only the cutest thing i have ever seen

I am literally in love with the fact I get to see how my little cousins interact even with a language barrier. On my mom’s side, I have a 3 year old little cousin who only speaks French, and on my dad’s side I have a 2 year old cousin who only speaks Spanish. When they play together it is so funny to see them blabber on and on to each other until one of them hears a word that sounds familiar and then they just repeat that word and nod like they’re totally connecting. Like today the one that speaks Spanish said “Venga a poner los pantalones en la muneca!” and the other heard “pantalones” and was just like “Oui, pantalon!” They’re best friends and it’s the cutest and funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • <p> <b>What she says :</b> i'm fine<p/><b>What she means :</b> can you believe that even saw isak the first day of school he basically had a crush on him and it's only two months after that he started to talk to him and he ended up being the boyfriend of the cutest smol bean i've ever seen it hurts me so bad to think that season 3 is over i want to see them cuddle again and kiss in the kitchen oh this kitchen have seen so much i wish i could be one of the walls of this room to spy them kissing listening to gabrielle and saying cute things to each other even if i don't speak a word of norwegian please bring evak in season 4<p/></p>

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There's a girl in my painting class that makes me feel like I'm going crazy. I've never met her before, and I have only ever said one thing to her. My class is 5th block, right after my open lunch, so I usually end up walking back at the same time as her. Well yesterday she held the door open for me, and I said thank you. She glanced back at me giving me a tiny smile. I immediately swooned. She is the cutest girl I have ever seen (dont tell my best friend lol). Girls are scary though.

This is so pure! I’m not sure how you can maybe talk to her more, maybe wave one day when you pass her or like tap her shoulder and say you think she looks cute. (: This is actually so sweet and pure. I hope you get to see her more ❤️

gendered baby clothes are the stupidest thing i have ever heard of. so at my friends baby shower it has raffles that if you bring diapers and a children’s book, you get two tickets so my bestie and i picked at the sickest children’s book about dinosaurs and there was this sleepsuit with the cutest dinosaurs i have ever seen on it so we’re like obviously we need to match it and make a theme and i came home to show mom and she’s all worried that it’s too “boyish” for a baby girl because it’s blue and gray dinosaurs

like a baby doesn’t give a shit what they’re wearing, they just want a tit

Lucio Appreciation Post

 This may sound corny af but the fact that EVERYONE likes Lucio is so heartwarming to me.Everyone describes him as a cinna roll. No one speaks ill about him. Everyone just thinks hes the cutest thing ever and its so fucking touching. That fact that his character represents happiness and hope just makes me so tear up tbh because Ive never seen a black man in a video game represented like this. All the games I grew up playing as a child represented black men as thugs or NBA basketball players. If there was a black man in a game he would have little to no personality and his only goal was to stand there and look threatening. And even if they weren’t meant to be threatening, they would get made fun of by the gaming community. Just look at Sean from Street Fighter. He has a good personality and he isn’t bad but people make fun of his character all the time. But now we have Lucio. Just this smiling, dubstep gun wielding cutie. Who brings joy to his people, the Overwatch fandom, and just the Overwatch crew in general. Okay im done. I just needed to get that out.

“idk you but you fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus and the only reason i’m letting you stay there is bc you look very comfy and i’m a good person - it’s totally not bc you’re also possibly the cutest and most precious human being i have ever seen hahah okay maybe a lil” au

It was raining, like honest to god torrential downpour. Carmilla, clad in her usual leather, had luckily escaped it, the bus showing up literally seconds before it started. The young woman that had gotten on at the next stop hadn’t been so lucky; the poor thing was soaked to the bone and now dripping water next to Carmilla.

“S-Sorry” She murmured, pulling her hair to her left side, rubbing her tan goosebump covered arms.

Carmilla eyed her curiously, from the hints of gold visible in her damp hair to the tone of her biceps. Yoga? Pilates?

“I’d offer you my jacket” The woman looked to her, eyes bright.

“But I doubt leather sticking to your wet arms is going to make you feel better”

She laughed and Carmilla couldn’t help but smile, the sound was so light.

“You’re right, but thank you for offering”


Carmilla relaxed more in her seat, putting her boots on the chair in front.

“I like your pants”

“Thanks, you’ve got great arms”

The woman crossed her arms, unconsciously squeezing her biceps.

“Oh..thank you. I like to work out, I actually just came from a class”

“Knew it” Carmilla grinned. “Pilates or Yoga?”

“Neither, I mean I do some Yoga at home, but I actually take Krav Maga” 

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Me Reading Fairy Tail Chapter 416

Me: So tired but I'mma read the chapter like


*sees Aquarius’ broken key*


Makarov says that he doesn’t plan to rebuild the guild and says that it “marks the end of an era”.

Me: Woah woah woah wait, don’t tell me they’re gonna disband O_O

Laxy and the Raijinshuu have recovered and he literally glomps them.

Me: That is probably the most cutest thing I have ever seen him do 

*pages 6-10*

Me: *sees Lucy and Wendy being like sisters* n'gawww

       *sees tiny Gajevy moment* YASSS

       *Natsu and Happy look like they’re packing up* Damn, you               guys are ric- wait, WHY ARE YOU TALKING LIKE YOU’RE                   GOING SOMEWHERE?

After that, the shipping feels hit me like

for Gruvia then Jerza came out of nowhere like

and the only thing I was scream think(is there such a thing? lmao) of was that THESE MUTHA EFFIN’ DORKS SHOULD 

Other than that, the new members of Crime Sorciere are lookin’ fine mmhhmm especially Cobra

“You were always a member of Fairy Tail… But you erased your own memories to sneak into the council.”



Me: Me too Doranbolt.

“Fairy Tail will now disband.”


*Lucy sees the letter*


*Lucy reads the whole entire letter.“


"You have to try to overtake me Natsu…”

Me: *scrolls down*



Overall, Fairy Tail is disbanding, Doranbolt is actually a Fairy Tail member, it seems like there’s gonna be a one year time skip in the next chapter, the characters are going their seperate ways to do their own thing or to train, Jellal returns, Gildarts is nowhere to be found, Zeref is somewhere in a fancy ol’ room probably in a fancy ol’ house and NATSU IS E.N.D. To anyone who came up with the theories that Natsu is END, congratulations you called it. *thumbs up*


*internally screaming her heart out* ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

LOOK GUYS! LOOK WHAT I GOT MY HANDS ON! ( ◜◒◝ )♡ Aren’t they the cutest little chubby things you have ever seen? AHHHH I can’t contain my excitement! Specially cause, look–little Sou and Rin teacups are reaching out for each other and I can’t!! ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡ THEY ARE SO CUTE OMG! Somebody hold me! ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

I really wanted the whole Samezuka team plus Sei and Kisumi, but alas–I only had so much ( ´•̥ו̥` ) Maybe next time… ଘ(੭*◕ฺω◕ฺ)੭

Both Sosuke’s and teapot Rin are from sunyshore! Thank you so much–and the pikachu bag they came in is so adorable! (´ω`★)

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Solangelo #40

  1. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

It only took one bad joke for Will to realize that the face of utter disgust Nico made upon hear them was possibly the cutest thing he’s ever seen. 

Making bad jokes and puns became his mission in life. 

“I was going to make a chemistry joke, but all the good ones argon.” 

“Shut up.” 

“I’m so tired I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went. And then it dawned on me.” 

“I hate you.” 

“I tried to catch some fog. I mist.” 

“Why? Why? Why?” 

“What’s the difference between a tuna and a piano?”

“A lot of things. Please stop.” 

“You can tune a piano, but you cannot piano a tuna.” 

“You are the worst person.” 

It was a win win situation for Will though, because once he irritated Nico just the perfect amount, the only thing that would make Nico not want to kill him were a lot of kisses, and Will was more than happy to provide those. And as long as this cycle continued, Will was going to keep making jokes. 

“A roman walks into a bar and holds up two fingers and says ‘Five beers please.” 

Before Nico could stammer out his usual mantra of “I hate you” it actually looked like he smiled, and maybe even laughed a little. 

“You liked that one!” Will yelled, a little too excited. 

“I did not!” 

“I’m either losing my mind, or you just smiled.”

“You’re going crazy Solace.” 

“Admit it, you like my jokes.” 

Nico looked at him, a little disheartened, “I think that some times they can actually be pretty funny and endearing.” 

“I’ll take it!” 

So in NYC the other night we were waiting to see if we could see the Stars at the arena before the game.  A car pulls up, Jason Spezza, Vern Fiddler and Tyler Seguin gets out.  There is a security guard there with a bomb sniffing Black Lab who was probably only about 10 months old and another security guard with a wand.   The guys walk over to get wanded before going into the arena and Tyler sees the dog.  He waves to him all cutely with his fingers and says, “hello puppy”  is his adorable puppy voice.  It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.