only teens

its like how people complain about tumblr being too us-centic in its current affairs discussion. like this is a blogging website comprised of mostly americans. you shouldnt be relying on this website alone to learn about whats going on in the world. just pick up a newspaper from time to time


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe

For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

I think being misgendered is the shittest feeling in the world bc you aren’t mad at the person who misgendered you (if it was accidental; purposeful misgendering is fucked up) but you aren’t mad at yourself. You’re just mad and hurt that you’re appearance isn’t coming off as the gender you are.