only thing ive done this whole time

Sex with Queenie would include...

A/N: Before I start I would like to say this isnt a man and woman, its woman and woman. I can’t really write in a man’s pov lmao so sorry for all the people reading this suddenly bumped out its gay but if you are here cause its gay welcome you sinner and I hope you enjoy (also you should expect Queenie x fem!reader cause like thats all that ive done)

  • Queenie talking sweet things to you on how much she loves you, how beautiful you are, how you mean the world to her.
  • She is very much a handsy girl, she really likes to touch your stomach, caress your cheek, kiss your inner thighs, etc.
  • The whole “marking as mine” thing she only does when she is really into it.
  • She was nervous at first because both of you have never had sex with another woman but you found comfort in each other
  • First time was gentle and beautiful and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • She doesn’t cuss much, just a lot of breathy gasps or quiet moans which makes you smile.
  • She acts innocent but y’all would be WRONG 
  • the second or third time around she knows every good spot and she knows exactly what your thinking
  • sometimes she doesn’t read your mind because she wants it to be a shock value for the both of you
  • she told you that once and you thought she was kidding
  • she wasnt
  • Kisses all the way down to your thigh because she loves the way you shake with pleasure
  • she likes to taste all of you, whether that would be north or south if you know what I mean
  • she loves being tangled around you and impossibly close to you
  • Even while you are on your high she still whispers beautiful things to you about how beautiful you are like this. How good you made her feel, how lovely your body is
  • When you wake up, you can still find her wrapped around you cradling you

um so this was more fluff than I expected but this would probably happen ngl

I apoligize for any spelling/grammar mistakes

nireos  asked:

if youre still doing the artist asks: 7, 9, 14, 18, 20

i am i am

7. How often do you use references?

i didnt use them for a long while but recently ive started using them a lot more. its more just looking at a certain pose if im having trouble but occasionally ill purposely reference a whole piece for practice. stuff ive done in a more paint-y style are always heavily referenced

9. How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

mmm i mean i try to draw every day. probs about an hour ish? on average? 1-2 i guess

14. Do you ever collaborate with others?

aha i wish. id love to do those sketch-line-colour type things n stuff but ive never really had the opportunity because ive only ever had 1 art friend. if anyone was interested tho let me know

18. What are you currently trying to improve on?

feet for the most part. ive had to draw them a lot with my commission work so im getting better. god i hate them tho

20. What is the easiest thing for you to draw?

chibi sketches and doodles for sure. generally headshots are pretty easy for me too :)

things to imagine the Garde doing

(based off things ive done/seen in real life)

• Marina and Eight playing Mario Party 8 on the Wii and accidentally setting the CPU to “very hard” mode, and then regretting it and teaming up together to make sure that CPU doesn’t win

• Nine going up to the front Six’s house when it’s dark and then taking a picture of it on Snapchat, captioning it “come outside we need to talk” and sending it to her, then proceeding to run away before she actually comes out

• them going out as a group except only Eight can’t make it that day, so Marina spends the whole time snapchatting random pics of the outing to Eight instead of actually talking to the rest of them and then Six making fun of her for it

• They all organize a bonfire as a group but then they don’t realize that there’s two beaches of the same shortened name three miles away from each other, and half of them end up going to the wrong beach and having to walk an hour to the right beach and being pissed as hell when they arrive (seriously, looking at u huntington beach)

• They all go to Vegas for a winter break, but they stay at different hotels bc of booking conflicts. One night Nine is driving John and Sarah to the others’ hotel but they take the Strip and the traffic is so bad that it takes an hour to drive like two miles

• Marina and Ella sneakily follow and take pictures of a hot stranger at the park that looks like their celebrity crush, and Six and Sarah seriously judging them

• them going over to Nine’s house for a hangout and then Sarah getting a bad allergic reaction to all the dust in the place

• Adam won’t let the girls in his house for some reason when they all agree to hangout together, so the girls camp out in his driveway and eat the food that Eight sneaks out for them

• the whole group trying to fit themselves into a Polaroid picture and failing

• the whole group trying to fit themselves into a photo booth picture and failing

• the whole group filming a group truth or dare video to upload onto YouTube, but at that time Eight’s obsessed with a mobile game he’s trying to beat and in the corner of the video you can just see Marina and Eight staring intently into his phone screen

• Eight wearing a “free hugs” sweater one day and Marina secretly getting jealous of all the other girls that get to hug him

• Sam accidentally breaking his ankle for the second time in a semester bc he tripped when trying to pick up a basketball

• having a disfunctional group chat in which they spam so much that Adam just leaves

• they rent one of those huge nine people bikes but Ella and Maggie just sings at the top of their lungs the whole time, annoying Adam (who is driving) so much that he just crashes the bike off course and walks away

Cry has done so much for so many people. Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I had never stumbled upon him. I’m not very good with words. But I really, really admire the guy okay?

pls be gentle im still trying to grasp this whole digital art thing

people continue to hurt me and literature/art continues to be nice to me so im just gonna go ahead and say that im really glad i have literature and im really proud of all ive accomplished and excited about all i will accomplish and im glad no one can take that away from me…. im also glad that for the first time in my life my family has started to be really proud of the things ive done bc theyve been the only ones around the whole time and turns out they actually do care which is surprising…. i need at least some ppl to be proud of me tbh it feels Good !!