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People are complaining about Blindwave's reactions for Book 3, saying that the crew appear distracted during episodes, and that they don't seem as interested in watching the show as they did before. I've seen a few comments saying that Blindwave's reactions to Book 2 were far better. So people are noticing a shift in attitude towards the show, but don't seem to understand why this is happening. Kinda sad, really. :(

Oh, that is interesting. I was wondering how the Blind Waver crew were going to feel about Book 3, since they were so enthusiastic about the first 2 Books. I am looking at the comments for The Western Air Temple, and you are not kidding. All of them are saying that the reactions are disappointing and that they don’t seem to be taking the discussion seriously and they seem bored. All the top comments are saying that. Hehe, it shows that I’m not the only one who was left cold by Book 3.

I cannot blame the Blind Wave crew. I was the same way when I first watched Book 3. I was bored. There were good individual episodes, like Sokka’s Master, and The Painted Lady. But the overarching story kind of fell off a cliff after Book 2 and I was struggling to maintain interest. It no longer felt like it was building up to anything meaningful. Zuko’s character development was a mess and quite painful for me to watch. His character arc was so unsatisfying for me in the end. The Avatar State problems Aang was having were ignored after The Awakening and he got almost no character developmentAnd too much time was wasted on the painfully dull will-they-or-won’t-they Kataang romance. By the time The Western Air Temple aired, I was so disappointed and I barely had any interest in the show anymore. 

I can understand why they lost interest in discussing the character development, too. None of the characters had satisfying development. The comments all kept saying how emotional and deep the episode was, but I wasn’t feeling it. The conclusion to all of Zuko’s development was him finally joining the Gaang. And man was it a let-down. The Western Air Temple was so boring and then it ended with a death threat, more cheap drama. The show no longer had any genuine heart like it had during Book 2. it just felt like an above average action-adventure anime.


In which Bakugou is me



cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

an imp and her wolf


-22℃ 🌬🌨☁️☃
27-28/100 days of productivity

it’s so cold i wish i could’ve stayed home and read a book, that didn’t happen (◞‸◟ ), instead i went to the library and did some revision on my logic notes with some hot chocolate!!


if i could cradle the capricorn heart i would say 
i know you are broken but you did not lose your volume 
in between those breaks i see lines of silver 
the light behind the cloud that follows you

i know that nobody and nowhere feels like home 
everything you have built or tried to hold 
was never enough
only dense and cold 
the validation you aspired to achieve 
when i do this i will feel better 
and i won’t feel sicker 
once i have this everything will stop
but it never does, the person inside remains 
the world changes and you never do 
or so it seems 
compared to the dreams
inherited unwillingly, survivalist mentality 
it doesn’t have to be this way, a violation 

you were born with a path, and you know it 
this is your pressure and your pain 
but follow the path seeking your own treasure
you will receive recognition from the master 


  • <p> <b>Me:</b> So... You guys DO remember Leonard and Sara kissed at the end of Destiny after discussing a possible future together and that Snart had relationships with team members other than Mick right?<p/><b>Legends of Tomorrow Writers:</b> ✔ Seen 9:30 PM<p/></p>