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Aw yes. A great fanfic writer and a watcher of Lordminion777. I knew I made a good choice following you.


I love Wade a lot he is absolutely one of my favourites. I loved his five nights at fuckboys and his Until Dawn, plus his Dead By Daylight and 7 Days To Die vids are hilarious.

PSA: read only memories is one of the best games i’ve played in a while and i really highly recommend it if you’re cool with extremely text-heavy games (borderline a visual novel with some point&click elements BUT it is almost totally voice acted and the voice acting is great, so it’s a pleasure to listen to) (the narrator is lee from twdg and turing is clementine!!!!)

like pretty much all the characters are queer in some way and it’s super well written and turing is the cutest robot protagonist in maybe anything ever, you get to name yourself and pick your own pronouns (though unfortunately due to the voice acting patch those don’t come up in the dialogue much since they couldn’t afford a bunch of alternate recordings of the voice acting but it’s still cool), the art and music are INCREDIBLE, the cyberpunk aesthetic is choice as heck, the setting is really neat

i could go on and on but i REALLY loved it, and it’s pretty dang cheap on steam (i logged like 15 hours so it’s super beefy, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it)

anyway you can hug this cute precious robo child, please play it

also turing is a giant fan of bob ross and i cried from how cute that was

maybe I am a difficult person to love.
but the best parts of me are only the way they are because of the same life that made the rough parts of me. so I won’t regret who I am.
It’s okay if I’m difficult to love.
the people that try hard enough are the only ones who deserve to love me anyway.

I’ve been reading Zero and X’s TV Tropes page for the past hour or so, and while I’m in absolute agony over a couple details I never knew (like in MHX if either Zero or X are taken down by Vile, the other one will unleash stronger attacks, trying harder to protect the other), one of the tropes is: “Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Zero. At one point in X5, X claims Zero is not only his best friend, but his Only Friend.” and I’m frickin screaming because it’s just like, “Ah yes. Just two guys being dudes. Two robots being totally Straight™, nothing to see here folks.”

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Ollie this girl is trying to "throw dirt" on me and the most innocent person- my friend sense 2nd grade, and now my friends are getting involved- it's really starting to scare me-...

I know how to deal with this personally. The only way for them to stop, well, act like it doesn’t matter. What they really want is your reaction and attention. It only best to ignore it. You and your friend are going to turn out just fine as long as you don’t let it bother you. If it does to an uncomfortable level where you can’t function on a daily basis, perhaps talk to someone about it.

Okay, I’ve decided.

I’m bringing back the birthday thingy.


Send me the following if you want to receive a piece on/right after your birthday (I try to do it on the day of but sometimes I forget to check and then end up missing birthdays but it should be within the week of your bday):

  1. Your birthday - of course!
  2. Your sign
  3. Do you prefer realistic pieces or fantasy?
  4. Your favorite genre to read (only if you pick stories, supershorts or skits)
  5. The sign of your SO or crush (if you have neither then the sign that you tend to crush on. If you’re aromantic, just tell me that and then tell me the sign if your best friend) - only tell me this if your favorite genre is romance and you pick a skit or story or supershorts
  6. Your favorite kind of piece
    1. Your choices are:
      1. skits
      2. poetry
      3. songs (only guarantee lyrics)
      4. supershorts
      5. lyrical shorts
      6. Short stories
  7. Your name or a nickname you go by, whichever you feel comfortable telling me
  8. The name of your crush or SO (only if you pick romance and skits or stories or supershorts)

And anything else that you think will be helpful. I can’t think of anything else I’ll need from you guys.

Also, if your birthday was within the last two months, I’ll write your piece here within the next week or two.

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