning

I never wanted to hurt you
But I never wanted you to love me
I love you
Just not the way you love me
I’m sorry
But I have to push you away
I’m sorry I have to break you more
It might feel like I’m nailing the final nail into your coffin
But I’m trying to set you free
And you can only be free
If you’re far away from me

You can’t tear yourself apart anymore
Not over me
I’m not trying to hurt you

I’m trying to set you free

Ahhh, shit man. The Alec/Ellie feels are starting to get to me.

Ellie’s clearly demisexual and can’t enjoy sex unless she’s in love. And the way she said ‘Say you love me’ in that awkward sex scene just shows how desperate she is for emotional and physical closeness with someone. I mean, for the last 12 years she’s had a man at her side, someone she loved and thought she’d be with for the rest of her life. And now he’s gone - he’s betrayed her in the worst possible way, torn her life apart and left her feeling confused, guilty and above all lonely.

And in this shitstorm, the only character who has consistently been there for her is Hardy. No matter what she says to him, no matter how much she pushes him away, he is there for her, offering whatever support he can. Sure, a lot of the time it’s awkward - he’s obviously not that comfortable dealing with emotions - but he tries anyway, simply because he cares about her. He tries to take the blame for her assault on Joe. He becomes incensed when the barrister “casts aspersions” on her. He checks up on her, takes her to lunch, listens to her when she rants, forgives her when she makes mistakes and doesn’t at all seem to mind when she swears at him and calls him a fuckwit. She’s the only person he trusts to help him with the Sandbrook case. He just loves this woman. She’s his best friend.

Joe Miller left a huge hole in Ellie’s life, and Hardy, with his gruff, awkward yet unwavering devotion, seems to be the only man who can fill it.

Happiness? I Do: Chapter 8

TITLE: Happiness? I Do.


AUTHOR: winterheart17


GENRE: Romance, Drama, Erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Everyone knows the making of a happy ending.  It starts with ‘hello’ and it ends with ‘I do’.  Or does it? What happens in between?  What happens after?  When Tom and Wednesday said ‘I do’, they believed it was their happy ending.  But 3 years down the road, everything has fallen apart.  That’s when they learn that ‘I do’ encompasses a lot of things, that marriage is hard work and just because two people love each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can make it till the end.  Now both of them have to ask themselves if it is worth it to hold on or is it time to let go?

Rating: M

Author’s Note: Wends and Tom take the next step forth and Daniel begins upping the competition with his presence ;) It would mean a lot to hear what you thought about this chapter.  Thank you for reading!

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   

Chapter 6   Chapter 7   


[22nd of April 2011]

Wait a second…wait…are we…?

‘Tom…’ I hissed, tugging my hand away from his grasp as he started to lead me through the gaping hole where the front door should have been. 

I don’t…I don’t know if I want to go in.

Stalling in his tracks, he turned around to look at me, a smile gracing his face as I frowned.

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