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I don’t give a damn! (Skate Maloley)

Hi, can you do one with Skate where he and y/n will get caught in Starbucks by fans, they don’t really like her because she’s not VS model, she has a little bit of acne and they will be kinda rude to her so Skate’ll stand up for her and later the day one fan will tweet a photo of her and y/n from the morning the day where she’s with y/n and y/n’s not wearing make-up and fans will apologize because she’s pretty cute and beautiful in own way? Thanks! Love you!

– I’ve been so excited to write this because I love writing uplifting stuff where their girlfriend’s aren’t perfect and have imperfections because I think it makes people feel amazing when they read it. Thank you, I love you too x 

It was a regular Saturday with Skate, you were both extremely hung over from the night before and Starbucks was the only thing on your mind. You order your favorite, and Skate orders his and while you wait you sit in his lap resting your make up free cheek against his cotton t-shirt. He rubs your back and smiles as he presses a kiss to your temple. Once your drinks are given to you, you grab them and take a seat at one of the tables enjoying each other’s company as you drink his hand intertwines with yours across the table and suddenly his eyes become wide as he sees a couple girls entering the small store. 

You turn around to see where he’s looking and instantly regret going scrub today without makeup. Your acne wasn’t as bad as it used to be, but there were only a few people you’d let see you without covering it up, Skate being one of them. The girls wrinkle their nose at you but nonetheless pay more attention to Nate as he stands up and gives them each a hug, “hey girls, enjoying your Saturday?” 

“It just got better.” One of them says, glancing at you before giggling devilishly. Your heart drops to the pit of your stomach and you swallow hard looking down at your hands. Of course you were no Victoria’s Secret model, but Nate assured you many times that he wasn’t looking for that…and he loved you regardless of your acne, and regardless of the little weight you carried around your hips. He didn’t care about split ends, small boobs, muffin tops, acne scars, cellulite…he cared about you, and Nate thought you were fucking flawless. However, as the girls each in turn look at you and smirk before turning back to Skate to flirt your self-confidence landslides. 

“Do you uh, mind taking a picture for one?” The taller one asks you, raising her eyebrows pointedly–her tone was quite rude. Nodding you stand up, and snap the picture, in the picture Skate doesn’t even look happy he looks concerned. 

“Your welcome.” He snaps at the girls, who quickly thank you once you hand the camera back, “doesn’t y/n look so pretty today? I think she deserves a picture as well, hmm?” He snatches away the camera and quickly snaps a picture of you and the girls…it was a candid picture because none of you were expecting it. After Nate and the girls aid their goodbyes, Nate sits back down and takes your hand again. 

“Hey, hey…they’re just jealous.” He assures you, and you nod in agreement, but you still don’t believe him. 

Hours later, as you’re scrolling through twitter you notice the candid picture covering your mentions with comments such as, “face goals”, “oh my god she’s so pretty”, “skate’s so lucky I want to be her!”, “whoever calls her ugly is just jealous of her natural beauty,” “she’s beautiful in her own way…we’re so sorry for some rude fans that don’t actually care about Nate…he makes you happy!” 

Smiling, you type back to a few and lastly see the picture on Nate’s feed with one caption that overrides them all, “I don’t give a damn! She’s not Victoria’s Secret but she sure is Skate’s secret!(;” 

You guys are all so beautiful in your OWN way and trust me if a boy loves you the rest doesn’t matter–eat the piece of cake! - B x 

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Headcanons on what the GoM+ Kagami would order from a coffee shop depending on the season (minus Kuroko because it's obvs XD)

these are all off of the starbuck’s menu bc……. yeah. Some of these drinks may not be available in your country. Or mine. But they exist. 

Disclaimer: i have no idea what i’m talking about throughout the whole thing. I drink one drink only. No matter the season. Sometimes I mix it up with the iced version of the drink. 


Winter: Toffee Nut Latte (he likes the crunchy bits)

Spring: Iced Vanilla Latte (it’s cold with a little bit of caffeine to it, so he’s fully energized to start practicing basketball in the morning. Really wakes him up). 

Summer: Hazlenut Frappuccino (He loves the taste, and it’s cold. It’s perfect. So simple, yet so effective). 

Fall: Mocha Frappuccino (he has a lot of body heat, so the cold drink doesn’t bother him. Plus it tastes yummy. What more reason does he need?)


Winter: Peppermint Mocha (it makes him feel christmas-sy. After drinking some he goes and wraps himself in christmas lights. He’s very into christmas)

Spring: Green Tea Creme Frappuccino (it’s such a nice spring green colour. Also since it’s warmer he can break out the colder drinks)

Summer: Orange Mango Smoothie (do they have smoothies in coffee shops? Starbucks does. Anyway, he likes to think that it’s refreshing and just the slightest bit healthier than coffee). 

Fall: Pumpkin Spiced Latte (because obviously??)


Winter: Eggnog Latte (Midorima likes to stay traditional during Christmas. So eggnog.)

Spring: Earl Grey Tea (the changing seasons mess up his immune system, so he needs to drink a lot of tea so as not to feel like death)

Summer: Iced Tea (they don’t carry that red bean soup in coffee shops, right? so iced tea is his summer go to)

Fall: Toasted Graham Latte (It makes him feel cozy… don’t laugh)


Winter: Gingerbread Latte (not too sweet, but very flavourful. Like him. Plus Aomine is secretly really into christmas)

Spring: Iced Cappuccino (he likes cappuccinos. But this one is cold. Amazing)

Summer: Iced Cappuccino (he doesn’t bother with change)

Fall: Cappuccino (It’s a really straightforward drink. He can’t remember all the complicated names)


Winter: Christmas Cookie Latte (Liquefied cookies? Sign him the fuck up)

Spring: Double Chocolately Chip Creme Frappuccino (double the chocolate chips? yes please)

Summer: Caramel Frappuccino with two pumps of chocolate and some vanilla bean sauce (summer is when he experiments. He just lists a bunch of random things from the menu and sees what he ends up with)

Fall: Caramel Macchiato (it’s warm and sweet. Like him)


Winter: Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate (It’s soothing. And warm. Don’t question his decisions)

Spring: Jade Citrus Mint Iced Tea (It has a distinct spring freshness about it that really appeals to him)

Summer: Shaken Ice Black Tea (It’s cold and flavourful. It gets the job done). 

Fall: Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino (the cinnamon makes him feel very “fall”. It calms down his urge to go lay in a pile of leaves)



Wallace Stevens


    Among twenty Starbucks patrons

    The only moving thing

    Was the steam from the coffee.


    The barista was of three minds

    Like an order

    In which there are three coffees.


    The coffee steam whirled in the autumn winds.

    It was a small part of the order.


    A barista and a poet

    Are one.

    A barista, a poet, and a coffee black

    Are one.


    The barista did not know which to prefer

    The beauty of lattes

    Or the beauty of cappuccinos

    The espresso machine whistling

    Or just after.


    Icicles filled the Starbucks window

    With barbaric glass.

    The shadow of the poet

    Crossed it, to and fro.

    His mood

    Traced in the shadow

    An indecipherable order.


    O thin patrons of Starbucks,

    Why do you imagine eggnog lattes?

    Do you not see how the coffee black

    Waits on the counter

    Of the baristas before you?


    The barista knows unpronounceable names

    And complicated spellings

    But she knows, too,

    That the coffee black is involved

    In what she knows.


    When the coffee was placed on the counter

    It marked the edge

    Of one of many counters.


    At the sight of coffee blacks

    Backlit by the green logo

    Even the baristas of Starbucks

    Would inhale sharply.


    He came to Starbucks from Connecticut

    Through the glass door.

    Once, a fear pierced him

    In that he mistook

    Someone else’s drink

    For his own.


    The machine is moving.

    The coffee must be brewing.


    It was evening all afternoon.

    It was snowing

    And it was going to snow.

    The coffee black sat

    In the hands of Wallace Stevens.