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hey, liam was drawing Zs on himself during his GN performance. just wanna point that out lol

Okay, to be fair he kinda was but I think mostly it was just the way it was choreographed. However, you gave me an excuse to watch Liam’s performance for the one millionth time since yesterday so it’s hardly a sacrifice on my part (plus compared to my other asks this was kinda light-hearted and fun).

Basically he did it 3 times as far as I can tell. Each time it happened during the chorus where he sings “so put your hands on my body” (although Liam is the only one who completes the hand motions, not the dancers).

First time at :53 in (it almost happened at :14 but not quite):

Second time at 1:56:

And then third time at 2:32:

Whether or not this was a nod to Zayn well, sure why not! 

I haven’t been called a tinhat for nothing so reach with me, nonnie!

I want you and just you (A Brett Talbot Imagine)

-Y/N’s POV-
As my older brother obviously Stiles wasn’t fond of Liam when we had first started dating. Thinking he had to be overprotective and psychotic. Then as time went on Stiles started to accept it and like Liam. Now almost a year after we started dating Stiles is back to hating Liam, but this time I don’t blame him. Actually Stiles and I are on the same boat. The I hate Liam Dunbar ship. It’s not just like one day I decided oh I’m done loving my boyfriend I’m going to start hating him.

Wouldn’t you be pissed if you had asked your boyfriend two months ago if he had a thing for that Hayden girl and he said no and that the only girl in his life that mattered was you. And then a month later you find Liam literally, and I mean literally on top of Hayden. Yeah good times good times.. But that’s not the worst part, the worst part is he blames me. Oh wait it gets better. He says if I hadn’t been so up Talbot’s ass maybe he wouldn’t of done it. Now yes Brett has been known to flirt with me and yes Liam has gotten jealous but I only talked to Brett when Liam was around. And I hadn’t seen Brett since we had asked him if he knew about Tracy which was almost 3 months ago. It wasn’t like I was always with the kid. I barely saw him

Back to the point when Stiles heard Liam’s excuse it took Scott, Lydia, Malia, Kira, and myself to literally pull Stiles off the beta. I’m not saying Liam didn’t deserve it but when you fuck with Stiles’ family.. let’s just say Stiles doesn’t take to well to that. So being that Stiles is definitely the captain of our little ship of hatred for Dunbar tonight’s pack meeting was definitely going to be awkward. Not only were Stiles and Liam forced into the same room so was Liam, Hayden, myself, and the one and only Brett Talbot. Lovely.

Now since the pack meeting was at my house I could of probably just laughed in everyone’s face and locked all the doors and windows before Hayden, and Liam got to the house but me being the mature teenager I was I took the high road. Actually Scott had gotten there an hour early with Kira so Stiles and I couldn’t do anything mischievous before everyone got here. As soon as Liam and Hayden got here Stiles was ready to run to the kitchen and get one of the knives. But he couldn’t not that he didn’t want to but Deputy Parrish was coming today so Stiles was really shit out of luck. Unless he wanted to go to jail, but I don’t think dad would appreciate that so much so I sat Stiles back down.

Then Brett came. Now of course I think Brett is attractive and all. He’s also really funny and charming but I’m not a hoe hoe like some people **cough cough** Hayden **cough cough** so I would never get into a relationship so soon after ending one. But whoever said I can’t have fun or observe.
“Hey Y/N/N.” Brett greeted me.
“Hey Brett.” I said in a flirtatious manner making Liam growl. Oops my bad, did I hurt his feelings. But I stopped at that not wanting to hurt Brett or use him in anyway knowing how betrayal feels. The pack meeting went on Stiles occasionally glaring at Liam and saying that we should chloroform all three of the bastards and lock them all in a holding cell at the jail meaning Liam, Hayden, and Theo. Scott immediately turning him down not believing Theo is guilty of anything, and saying that he can’t just kidnap people because they hurt me.
“But you did kidnap him just because he turned right. Okay just wanted to make sure we were clear on the COMPLETE DOUBLE STANDARDS WE HAVE HERE.” Stiles screamed at Scott.
“Okay that’s enough no need to kill anyone or use any sort of chemical on any assholes okay.” I said looking directly at Liam and Hayden when I said assholes.

After that whole fight we need a break so Lydia, and Scott dragged Stiles outside, and Brett and I went in the kitchen to get away from the couple cuddling on the couch.
“You know he’s a complete dick for what he did to you right.” Brett said as I searched through my fridge desperately looking for chocolate to shove down my throat.
“Yeah it’s whatever though.” Finally finding my damn chocolate.
“No I’m serious Stilinski he didn’t realize what he had. He had such a beautiful, badass, intelligent girl who has the biggest heart. I would have killed to be in his spot and all he can do is sit there with a smug look on his face as he pisses your brother off and makes out with his stupid side piece that will be gone in a week. I mean honestly I have been waiting to be with you since that night at the lacrosse field when I had saved his stupid ass from turning. I just I find it hard to believe that he can just give you up with no regrets. I want you and only you. I always have and I always will and that dipshit sitting on your couch had you and he hurt you more than you let on and I hate it because I know you and I know your trying to push through this problem even though you are literally dying inside and it make me want to kill him.” When Brett finished his eyes were flashing gold and you were just staring at him in astonishment.
“You really think all that about me?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
And that’s all it took and I kissed him. I know what you thinking and no he’s not a rebound because Liam has never thought those things about me or made me feel like those things could ever be true. When I’m with Brett I do feel like everything he just said is true. I feel beautiful and smart and badass. And it took just a little heartbreak to realize it.
“I would really like to take you on a date Y/N if it’s not too soon for you.” He said we pulled away.
“I would really like you to take me on a date Brett.” I said as I leaned our foreheads together wearing the biggest smile I think I’ve ever had.

BSM 109: You Ask an Awkward Question

A/N: Guess who’s back?? And it feels good! anyways enjoy and please feedback? wanna see if I still have it and I need help on my bsm page so help?

 Liam (Age 7): You had come home from a shopping trip with your mom. Liam had recently come on tour so you wanted to go and buy him a welcome home present. But, along the way, you heard some fans yell some things you just didn’t understand. You waited until you were home and went running to Liam with his gift. “LI!” You yelled. He smiled. “Yes?” “Well, I have this present for you but the girls were saying stuff and I wanted to know what it means.” “Well” He said sitting down bringing you in front of him. “What did they say?” “What’s a dick and why do they want yours?” Liam quickly went wide eyed. Never would he have thought that would ever come out of your mouth. “E-excuse me?” “Yeah and they said it was ten inches and why’s a dick so long?” He looked at you with a shocked expression. “Well, uh um, basically it’s a boy’s ‘parts’” He said delicately. “A boy part?” “Yes babe. Only boys have them, but don’t say that anymore.” “Why” “It’s not a good word. We say a boy’s part” You nodded. “Now uh let’s uh see what’s up with you gift yeah?” He asked quickly trying to change the conversation so he didn’t have to fully explain to a seven year old.

Louis (Age 6): You were up in your room playing with your toys minding your own business while your brother was downstairs with the boys playing around and watching a movie. You decided that you were getting bored and wondered down to the living room where you overheard Louis talking. “Oh dude!” He laughed. “Please tell me you used a condom?” All the boys started laughing and stopped when you walked in and smiled. “Lou Lou?” You asked climbing into his lap. “Yes bug?” “What’s condom?” All the boys laughed as Louis glared at them. “Well um. It’s for a boy” You nodded. “I want one” “NO!” He said cutting you off. “Baby you can’t it’s um for a boy and um um help?” He looked to the other guys hopeful. Liam spoke up. “It’s to protect a little boy from cuties from girls” You gasped. He nodded at you. “And the boys have to protect themselves so that they don’t get the cooties and they can be manly and save princess like you!” Louis sighed in relief as you switched from his lap to Liam’s to discuss more about this princess and cooties and the protection ordeal. Louis was just glad he didn’t have to explain it just yet to you.

Niall (Age 9): You had heard a bunch of the girls in the grades above you talking about their period. You were very curious about what cramps were, and what is actually was. You had known your brother Niall was coming to pick you up today, so you decided to wait until he to school until ask him. You were anxious all through the day and finally you ran when the final bell rang. You quickly gathered all your things and made a mad dash to Niall’s car. He saw you and helped you in. “Hi princess how was your day?” He asked starting the drive home. “What’s a period?” You blurted out. “What?” Niall asked shocked. “I asked. What’s a period?” He awkwardly coughed. “Where did ya hear that?” “Girls were talking about blood somewhere and someone said she wanted chocolate because of her period.” You explained. “Well um, uh a period is basically.” He quickly stopped not really sure how to answer the question. “A period is what a girl has” “So I have one!?” “No baby not yet. In a few years.” He kept you busy talking about school hoping to try and distract you. “NIALL WHAT IS IT” You finally got tired of it. “Ask mommy princess, I can’t fully explain it” He gave up.

Harry (Age 10): You were a curious child. Well, curious was an understatement. You wanted to know everything everyone was talking about and what it meant. You had been at school and over heard your teachers talking about some book and you wanted to know. So, you went home to Harry and played fifty questions. “Haz?” You asked. “Yes?” He asked making you your afternoon snack. “Two of my teachers today were talking about a book and I wanna know what it’s about.” “Well, what book is it love?” He looked up. “Fifty Shades of Grey. Are there really fifty different shades of grey?” You asked. He stopped and looked up turning red. He quickly shook his head and handed you your snack. “Well, babe. Um it’s a book for grown-ups” “I’m a grown up. You told me that” “Well, for like Gemma and Lou” You nodded. “Is it about colors?” He chuckled slightly. “No babe. It’s not about colors.” “Then what’s it about?” “It’s a little above your head” He stated cleaning up. “Plllllleassse” You begged. “No (y/n). It’s not a good book for you to know or read” “Fine. Then I’ll go find Gemma” You jumped down running to find your sister and finally get the answer you didn’t really want to know after being told.

Zayn (Age 5): You had woken up and yawned looking around. You hadn’t been able to sleep very well last night and you wanted to know why. You got up and made your way to Zayn’s room guessing that he was still asleep. You were curious if Perrie was here since she was there when you went to bed. You walked in and saw Zayn but no Perrie. You shrugged and climbed onto Zayn and giggled. “ZAYNIE!” You yelled as he jumped. He groaned and fell back. “What?” He asked. “I couldn’t sweep last night.” He sat up more holding you still. “Oh? And why is that?” “Well I heard wots of banging and Pewwie yelling go hawder. Why was she yelling that?” You asked. Zayn froze and went wide eyed. “W-What?” He asked. You nodded. “She was yelling hawder! lowdly” He gulped. “Well, I-we were hanging up some pictures on the wall that you drew and Perrie didn’t think that I was hammering hard enough. But I told her we had to be quiet because you were sleeping” You nodded. “Banging?” “I was putting pictures up baby girl.” You nodded “How about some breakfast now?” You jumped down and ran off as Zayn reminded himself to watch out next time he and Perrie were 'busy hanging pictures up’.