only to be stopped

Concepts I can’t stop thinking about: 

-Bendy crossdressing full on like Bugs Bunny
-Bendy being able to change body shape and can’t change his height. (which he hates in the pit of his deep dark heart) 
-A ton of the animation’s studio’s budget does to Bendy wanting cigars/booze/cakes. 

That’s all I got for now. 

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Wait what did kj do?

he liked a comment on insta that says: “making fun of fat people is the only thing that’s gonna stop those useless bags of shit dying a fat early death”

all around fatphobia and fat shaming. by liking the comment, he’s agreeing with the post and stating that fat people are useless bags of shit and that all fat people are going to die young. he agrees that making fun of fat people will encourage behavior of “getting thin”. he agrees that making fun of fat people is okay at all.

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Aizawa, Bakugou, Midoriya, and Todoroki getting in a fight with their s/o, and this causes them to leave their s/o. Happy or sad outcomes are okay. <3 Thanks!!

I chose a few different endings and I hope I could answer this well enough and do your request justice!


He feels himself growing frustrated as the tries to calm his partner and to bring their fight back to where they can talk things out better.

Instead, they only seem to get angrier and Aizawa realizes it’s not going to work. They absolutely do not want to listen and they do not want to stop arguing, if anything, it seems like they only want to keep going.

“I’m stopping here.” Aizawa cuts in and steps to the side. “We’ll talk again when you have calmed down.”

As he leaves, his partner yells angrily after him and Aizawa feels the frown on his face deepen and darken and his chest feels tighter and his movements are tense. Whenever his partner has calmed down, they have some apologizing to do and then they have to see if they can finally come to an understanding of each other.

If his partner keeps refusing that or makes their fights worse whenever they discuss something problematic…Aizawa refuses to think about that and sucks in a deep breath of air. He hopes they can fix this, he doesn’t want to just give up on them and their relationship.


He feels the burn of frustration and anger in the back of his throat and his hands are in tight fists at his side. Bakugou never expected to fight like this with his partner and it’s also sadly not the first time they’re fighting like this either.

It feels like things are no longer okay and he doesn’t know how to fix it.

“You know what?” He growls, interrupting their tirade. “I’ll just fucking leave. This shit is over, you can do whatever the fuck you want!”

“Fine then, go!” His partner barks back, feeling just as angry and frustrated as he does.

Bakugou slams the door a little harder than he meant when he leaves, his face angry and dark as he stalks away.

He needs a couple of streets, his pace fast as he angrily stomps down the sidewalk and other pedestrians give him a wide berth, until everything sets in. They broke up.

Raking a hand through his hair, Bakugou releases a frustrated and torn shout and stops for a moment. He doesn’t want to go back, he realizes, not to their arguing and their bickering and all the criticizing they have exchanged instead of understanding.

Spotting a park bench just a bit to the side, Bakugou walks over to it and sits down heavily. His eyes sting and he rubs a hand over it, breathing in and out harshly. His chest feels tight and his whole body is tense, torn between staying where he is and thinking about everything and getting up for a run until he finally stops replaying in his mind.

“Shit fucking damn it.” Bakugou rasps out and presses a hand over his face, breathing in deeply as he tries to keep it together.


He feels overwhelmed and like everything is slipping out of his fingers. The argument has started over something silly in his mind and then it escalated too quickly for him to try and calm things down again.

Midoriya doesn’t know what to do, as his partner yells and growls and he finds him defending himself and telling them to just stop.

His partner only grows angrier at that and the air of the room feels suffocating, while Midoriya feels as if he’s standing with his back to the wall.

“I can’t stay.” He rasps out when their words start to bounce around in his head and he realizes that he’s starting to say things he doesn’t want to talk about while he’s this riled up und unsettled.

“I need to go.” Midoriya quickly sidesteps his partner and walks out of the room, his ears ringing and his breaths tight and small in his chest. He barely realizes that his partner has fallen silent as he rushes along the hallway and down the stairs.

He needs to get out. Pushing the front doors open, he feels the cool night air on his skin and starts, when he realizes he forgot his shoes and the path feels icy cold under his feet. It grounds him though and he stops, taking deep breaths, while his heartbeat slows down and his mind finally settles the inner turmoil down a little.

Quiet, slow steps cause him to look over his shoulder and his partner stands in the doorway, looking ashamed, worried and hurt.

“I’m sorry.”  They say. “I don’t know…what’s happening recently with us.”

Midoriya inhales deeply, before he steps towards them. “Let’s talk. I think it’s long overdue we clear some things between us.”


He never thought he could fight like this with his partner. Usually, Todoroki stays calm and listens before he talks things out with them, though in the last couple of months, things have grown progressively tense between them and he just doesn’t know how to fix it.

It feels as if the ground crumbles beneath his feet as he stands before his partner and it feels as if everything has gone out of hand. This fight is the worst they had so far and he realizes he stopped listening to what they say, his whole mind feeling numb and uprooted.

“Stop.” He says, shaking his head and raising his hands. He realizes how tense and tight his shoulders are and his hands have lost all feeling. “I need to go.”

His partner rears back, looking both frustrated and an angry sort of hurt. “Then just leave.” They rasp out and walk past him.

Todoroki stands frozen for a second longer, before he forces his feet to move and he starts to take step after step, until he’s standing outside and closes his eyes.

The outside air feels almost warm in contrast to his suddenly cool skin and Todoroki realizes that he’s breathing in short, tight breaths. Forcing a deeper breath into his lungs, the expanding almost hurts and he tries to loosen the clench of his muscles, his hands in fists at his side.

Exhaling heavily, he lifts a hand and rubs it over his face. Slowly, the tension seeps out of him and Todoroki realizes how tired he is. He is tired of fighting, tired of trying to find a way to fix everything and tired of realizing he can’t even really look at his partner anymore.

Opening his eyes, his vision is blurred and he carefully breathes in deeply, tipping his head back to try and blink away the tears. He doesn’t know what to do; he only knows that he can’t keep going like this.

you know how the only relevant things ultear ever did after tenrou were stopping jellal exposing himself like a dumbass, letting team natsu dick around in the spirit realm for three months after a seven year timeskip with no repercussions, acting as a convenient time reset button so mashima could shove some angst down our throats and being dragged out of retirement because mashima realised he’d made dimaria too OP? and how two of those four things were so mashima could get himself out of some jams he’d stupidly written himself into?

that’s pretty messed up

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if you're hating yourself, stop. you're not allowed. only cis het men like myself are allowed to hate ourselves, because we kind of...fucking ruined society and I AM pissed about that, BRB tring to clean up a lot of mess

No, that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo 👉😎👉

The fact that some of your ancestors fucked it up and were a bunch of racists pricks doesn’t make you one automatically, you know?

Buddy, you shouldn’t blame yourself and your entire race for something you haven’t even done. That’s just stupid and unfair.

God only knows how I managed to A) stop by the office on my way to the university, then B) sit through lectures all morning, running a fever, and then C) tackle a pop quiz in German language class AND then D) deliver a presentation in GERMAN while trembling with said fever.

I don’t think I’ve had to endure this kinda shit since… basic training? Da fuck do I do this to myself??? What am I trying to prove? That’s it. Enough for one day. I’m cutting class and going home. Fuck this shit.

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What did you eat to lose weight so fast :o that's amazing!!

Before I started to lose weight I ate so much junkfood, chocolate, candy and chips and that was almost everyday I did that. I just stopped eating it and only did it if I really craved it. And then I just ate less and made smaller potions. I didn’t starve myself. For 4 days ago I decided to be a vegetarian and I hope I can lose more by that :D

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Imagine Derek and Stiles were having pillow fight, they were laughing so hard and completely lost in each other that they didn't hear the pack come in. They only stop when someone finally yell, "Mum! Dad!". They turn over to look at the pack and they just grin like an idiot (well Derek think they kinda adorable but hell, he would never say that out loud) - Z

That’s brilliant.

Originally posted by heykimmmeh

I’d laugh so hard if it all started because Derek slapped Stiles with a pillow to shut up his stupid remarks and Stiles took it as a challenge, the next thing they know they’re in a really intense - but also really light-hearted - pillow fight.

I can imagine the pack standing int he doorway calling their names over and over again and getting no response so they have to shout “Mum! Dad!” to finally get their attention.

Some people need to understand that being a friend with someone DOESN’T EXCUSE YOUR HARMFUL BEHAVIOR TOWARDS THEM. “It’s a joke” is the most stupid shit every because when you’re insecure about something, JOKING about it hurts, even if it’s from friends. It probably hurts more than when other people do it. 

Mocking between friends is ok but if someone says they’re sensitive and insecure about something, WHY be an asshole and JOKE about it?

I had a friend that used to mock my skin tone because it’s darker than most of the people around us, HAD. Because no matter how much I told her to stop because it’s not funny, she only said that i’m a “crybaby” and that it’s just a joke. One time I finally had the guts to cut things off and believe me, I WAS SO GLAD I DID. 

Regarding Himchan and Lee Jonghyun problem, or Himchan’s problem in general, that fact that Jonghyun and the rest of B.A.P’s members are his friends DOESN’T EXCUSE their shitty behavior and they SHOULD know better NOT to make these types of jokes with THEIR friend. 

Instead of trying to excuse and make the “oppa didn’t meant it” excuse I’m getting tired off, use your time to educate them or to educate the other people. 

People can love the rest of B.A.P’s members and Lee Jonghyun all they want, it’s their choice and I have no words to say, BUT DON’T SAY “it’s a joke between friends” because it’s not. 

Just a heads up~

Hello my lovely people, I hope you’re all doing well. 💜

I just wanted to put out a quick thing to let you all know that these next two weeks are going to be busier for me, so I won’t be around as much. Consequently I’m not sure how available for chats/im I will be. But don’t let that stop you from sending me a message! I will still get back to it as soon as possible, it just might not be right away. I am always happy to hear from people!!

I’ll probably be stopping in only for 5-15 minute intervals on the earlier end, and only here for longer at night. So that’s probably what it’ll look it for me….Which sucks because I know a few of the people I’ve been chatting with are in much later time zones. 😭

Anyway, I hope you all have an absolutely lovely day. 💜(I made this post last night and then scheduled it, but I bet the new Haikyuu!! chapter is going to be great as always!!!) Take care and make sure you stop and do something that makes you happy today. 💜💜💜

People get drunk. They kiss the wrong people. And pretend to be okay. People will do anything to distract their heart. They will do anything to distract it from missing someone.

so those student athlete memes huh

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