only three days of school this week

stop romanticising med school. you have your cute lil headcanons about combeferre being a doctor but med student!combeferre probably hasn’t slept in three days and is weeping into his neuroanatomy textbook right now as he feels the fast approaching caffeine crash in every cell of his body… also he and courf haven’t had sex in two weeks. (im only 95% joking.)

This photo is from Wednesday. I only worked three days this week because I legitimately needed a sick day, and today I am going to Minnesota. Did I mention the high in Denver is 70 degrees and the high there is 18 degrees?

Anyway, I was at the school for 12+ hours everyday that I was there because I had so much to do, and I still didn’t do everything on my list.

I am hardcore crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly this weekend. My one wisdom tooth is giving me issues (getting it out over spring brea…) and I haven’t felt right for a while now. The doctor said I am fine and gave me some meds, but I definitely think I got a touch of the flu or something. I haven’t been able to eat normal and when I do, I feel sick. My roommate was locked in the bathroom for a while the past few days.

On the plus side, we started GOTR this week and we had a killer workout yesterday. GOTR stands for Girls on the Run and basically we coach girls on our school and help them prepare for a 5k in May. I am already sore because we did a bunch of circuits and a one mile run.

Alright, just getting to the airport from the train. Really hoping I feel better by the time we need to board and all.


I tell myself that in order to make my CD last for as long as I possibly can, I’ll listen to three songs per week. It takes a lot of self-control, but it gives me something to look forward to every Monday night. And as for the songs I’ve already heard - I listen to those on the commute to Lincoln Park every day after school.

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Hot For Teacher

Authors note:It’s another long one *smut*

Finally, the best lesson of the day. Well, only because of your teacher, Mr Choi Minho. He taught physical education in your school and you were blessed enough to have it three times a week. Sometimes, if you were really lucky, you’d catch a glimpse of the waist band of his boxers or his abs whilst he was moving; he was sex on legs and all the girls were head over heels for him, including you.

It was hard to run during cross country as Mr Minho made your legs feel like jelly, wobbly and unstable. Enthusiastically, he was jumping up and down, cheering everyone on and encouraging them to keep running. It was embarrassing, seeing as you weren’t the most athletic in the group. You were sure that out of all the girls in the class, he wouldn’t fancy you but he seemed to like you, always giving you a warm smile and a pat on the back, his stunning warm eyes glistening as he praised you on your hard work. No matter what, you always tried to do your best and he could see that.

As you were running, you were thinking that maybe it would impress him if you tried to get more fit. Not that you thought you needed to be skinnier as you were happy at the size you were but you had to admit you could be a tad healthier. Mr Minho always said that anyone was welcome to come to him if they had a problem or a question. When it came to fitness, you had no clue where to start and perhaps, if you came to his office, he could help you. Perhaps he’d praise you on your willingness to do extra work and so, after running, you took a big drink of water for hydration and headed to Mr Minho’s office.

Confidently, you strutted in to his office; too confidently. He was peeling off his wet shirt, revealing his stunning, athletic body; your jaw dropped to the floor. You knew you should have knocked. 

“Oh. I’m sorry Mr Minho. I..I’ll come back later..”

 You stumbled on your words, not being able to take your eyes him; they were stuck to him like super glue. 

“No no, it’s okay. Please, take a seat.”

 He gestured to the chair across from his desk in a casual manor. Awkwardly, you took a seat and waited for your P.E teacher to finish patting himself down with a towel. He looked stunning, like a god. You forgot what you even wanted to say to him as he made your brain cells go all blurry. With that charming smile, he sat down across you and rested his muscular arms on the wooden desk. 

“What can I do for you (Y/N)?” 

He questioned kindly, like he sincerely wanted to listen to you. 

“Well um..I um…I was interested in wanting to get fitter but I don’t know where to start..what to work on first..” 

You tried to explain properly but you just couldn’t. Every time you looked in to his eyes, you lost all trail of thought. 


 He chuckled, making your heart race and your palms get sweatier by the minute. 

“Well, what do you feel you need work on?”

 He asked as he got up and sat on the desk, closer to you. His sensual presence made it difficult to breathe.

 “Um..maybe my stomach?”

 Mr Minho frowned at your statement. 

“I think you have a beautiful body (Y/N).”

 ‘Oh no’ you thought as you felt your face heat up like a fire with your cheeks turning bright red no doubt.

 “Thank you but, I wish I had a body like yours, Sir.”

 It was brave of you to say but it was true; he was so fit that it hurt. Surprisingly, he hopped off the table, showing you his full body again.

 “Like this?”

 He questioned. Accidentally biting your lip in lust, you nodded. Gently, he took your hand in his and began to run your hand down his built frame. Your knees began to feel weak, your mouth went dry as a desert and you even had to squeeze your legs closed from the excitement you felt between them.

 “So you want your stomach to feel like this?” 

His question just seemed like a faint mumble as all you could concentrate on was the feel of his six pack. Gulping, you nodded your head, staring at his stomach.

 “Stand up (Y/N).”

 He instructed before going over to the office door and locking it. The sound of it locking echoed in your ears, bringing the déjà vu of your dreams. You couldn’t believe what was happening even though you wanted something to happen so desperately. Standing up, you allowed him to examine your figure from head to toe. His eyes on you felt incredible, like he was touching you without even moving.

 “Can I take a look?” 

He questioned, his hands holding the bottom of your gym shirt. Your heart was pounding faster than it was while you were running. 


 You replied, even though you were nervous as hell to show him your body but you lifted up your arms and allowed him to slowly remove your top.

Before him, you stood in your bra and let him trace the outline the curves of your breasts and hips. It felt so good; it was beyond anything you’d felt before. 

“(Y/N), your body is perfect. I don’t know why you’d want to change it.”

 His words felt like heaven to your ears; you felt like a princess.

 “I wanted to change for you Sir, so you’d like me.” 

You uttered, going shy. 


He said softly, tilting your chin up so you looked in to his chocolate eyes. 

“I like you just the way you are (Y/N). You’re the prettiest girl in the school.”

 “I am?” 

You questioned in absolute amazement. Mr Minho nodded and let out a seductive chuckle. Your heart thumped against your chest as the two of you moved in to kiss. His plump lips were the best you’d ever had, smooth like silk. On the teacher’s chair, he sat back and allowed you straddle his lap. Feeling like a diva, you grinded against his hard on, kissing him roughly and let the sexual frustration you’d felt since forever go out of the window. You were glad he was already topless as you enjoyed feeling his pecks he kissed your neck, making you breathless. 

“Oh Sir! That feels so good.”

 You groaned against his shoulder. Minho’s lips made their way down to your bare chest then on top of your bra. Making every second last longer, he took his time un-clipping each hook on your bra. It was like it fell down on to the floor and released your breasts in slow motion. Instantly, his hot lips were kissing, biting and sucking your sensitive nipples. You had to bite down on your bottom lip to refrain from moaning so loud. 

“Your breasts are perfect too. Is there anything on you that isn’t flawless (Y/N)?”

 He asked between your breasts. It was impossible to stop whimpering in pleasure as he rolled his wet tongue around your nipples like they tasted of cherries.  

“Stand up baby and show me that butt.”

 Smirking, you climbed off him and turned around. Teasing him, you took your sweet time pulling down your shorts and panties, revealing your behind. “Wow.” You heard him whisper.

Suddenly, you felt a harsh slap against your butt cheek. At first it hurt, but, to your surprise, the pain began to melt in to pleasure. The next thing you knew, you were bent over the table with your butt in the air and Minho’s tongue in your pussy.

 “Oh my god!”

 You cried out. Minho’s tongue licked up every drop of juice in and around your pussy and he was hungry like an animal for more. 

“You taste amazing (Y/N). I could diet on this.”

 You were limp; a moaning and whimpering mess. He was driving you crazy and the only thing that could satisfy the sex demon living within you was Mr Minho’s cock. Going out of your mind, you got on your knees before the delicious teacher and yanked his grey sweat pants and black Calvin Klein boxers down to his feet. The sex god’s cock stood up, erect in the air in front of you and you eyed it like a tiger stalking its prey. Hot for teacher, you took his manhood in your mouth. Firstly, you warmed him up by just sucking on the end, then, with your eyes on his face, you took him further and further in until he hit the back of your throat. The sound of his deep, husky groans were so hot that it only encouraged you to do more. As you sucked him, you played with his balls; that drove him wild like a lion in the jungle. 

“Yes baby. Just like that.” 

He panted, his hands grabbing chunks of your hair. The tension was white hot. The room was murky with the invisible steam the two of you were creating.

Mr Choi Minho grabbed your waist and pulled you up to your feet. Dominantly, he grabbed your neck and crushed his lips on yours, claiming your mouth as his.

 “What do you want (Y/N)?”

 He growled, his eyes burning with lust.

 “Fuck me, please.” 

You begged; you meant it. With the sexiest smirk to exist, he pushed down on to the desk and yanked your legs apart.

 “How bad do you want it?”

 He teased more. Your body was so full of adrenaline; you felt like you could erupt like a volcano.

 “Just fuck me already!”

 You cried, throwing your head back in frustration. He chuckled at how horny you were and in one harsh thrust, he entered your incredibly wet pussy. The both of you moaned in sync. You’d waited for that moment all of your school days.

 “Show me what physical education is Sir.”

 You panted as he fucked you like a porn star. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it well. Minho bit his lip, letting his hips do the work. So excited, you met his movements. Minho went so deep; he was stretching you to the extremes. 

“Tell me how you want it baby.”

 The teacher had always been so keen to help you to the finish line.


 You cried, not caring if the whole school heard you. The desk began to creak as he began to pound you mercilessly with the biggest, most beautiful cock you’d ever laid your eyes on. Your body felt empty when he pulled out of you. Minho sat back down on the teacher’s chair and beckoned you to come to him. Thirsty for more of him, you eased yourself down on his manhood and took him as deep as you could, moaning as he entered your body once more. Losing all self-consciousness, you rode him like a cowgirl; you were so glad you came in to his office.

 “Please don’t stop.”

 You begged as you were coming closer to your orgasm. The juices from your pussy began to leak down on to Minho’s balls, bringing him on the brink of exploding too. With your sharp nails, you dug in to Minho’s shoulders as the energy that had been building up finally burst like a balloon.

 “Fuck! Oh my god! I’m coming Sir!” 

You screeched with pleasure, throwing your head back. Minho squeezed your ass with his strong hands. “That’s right babe, cum for me!” He roared. When your orgasm finished, he bent you over the desk for the last time and fucked you hard, making your tight pussy squeeze around his length.

 “Oh my god (Y/N)! I need to..”

 Quickly, he pulled out of your pussy and released his warm, sticky seed on your butt.


 He panted heavily, his toned chest rising and falling as his lungs began to work double time. Minho sat on the desk to get his breath back. You didn’t know how to feel but you certainly felt fitter. You squeaked when he lifted you up and placed you his lap but you soon felt comfortable there, nuzzling your head between the crook of his neck and his shoulder. His body was cosy and warm like a blanket.

 “Feel better about yourself?”

 He asked sweetly.

 “Uh huh.”

 You replied, nodding your head. 

“Good because you always impress me. You’re beautiful and will be at any size.” 

Cuddling him, you wondered if you’d ever do it again. 

“Is this just a one-time thing?”

 You questioned curiously, softly running your fingers over his impressive torso. Minho chuckled, sending the butterflies in your stomach in to a frenzy. “Monday. Meet me in here.” Monday; the next time you had physical education. 

“Okay Sir.”

[Look At Me] pt. 2

Winner’s Part 2 (kuronakki)

Admin Nanacchi’s Note:
Spent four hours just staring at my screen, hope this is okay for you dear ;;;. It’s quite hard to write after you’ve been out for three days and you’re running on 4 hours of sleep. OTL

Word Count: 1,373 
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Akashi X Crush!Reader
Summary: Akashi is a patient person, except when it comes to love, what will he do?
Series: Part 1 l Part 2

Epilogue: Want

Annoyance ate at him the entire week. Not only had you’ve been avoiding Akashi, but you were also making it an obvious how badly you did not want to be near him. It had gotten to the point that Reo had begun to follow him around school just to see if anything interesting happen. Sadly, it was always filled with encounters and you always muttering you had to be somewhere else, taking your leave first before he could say a single thing.

For the eighteenth time in total, you had left him with an empty space where you just stood. Sighing, Akashi ran a hand through his hair. He glanced back, raising an eyebrow to see you stop and talk to Mayuzumi. His teammate seemed to give all his attention to you as you spoke to him. Akashi could feel his hand twitch just as he saw him ruffle your hair before walking to his direction. Standing his spot, he glared at Mayuzumi. The older of the two gave him a bored look, “Is there something you would like to say to me?”

“No.” Akashi said before walking past Mayuzumi. He could already tell he was teasing him in his own way. Just as he was about to go into his class, Akashi could feel someone shuddering near him. He side-eyed Reo, as if to dare him to laugh out loud; willing for him to make a single sound just so he could have the pleasure of making his day turn for the worse.

Taking his seat, Akashi took out his books, not sparing another moment to see Reo off. He was beginning to feel himself calm down; felt himself breath normally as the anger subsided. But as quickly as it left, it came back once he heard books fall on the ground.

“Sorry Reo-san!” Akashi heard you say. You immediately bowed to him, before going on your knees to pick up your books. It was unlike you to keep everything in your arms instead of your bag; but just one look at the first thing your grasp made him realize you had been focused on reading your novel. When you read, it seemed that you forgot everything around you. It was adorable.

Akashi’ soft gaze hardened as he watched Reo help you pick up your things. He could see the sly grin make a way on his face as he placed everything in order for you.  Holding your things up for you, Reo handed it to you, “My, that book must be really good that you didn’t see me standing in front of you _____-chan.” You mumbled something back making Reo chuckle. “I see, well here you go.” Waving at you, Reo stood up and grinned at Akashi. Your eyes followed his and quickly looked elsewhere as Akashi kept staring. You nodded, keeping your head down as you rushed past Akashi’s desk. He didn’t have to turn around to watch you as you shakily pulled out your chair and tried to regain your composure-he could just hear you frantically fix everything.

Akashi couldn’t figure out what was making him more upset-the fact that you let Reo get your stuff for you or the fact that you wouldn’t even make time for him anymore. As much as he would like to confront you, he didn’t wish to pose as the type of man to force himself onto anyone. Despite the lesson beginning and the fact that you were within his distance, Akashi could only feel somewhat torn-what was he going to do?

Walking into the gym later that day, Akashi got an answer to his self-imposed question. You were swinging your legs on the bench as you leaned back over it. Your distraught look made him curious as what you were thinking. Akashi knew if he let the door close behind him, you would know someone came in and would stop talking, but if he didn’t then he would never hear what you were saying. Trying to pull the door slowly so that the click wasn’t audible, Akashi made himself as quiet as possible. Just as he felt the door lock, he was pulled backwards.

Stopping himself from falling, Akashi regained his balance after taking a couple steps back. Nebuya kept his grasp on the handle, looking over at Akashi’s bag inside to him standing outside. “Sorry Akashi, didn’t know you were there.”

“What were you doing there?” Reo asked. “Quite odd you would have your hand on the gym door as you walk into it, right,” Reo looked behind him,”_____-chan?”

“I guess..” You bit you lip. You flinched when Hayama swung his hand over your shoulder. He looked eagerly outside, trying to see what the commotion was about. When he saw Akashi, his grin widened. “Eh? Captain are you alright? You look a bit angr-“

“Ten laps around the school.” Akashi said. When no one made a move, he tilted his head up and glared at them. “Is that too little? I can always make it fifteen.” Everyone shook their head slowly before dropping their bags by the door. They began to start their run around, only take looks back at Akashi. Running beside Reo, Hayama couldn’t help but hear him laughing to himself. Already looking tired, Hayama pouted, “Reo-chan, what’s so funny?”

“Don’t you know?” Reo asked taking a sneak peek behind him to see Akashi closing the gym door behind him.

“Our captain has a little crush.”

“EH!? ON WHO!?” Mayuzumi who was running behind the two scoffed, rolling his eyes as he kept at his own pace.

“_____.” Akashi walked towards you. You took a step back, holding a hand over your mouth, unsure of what to say. You looked over to see if you could get away with saying you had an errand to do; but you silently cursed at yourself for getting Hayama to help you carry the water bottles in. Hearing Akashi heave a sigh, you looked up. “Are you avoiding me because of the incident?” Seeing you shake your head Akashi moved closer to you. “Then is there a reason for you to be doing so?”

“No…” You said weakly. “It’s just….” You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. “I…I…I don’t know what to say to you.” Hiding your face with your hands you tried to stop him from seeing your red cheeks. “I want to be your friend, but then at the same time I want to…I want….” You stopped breathing at the sudden feeling of his hands on yours. Prying your fingers away from your face, you were greeted with gentle eyes.

“Is this your way of saying you like me ____.” Akashi asked; a rare playfulness in his tone. “I would appreciate it if you tell me before I confess to you as well.” Seeing your wide eyes, Akashi smirked. Taking advantage of the moment, he pulled you to him, letting you into his arms. Akashi kept a hand on your waist as he traced his thumb on the back of your hand. A strand of hair fell on your face, but you didn’t care. His breath was near your ear, teasing your skin as he spoke. “Well…what’s your answer _____.”

“I like you.” You whispered.

“I didn’t quite catch that, can you say it a bit louder.”

“I-I like you Akashi.”

“And I like you.” He said making you stare at him with surprise. Holding you by his side was enough to soothe the anger that coursed his veins the past days; it was enough to end the frustration he felt. “Now, how are you going to make it up to me after giving me such a hard time _____?”

“How was I giving you a hard time?” You puffed your cheeks out at him. 

Cute. He thought as he found that this situation was in his favor. “You not only avoided me,” Akashi whispered as he toyed with the end of your shirt, “But you dared to speak to everyone, but me. Do you know how jealous a man can become?” You gulped, not knowing he was teasing with you. 

Wearing a smug look, Akashi leaned toward you face. “I thought so, well, let me enlighten you then _____.”

Weekly check-in!

(an hour late, but whatevs)

  • Weight: 141
  • Gain / loss from last week: -1
  • Gain / loss from baseline: -2
  • What went well during last week that I should continue?  Alcohol.  Two drinks.  Also, I’ve been prioritizing sleep again and unplugging before bed.
  • What did not go well that I want to change? I only worked out three times.
  • How are you doing on your healthy habits?
    FOOD:  3 servings of junk.
    ALCOHOL: Two drinks.
    WORKOUTS: 3, again due to schedule shenanigans and poor planning.
    SLEEP:  Unplugged 15-30 minutes before bed, got to sleep using melatonin and/or antihistamines, slept 7-10 hours per night. (Usually closer to 7)

  • DRAWING:  At least one sketch every day.
  • SCHOOL:  Got 64% on a test. Whoops.  Will study the things that screwed me up so I can get them right on the big test next week.
  • BENCH:  Nope
  • RUN: 33 minutes.

The current model of American education has been the norm for less than three hundred years, the modern-day expectation of five-day-a-week school for even less time. In the whole of human history, education was on an as-needed basis, and the people who grew up in that system built western civilization. Is it really so radical to suggest that the current model of education might not be the only one that works, let alone the only one that is inherently good for all children, as is sometimes implied?

62. Ravenclaw is the only house to have the Wizarding equivalent of a senior skip day. Teachers tried to clamp down on it, but when the ravenclaw class of ‘21 started a protest that went on for three weeks they gave up on trying to halt the tradition. Their passage out of school is behind the statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, and nobody knows about it until their own skip day when the members of the graduating year before them appear in the common room to escort the seventh year ravenclaws out

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your writing! *cries* I noticed requests are open so if it's okay can I request a soulmate scenario for Oikawa who's soulmate didn't really like him at first but he finds out she's the soulmate and everything takes off from there?

Oh jeez thank you so much! I’m the one crying, I’m so glad you love my writing!!

AU where whatever you write on yourself appears on your soulmate

(Italics are the writing on your skin)

 The day started with you looking down at your arm to see ’Good Morning my love!’ written in a dark ink. A tired smile appeared on your face when you saw the words. It hadn’t been going on for too long; it was only about three weeks or less when you noticed a really bad drawing of an alien on the palm of your hand.

 'And good morning to you too~’  you replied and started to get ready for school.

 ‘When do I get to meet my soulmate?? I’m getting impatient! You haven’t even told me your name!’

 You chuckle to yourself and after you’re finished getting dressed, grab your red pen to reply to the unknown person. ‘Well if you really want to know…’ you waiting for about a minute to write your name, hoping to get them a bit frustrated and antsy. Slowly you started to spell out your name.


 Your eyes widen and you visibly cringe when you see his name written on your wrist. 'Ew.’  Was your simply response. There was no way in hell that that pretty boy volleyball player was your soulmate. No. You refused to believe it. You’d rather have anyone but him. Oikawa was a stuck up popular man child and you didn’t even understand what was so great about him in the first place.

 Why did all the girls fawn over him like he was some kind of god? Sure he wasn’t bad to look at  but it didn’t mean that you liked him at all. What are the odds of him being your soulmate? You let out a sigh and just decided for the rest of the day you would try and ignore the messages written on yourself.

 'You should come to my practice! I want you to watch! Please (Y/N)-chan!’  as the words began to appear, you sighed loudly. The writing had been incessant ever since you had said 'Ew’ and not replied to anything else.

 'Fine. What time is it at?’ You finally gave in and scribbled onto your arm.

 The reply came almost instantaneously, and you could barely read it. You could tell he was excited that you agreed. 'I can’t read that…’

 'Just come  after school to the gym! I’m glad you’re coming!’ He drew a happy looking alien next to the words.

 Another sigh of defeat and you drew an arrow to his little artwork. 'Cute.’

 'Just like you!’

 Shit… he was making you blush… Shit… he really is charming…Shit…

 The rest of the day went by fairly quickly, and for some reason, you couldn’t help but be slightly nervous. It was never your intention to like Oikawa seeing as you never thought he would be your soulmate. But here you are, at the gym, waiting for Oikawa to come in.

 Once he does and notices you, the smile on his face he had before had grown. “(Y/N)! You came!” Tooru walked over to you. “I didn’t think you would!”

 "Well I said I was going to didn’t I?“ you said, trying to sound like you didn’t care, but the butterflies in your stomach were real.

 "Oh yeah!” His eyes look down at his arm his arm and pointed to one word.- 'Ew.’ “Why did you say that? I’m not 'ew’ at all!” he pouts and he seems slightly offended by it, but when he says that he’s not ew at all, you remember how confident the boy was with his looks.

 "That’s exactly why..“ you deadpan, but you still felt a bit bad. You rubbed the word from your arm and now it’s just smeared on both of your arms so it’s unreadable. “There, is that better?”

 "Much~“ he smiles down at you and tilts his head. "But you still seem like you don’t like your soulmate.. You aren’t as happy as I am.” When you realize he takes notice of your attitude, you felt bad.

 "I just didn’t think that you’d be this nice… I would have thought all of your fan girls have gotten to your head and you’d be stuck up…“ you confess to him, embarrassed you’d judge him by that.

 "They do go to his head!” his friend Iwaizumi shouted across the court.

 "Iwa-chan!“ Oikawa yells to the vice captain and whines. "Don’t be so mean!” He lets out a huff and turns back to you. “What if I took you on a date after practice to make you change your mind? I want you to like me after all!”

 As soon as he offers to take you out, your cheeks begin to flush. “Oh.. Um, sure!” you accept his offer, now realizing that you wouldn’t mind getting to know your soulmate, Oikawa Tooru.

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Do you have any tips on how to get organized and stay organized?

hey there!

how to get organised…

  • make sure everything has a place. Books, notes, pens, etc.
  • get a planner and make sure you use it! write everything in that thing and check it a few times a day.
  • clean out your school bag every night, and make a list which will remind you of everything you need to take to school each day.
  • plan your time! this goes with the planner suggestion. Organising your day is just as important as organising your belongings. Set yourself to do lists and tick them off as you go along. Make the hours count!

how to stay organised…

  • MAKE IT A HABIT! it takes 21 days of doing something consistently for it to become a habit. That’s only three weeks of living a new, organised lifestyle.
  • You don’t have to completely overhaul your life, just take simple steps to being more organised and once these are a habit you won’t remember a time when you did any different!
please help

hey i really dont want to do this but im in dire need of money. i work at a supermarket but because i broke my arm im only able to work 10-20 hours a week which leaves me with only half of the money i would usually need. on top of that, i have a surgery coming up which will mean i wont be able to work for around 1,5 to 2 months which leaves me with no income at all, meaning i wont be able to pay for transportation and school supplies and field work. i know this doesnt sound that bad but i need to be able to go to the hospital three times a week and to school every day. 

im taking commisions and donations, please consider them… 
here are some commision examples (characters dont belong 2 me)

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my paypal is, please consider commisioning, donating or forwarding… every dollar helps. thank you all so much

Our Last Days (Jaehyun of NCT)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


A/N: I’ve only edited this ONCE! I apologize for any grammar mistakes or repeating too many words. It’s really late here (20 past midnight >.<) and I’ve had a loooooong day! I’m really tired!

Also, there’s still a Part 3 coming up!

Originally posted by curlyjaehyun

Three weeks.

It’s been three weeks since Jaehyun and I have been dating. He’s such a sweetheart. Always walking me to my classes, offering to help me carry my heavy textbooks (even if I declined, he’d take them out of my hands), giving me his school lunch (he sticks to a strict diet but grabs lunch from the cafeteria just for me), and he would always, always be under the same tree (that we had bumped into each other) every day after school waiting for me.

Despite his cool image, Jaehyun was a shy guy. We’ve never held hands before, and you can probably guess from that that we haven’t had our first kiss yet. It seemed like he was scared to have any type of skinship with me.

We were having our usual date on a Friday afternoon (it’s become a tradition of ours ever since we met about 2 months ago). As usual, Jaehyun was walking quietly by my side as we strolled across the bridge that led to the other side of the river.

The sun was beginning to set. I was about to reach over to the side of the bridge when a bike began ringing its bells at me. I looked over to my right and saw it charging towards me! I froze in my spot, but thanks to Jaehyun’s quick thinking, he pushed me against the rail and used his body as my shield.

I took a deep breath and was able inhale the faint scent of his cologne. My heart was beating a thousand times faster than usual. Jaehyun held my head protectively as he checked to see if the biker had passed by yet.

He looked down at me worriedly, “Are you okay?” I lifted my gaze up to him, only to look down and turn away due to his extreme handsomeness. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. T-thank you,” I stuttered out.

I cleared my throat and apologized for being so careless. He shook his head and gave me that adorable smile that always made me held my breath. He told me that there was no need to apologize and that I had a reason for doing what I did.

To make things less awkward between us, I suddenly pointed out the beautiful sunset. I leaned on the rail and admired the scenery before it’d disappear for the day. A cool breeze blew, reminding me of the day that I bumped into Jaehyun.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. I bit my lips to stop myself from smiling widely. I knew what Jaehyun was finally doing, but I couldn’t give away the fact that I had practically waited for this moment ever since we started dating.

He gently rested his chin upon my shoulder. His breathing was shaky at first but it soon calmed down. Within a matter of seconds, I felt Jaehyun’s grip on my waist tighter than before. I finally gained the courage to lean upon him instead of the rail. And slowly, I gently placed my hands on top of his.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment,” I felt his warm breath on my ear. It tickled, causing me to squirm a bit. “Heeeey,” I whined. “That tickles!”

I felt the vibration of his deep chuckle. “Oh, really?” he said as he purposely scooted closer to my now red ear. Before I could say anything, he buried his face into the crook of my neck.

“Can we just stay like this for a while?” he suggested. I gripped onto his hands even tighter as a response. I felt him smile against my neck.

And that was when I knew that what I had begun with Jaehyun was real love.

The Hammock From Heaven

It’s all kicking off, essentially. We’ve sorted our trip to Medellín for the second bank holiday weekend of May, it’s less than two weeks until we hit the Caribbean coast for the duration of the Easter break, it’s less than 2 days until Estereo Picnic, a festival in Bogotá featuring The Weeknd, Justice and The Strokes among the highlights. Plus, we’ve only got the next three days at work to prepare for the Monday’s monstrous whole school, to-scale re-enactment of Alice In Wonderland, for which I’m in charge of producing almost a hundred giant playing cards, of which I have so far made one. We have also discovered the ease of which one can rock up to a bus station at short notice and hop on a bus to pretty much any place in Colombia, as was the case when we departed for San Gil, a town seven hours north of Bogotá, on Friday night for the bank holiday, or ‘Puente’, weekend.

Anticipating an unstoppable flood of people trying to leave the city for the long weekend, we got to the bus terminal at around half eight in a mind to catch the eleven overnight bus, but when we got to the ticket booth it became apparent that we had massively overestimated the level of demand for tickets and we were able to get ourselves booked on a bus leaving in half an hour.
In short, the ride was long. It took over an hour just to get out of Bogotá and from then on the winding dirt roads either nudged us from one side to the other or shook us about like dice in a cup. Consequently, it was hard to maintain more than brief patches of sleep, several of which I woke from to find myself nuzzling with the wise-looking stranger-man sat next to me. His only words to me the entire seven-hour journey were “Something to eat?” when the bus pulled up at an empanada stand at 2am, but I could tell we dug each other’s vibe.

We finally arrived in San Gil at 5am, though tienda porches were still occupied by surly, moustached men, who must have either been coming to the end of their night out, or only just starting their Saturday morning. I must admit, at first I wasn’t entirely at ease with the prospect of trekking across town to get to our hostel at the early hours of the morning; there seemed to be type of ‘y’all ain’t from round here’ vibe as the natives followed along our weary walking with their eyes, as did the vultures which made a wall of speckled blackness on a building on the other side of the river, which we could only assume was some kind of meat factory. However, as the night began to enhance into the day, it was beautifully pleasant to hear San Gil waking up around us; some more people emerged out of their houses and into their cars, while the birds came to and began conducting their chirping orchestra.

It was almost completely light when we arrived at the Hostel Nirvana, and muggy as well. The quaint establishment stood neatly in front of a backdrop of vintage Colombian green mountains against an overcast sky with its contrasting but simultaneously complementing hard cheesy yellow walls and faded red roof tiles. I only needed to be in the place for three seconds before knowing that this was the best hostel we possibly could have booked; in the front room were two cats. Ordinarily, I’d end that sentence with a smugly bracketed ‘(Need I say more?)’, but in this case it is necessary that I say more. Behind the cats, in a humble cardboard box, was a litter of kittens, too shy to come out, too young to walk. The next delightful surprise was the pool out in the back, accompanied by a chunky inflatable crocodile. And I only needed to flick my eyes a flicker upwards to discover the true icing on the cake, a colossal hammock, suspended over the ground below by four mighty wooden masts that I fathom could have supported the hostel’s entire population at a squeeze. So, quickly abandoning the notion to nap until eight o’clock, I joined Stephen and Ela for a crack-of-dawn swim and a lounge on the hammock from heaven as the sun began to sweat its heat through the cloud, and birds of magnificent blues and yellows gathered and somersaulted, and the insects began to drone their sickly then sweet whistling drone. It was a morning that immediately etched itself into my memory, and the day was still new and untouched.

The plan hatched for the day was to head to Barichara, a small colonial town half an hour outside San Gil, and hike from there to Guane, an even smaller colonial town. To get to Barichara, we needed to catch a bus from a dusty, rustic bus station across the main part of town, which in turn entailed walking through the thriving hive of the morning market. In a heat just below the line of unbearable for us gringos, the buzz of activity was staggering. Looking around, there was not a single person not doing something, be they flogging vegetables from a stall, strapping a crate of oranges to their motorbike, or unloaded an enormous sack of twin-pot yoghurt out the back of their car. The fifteen-minute stroll was a mere insight to the hard-work and hustle that goes into the lives of these rural Colombians day in, day out, and anyone who tries to stereotype Latinos as lazy workers clearly does not know what they are talking about.

Barichara was a sweet town; its bright, petite square, boxed in by its clean white buildings on three sides and proud church on the remaining, it was essentially like a scaled down model of Villa De Leyva, where I had visited with Dad a few weeks before. It was a nice place to amble and we got some late breakfast (or arguably early lunch) followed by the most precisely, intricately made coffee I’ve ever had from a single quiet man, a coffee guru of sorts, in his tiny shop. Sufficiently caffeinated, we undertook the hike to Guane, which took us little over two hours, and the entire way round the views over the endless plains were breath-taking, as I have almost come to expect from any exhibition undertaken in this country. The rippling sun exposed all the radiant greens splattered across the landscape like some furious collage, and regularly a bird or lizard would delicately flutter or trickle across the canvas. The walking was tough going at times, so when we did finish up at Guane, a scaled down model of Barichara (so a super scaled down version of Villa De Leyva), we were sticky and uncomfortable enough to want to return to San Gil for a swim. So, as it turned out, the day ended as it started: a dip in the pool and a sink into the hammock. The key difference, however, was that all five of us were beer-in-hand, sat in an outward star formation, looking at the other stars in the murky, polluted night sky with our feet touching in the middle. It was one of those times where everything just syncs up with each other - the music, the setting, the people you’re with – and you know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and every bad thing that’s ever happened to you becomes good because they were events in a long chain reaction that brought you to this moment.

The next day we had wanted to go to the famous Caño Cristales. That didn’t work out, but it doesn’t matter.  Our back up plan was to check out a famous waterfall nearby, allegedly the best thing to do in the Santander area according to TripAdvisor. That didn’t work out either, but it also does not matter. We did some more ambling and headed back to Bogotá a few hours earlier than originally planned, and I watched the darkness of the road wisp past me while I listened to Nick Cave and thought about how crazy it actually is that I’m here, that all these experiences from the past few months are actually happening to me and not some character in a film or a book. I guess this blog could be perceived as boastful sometimes by some people but… you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool.

kingsmanarethenewknights  asked:

Hi ! since you did so good with the other two from last time (which i still read regularly) could you do an OC and Richard one where she's been missing him because he has been away filming but he comes back early to surprise her? thank you p.s you rock!

Why thank you so much!! I’m in the middle of exam week at school at the moment, but only three more days of mock exams and I have 3 free days after that, so I’ll get started on it on Friday, hopefully it should be up on the same day! I love that idea so much! Thank you for suggesting! I get to it asap! ❤
P.P.S: I also roll…

How long to Wait

First Girl Meets World fic, totally inspired by this vine and this is also on AO3

“Well, that went-”


Lucas asks Maya to the prom but does everything go to plan, like it was supposed to?

Lucas finally worked out how to ask Maya Hart to their Senior Prom with three days to spare until the big event.

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Hey~! I've noticed you haven't posted for a while. Are you taking a break, or is this chapter especially long...? (I hope so.) Well, either way, I just wanted to check up on you! :)

Oh! Thanks for checking in! it’s actually a little of both lol

I usually only have one or two days per week that I can use to work on these translation posts (the other 5 days are taken up translating full chapters for PSI Scans) but my spare days for these last three weeks were taken up by a game jam, job hunting, and Breath of the Wild

on top of that, this school festival translation has been taking longer than normal since it covers 3 chapters instead of just one (also the chapters were really wordy and there wasn’t much I could skip over to make it go quicker- especially for the last two chapters)

But I just finished up the school festival arc so I’ll be posting that in just a sec~ and next week I gotta do some more job hunting (and also the translation for the next Hi Score Girl chapter because I’m behind on that now too x_x) but after that hopefully I should be back up to speed!

Sorry for the wait!

My little sunflower

It has barely been three days since school began, but it felt like I have been to this hell for the past three weeks. Like every teenager, I have this big hate when it comes down to school. However, throughout the years, I cared less and less about this unfair system.

I sat in the study room because I had two free periods and since I promised myself to be healthy this year, I was not going to spend it eating McDonalds with Juugo and Suigetsu, infect, I was going to study for my upcoming French test.  I was doing so well with my 2016 resolution, however, remembering that this is only day 3 since I started made me want to crack and go back to doing nothing except eating fried food with coke and ketchup. (I am trying to hold on ,really?!).

I had my earbuds in as I tried to memorize the vocabulary: writing the words and the translation down, marking the spelling errors with a red pen and writing the words over.  I sighed hearing a Taylor Swift song play. I am seriously a sucker for Taylor Swift’s music. I grabbed my phone to scroll through my play list. I had over 300 songs, there must be another song I could listen to that would make me feel less bad about myself.

“Hey~!” I looked up, seeing Naruto standing in front of my desk.  He waved his hand and I pulled the right earbud out so I could hear him clearly.

“What are you doing?” He asked and sat adjacent from my chair.

“What are you doing?” I asked and I didn’t mean for my words to sound so hella lame and pathetic. I saw his confused face. He would stare blankly for a second before frowning slightly, moving his head a little to the left and gave this little smile.

“What?” He asked.

“Hn.  Nothing.” I muttered and turned my eyes back to my book.

“So, what yaaah~ dddoooiinngg~??”  He asked and I couldn’t help but to notice that he kept shaking his right leg as if he was a little puppy wagging his tail in joy.

“Hn. None of your business,” I said.

“Alright, fine, then not, I guess, by the way very rude,” I couldn’t understand much of what he was rambling about. He was talking so fast it reminded me of Izuna having a sugar rush. It even made me want to shut him up by getting my ass up, grabbing his pretty face and just slamming my lips on his, moshing them together so it would be impossible for him to talk again.

“Enough!” I hissed holding my right hand up as some kind of stop sign. I guess my dignity didn’t allow me to precede my first plan. I shook my head.  “Couldn’t you find any of your friends to annoy?” I said and grabbed my pen to continue my studying.  He didn’t respond right away, and that caused me to get a little aware of how ‘hurtful’ my words must have been to him. I looked back up to meet his blue piercing eyes just telling me that I shouldn’t have said that.

“Fine, but you know what, you really are a bastard.” He said and got up and left. I felt this cold air and I swear I heard this sad trumpet music in the background which made clear to me how hard I fucked up.

How to make your crush walk away in less than a minute, a book written by Uchiha wait-for-it Sasuke.

I sighed leaning my head on my right hand. Why couldn’t I just be a nice person? Fuck nice, why couldn’t I be a social person?  I didn’t even raise my pen as I suddenly saw my sunflower walking back to my table, only this time he sat next to me. He didn’t say a word as he grabbed his books from his bag and put them on the table. He then turned his head to me.

“What?” He asked.

“Didn’t I just chase you away?” I didn’t mean it to sound so monotonic, but it happened anyway.

“Haha you wish, and let you win?  No fucking way!” He seemed way too cheerful to realize how foolish he sounded.  “I am going to stay here, and annoy you sooooo~ much, dattebayo.”

“Oh help…I am dying already.” I said, moving my notebook to my left side so it would take up less space.  He laughed and I couldn’t help but to crack a small smile myself. I didn’t have to guess that he probably forgot to take his ADHD medicine. It was pretty obvious with him rolling his chair everywhere, turning it as if it was some kind carousel, and that he couldn’t shut up. He stopped talking and yawned instead, he covered his mouth with his right hand, and I guess the energy had finally come to an end.

“Neh Sasuke?”

“Hnn.” I said still looking at him as he rested his head on the desk.

“What time is it?”

“Still 45 minutes left for physics to start.”  I said. He turned his head up and looked at my phone to see the time.

“35.” He said. I didn’t even bother to re-think; I knew he was right anyway. He grabbed my right arm and leaned his head against it. “I want to sleep.” He muttered.

“Me too.” I said.

“Sasuke~eh..You know?”


“Your arm isn’t made to be a pillow.”

“I am greatly offended.” I said moving my arm around him so his head fell on my chest.

“This is waaaay~ more comfortable,” he said and I just couldn’t help but to smile.

He was just my little sunflower.

Family Matters

Okay so as far as Malec week goes this fit much better with Day 2 but I’m terribly late and putting it up today.  ALSO this was for Anon who prompted “Don’t you ever do that again”   

Happy Reading!!!

Magnus looked at his watch and silently rejoiced as he saw it was only four in the afternoon and he would get an hour or two alone with Alexander before they had to pick up their son, Max, from the birthday party he was at.  Max was going to mundane school, as decided by the three of them, and was doing well with lots of friends and interests.  They had a good and happy life, and Magnus had never expected it quite like this.  He never expected them to be so traditional while still living in the loft they loved and Alec slaying demons as often as he could.  They still had everyone over for dinner now and again, thought it was a tight fit now with a few kids thrown into the mix.  Life was good, and it was only sweeter when he had a few hours to spend with the love of his life uninterrupted.

Magnus stopped off to get some flowers for Alec, who at first denied he loved them but Magnus caught him smelling them every morning as he walked by the front table they rested on.  Roses were his favorite in any and every color so Magnus got an assortment along with some massage oil.  They may not be able to do romantic late at night anymore, but the middle of the afternoon worked just as well.

“Alexander, guess who’s home early?” Magnus called as he entered the house.  He slipped off his shoes and went to see where Alec was.  He didn’t have to go far to see Alec lounging on the couch with a book open on his lap and a glass of wine next to him on the table.  The look on his face said that today hadn’t been the smooth sailing Saturday that was anticipated.  Alec looked frustrated and slightly annoyed for a brief moment before his expression cleared and the smile appeared that Magnus had loved since first setting eyes on it.  

“Magnus, hey!” Alec pulled the blanket aside and gestured for him to sit.  “I am honestly so, so glad you’re home.”

“Are you not normally?”  Magnus teased as he unveiled his surprise.  The grin Alec sported made every extra second worth it.  

“Magnus, those are gorgeous!  Wait, I didn’t forget a special occasion, did I?”  Alec worried his bottom lip between his teeth and looked up at him with anxious blue eyes.  Magnus effortlessly snapped up a vase for the flowers and put them on the coffee table.  He sat next to his husband,who scrambled into his arms at the first opportunity as he always did.

“No, my darling, I just got them because I love you.” A pink tinge appeared on Alec’s cheeks at his words and Magnus pulled him in for a tender kiss.  After a few moments Magnus slipped his tongue between wet, soft lips to deepen the kiss. Alec moaned softly and was completely pliant under his hands before pushing Magnus back gently as the warlock’s hands slipped under his sweater.  

“We aren’t alone I’m afraid,” The regret in Alec’s eyes was palpable as his eyes flickered from Magnus’s eyes to his lips.  Magnus groaned in frustration as he thought of the massage oil that would no longer be used that night.

“What?  I thought Max had that party to go to?” Magnus played with the hair at the nape of Alec’s neck and felt the shadowhunter stiffen under his hands.Alec sighed and rolled his head back to rest on Magnus’s shoulder.

“I told him he couldn’t go.  He’s grounded for a week as a matter of fact.”  Alec shifted so they could look at each other more easily, though he was still as tangled around Magnus as possible.  “I found out he was failing math.  He failed and on top of that he lied to us about his report card. They came out last week. Max has been hiding it from us so he could go to the party.  He’s in middle school and already hiding things from us.  I told him he was in more trouble for lying and hiding thing from us than for the actual grade.  He thinks school is a waste of time now because it’s hard.  I’m even more angry that the only reason he’s failing is that he hasn’t been doing his homework.  He knows the material but he won’t do the outside work.  Which means he’s lied to us countless times before now.”

“I’m guessing your judgement didn’t go over well?”  Magnus brought his hands up to massage Alec’s tense shoulders. It was often up to Alec to play bad cop, and Magnus knew he hated it.  .

“No, not even a little.  He threw a tantrum and stormed into his room. He yelled and slammed things.  It was awful.”  Magnus kissed his cheek and disentangled himself from his husband.

“Look, why don’t you look at what you want us to order for dinner and I’ll go talk to him.  He shouldn’t talk to you the way he does.”  Magnus frowned, all to familiar his son had a sharp tongue when he was angry.  He had been witness to a few fights between father and son.

“He’s just moody and a teenager.  I know he never means what he says.” Alec shuffled through the menus they kept in the small drawer of the coffee table.  The way he wouldn’t meet Magnus’s eyes told the warlock that no matter how much Alec tried to dismiss it, whatever their son had said had hurt.  

“Let me talk to him, okay?  I support what you did.  He can’t be lying to us, or failing his classes for being lazy.   You’re a wonderful father Alec, don’t worry.”

“Thanks for that,” Alec said quietly.  Magnus kissed the top of his head before heading down the hall to their son’s room.  He hated having to discipline Max over anything and would rather go back to the days when any misdeed could more often than not be laughed off as childish antics.  The closer Max got to being an adult, the harder it was going to get.  He was only thirteen, but that felt so much older these days.

“Max?” Magnus knocked on the door.  “Let me in so I can talk to you.”

“Ayah?” Max immediately opened the door with red eyes but a smile on his face.  “I thought you weren’t going to be home until later?”

“Surprise,” Magnus said dryly.  “Mind if I come in?”

“You’re angry,” Max stated with a slight wince.  “You talked to Dad already, damn.”

“Your dad told me about you failing yes,” Magnus affirmed as he sat on Max’s desk chair.His son closed the door softly and stood fidgeting.  Magnus wasn’t often the one to discipline it was true, but it was also true he put up with a lot less than Alec.  “I also know you two were fighting and your father’s face tells me that you said things you shouldn’t have.  Max, you know I don’t tolerate anyone treating your father poorly, and that includes you.  What were you thinking lying to us like that?

“I knew he wouldn’t let me go!” Max whined. “ I knew he’d see that I failed and ban me from the party.  This was going to be such an awesome party and everyone else is going!”

“Your father had every right to ban you from going.” Magnus said firmly, in full support of Alec’s decision. “He caught you lying to us for various things.  You have to be doing your homework, especially when you tell us you have.  School and education are important. You need to apologize to Alec for whatever you said and come join us for dinner. Alright?”

“Yeah,” Max pouted as he sat on his bed sullenly.  Magnus stood and leaned down to brush his son’s hair from his forehead and kiss him fondly.  He headed out to see what Alec had decided on for dinner.

Hours later, after a movie marathon and pizza to put them in good moods before bed, the house was quiet and all the occupants were fast asleep.  That wasn’t meant to last as long as Magnus would have liked it to.

He was woken by a scream that chilled him to the very bone. It sounded like someone was being tortured to death in the worst way possible.  Magnus was instantly awake and sitting up in bed to look around to see what was happening. It only took a moment to see exactly what was wrong and Magnus had to fight the urge to scream himself. Their room was covered in spiders. There were some the size of your hands on the walls with their eyes glittering at you, and dozens on the floor in various sizes scuttling around.  Their bed was completely covered with tiny spiders all over it, and all over them.  The one who screamed could only be his husband with his phobia of the creatures. Magnus had often found his fear pretty amusing in the past, but now it was anything but.  Alec had been brought to tears and was curled up on his side while shivering uncontrollably and trying to avoid touching any of them.  

Magnus took a deep breath and tried to find out how a horde of spiders had appeared in their apartment out of nowhere.  He shuddered as one crawled up his leg and snapped his fingers to make them all disappear.  

“By the Angel,” Alec’s voice was shaking as he opened his eyes at last.  “That was horrible. I don’t think I can move.”  He hadn’t stopped shaking yet, and absent tears kept slipping down his nose.

“Are you alright?” Magnus pulled Alec to him and cradled him to his chest.  “They’re all gone, okay?  No more spiders in here.  You’re okay, darling.”

“I have never, ever seen that many spiders before.”  Alec lay still for a moment before swiping at his arms absently.  “I can still feel them all over me.  Magnus…”  The last word was said in a whimper.  Magnus kissed his temple and rubbed up and down his husband’s sides.

“Go on and take a shower.  It’ll help get rid of that feeling.” Alec shuddered one last time before nodding and hesitantly making his way into the bathroom.  Magnus waited until the shower turned on to know Alec was okay before heading out into the hallway.  He had quickly figured out how that many spiders had just appeared.  They had been magically summoned, and there was only one other warlock in the house at the moment.

“Maxwell Raphael Bane, you get out here right this instant!” Magnus’s voice thundered in the quiet hallway.  The door creaked open and Max slipped out looking honestly afraid and very remorseful.   Magnus clenched his hands into fists and straightened them several times to try and stop them from shaking in anger.He had to forcibly remind himself that this was his son and he was just as precious to him as Alexander was.  He hated when the two of them fought because he was always forced to pick a side.  

“Ayah, I’m so sorry,” Max pleaded with him as he backed up against the wall next to his bedroom door.  “I n-never meant it to happen like that.  It was only supposed to be one spider, not dozens!”

“There are so many things wrong with what you just said.” Magnus muttered as he took his son by the shoulders and looked at  him firmly. “First of all, you never use magic that we have not practiced.  You know that by now.  Bad things, disastrous things, can happen when you don’t let me teach you.   We haven’t gotten to summoning things yet and you never should have tried it.”

“I know,” Max’s voice was small as his cheeks burned pink with shame.

“More importantly,” Magnus’s voice grew louder as he addressed the more important point.  “You never, never, use your magic to harm anyone.  You know very well that your father is terrified of spiders.  I don’t care how angry you may get, you don’t use magic to hurt people.  I taught you to be a better man than that haven’t I?”

“Yes, Ayah,” Max was biting his lip as he glanced at the closed door down the hall.  “Is Dad okay?  Was he really scared?  I thought you two were only joking when you said Dad was really that afraid of spiders. I thought Dad wasn’t afraid of anything.”  

“Everyone is afraid of something,” Magnus confirmed. “Your dad will be alright.  He’s shaken up, but he’ll survive.  You will profusely apologize to him first thing in the morning.  You will stop lashing out at him for mistakes you make. I don’t know what you said to him this afternoon, but I do know you hurt him a lot.  I do not let anyone hurt your father, you hear me?  I’m not going to be putting up with this anymore.  Alec has done a lot for you, given you everything he’s got, and you are doing him a disservice by behaving the way you do.”

“Are you lecturing at three in the morning?” A sleepy voice said and two pairs of eyes turned to see Alec drowned in one of his old sweaters and a pair of boxers with damp hair over his forehead.  Magnus thought he looked adorable, but was concerned at the way Alec was folded into himself and red-rimmed eyes.  

“Feel better, darling?” Magnus asked as he opened his arm to invite Alec for a hug.  Even after years together Alec never passed that kind of invitation and in moments was folded under Magnus’s arm.

“Yeah, mostly.” Alec turned his head to peer at Max.  “You summoned those things then?  Really?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” Max said earnestly as his eyes watered.  “It was an awful thing for me to do and I never wanted that many to appear!  I was just angry with you and all my friends were telling me how fun the party was.   I never wanted to make you cry.” Max finished softly with tears of his own escaping. Instantly Alec left Magnus’s side to wrap their son in a tight hug. Magnus frowned, unsure if Max should be forgiven quite so quickly.  Then again, he wasn’t exactly surprised.  He had always said Alec was the most loving person he knew.  

“OKay, no more tears,” Alec whispered as he kissed Max’s hair.  “I know you’re sorry.  We all make stupid decisions when we’re angry.  I just really hate spiders is all and being this tired didn’t help my reaction any.  It’s okay, love.” Magnus felt his heart warm as he watched them together.   They were his entire world, and even after being startled from sleep in the middle of the night he still felt like this was the best life he could have ever asked for.  

“Back to bed, for all of us,” Magnus announced.  He pulled Max to him for a hug as well before shooing him towards his room. “We’ll go get breakfast in the morning from Taki’s.”

“Yes,” Max and Alec both cheered quietly making Magnus chuckle. They parted ways to climb into bed.  Magnus held Alec to him tightly and rubbed his back softly.

“Are you truly alright?” Magnus had to check one last time.

“I’ll be having a nightmare or two about that.” Alec joked as he nuzzled Magnus’s chest.  “That was like a horror movie come to life.”

“I didn’t know you could do that, summon so many,” Magnus mused, trying to find some amusement in it.  “Not that that would be something I was ever inclined to try.”

“You won’t tell anyone I cried, will you?”  Alec peered up at him through the darkness.  HIs blue eyes seemed much happier than a few moments ago.

“I’ll ,keep it a secret, promise.” Magnus kissed his forehead.  “I love you Alexander Lightwood, almost as much as I love Max.”

“He’ll be as great of a warlock as his Ayah one day,” Alec predicted as he settled down to sleep.  “You better watch your title Mr. High Warlock, or it’ll be taken out from under you.”

“Funnily enough, I’mn not sure I’d mind all that much,” Magnus mused as he slowly fell asleep.  Yes, this life was better than anything he could have dreamed up.