only the parts where hes a bb

amistillfeeling  asked:


“Do you have a favorite trope and/or AU for your OTP?”



I love the trope where Raven pursues Beast Boy! Too often I see it the other way around, but I can’t help and think she’d do some of the chasing! 

Angst tropes are good too. AKA, character A only knowing what character B means to them when nearly losing them. Good stuff. 

As for AU, I’m working on something called “The Switch” (as you know) where Raven is dating Richard, and Starfire and Beast Boy are engaged, but the couples swap partners for a few months as part of a compatibility experiment. Of course, it goes wrong as certain parties involved are more invested than others. 

Another AU I’d like to read is maybe a team led by Beast Boy instead, where he recruits Raven and they somehow stumble into a relationship.

Also, BB and Raven settling down post hero work and just living normal lives with their adopted kids. Always good.

Maybe teacher!BB having Raven’s son/daughter in his class and the kid is struggling because Raven is a single parent, and she’s really young, but the kid isn’t actually hers, she just took them in because she felt responsible when their real parents died? So she’s forced into this role and everyone judges her because they assume she got knocked up at like, fifteen and now her life is a downward spiral, and that poor kid should have a better home. So Raven is angry and full of hate and doesn’t trust people, but BB shows an interest in the kid and, somehow, they wind up dating before becoming a happy little family where BB cooks breakfast for the three of them in the mornings at Raven’s shitty apartment complex while singing songs and dancing in her kitchen. 


I mean, i still have GB and Hellfire and BH to finish.