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Founding Fathers and Friends™ play Pokemon Go
  • George Washington: deleted the app at level 4
  • Alexander Hamilton: aggressively team valor
  • Aaron Burr: tells everyone he doesn't have the app, team mystic, has been at level 5 for a month
  • Thomas Jefferson: will probably never train or visit a gym, only made it to level 5 because monticello is like three Pokestops, exclusively catches pidgey
  • James Madison: refuses to download the app
  • Lafayette: only team valor because Alex threatened to disown him as a friend
  • John Laurens: originally team mystic, had to redownload the app so Alex would talk to him again
  • Hercules Mulligan: almost as aggressively team valor as Alex
  • Angelica: team valor, tells Alex she's team instinct just to spite him
  • Eliza: team mystic, has one of Burr's Pokemon stationed at her gym, knows it's him but doesn't tell
  • and Peggy: team instinct, everyone thinks she only plays on Eliza's phone, owns 8 max cp pikachu, owns almost all the gyms in the area

Lee is a complex man.

Hi, this is Hilsee. 

Okay, so I’ve been on tumblr for a few years now but I only got into kpop this year, and then I decided to create this sideblog. With the end of December, it will be the half year anniversary of this sideblog. 

When I created this sideblog, it was only to stop my main @ohmyvalar from losing followers, but now my side has more followers than my main in a much shorter period of time I’m???

I’d like to thank everyone here from making my tumblr experience so much more interesting and enjoyable: when i joined my first net and kkt gc i never thought I’d meet so many wonderful people. Thank you. Really. 

Admired Creaters ^_^ (notice me senpai) - italics

Friends <3 (my loves) - bold (if i didn’t tag u as this it’s probs because i think you’re too cool to consider me ur friend :’))


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i hope i didn’t miss anyone out omg if i did know that it’s me not u

My Last Post (Because I am tired of all the hate we spread without truly seeing what the message is)

My Last Post (Because I am tired of all the hate we spread without truly seeing what the message is)

I joined Tumblr ages ago because it felt like a site where people could bond over shows we loved and bands we adored, etc.

But now, I can’t even go through a tag I love without seeing people boycott or hate on something I and many other people love. Things that help us get through our daily lives. These people shame and say so many nasty statements about subjects they don’t even take the time to research on.

Just because you have an opinion on something related to the issue at hand, does not make your opinion the only valid one. If you do not like something, please state your reason and leave it be. Do not incite riots and hate against something others love.

For example, the latest movie Split by M. Night Shyamalan has been recieving backlash from plenty of people on Tumblr because of the way DID is presented. Well, after waiting months to see it (because the director is a man who has inspired me - that no matter what people say, you always have the potential to succeed) let me one of the first to say that it ISNT about a man with DID, it is a movie with an element of FANTASY that I will not spoil for others.

The movie, however, shows:

1) A therapist who believes in and defends her patients when people she knows says that they think people with mental illnesses are ‘faking it’

2) A therapist who does her best to fight for people with DID, by gathering evidence to prove it ISNT a mood disorder when other lecturers at a panel try to discredit her views

3) A victim of abuse prove she is stronger despite all the odds, and can face her demons on her own

4) Young women, who despite their differences and views on each other, act like mature adults when the situation calls for it. They may not be the best of friends, may not be friends at all, but they will treat each other with respect, understanding and care because thats what people do for each other.

In fact, the movie ends on the note that those who are broken are the ones who are close to being ‘fully evolved’ and understand the true meaning of being grateful to be alive, because of all the pain they have gone through.

I left feeling stronger than I ever did regarding my own mental illness, based on the female protagonists growth, but because of your need to boycott everything just because of how triggered you may be, many people will not be able to witness this.

With that being said I have grown tired, and have realized that the community I once knew is gone. We are so easy to disagree with things without first taking a look at what really lies beneath it.

Thank you for the past few years but I feel like Tumblr is no longer a place that makes me feel safe and happy to freely enjoy what I love with others without being sent messages about how “retarded I am for not taking the right side” (yes that is a word for word pm i received from someone who didnt like that I didnt support her opinion on mental illnesses).


Top 15 K-Pop Songs of 2016🎶

I was tagged by @squeakyjimjam (thank you🌸) for this challenge. This was probably one of the hardest lists i had to write because during this year so many great songs came out and was just like hOw Am I SupPoseD To cHOoSe OnlY 15 ??? *mental breakdown*

Anyway, after a long reflection,  i present to you my top 15 of 2016:
(Random Order)

  1. MINO – Body 🔸 Don’t even get me started on this song.
  2. B.A.P– That’s my jam🔸 There are other songs from them that i loved this year, but this one in particular has been my jam since it came out; also it brings back some really good memories from my summer holiday, so that’s a plus.
  3. MONSTA X – Blind  🔸 I could listen to it forever and I.M’s rap here gives me life. Definitely my favourite song in the 4th mini album (which is UTTERLY AMAZING. Plaese, check it out if you havent and STAN MONSTA X
  4. SHINee – 1 of 1 🔸 THIS IS MY LIFE SONG Y’ALL
  5. SF9 – Fanfare 🔸 My babies debuted and the song was LIT (support them!)
  6. ASTRO– Confession  🔸 I love this song, a lot. The melody is upbeat and great but the lyrics are what stroke me the most, that’s why i get all teary eyed when i listen to it im an emotional bean when it comes to music. This song is just too good ahhhhhh (Rocky’s part tho, just sayin’) 
  7. BIGBANG – FXXK IT 🔸 Where do I even start? BB are my first/ult group, and will never stop loving them. This will be the last ot5 comeback for a while and thinking about it makes me really emotional idk—  Anyway, this song is a m a z i n g, my babies slayin’ as usual.
  8. ZICO ft Crush, DEAN BERMUDA TRIANGLE 🔸 Do i even have to say why?
  9. Agust D – The Last🔸 Okay, this song is everything. His mixtape was pure fire, but this track in particular was the one that really reached my heart. I cried so much listening to it. I’ve never felt so connected and understood by an artist like I have with Yoongi. The way he raps, the words he used, left a mark in my mind and i don’t think it’ll ever forget about it. Plaese, if you haven’t, give this song a listen, it’s worth it.
  10. BLACKPINK Playing with fire 🔸 Probably my favourite song from them, jamming to it since it came out.
  11. BTS  – Blood, Sweat & Tears 🔸 S P E E C H L E S S .
  12. GOT7 – skyway 🔸 Their new album so so so good, but this track oh my god, it K I L LS me.
  13. Infinite – The Eye 🔸 This is my no.1 song of this year, i have been listening it nonstop since it came out. MY LOVES.
  15. EXO Artificial Love🔸 Since ex’act came out this song has been stuck in my head, love love love love it.

And that’s it!
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A message to the Fandoms

Support your fan artists please. You don’t know how long a piece took to draw or write and every single like and reblog will certainly brighten up their day. 

DO NOT REPOST. Why is that so hard to understand. And saying “credit to the artist” doesn’t make it okay either. You need permission and if you get it, link the image to the original post PLEASE. Reposters discourage artists from creating new stuff. It makes them scared because they are afraid someone else will take it.

Now here’s something else to think about. There are so many undiscovered and talented artists on tumblr who keep creating new content with hardly any notes. Please, go into a tag that you like, sort the content by “most recent” and if you see a piece of work you like, especially if it has only a couple of notes, please give it a like or even a reblog. It will really brighten up their day and will encourage them to keep creating.

Creative types like myself thrive off of validation and the knowledge that people like what we create so please respect the work we put into our creations and you will get a lot more content out of it.

respect the creatives of the fandom.

INTP Moment #whatever

INTP: *Is thinking about many complex and contradictory (yet simultaneously parallel) ideas, attempting to make sense of them for enjoyment*

Person: What are you thinking about?

INTP: *Tries to explain the intensely abstract concepts but fails to adequately vocalize and describe them with language as a whole*

INTP: *Explains the idea in a way that is too simple to be an accurate representation of their thoughts, and becomes frustrated because they would like to further validate the actual idea they have*

Person: I don’t get it.

INTP: *Sigh*

INTP: I need to keep thinking.

anonymous asked:

If I wanted to start my own confessions blog, 1) what would I have to do and 2) is that okay with you? (Because you're like the original confessions blog)

we’re in no way the ‘original’ confessions blog. maybe the original HP one, but there were many confession blogs before us xD

to start, you just have to start. figure out how you wanna do it, find a theme you like, get everything set up and then start posting confessions! if you have friends or anyone you know who has confessions for whatever your theme is going to be, start with those. 

make sure you use related tags because thats how anyone is going to find you and remember only the first 5 tags on a post actually work (at least, as far as i know they didnt change that) so the first 5 tags need to be good ones.

and maybe try to get related blogs to give you shout outs and things

good luck!


on left is Leo, a swole and very tall mender who became a mercenary soldier and occasional field healer because he felt like he didnt do enough just by sitting in grove and wasting away his time when there were so many suffering out there especially when the pact became a thing.

on right is Mysteerikäpy (aka lord dirt cone), a tiny weird bean powered thief who steals only trash and has once nearly died while trying to deepthroat a banana. they somehow tricked people into thinking that theyre a capable person and they ended up as pact commander.

Leo and Mysteerikäpy are dating. They met when dirt cone shot themself in leg while trying to do an unnecessary gun trick and Leo was the mender who helped them with the wound. dirt cone developed a massive crush on Leo and after getting healthy enough to leave, dirt cone shot themself in leg on purpose because they wanted to spend more time with Leo.

dirt cone accidentally mentioned this to Leo when he was questioning how they did same mistake twice and Leo was like “you can hang out with me outside my work time you know” and dirt cone had an expression like a whole new universe just opened up in front of their eyes.

It has been observed by many, many fans, as well as canonically acknowledged, that Clara has become pretty much exactly like the Doctor.

It has also been observed by nearly as many people that Me can be a hell of a lot like Missy (like, Missy probably called her Mini-Me behind her back and thought she was being clever).

And they ended up together. 

We got like, the lite, female version of D/M. We even have the usual size difference. Which is a feat, considering Jenna is a tiny person.

Do I just have ships for brains or did Moffat do this on purpose?

I’ve been tagged to do the bias selfie so here it is, it’s only Baekhyun this time because I don’t have many selcas right now and I thought that this one fits perfectly the puppy concept, I lost the url of a person who has tagged me :(

Here are my chosen ones: @tousdae @frealyong @veryhealthyobsessions @staygoldenbunnyboy @coty-94 @aegyokid @mrsbeedragon @onceuponachippedteacup

Feel free to join or reject my nominations 💌

Okay so imagine that Steve gave Tony his dog tags before Civil War because they were together, happily in love. But once the fighting begins, things get messy between them and at the end of it, they don’t really know where they stand with each other. But Tony is convinced that Steve has made up his mind so he plans to erase him from his life even though he struggles letting the only person he’s truly loved go. 

But imagine Tony laying in bed at night, curled up underneath the duvet as he clutches the dog tags that rests so well against his chest. Tony can never let them go and he’s tried so many times but it feels so wrong. It’s painful that they’re there because they remind him so much of Steve as well as a happier and more simpler time. Tony curses himself for not letting them go as it only shows that he’s weak. 

And in love with Steve. 

While Steve stays in his hideout, heart aching and cold at the thought of Tony no longer loving him or wanting him in his life ever again. The thoughts are so painful that they keep him up at night, eyes glued to the phone that rest on his bedside table. 

Hoping one day that it will ring.

He yearns for Tony more than ever. 

At the back of his mind, he can’t help but wonder if Tony still has his dog tags, wonders if Tony still kept that little piece of him despite everything. 

anonymous asked:

Omg your such a faliure. The post that has most notes is your lastes and it has 11 notes!? Hah. And its only because you tagged famous people. How do you feel about that.

Fist of all, its “you’re”. Second, I don’t mind having that many notes, as long as people like the message I will be fine with it. And third how dare you? I don’t mind being judged but don’t hide yourself behind an anonymous. So please, get some respect for yourself. Oh, and I’m sorry if I “insulted” you but you deserve it, and I’m only using reality against you. So have a beautiful day!

Nightmares (Hotch x reader)

A/N: The reader and Hotch are neighbors and friends. Yet, they feel attracted to each other but neither wants to make a move because they fear it will ruin everything. One night, Hotch has a terrible nightmare and things start to change.

I only proofread once, I hope there aren’t too many mistakes. I will write more Hotch and CM in the future, just so you know! Now enjoy! :)

@jessiedangerous (I don’t know if you want to be tagged but here it is)

Word count: 1,272

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: nothing too bad, mentions of nightmares, kissing

* * *

Keep reading

Kuroko No Basuke Fic Rec

This rec is going to be short-only 12 fics. AND YES I AM AKAFURI TRASH ALRIGHT FIGHT ME
Organization: NSFW fics will be tagged with an asterisk*. Smut only fics will be specified. Because there are so many crossover ships between the fics, it’s ordered by length. All central and side ships are listed. Both AO3 and, depending.


Plan Akafuri
Pairing: Akafuri
WC: 750
Summary: Kuroko has decided that his junior high team captain needs to find love. And he knows just the person for the job.
((It’s short but goddamn, combined all of my headcanons into a single oneshot. Kuroko is a scheming cutie patootie, Akashi is already interested in Furi, and little kitten is totally blindsided))

Our Perfection
Pairing: Akafuri
WC: 1,100
Summary: Furihata thinks about his and Akashi’s relationship while the emperor sleeps.
((Very short, but incredible development and commentary on a realistic relationship between our lion and chihuahua.))

Take His Hand (Already)
Midotaka, Kagakuro
WC: 1349
Summary: Midorima-kun has been dancing around Takao-kun forever, so Kuroko decided to intervene.
((I am literally halfway through it’s just adorable Midorima who is in love with his best friend and Kuroko is sick of Mido’s bs. Takes place at Kagami and Kuroko’s wedding. Tiny bit OOC.))

Because You Cared
Pairing: Akafuri
WC: 3195
Summary: Summary: Akashi’s not taking defeat very well. Luckily, Furihata Kouki finds him before he can hurt himself. Kind of OOC.
((Okay, I’ll be real-I didn’t think it was *that* OOC. Basically Furi is adorably concerned about Akashi’s mental state and there’s a makeout sesh at the end, which is always nice. It’s impressive to fit this much progression into a one shot without making it feel exorbitantly rushed))

Pairings: Aokuro, Kurokise
WC: 5297
Summary: Aomine’s big gay crisis, only not.

Without sound, I Approach Your Tempting Sweet Skin********
Pairing: Midotaka
WC: 8735
Summary: The first time Takao had experienced the heat, he hid himself from Shin-chan for three days
((LITERALLY JUST OMEGAVERSE SMUT SO IF THAT IS NOT YOUR THING-DO NOT READ. If you’re into that, read your heart out. Well written, and territorial Midorima is something everyone needs in their lives.))


The Chiaki Files
Pairings: Akafuri, Kagakuro
WC: 10,982
Summary: Everyone knows that the CEO of Akashi Zaibatsu is someone you would never want to mess with. What if the said CEO actually has a 5-year-old daughter despite his “single but unavailable, only available to someone you know I know” status? This story is about the CEO’s daughter, Akashi Chiaki’s life with the GOM and their lovers.
((Domestic Akafuri is important and must be protected at all costs. Kagakuro babysits their daughter. also proof that Akashi can have a dominant side wITHOUT IT BECOMING SUPER ABUSIVE))

That Red String
Pairings: Kagakuro, Aokise, Midotako, Akafuri, Murasakibara x Himuro
WC: 16121
Summary:Kagami wakes up the morning after the Winter Cup to find everyone with a strange little red string tied to their pinky finger. What in the world is happening?
((Soulmate fics are my kryptonite, alright? also bakagami who doesn’t realize his feelings for the longest damn time))

The Sun and the Mole Rat
Pairings: Akafuri, Kagakuro (mentioned)
WC: 21,841
Summary: Akashi Seijuurou was like the sun; beautiful, radiant and infinitely unreachable. It was an impossibly stupid thing that someone like him could ever be compared to someone like Furihata Kouki, who was so ordinary in everything, nobody would look at him twice should he walk down the crowded streets. So when Akashi came onto him for a fuck, he didn’t exactly say no.
((One night stand turned love is seriously the sweetest thing. Heartbreaking, adorable, and super hot. Warning: this is a split personality!Akashi fic, so if that’s not your jam, maybe skip this one.))

Just Kiss Me
Pairing: Kagakuro
WC: 26733
Summary: Kagami has been having a problem with keeping his hands to himself lately when around a certain bluenette… And almost everyone is getting sick of the tension. Namely two girls who have been paying close attention to the shadow and light of Seirin High School. Will Kagami’s overwhelming drive to kiss and confess to his partner prevail? Or will interruptions get in the way and two yaoi-loving girls have to intervene on the basketball loving duo?

Akashi Seijuro Always Got What He Wanted*
Pairings: Akafuri, Midotaka, Aokise, Kagakuro
WC: 29488
Summary: When you got anything you wanted; what you wanted most was a normal life. It had been such a long time since Akashi had thought about the little things in life. Spending time with friends that wasn’t based around making them into stronger pawns, talking with others without compiling blackmail material, catching a pretty boy’s eye and working up the courage to flirt with him. Akashi just wanted to experience a normal relationship before the summer was over.

Pairings: RikoxHyuugaxKiyoshi, Aokagakuro, Aokuro, Aokaga, Kagakuro, Aokise, Midotaka, Kisekasa/Kisematsu (wtf is their actual ship name? is it implied that kise tops? because that is just not accurate)
My summary: This is a verse fic, so all the ships are central at one point or another. (STILL WAITING ON MY DAMN KASUKISE KISS GODDAMNIT) There’s a hella ton of miscommunication and idiots who don’t tallk about their feelings. Also Kise pining for assholes who don’t love him back gives me so much goddamn pain.

anonymous asked:

can we tag you even if we're not a member?

No, but I’m glad you asked because this is becoming a problem. The $S$ has over 500 members and many of those members create original content. There are only three admins so due to the high volume of original content on the “sugaslutsociety” tag we get backed up very easily. And recently we’ve noticed that many of the posts on the tag are made by people who follow the network but are not MEMBERS of the network. So while we appreciate everyone’s work, members and non members, we kindly ask that you refrain from using the “sugaslutsociety” tag if you are not a member of the $S$. 

The First Doctor Era on Tumblr
  • Susan: Lots of cute selfies and flower crown pictures. Tags her grandfather in posts about space because she thinks they're pretty and that he'll like them. Memes. MEMES. MEEMEEES. sO MANY MEMES. Every meme. Changes whole blog during Hallowe'en for skeleton war. Queen of Memes. Her 'When Grandfather isn't Home' video she made with Ian has 38474 notes.
  • Ian: Reblogs every single pun he comes across. Following NASA's blog. Posts on it sort of like a diary, about the going ons on the TARDIS. Posts his own puns, the only notes he gets from them is Barbara liking them out of pity. Lots of silly nonsense poetry. Reblogs all of Barbara's posts, and sometimes sends her sweet anonymous messages to make her day brighter. Theme is a hot mess. Reblogs a few of Susan's memes from time to time.
  • Barbara: Lots of 'This day in History' posts, occasionally rants under one if it's not historically accurate, the occasional gifset of flowers, likes Ian's posts and writes encouraging comments under his posts. Takes rather semi-professional pictures of Team TARDIS and their landings on new lands and planets. Lots of classical music reblogs. Has more followers than Ian, but not as many as Susan.
  • Steven: Posts nothing but pictures of him and Hi-Fi for a while. Lots of photosets of airplanes. Eventually posts silly selfies of him and Vicki, then Katarina and Sara. Thinks the Pepe meme is the greatest thing. After Sara dies, he stops posting, only reblogging his own pictures so he can always see them on his dash. Has a sideblog for Hi-Fi, it has 34003 followers
  • Vicki: Baby animals everywhere, cute animals, scary animals. Everything is animals. Likes everyones posts. Somehow got the Doctor and Steven in a flower crown, so she made that her icon pic. Reblogs 20th and 21st century things and tags them as "vintage" and tags Ian and Barbara in them.
  • Dodo: Practically a Fashion blog. Lots of posts of period clothes from all different types of decades. Likes pictures of the costumes from Back to the Future because she thinks they're the height of fashion. Tags Steven and the Doctor in music she thinks they'll like.
  • Sara Kingdom: Lots of Poetry, mostly others. Reblogs all of Steven's silly pictures. Asks the Doctor anon questions to keep his blog active. Enjoys a good meme or two, always reblogs helpline posts.
  • Katarina: Just one post--I dON't UnDeRstanD
  • Doctor: Runs an intergalactic ask blog. Though the only one who ever asks him questions is Susan, Barbara and Sara. Begrudgingly reblogs any and all pictures he's in. Only follows Ian's blog after he's left the TARDIS. A even mix of space posts and history posts. Has a lots of memes and animals due to Susan and Vicki. Posts extensively about the alien's and people he meets. Complains about Chesterfeild and tags him as such. Though when he talks about Ian and Barbara he refers to them both as the 'Chesterdorks' Made a sideblog for the TARDIS.
Le tag de la tag meme

Bonjour, ma petites croissants.

It faut ajouter quelque chose en français? Oh bien :3 Salut à tous!

Rules: Answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions.

Ohhh boy I’m too lazy to count the questions and idk who to tag because I was away last week and have no idea who has and hasn’t done it yet, so if you read this and want to do it, please consider yourself tagged! 

Yes, you!

Coke or Pepsi: honestly I couldn’t care less :’D then again I rarely drink soft drinks anyway and if I do I usually buy the disgusting no brand stuff because it’s cheap like me lmao

Disney or Dreamworks: Disney

Coffee or tea: well, I’m addicted to both

Books or movies: aw man that’s not fair, they’re entirely different mediums D:

Windows or Mac: Windows

DC or Marvel: I kind of like bits and pieces of both? lolol this either/or thing is clearly not working for me

Xbox or PlayStation: is PC an option because lmao it’s the only thing I have

Dragon Age or Mass Effect: please don’t do this to me

Night owl or early riser: night owl, definitely

Cards or chess: neither :’D I’m a total grinch when it comes to like parlour games. I was traumatised as a child.

Chocolate or vanilla: uhh in ice cream? vanilla. But generally I think chocolate

Vans or Converse: converse

Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: ohhh boy my canon quizzie is a Trevelyan, but I love all my children blbl

Paragon or Renegade? Paragade lmao I’m sorry but my Shepard was like 85% Renegade and that’s how I liked it >.> 

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars, but I really do love Star Trek as well. tbh I always find it odd when people compare the two because they’re really nothing alike? It’s just that they both happen to take place in space somewhere

One episode per week or binge watching? hmm, binge watching I think, although I have the attention span of a goldfish so sometimes I can’t really handle more than a 45-minutes episode at a time

Kill Quinn or kiss him? is this a trick question XD I’m still miffed that I didn’t get to smooch him during the class story because no homo etc etc

Republic or Empire? I enjoy playing both sides for very different reasons, but in the end when it comes down to it I guess I’d always choose the Republic? Simply because yay democracy and civil rights lmao

Fanfic: Fluff or Hurt? I need like a healthy mix of both? And it mostly depends on what I’m in the mood for at that moment :D 

when guillermo del toro tweeted about lazer team my brain immediately went, “so….lazer team pacific rim au” so consider this, as envisioned by me, @raywood and @aerialfinish:

  • pacific rim au where the kaiju has killed too many pilots and nobody in the us could keep up with the only surviving pilot Adam
  • Herman’s a jaded ex-pilot who gets a pity executive position because of his injury, Hagan was his partner who’s trying to get back into the program after they could no longer drift and their team got nixed, Zach’s a new hotshot who knows he’s going to make it because he’s, like, The Actual Best even though behind his back people think he’s too volatile to drift with anyone
  • (nobody knows about Woody, not even the us government. but he’s there anyways because he’s the only person Herman wants to drift with, who cares if he can’t pilot a goddamn Jaeger, if you want Herman you got to count Woody in, that’s the deal)
  • none of them could still keep up with Adam, though
  • the solution is, of course, to make all five of them drift together
  • a conversation overheard in the united nations hallway:
    “those damn americans are doing again, sir. they’re breaking the rules.”
    “what is it this time.”
    “a 5 person Jaeger, sir.”
    “damn it.”
  • 80% of the movie is just the Jaeger tripping over nothing because five people are trying to control it
  • Zach tries to take a selfie inside the Jaeger, Herman keeps commanding it to run because, hey, large, working, non-limping legs, Hagan is screaming because every time he drifts with Zach he sees Zach’s fantasies about his daughter, and Woody is trying his best but he somehow caught on fire
  • a conversation overheard in the us base hallway:
    “is the Jaeger… facepalming?”
    “yeah, that must be Adam. he’s the only one who can actually control the thing.”
  • (the Jaeger was called Champion of the Earth, courtesy of Adam. Zach took one look at it, went “holy shit it has a laser!” and declared its name to be Lazer Team)