only the dead have seen the end of war

“A German mother shields the eyes of her son as they walk with other civilians past a row of exhumed bodies outside Suttrop, Germany. The bodies were those of 57 Russians killed by German SS troops and dumped in a mass grave before the arrival of troops from the U.S. Ninth Army. Soldiers of the 95th Infantry division were led by informers to the massive grave on May 3, 1945. Before burial, all German civilians in the vicinity were ordered to view the victims.”


“As Americans of the U.S. 25th Division advance over ground at the edge of Balete Pass in northern Luzon, Philippines on April 12, 1945, they pass a dead Japanese soldier, fallen across a bomb-splintered tree.”


“A U.S. Marine, killed by Japanese sniper fire, still holds his weapon as he lies in the black volcanic sand of Iwo Jima, on February 19, 1945, during the initial invasion on the island. In the background are the battleships of the U.S. fleet that made up the invasion task force.”



 So a few weeks ago I thought I got rid of all the fire ants that had taken up residence in my backyard; oh boy was I was wrong. 

The fire ants have returned to my backyard in greater numbers and have begun to aggressively expand their hills. I will give them tonight to finish constructing their defenses and will begin my campaign in the morning. I underestimated the tenacity my enemy during my last assault; a mistake I will not make again.

Above on the first image I’ve outlined in red the currently known nests and marked where I believe others could be in blue.

Phase one of my assault is outlined in the second image; I plan to cut off their exits by saturating the lawn in insecticide spray, once they have no way of retreating and their mounds are wet I’ll begin to pick at them via shovel.

The final phase of my plan is outlined in the final image; In the midst of their efforts to rebuild I’ll deploy poisoned ant food to their hills and wait for them to destroy themselves. 

I know not what horrors await me on tomorrows battlefield, it was not my wish for our tentative peace to come to such a violent end. Alas the time for sweet thoughts of pacifism are over now, war is the only answer left.

Wish me luck comrades.