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I just wanted to say thank you for all of your wonderful Tokoyami writings! Bird son is best son, so I've been reading like everything from your Tokoyami tag! lol And I've got a request if you'll have it! Maybe one where he purposes to his girlfriend? Maybe he can pick out the ring? I just felt like we needed more fluff for our fluffy bird boy!

“Tokoyami look at this one!” Tokoyami sighed as Dark Shadow swooped back and forth in front of one of the jewelry cases like a small child. “Dark Shadow please, this entire store is breakable and I would rather only pay for one ring and not the whole store.” Tokoyami muttered as he approached the jewelry case. “Tsukuyomi! What a surprise!” a jeweler from behind the counter smiled and walked over to him and Dark Shadow, “How may our shop help you out today?” “He’s proposing to (Y/n)!” Dark Shadow shrieked before Tokoyami could say anything. The jeweler jumped slightly from eh loud excited voice coming from the shadow and turned to Tokoyami, “Is this true? There has been some talking in the media about the two of you finally tying the knot!” “Finally?” Tokoyami furrowed his brows and thought about how long the two of you had been dating. Second year of UA, and now five years after graduating. He was only twenty-three! And you were only younger than him by a couple months, what did they mean by ‘finally’? 

The jeweler dismissed it and opened the case, “Well for an engagement ring I would recommend something tiny and then for the wedding ring something a bit bigger and luxurious. What metal band were you thinking?” Tokoyami looked up at the jeweler, completely at a loss. His prolonged silence didn’t intimidate the jeweler in the least, he knew Tokoyami was just confused. “Silver or gold?” “Silver.” “Gold!” Tokoyami glared at Dark Shadow, “Silver.” Dark Shadow grumbled and disappeared. The jeweler laughed at the two and pulled out the silver options from the case, “we have an array of diamonds and other gems, you don’t look like much of a diamond kind of guy though.” Tokoyami scanned the rings and shook his head slowly, diamonds didn’t fit you. You were a pro hero and diamonds may be the hardest stone but they didn’t feel right. “Do you have anything….. Black?” he flicked his eyes to the man behind the counter and saw him let out a laugh under his breath. “I should have known Jet Black Hero.” the jeweler smiled and pulled another rack out, “That one.” Tokoyami immediately pointed and one and then his eyes flicked to another one, “And that one for the wedding ring.” The jeweler was astonish at how quickly he set his mind to the two rings and nodded, O-Okay… Tell me her size and he can get them to you immediately.”

“Toko! You’re home late today…” You said as you heard the door open from the kitchen of the small apartment the two of you owned. “Sorry dearest, paperwork kept me late.” he called to you as he slipped his shoes off and walked into the living room. Dark Shadow materialized, sauntering around the shelves near the windows, Tokoyami not paying him any mind as he saw you working hard at something in the kitchen. “(Y/n)? May I ask what you’re doing?” he started walking towards you and you immediately darted into the doorframe and blocked him from entering the kitchen, “I-It’s nothing! I just wanted to….. To surprise you with what we’re having for dinner so no peeking!” you placed your hands on his chest and he chuckled at you while pressing his beak to the top of your head, “I would never want to ruin a surprise from you.” As the two of you stayed pressed against each other, comfortable in each other’s embrace, a loud sound of the opening chords of a song startled both of you. Dark Shadow laughed a little as he floated next to the record player in the corner of the living room, gesturing to you with his claws to come to him. You laughed at the shadow and took the hand he offered. The shadow spun you around and sang with the song, you joining in and singing loudly with him at the chorus. Tokoyami leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen, watching you dance with his quirk and smiling, remembering back to all of the ridiculous formals and proms the two of you had gone to in high school and how beautiful you had looked and how beautiful you looked right now.

The song came to an end and Dark Shadow came back to Tokoyami and head butted him towards you. He stumbled over the edge of the rug and you caught him, you laughing and smiling brightly at him as he shot a look at dark Shadow as he selected another record and put it on for you. You wrapped your arms around Tokoyami’s neck and pulled him close to your body, his arms wrapping comfortably around your waist. The two of you swayed back and forth as he hummed the tune. You started singing to him, pausing to kiss his beak every now and then. He smiled and pressed his beak to your cheek before starting to sing softly, “Put your head on my shoulder~” You smiled widely, he never sang but when he did his deep velvety voice put the biggest smile on your face. As the song came to a close he pressed his beak to your temple, “Can I ask you something (Y/n)?” His fingers tightening around your waist and you nodded against his chest, “Of course Tokoyami.” Dark Shadow had slipped away again and put on another record and winked at Tokoyami. Tokoyami rolled his eyes at the shadow and pulled back to look you in the eyes. “You know you’re the light of my life, and I love you with everything I have. There’s nothing that could ever change my mind about that. You accepted my feeling even though my confession to you in high school left…. A lot to be desired.” You laughed at the memory of him from high school, fumbling over his words and blushing as he tried to tell you how he felt for you when the two of you had accidentally cuddled together while watching a movie in his dorm and he had let out  a relaxed birdlike coo. “But nonetheless, you accepted me and gave me everything I could have ever asked for. And now, I’m going to ask of you one more thing.” he got down on one knee, pulling out the box from his back pocket and presenting it to you, opening it. “I would like to ask you to marry me.”

You hands came up to cover a smile and wipe the tears pooling in the corners of your eyes before you let out a short disbelieving laugh, taking one hand and reached behind you back to your pockets. Tokoyami’s brow furrowed and his head tilted as you presented him with a box, much like the one he was holding. “Tokoyami Fumikage, ever since your stuttering blushing mess of a confession in high school I’ve only fallen deeper in love with you. You’re my home, my dark knight, my hero. And hopefully, you’ll be my husband.” you opened the box and Tokoyami’s eyes widened. Inside was a simple red band. He let out a short laugh of his own and stood up, bringing you into a tight hug and pressing his beak to your head, tears welling up in his own eyes now. “I would love to be your husband (Y/n). Thank you for wanting to share the rest of your life with me.” You nodded into his chest and let out a happy sob, “I would love to be your wife, to share the rest of my life with you no matter what happens.” You pressed a kiss to the tip of his beak and his embrace around you tightened, Dark Shadow wrapping around your waist as well to bring the two of you closer. As you all shared a hug the same content cooing sound escaped Tokoyami. His arms squeezed you, “You didn’t hear that.” But the shaking of your shoulders as you started to laugh told him you definitely had.  He blushed and placed his head on top of yours, cursing himself for not kicking that embarrassing habit in high school. “I’ll make it up to you for laughing dear, theres apple pie in the kitchen.” He and Dark Shadow both perked up and looked down at you before Tokoyami pressed his beak into your forehead before whisking you away into the kitchen.

After dinner he reached for your hand, slipping the ring onto your finger and smiling. It fit your finger and your personality perfectly. “It’s beautiful Fumi.” you stared at the ring and smiled, reaching for his hand and slipping his ring onto his finger. “Black and red. Your colors.” you smiled and he grinned back at you, “Our colors now.”

Age of Barton

After all the shit that’s gone down, this by far had to be the worst one ever. The entire team was down, not physically but emotionally. That little witch fucked up our heads, our memories and made us face the unforgiving. The only ones she didn’t get was Clint and Tony. But everyone else, she got and she brought us down. I was sitting away from everyone else in a corner with my head resting on my knees and I was looking at nothing. All I could focus on was the memory I was forced to relive.

I was fighting one of the Legionnaire when the place around me changed. It was once rather humid, but now it was freezing cold. I looked around the place and noticed I was in the artic. The suit I was wearing did no good in this weather. I looked around and saw a group of girls huddled together. I walked over to them and noticed they looked familiar but why did they look so familiar? That’s when I saw it. I was in the middle of the group shivering my ass off. The younger version of me looked around before she saw something in the distance. She got up and walked over to it slowly, seeing as her limbs wouldn’t allow her to move like she normally would. She got to whatever it was she had saw and as she was making her way back towards the group, a fight had started and there were bodies littered around the place with six or eight taller, older girls still standing. They turned to face her and smiled as sweetly as they could muster before they started to slaughter over to where she was. I noticed the glimmer in their eyes and the knives they had behind their backs. I ran over to stand in front of them and it was like they could see me.
“You don’t have to do this.”
“Yes. Yes we do.”
The tallest one held her hand up like she was going to stab me but I caught her wrist and twisted it. But as I was doing so, the younger version of me walked around me and shot the other girls right between their eyes. She looked at me before she smiled and shot me. When I woke up I was laying in an unfamiliar room. I got up and looked around. This was my old room at the school. I walked out of the room and down the stairs clutching my side. I came to the glass wall and watched the older girls do ballet and the younger girls look on in fear. I felt a presence beside me but I didn’t dare turn to face her.

“You’ll break them.”
“Only the breakable ones. You, you are made a marble. All the girls will aspire to be you one day. We will celebrate after the graduation ceremony, Hailstorm.”
The image started to become blurry before it changed again but this time it was a teenage version of me fighting one of the teachers and failing.
“Sloppy. Failing will not slow your ceremony.”
“Y/N! Y/N sweetie wake up.”
*End of Flashback*

“Y/N! Y/N sweetie wake up.”
I shook my head and opened my eyes. I came face to face with my boyfriend who was trying not to cry. I could faintly hear in my comms Tony saying he needed a lullaby but only me and Nat could do that and I have a feeling Nat is down too.
“You’re on your own Stark. The whole team’s down. You’ve got no help here.”
“I’m calling Veronica then.”
Clint grabbed me by my shoulders and helped me up. He wrapped an arm around my waist and took me to the jet. He sat me down in one of the seats beside Nat who looked just like I felt. I didn’t have to look at her to know she saw something similar to me. We share the same experience, being in the Red Room at some point. The only difference is I was never allowed to leave. After every mission, I would report back to the school. I would be wiped there and trained there. It was when I was sent over to a handler at Hydra was I finally free from their grasps because Nat came back for me with her team. Slowly, one by one, Clint brought the team back and we all waited for Tony and Bruce. No one said a word to the other as we all waited in total and utter silence. Eventually, Tony came in with Bruce and we took off. Where we were going I don’t know. Eventually I got up and went to a corner so I could hide. I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up by Clint shaking my shoulders gently.
“Y/N sweetie? We’re here.”
He helped me up and took Nat under his left arm with me under his right. The team followed behind us and when I finally looked up I knew the place. I wiggled my way out from under Clint’s arm and ran inside the house. I heard Tony ask what was wrong with me but no one answered him. I ran inside and the place looked the same way it did when I was last here.
“Laura? Laura I’m home!”
My sister waddled her way into the room where me and the rest of the team were waiting. Nat was in the corner with Clint, seeing as she was trying to hide even though she knew who they were. Laura came over to me and gave me a hug and I gave her one back.
“Guys this is Laura, my younger sister.”
“I already know all of your names.”
Everyone gave an awkward nod or wave when I heard little feet come running in.
“Auntie Y/N!”
I leaned down to their level as the tackled me to the ground. I was laying on my back as they gave me a side hug.
“Is Auntie Nat with you?”
“Why don’t you hug her and find out?”
Nat walked out from her spot behind Cap and leaned down so she could pick up Lila.
“Sorry for bargaining in on you, but we needed a place to stay.”
“That and we had no idea this place, or you for that matter existed.”
I shook my head and got up so Nathan could go to Nat and Clint.
“Yeah well Fury helped me set this place up. Kept it out of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s records. Like to keep it that way. I guess Clint figured this would be a good place to lay low for a while.”
Nat walked over to Laura and leaned down as she laid her hands on her stomach. She whispered just low enough for me and Laura to hear her.
“How’s little Natasha?”
“He’s a, Nathaniel.”
I laughed at Nat’s shock and laughed even more as she leaned back down and whispered “traitor”. I looked at the team who looked utterly uncomfortable.
“Clint can show you where you all can stay, I’ll bring you a change of clothes. Do not break anything.”
“Who do you think we are? Children?”
“Yes. Yes Stark I do.”
Everyone laughed as Clint showed them to their rooms. I told Laura I would go change and grabbed Nat’s hand as I left. We went up to my room and I tossed Nat a pair of my clothes and told her to change in the bathroom. I changed in the closet. Both me and Nat were wearing similar clothes, a leather jacket, black pants, a red shirt and boots. Neither of us talked but we both knew we had millions to say to each other.

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The War Within


The first time she heard about it all was about a month after everything had gone to hell. Someone was hitting remaining Hydra cells, going through them like a vicious, vindictive hurricane. At first she didn’t put much stock in any of it, nor did she find any fault with it. It wasn’t like she hadn’t thought about it, but drawing attention to herself the choices she had made wasn’t the best idea and so she laid low.

The second time is around Christmas, but the chatter has shifted. An idea of who it is. She doesn’t believe it. She can’t. Yet something in the back of her mind knows, believes it to be fact. Yet she agrees with the news people, the analysts.

Steve Rogers would never be so unapologetically violent and hellbent on revenge.

She tries to ignore it all after that, but she can’t. Just like she couldn’t ignore the Winter Soldier after he almost killed her the first time. So she starts gathering intel, she starts building files and then she begins to track him, figuring out his movements. It gives her that sense of purpose she had lost in the wake of the Accords and her decision to let him and Barnes get passed. It gives her something to focus on besides the guilt slowly eating her from the inside out.

The truth of the matter didn’t help much in the long run. The fact Steve Rogers was behind it all… it made her stomach churn. This was something she would do, if she had the drive. It just doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t add up. But the facts were there and she couldn’t deny them even though she tried.

Despite her better judgement she begins to follow him, trailing him. A small part of her wants to help him, to figure out the reasons and then the rest of her wants to help him because she understands. She gets it, but everything in her wants to scream against it. She had been doing good for so long, being good, wiping away the red.

And then he goes the one place that makes sense for him to be and she hates it.

It isn’t that she doesn’t go to Russia, won’t go there… she’d just rather not if she can help it even if she does have a safe house in the country. But at the same time, if she was going to hide from the United States somewhere, this would be exactly one of those places.

But the deeper she gets, the more she realizes that he isn’t just hiding here. He’s hunting and where he’s hunting both makes her blood boil and go cold at the same time.

She knows this place and she thought by now it would be gone, something else, but it isn’t. Hydra would take up residence here and maybe they had never left. Maybe they had been the one holding her strings too, it would make sense. But the idea of Steve Rogers here inside her own personal hell causing utter chaos is almost more than she can bear. She wonders if he knows, if he’s put two and two together. She almost hopes he’s no longer here, that she’s missed him again as she reluctantly places her hand on the banister to go up the stairs as she steels her mind against the memories that threaten.

“You’ll break them.”

“Only the breakable ones. You’re made of marble. We’ll celebrate after the graduation ceremony.”

“What if I fail?”

“You never fail.”

Red love - part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request of @g-r-u-n-g-e-s-p-a-c-e : Hi!I really like what you wrote.if you are still writing can you something like bucky saves reader with wanda from the red room and began to fall each other.and also reader is wanda’s best friend and clint’s sister-in-low.I hope you think about it if you write thank you sooo muchh. English not my first language I might have written wrong.sorry if ı did :):):)

A/N: I take a long long tome to make this story, because I really want this one to be better than the other one. This was my first request and I had to admit that I loved to do this. I changed a few things but I hope you will all liike it. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you thing about it, and come talk with me if you want. :) Word Count: 2153 +  italic is flashback

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2015, Romania

Since he escaped from Washington Bucky has been trying to put in orders the pieces of his life. Every day he will spend at least two hours through his notebook, and every day he will scrolls through the pages of memories, dreams, pictures and notes about what he remembered. In this notebook, he described his feelings, his fears, but you could also see pages of documentation about Steven Rogers. He was still trying to recover from his time at Hydra, and that’s why he left the USA and went to Eastern Europe. He needed to be in a peaceful and calm environment so he could focus on his memory, on his life and what he really wants to do in the futur. Of course he was always on his guard because he knew hydra would not give up on him so easily.

1999, Russia

The Winter Soldier made his way to the hall as quickly and silently as possible and headed to the training room, four guards around him to watch over him. He knew why he was here. He was here to train these girls to become better, to be as strong as him.

It has been two months he started to train you, but every time you had to train with him you felt expose, vulnerable under his look.

You stand in front of him and nodded telling him the fight could begin. You shoot your arm towards his face and he barely had the time to catch it. He clenched your fist in his own, making your hand pop, and pulled you towards him your back against his torso his arm around your throat.. You closed your eyes as soon as you felt his body against yours. Focus, you needed to focus and not get distracted by what you were feeling.

You throw your head back with violence and as soon as his hold get less important she throw multiple elbow punches in his stomach.

He let out a low painful grunt and let you go. You pulled a good distance between the two of you and waited for him to make the first move.


Your eyes never left his, not even when you started to run towards him. You were not even thinking of what you were going to do, it was pure instinct. Well, Natalia taught you this, as a lot of other thing. Jumping off the ground you get on the soldier shoulders wrapping your legs around his neck and throw your body fowards until he hit the floor.

You thightened your legs around his throat, trying to choke him. His arms immediately shot towards you to hit you and as soon as he found a grip on you he made you flew against the wall five feet away from him. Next thing you saw was his black boots walking towards you. He lifted you up, and put his metal arm around your neck and his right hand on your head, ready to snap your neck.

“Fine. Line up, go eat and sleep.” Ivan stopped the fight and you saw that every single person in the room was looking at you. As soon as the soldier let you go, and join the other girls and do as Ivan said.




The soldier slowly opened the door and saw you laying on the black mat in the center of the room. He could see your eyes filled with tears as you looked at the ceiling. He knew you were corrupted, but so was he. He was reading everybody language, but yours was more subtle than the others, but as soon as he stands in the room he saw your body tense up. You sat up and looked at him frightened, tears continually spilling over her eyes and tracing paths down her cheeks and neck. Since he arrived you were asking yourself some question about a lot of things but especially about your feelings towards the soldier.


He reached his hand toward you and brushed away the tears, his eyes not leaving you. The room was dark except for the light seeping in from the little window. You could see the corner of his mouth turn up.


“You shouldn’t be here. It’s the final fight tomorrow.”

“Is it normal?” You asked not sure about what to say. He started to walk toward you, his chest brushing against yours.


You knew that being attracted to the soldier will potentially get you killed, but it’s was hard to convince yourself that he wasn’t attractive, those blue eyes were piercing and he was such an awsome man. 

Your eyes were glued to him, and you could not stop yourself from slowly putting your hands on his cheeks.


“It’s not a good idea.” He closed his eyes and you could see his body relaxed under your touches.  


“I-I know.” Your voice was weak and you both knew that what they were doing was bad, but sometimes you could not stop things from happening. He leaned close to you and his lips slowly get on yours. 

The kiss was slow, shy, but soon enough you began to discover each other his soft lips brushing against yours, his fingers on your neck soflty brushing your skin.


“Мне это нравится (I like it)” You smiled a little bit, nodded and closed your eyes putting  your forehead on his.




During the two next weeks, you continued to see each other three times a week. You did not need to talk, just being around each other was comforting and making you feel safe and in peace. 

Of course during these two weeks there has been some kisses, some touches and that was a new feeling for both of you.

 Sometimes you would try the hardest to fight back your laugh but you would fail, he even if it was small you could him smile a little bit. 

Yes, he was making you weak, but you never has been happier than where you were with him, and you knew you were not going to make it to the end of the program so it’s probably best to enjoy what you could have. You spend as much time as you can with him. 

Of  course during the training he continued to be as rude with you than with the others but when you were alone.. he was not the same.



They knew it, they knew that you were corrupted, that’s why they wiped you. You had experienced a lot of physical pain but the pain was unbearable, and the mental one was worse. Even if you did not hear it, you knew you were screaming, and trying to get yourself out of that chair. They were playing with your mind, you could feel your memories vanished and it was more and more difficult to focus on something. All you can focus on was the pain and your mind leaving your body.


“Y/N, what do you remember?” As soon as those words left the man’s mouth you looked at him.


“I-I.” You did not remember anything.


“Great.” The man smiled and a person come and loosens the strap  around your ankles, and wrist. “Take her.” The man talked to some of the soldiers behind him, and you saw them come closer to you and took you. As you walked through the corridor you saw girls and soldiers looked at you. 

Where were you? Who is that? Your head hurt and all of the sounds around you made it worse. You blinked a couple times trying to make this throbbing sensation dissapears and looked more closely around you but everything was black.

Avenger QG, 2015

“Sir, one of our contact in Russia has informations about file number 52.” Jarvis inrrupted Steve, Natasha, Clint and Wanda as they were watching Rocky 2.

Instentatly everyone in the room saw Natasha and Clint tensed up. Steve looked at Natasha, and all he could see was fear in her eyes.

“I’m coming.” Steve stand up and left the room to the lab, knowing that Natasha was probably behind her.

“Jarvis, what is that?” Steve asked as he entered the room, and walked in front oof the computer.

“This is file number 52. It has been opened fifteen years ago by Shield and closed five years ago.” His eyes were not leaving the file in front of him as he began to read it.

“Who closed it? And what does it contain?”  

“Natalia Romanoff closed it. This file is about the activity of the Red Room.. Shield wasn’t sure the programm this organisation was running was closed, even after the fall of the URSS and KGB but Mr. Stark asked one of his contact to keep an eye on this and send a message an hour ago.”

“What does that say?”

“Anormal activities in an old batiment who belonged to the KGB, in Russia linked to this program.”

“Get the quinjet ready we are leaving.” He told Jarvis as soon as he finished to read the file.

“-Don’t do this Steve.” Natasha was next to the door her back against the wall behind her.

“Why did you close this file if you knew that they are still a threat.”

“You know why. You read the file.”

“We are leaving. Get ready.”

As soon as they get in the quinjet everyone was silent. Steve took a deep breath and sat next to Natasha.

“I know you knew her, but we cannot let our emotions lead us and you know this.”

“If we find her, don’t kill her.”

“She might not let us a choice.”

“I know.”


The Red Room

“You’ll break them.”

“Only the breakable ones. You are made of marble.”


The thing was that when Natalia said that she knew that you may not be strong enough to live. No one had the right to care about anyone, they were raised like that ; insensible, fearless, careless but you were so innocent, so weak that she knew you would be broke.


The Red Room was one of the Department X’s espionage training facilities, in the 80’ they recruited 28 little orphan girls to make them undetectable deep-cover agents, to make them perfect assassin.


The girls chosen were put through strenuous daily training.Hand to hand combat training, acrobatics, weapons training… and every single months girls were killed because of their weakness, because of a mistake.

Everything was fine until the soldier came. Natalia was attached to you but both of you were good to hide this secret, you were talking to each other as often as you could, she was training you once a week during the night. You would both uncuffed you and get to the training room for an hour to train.You knew that she was a lot stronger than you, that’s why you were training so hard with Natalia. But when the soldier came Natasha slowly saw you become more confused, unconcentrate, and an easiest target.


That’s why they took you as soon as the soldier left the Red Room, they took her memories, her identity and send her away from Natasha and the others so they could made her a perfect assassin.

2015, Ukraine

James could feel his body and his metal arm tensed as entered  the building, he has been searching this place for two months now and travelling for a week now so he was tired.  This place was familiar to him,  that surely because he already came into this bulding years ago. 

To go there he put on his old black suit, he knew this was going to be an advantage even if he hated to be in this. Minutes ago he stept silently on the third level collidor, hearing at least three guards. 

Hearing the agents approching, he pulled out one of his handgun and shot the first one in the carotid artery before moving and aim to the chest of the second one. Moving quickly he looked in every single room with an amazing speed, he looked around carefully.

 He was like a shadow, no one saw him until he get to the fourth floor where a lot of soldier were.  Of course he took him only a few minutes to take them down in silence, throwing punches, and shooting at people. He didn’t want to kill anyone but he wouldn’t let anyone hurt him and this was a pure instinct of survival. 

He knew she was here, and he also knew he needed to see her, and take her away from this place. He had a lot of memory of his past has the winter soldier, but the one with you were not as dark and hurtfull as the other one and that’s why he decides to follow this lead. He slowly entered the room after the guards were all taken down and what’s when he saw her for real.