only they would show a nun fight

Forbidden Fruit

Rumbelle One Shot, in which Gold is a priest and Belle a nun confessing her sins… oops, I don’t know how that happened.

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

1600 words


It was one of those cold, murky days, when every person with at least one functioning brain cell stayed home. Or, at least, knew better than to go to church to pester Father Gold with confessions of one biscuit too many, envy of their neighbor’s shiny new car, or the occasional attempt to incriminate someone else with murder (if he had known how often he would hear that confession in a small town like Storybrooke, he would have begged to be sent somewhere else, like, the Bahamas). Not even the prospect of getting a glimpse of the latest affair-developments (his own, personal soap-opera) could lift his spirits, and his bad leg tingled with the cold that swept inside the dark church from time to time, through the clock tower, or that blasted broken window above the gallery, where the pigeons came in to nest in the organ.

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