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Ok guys, major nerd-out post here regarding Shiro's arm!

As a student in their 4th year of undergrad for a degree in prosthetics, I’m absolutely SMITTEN with Shiro’s bionic arm (and the guy it’s attached to, obviously). But as much as I adore all the art and fics, there are a few things that are driving me nuts that I’d like to share in a few points here, just for reference if anyone wants it. I’ve seen very few fanworks with a proper presentation of artificial limbs, so here goes! 

 #1. Under NO circumstances does anyone sleep with their prosthetic limb on. 

You read that right: under NO circumstances! This also goes for taking a shower. It might look sexy until you get shocked with however many volts he’s got in that thing, But even if it’s waterproof, what is the purpose?? of having it in the shower? when your supposed to be washing the residual limb as well??

“But Wait!” I hear someone say. “Isn’t it implied that Shiro’s arm is permanently attached somehow, and he can’t or doesn’t know how to take it off?”

To answer your question, yes, it is implied. And I’m here to tell you how that is ABSOLUTELY NOT POSSIBLE.

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Belong To Me

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 853 (almost not a drabble but it is so hush :P)

Warnings: Dean being an ass.

A/N: You voted for prompt, gif and character. Here are what I came up with for the winners.

You hated the fighting. This was the way it had always been and you knew it wasn’t going to stop for a long time. You and Dean had been friends for years before either of you had dared to let anything happen between one another. You loved him so much it hurt and you had no doubt in your mind he felt the same about you, even if he had never said the words. You also doubted he ever would, but that wasn’t why you had fought.

Dean tried to push you away, just like he always did. In the beginning he had flirted with other women, never once taken it beyond that but just enough to make your blood boil with jealousy. Once he had realized he was only hurting you and not chasing you off he had stopped. Then the bossy period had started. Him telling you what to do, which hunts you could go on and what your role would be. Again your blood boiled but those times with anger. A few screaming matches had occurred and you had run off to handle whatever monster problem you were having at the time on your own. After Dean had almost lost you on one of those hunts he had changed his tactics again. Those were the games he was playing at now. Shutting himself down, not letting you in. Not even when you knew he was hurting more than ever. His mom were back in your lives and that was a lot for him to deal with. A few months ago he would have told you about it, but not anymore. Now Dean told you it was none of your business, leaving you in tears to come home smelling like a brewery each night. Each time he left it got harder and harder to watch the door close between you, but you were determined in proving him wrong. Even if you could no longer fall asleep in his bed alone anymore. Even if you sat on the couch in one of Dean’s t-shirt with silent tears streaming down your face until you could no longer keep your eyes open and you fell asleep.

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Idiot Jar- Avengers x Reader

Request: Thank you Anon! Hope this is what you were thinking of!

“Hi! Would you consider doing #50 with a mix of all the avengers? Maybe especially Bucky?”

Prompt: 50. “I’m starting and idiot jar. Anytime you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it -more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was.”

Notes/Warnings: None. (If I am forgetting anything please feel free to let me know and I’ll add it)

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  “I’m just saying, If I were able to time travel, that’s the first place I’d go.” Tony finished as he and Steve walked into the kitchen. You grabbed a towel and dried your hands from washing dishes.

 You looked at them with a curious raised eye brow. “I’m intrigued, Tony.” You started. “Where is it you would go?”

 Tony blushed and shook his head. “Nowhere. It’s nothing.”

 “No,” You pressed and crossed your arms. “I wanna hear this.”

 Steve grinned and ducked his head, trying to hide just how hilarious this was to him. “Go on, Tony, tell her where you’d go.”

 You looked at him expectantly and waited stubbornly for an answer. Tony shifted his weight and rubbed the back of his neck.

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🎶🎶 Oh, mama, don’t you cry, USA hockey is do or die

Bucky’s Plan

Note: the title sucks, but you know. I try. hi thanks for the request! I hope you like it! feedback is welcome! .c

Request: I’d like to request one where you and Bucky are together not necessarily publicly where the team knows but definitely a thing, and Bucky gets it in his head that’d be a great idea to dance with another woman at a party with the intention of making you jealous and leading to angry jealous sex but instead it upsets you making you think he doesn’t consider the two of you to be exclusive and that he doesn’t really care about you? Fluffy ending though after Bucky works for it a little? - @the-one-and-only-vampcake (im so sorry i just realized i didnt tag you in this!)

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As soon as Tony announced he wanted the team dressed and ready to go to the new nightclub his friend was opening up, you all but bounced in your seat. You were ready for a night out, having been on missions every day for the past few months. It was rare to see 9pm sometimes; your energy was completely gone by the time you got home.

Nights out with the team were always fun and you felt like you’d be able to let loose tonight, enjoy your time with your friends, and maybe even have some alone time with Bucky while everyone was in their own little world or maybe with them around.

You and Bucky have been together secretly for about 3 months and you felt safe to say you love him. But you understand him wanting to keep it hidden from the team. He was still getting through everything, but you were totally okay with taking your time. Or so you thought.

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Minor Headcanon about how the rest of the Rangers find out of Trini and Kimberly

-Billy is the first to figure it out, he’s seen them sneak kisses between training sessions and detention. He promised to keep their secret and is super happy for them being together.

-Jason kinda thought there might be something but he wasn’t sure until he went to Kim’s house one night to talk to herand found them both topless making out in her bed. Kim started making sure to lock the window when Trini is over now(after trini comes in that is) so it doesn’t happen again.

-Alpha and Zordon are both surprised when they saw the morphing grid acting up and showing Trini and Kimberly doing things. The first time they were worried about Kimberly trying to hurt Trini and the second time they had to remind them that morphing and the zords are only for training and battles.

-Zack somehow is oblivious to all of this. Like Jason, he has caught them together not fully dressed but assumed they were just helping pick out clothes for the other. He referees to them as close friends when he sees them holding hands in public and whispering in each others ear and even sitting on each others lap.

-Zack has also tried to set Trini up with different girls because he wants her to have a girlfriend. And when Trini mentions she has a girlfriend, Kimberly he says that he means someone she can fuck.

-Zack finally realize that they are dating after Alpha reminds them for the 5th time that morphing is only for training and fighting and not for personally pleasure especially not in that sense. (Tagging @daddyleksas because of the whole morph orgasm that they posted that made me think of that)

-Zack trying to act like he knew all along and was just trying to keep it a secret because he didn’t wanna out them (but secretly being pissed that Trini didn’t tell him (which she reminds him that she did he just didn’t listen))

-Tommy takes one look at them after she joins the team and just knows right away they are a couple and if you mess with one the other will end you.

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPbettertogether

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal this weekend is to make photos and videos inspired by subjects that are better when combined. Here’s how to get started:

  • Cookies and milk, Beauty and the Beast, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson — create your own version of a classic pairing or dynamic duo.
  • Do you have a squad? Whether it’s a comedy troupe, a sports team or your Sunday brunch crew, share photos or videos of the people you enjoy spending time with and what you accomplish when you come together.
  • Use video to show the coming together of a team project or Boomerang to share a collaborative feat.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPbettertogether hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.



Ok guys, buckle in, cuz this is going to be a long theory. This will talk about specific events from Legends and Flash, so if you haven’t seen/aren’t caught up on both, spoilers may be ahead.  I’m not well versed in Time Travel or anything like that, and this theory is based off of my understanding of time travel as the Legends and Flash show it, so there may be some errors.

Before we talk about how Snart’s timeline could have changed, let’s take a moment to discuss the two major instances we’ve seen the timeline of a character change before. 

First, we have Martin Stein in LoT season 2. They went back in time, and Martin met his younger self. He simply told this younger him to be a better husband, and that changed his timeline drastically. Not only that, but it produced an abberation, Lily, his daughter. I believe it’s also important to note that Martin has memories of both timelines, the one without Lily, and now the one with Lily.

Then we have Barry Allen and FlashPoint. I actually had to laugh out loud when creating that chart at how badly he messed up time. I’m just gonna explain what he did here in case the chart is unclear. At the end of season two, Zoom killed his dad. After he successfully defeated Zoom, he was so distraught that he went back in time to the point his mother died and saved her. This created a second timeline, one in which both parents were alive. After talking to Jay, he was convinced to go back and “reset” the timeline. He went back AGAIN to the moment his mom died, and this time he let her die. He thought this would bring him back to the original timeline, but instead it just created a THIRD timeline, which is the one that the Flash Season 3 has taken place in. He still defeated Zoom and his father still died, but there are some differences. Cisco’s brother died. Caitlin has her Killer Frost powers. Diggle’s kid changed genders. And of course, Alchemy and Savitar are present, which leads to the death of Iris West. Once again, I think it’s important to note that Barry has memories of all three timelines, while the others don’t.

Now, how Snart could potentially live. First, we have to consider where Snart died: the Vanishing Point. I saw a really cool post by @literallyflashtrash about how the Vanishing Point basically exists in its own separate dimension outside of time. What we know about the Vanishing Point is fairly limited, but we know that it exists outside of time, and that it was blown up with the Oculus. From that, we can assume that the Legends could not go back to the Vanishing Point even if they wanted to; one because it’s located out of time so it’s not like a point in history, and two because it was blown up and therefore no longer exists. We can also assume that anything that happened there cannot be changed in any way, because it is located out of time. Basically because of this, anything that happens there is set in stone, and even more so now because of it blowing up.

I saw a theory from @coldtomyflash saying that the Snart we saw in the Flash was probably one from between episodes 9 and 10, so that’s where I’m going with, too. Because he was plucked from time, he has a completely new adventure added to his timeline. And it’s not like nothing significant happened when he was there. Many things happened. He went on a heist with the Flash. He saw Barry and Iris are engaged. He almost died. He gave the Flash the “your goodness is your strength” advice, and he quoted himself, saying “no strings on me” (which broke my heart by the way).

Now, we know from the Flash and from Legends that time can be fragile. As Savitar said, “the more you start messing with time, the less the rules apply to you”, and boy, have the Legends messed with time. Anything Barry told him could change Snart, and anything he saw could have changed him. The possibilities are endless on how those events could make him different (as HR showed with dominoes, changing the right event can stop an outcome)

Possible things that could have been changed:

-This wasn’t an ordinary heist. He almost died! This would make it the second time he had almost died (counting 1x07 when him and Sara almost froze to death). This may make him more careful, or make him not want to sacrifice himself and actually die.

-He saw Barry and Iris were engaged. This may make him think about his future sooner, and maybe make a move on Sara sooner (sorry people who don’t like Captain Canary, but it’s an option). Him and Sara dating earlier may prevent him from volunteering to die.

-After dealing with the Flash and getting “sentimental”, he may deal with Chronos differently (which could change a bunch of things for him)

-Even visiting 2017 could have reminded him of what he has to go back to, and could make him think twice about sacrificing himself

Here’s my favorite theory on how things could have changed.  I saw a post from @thecrooktomyassasin about how when he told Barry there’s “no strings on me”, he almost looked like he got deja vu. It was an interesting choice by the Flash to have him tell Barry there’s “no strings on me”, but it was even more interesting to have Barry speed away, and then show Snart repeating the phrase to himself. If adding this event to his timeline did change something, it’s possible that he could start to get memories of events that hadn’t happened to him yet/deja vu. If this is the case, it’s possible that he could gain the memory of his own death, and find a way to avoid it. Keep in mind, when Rip was shown the future, it was Ray who was supposed to die, and Leonard made the conscious choice to take his place (technically to take Mick’s place when he took it from Ray), so it’s not like it was destined for Snart to die.

Now, the main thing that had been hanging me up about Snart dying is that it could undo the entire finale of Legends Season 1, but I’ve come to think that this wouldn’t be the case. That event CANNOT be changed in ANY way, so Snart’s death there was very final. However, if that episode changed any of Snart’s events, that would create an alternate timeline for him. It would create a timeline where he did things differently, and possibly lives (similar to Flashpoint and Martin’s time change). This would make the Leonard Snart at the Oculus almost like a time remnant; it’s existence would remain, it would still sacrifice itself, but it would be expendable, because that’s not Leonard Snart’s timeline anymore. Interestingly enough, this would make Snart an abberation, similar to Lily and Amaya (based on the fact that not only was she plucked from the JSA, but she was killed in Doomworld)

Think of the possibilities with Snart as an abberation! This would be the perfect way to tie him back into the Legends. They track abberations! Imagine them, floating through time, when they get notice of an abberation, and when they go to check it out, it’s SNART! And then during the crossover event, Barry finds out that he saved him! Or even he could end up back on the Flash, and the Legends find out about him during the crossover event next year! There are so many fun possibilities to play around with if Snart’s an abberation, and it will definitely make for some interesting TV.

Once again, I want to state that I’m not well versed in Time Travel or anything like that, and this theory is based off of my understanding of time travel as the Legends and Flash show it, but if I understand correctly, there are ways he could be brought back, and I’m EXCITED!

UPDATE: Now that we’ve seen the Legends Season 3 synopsis, I have another guess on how they can reintroduce them onto the show. The Legends broke time, that much is for sure. It says here Mick meets a member of the team during his Aruba vacation…  What if it’s Leonard? He’s the only one not mentioned in the release, besides Amaya, but I would think they would just say Mick finds Amaya during his Aruba vacation. The fact that the didn’t say who it is makes me think it’s Leonard.


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Rude Boy (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2858

Warnings: Violence (some triggering scenes so please go away if this might make you uncomfortable). Lap dance.

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Because why not. So I had to put it in 2 parts again. If sexual harassment makes you uncomfortable, please go away. I don’t want to cause anyone any harm or pain. If you want to read the smut, it’s the next part.

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Part 2

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@dadefensenet​ & @lightningeranet​ event: lightning era DA girls

“The Ravenclaw team, dressed in blue, were already standing in the middle of the field. Their seeker, Cho Chang, was the only girl on their team.”

Langst hallucinations AU

Okay so, I’ve had this au stuck in my head for a while. Basically, Lance has become so homesick that he starts to snap. If you don’t sleep for more than a week, you could get hallucinations, but probably a good day’s sleep could easily fix a few problems you will encounter. BTW, there is some Klance/Klangst in this so just be aware of that.


 Lately, Lance has been lacking in action and response. Whenever they are training he seems to be lacking the usual enthusiasm and energy, and it doesn’t help that the team has to shout in his face to get him to notice they’re even there. It’s getting them all worried. They ask Lance if he’s okay, he just replies with a simple ‘Yeah’ or ‘I’m fine, really…’. Of course, the team aren’t completely convinced with that answer but let him off so they don’t irritate him. They know how hard it is for him, they know a bit about his insecurities because he was brave enough to tell a little to the team. Little do they know, Lance hasn’t slept in a week and a half.

 Lance has recently been having intrusive thoughts, saying stuff like “Why are you even trying when you know you’re just dead weight to the entire team”, “Hunk probably hangs out with Pidge more because he finally realized how stupid and pointless you are.”, “You’re weak, what are you doing here when you know that you should be dead right now?”, or “Keith will never like you back, no matter how hard you try.”. Lance tries so hard to ignore those thoughts but the more he hears them the more unstable he feels. His nightmare occurrences have increased probably even more than Shiro’s. He dreams about how the team sees him as nothing but a useless placeholder and how he doesn’t belong anywhere, or his family. His family are the worst ones, either his parents are scolding him about how disappointed they are, he dreams of what they might be doing on Earth without him there and if any of them are still really alive, or….. the team returns to Earth and Lance runs home…. only to find every single family member dead on the floor… and a bloody and used weapon is in his hands. 

 Lance stopped sleeping and instead cried every night, trying hard to block out his intrusive thoughts and stay awake. Soon, it began to take effect on his health. He grows more hungry than usual but always waits till night to have an entire feast, Hunk and Coran notice a shortage of some food supply or even full plates that are left in the fridge for the next day. He’s been getting sick more often than usual and it’s putting everyone on edge. He begins to become more forgetful and unaware of his surroundings, Shiro and Allura notice and tries their hardest to get Lance back on track. He sometimes stumbles over his words and stutters once and a while, Pidge and Keith sometimes have to correct him on words and grammar. He also begins to have hallucinations around the castle… all of them are of his family.

One night Keith was up late training like he usually does, when he heard a sudden shout. It sounded like Lance. The shouting continued as Keith tried to track down where it was coming from. When he ran into the kitchen, he found Lance huddled on his side on the floor with his knees to his chest, head down, whimpering and calling out to his mother as if she was actually there right at that moment. Keith panicked, unsure of what to do. So he just ran over to Lance and began to shake him and call his name. It took quite a while, but it worked after a minute or two. By then Lance was crying, tears running down his face. He looked around only to find that his mother was no longer there where he’d seen her when he walked in for his late night meal. He swore he saw her but knew that was impossible. He told Keith what he saw and Keith looked at him concerned, telling him that no one was there when he found him. 

The next day, Keith stayed pretty close to Lance, not once telling him off or making fun of him. He told the team what happened the night before and they all decided to keep a good eye on Lance. The same day, Keith and Pidge got to see Lance staring intently at nothing, his eyes watery and damp until tears finally fell and he was running in the direction of where his eyes lay. Keith and Pidge ran after him through hallways and into the training deck. In the center of it, Lance stopped and fell to his knees screaming. Everyone gathered there to help Lance in any way they could. Eventually, he calmed down in Keith’s arms and began whispering someone’s name. Keith was close enough to hear and it seemed that Lance was calling and apologizing to his nephew Mateo, who Lance has talked about to the team many times before. Why was he apologizing to his nephew? 

That night, Lance was stable enough to tell the team what’s been going on. How he has nightmares so he hasn’t slept in 2 weeks. Why he wasn’t there at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What he’s been seeing. The first thing he saw was his sister Cleo sitting on his bed of his paladin bedroom, reading a book. He immediately ran up to her to hug her only to land straight in his bed, Cleo nowhere in sight. The second was his father in the dining room, reading a newspaper while drinking coffee. He stopped coming to eat with the team after that. The third was his mother cooking in the kitchen, she actually looked at Lance for a second, seeing her smile again making Lance cry. That was the night Keith found him. The fourth time was when Lance saw his nephew Mateo playing in the halls of the castle, telling Lance to play tag with him and he ran off. Lance immediately chased the little boy, through sharp turns, forks in the path, and finally the entrance of the training deck… and when he entered, he found Mateo bleeding on the floor with holes through his back out his chest, bloody burn marks covered the edges of the holes that was burned into the little boy’s shirt. Lance looked down to see his bayard activated and smoking at the tip, signaling that it was just used… to kill the boy who called Lance his favorite uncle and vice versa. 

From that point on everyone always stayed close to Lance making sure he was healthy and happy. Hunk made sure he ate and if he got sick, he’d make multiple meals for Lance. Shiro made sure Lance was healthy and well enough to train and if not he would force Lance to sit this one out. Pidge, Allura, and Coran checked his vital health rates weekly. Keith slept next to Lance every night hoping it would rid of the nightmares, and apparently, it worked pretty well, later on, Keith began to have feelings for Lance and vice versa. Lance would say they were kinda overdoing it, but he couldn’t blame them. He knew his state was really bad at the time so he just let it happen with little complaints.



There you guys go, hope you enjoy this. It’s my first Langst scenario so plz don’t judge if it’s bad. Sorry for the Klance, I have no self-control. Thank you for taking the time to read it, you may continue scrolling now.


SO now that i’ve replayed (most of) this game i can safely at least theorize (though its basically…yknow, how the game goes) that AA4 shows a gradual progression of klavier and apollo’s relationship over the course of the game. basic outline:

Turnabout Corner: They meet. Klavier cancels his tour dates and drops everything to meet him, Apollo expects the worst. They butt heads. At the very end of the trial, Apollo realizes that Klavier probably knew what had happened all along, and that he was actually trying to help him out. 

Turnabout Serenade: This case starts roughly where the last one left off, with Klavier being well-meaning and Apollo being cautiously receptive (he begins to note that he prefers Klavier’s prosecutor persona to his rock star one). They have that talk in his office about helping each other, and in the final day of the trial end up collaborating to figure out what happened. Apollo echoes Klavier’s own words to him, and begins to treat him like a partner. Klavier again directly helps out.

Turnabout Succession: Apollo and Klavier basically tag-team to beat Kristoph. Klavier allows his brother to be summoned only when Apollo shows his determination on the topic, and eventually overcomes his own anxieties to help him win the case. Again, they close out the argument together, taking turns explaining what happened.

Credits: Klavier tells Apollo (setting implying they’re spending time together in his office) that he quit music at least partially because he found working alongside him more exciting, and says that he looks forward to working with him again.

in sum thanks for not developing this any further capcom im gonna be bitter for a long time

Types of Genji players

The Weeb™ : Has over 100+ hours on Genji (and maybe Hanzo), canNOT h0Ld StiLL before the match starts. Golden weapon. Refuses to switch.

Pro-Genji™ : A terror to the enemy team. Rarely needs healers to support them. Knows every map like the back of their shuriken. PLay Of tHE GAMe!!! Uses the “Mada mada” voiceline.

A Good Boy™ : “MERRY CHRISTUMASU!!!” Says thank-you every time they are healed. Tries His Best. Usually stays with his teammates.

Meme-Loving Fuck™ : Most likely to stab you in the back. Has every skin but only uses Carbon Fiber. Spams for heals on purpose. “I was hoping for a challenge” after every kill.

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hey, i'm new to tumblr hockey and I was wondering if you could recommend some blogs to me? thank you in advance!

hooooboy welcome to hell :D

but yes absolutely i can help you out, here are some grade-a quality blogs:

@povverbottoms @curlyfrycarrick @puckstars @daddyseggy @leondraiisaitl @hallskey @fratboyhanifin @dratdaddy @buchplease @werenzki @temipanarin @klingbrg @psharp @temapanarin @jo-drouin @zachparises @captainerinrose @19trash88 @kuuuuuuuuuch @brandoncarlo @rawpucking @alyssaad72 @hockeydilf @keithsflow

hope this helps you out a bit! all of them have 10/10 content <3

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How would the boys react to Candy in her prom dress? (Being that they finally can date out in the open, amber isn't mean as much etc. All the drama is over)

Mmmm one thing i love about prom is how lit everyone looks just woW. Prom headcanons are too short so i’ll add some things they would do at prom. i wanna also add some songs that the boys and Candy would dance to bc i’m extra like that. I also added some dresses bc, again, i’m extra like that and so y’all don’t ask



Reaction to her dress: Honestly, Nathaniel would be in awe. He would probably stop in his tracks, for a moment, then smile. Thinking as if Candy just can’t stop being beautiful, she always is. Tad cliche, but those are his thoughts. Being the prince charming we all know he is, he’d give Candy a complement; “It’s as if I can’t believe how beautiful you can be,” Nath would kiss her, before he takes her by her hand and leads her to prom.

Song: Janet Jackson - Doesn’t Really Matter.

  • Honestly, has one of the best suits in prom.
  • Back of his mind he’s sweating bullets he doesn’t wanna touch the dance floor
  • On the look out for the other guys, he honestly should just chill for a second.
  • Lets Candy have her space if she wants, but is usually behind her
  • Drinks some punch,, about one or two drinks
  • If Candy’s off with her friends, Nath would chill around his own - preferably Armin or Kentin.
  • Melody tries to make a move on him but he’s just “Melody…Could you please just not?
  • Though he’s not annoyed, he looks annoyed - with his infamous “natural look of displeasure”.
  • That one guy that will go to a party and want to leave an hour later.
  • Won’t dance - he might if Candy wants to, though.
  • A slow dancer, definitely - he’s not some boogie kind of guy.
  • Avoids the buffet and every single sweet on the table, doesn’t know who or who didn’t touch all over it.
  • Raised his own money to buy his suit and tie.
  • The closest thing he’s went to eating something sweet, was a dark chocolate covered strawberry.
  • Such a romantic on the dance floor, he’s the; charming dancer.
  • Gets very tired, he’s not a party kind of guy.
  • Thought the prom would be more formal.
  • Complements the other students outfits, likes seeing different styles.
  • Dances with everyone - he’s not getting on the dance floor alone.
  • Seriously, this song has no rhythm - how do they expect everyone to dance to it?
  • Obviously, the two end up being the prom king and queen.


Reaction to her dress: Oh yes Castiel would be looking up down and all around. Maybe not all around - but you get my drift. He’d put his hand on his hip and give Candy such a big smirk “And I thought I looked good tonight.” he’s only half-joking.

He knows he looks good too - just not as good as Candy. Wraps his arms around her waist and gives her a very deep kiss, before opening the door for her to prom.

Song: Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like.

  • Came for Candy, there’s no way he came by himself.
  • Has his ponytail up, it’s a rare sight to see with other students - except Lysander, that’s normal.
  • Would have his arm around Candy the whole time.
  • Candy’s gonna have to lead bc inside, he’s lost on what to do here.
  • Would show off Candy if she’d let him.
  • Kinda eats from the buffet but doesn’t really care for it.
  • Obviously if Candy to talk with her friends, there’s no doubt he’s talking to Lysander.
  • Drops a complement or two to his friends about their outfits, thinks they’re cool.
  • No one can tell him he can’t have punch, cause he’s having enough to be satisfied and enough not to get drunk.
  • Doesn’t know how to dance ?? Like what is dancing anyway-
  • Isn’t dancing Candy might have to drag him.
  • Proud of his choice with his suit, might wear it to special occasions more than this one.
  • Always has that red drinking cup in his hand.
  • Amber could try to flaunt her outfit around he and Candy, but he’d honestly ignore her.
  • Doesn’t waste his breath on anyone he doesn’t like, it’s supposed to be a good night.
  • Sits down when it’s time to dance like - he’s not gonna move, he’ll drink and watch.
  • If Candy somehow managed to get him on the floor ??
  • Honestly, if you didn’t come here, then I wouldn’t be here.
  • Likes the DJ’s music, probably recognizes some of the songs.
  • This boy can tango, his mom probably danced that way and he caught onto it.
  • Acts a tad kinky when they dance together just to get a reaction.


Reaction to her dress: Lysander be in awe for a few seconds, but give the most prettiest smile to her. Such a pure warm smile, it needs to be put into a frame. Lys would kiss her before saying anything about her dress.

You’re just getting more and more beautiful everyday, Candy.” probably kisses her another time, but a little more gentle. Obviously, he’d open the door for her and lead her in.

Song: Kucka - Honey (Medasin Remix).

  • Nathaniel can wear all of the suits he wants, but Lysander is always gonna be the best dressed.
  • Looks like his hair is a bit more fluffy and curlier tonight.
  • Had to fight the urge not to wear a top hat that night, thinks he would look out of place if he did.
  • The best dressed out of everyone, he slays everyone in the room.
  • Looks very content about everything, doesn’t seem uneasy around all the people.
  • Doesn’t like the flashy lights, probably rolled his eyes because of the “extra-ness”.
  • Hangs around Candy, she’d be in charge - he’d want for her to be happy first.
  • Misses cuddles,,
  • Glances at Candy every now and then, was teased by Rosalya.
  • Wouldn’t mind dancing, but would prefer to do it when everyone else was on the floor.
  • Is actually SHY to complement her as he usually does. Gdi Candy Lysbaby can’t with this,,
  • Engages in conversations with other students, takes it as a “joyous occasion to talk to peers”.
  • Formal and kind to most of the students, probably serves some students their punch.
  • Honestly has been teased by Castiel as well for blushing around Candy lmao
  • Would ask Candy if she’d like to dance, she wouldn’t need to drag him making her job easiER
  • Loves seeing different styles on the students, thinks it’s interesting to see what they can come up with.
  • A lot more observant of the prom room rather than he is verbal with anyone else tbh.
  • Tried some pastry tarts from the buffet ?? And he fell in love with them.
  • Is the; charming dancer, we all saw this coming.


Reaction to her dress: Let’s be real, Armin would be very forward about Candy’s looks. Had a surprised expression on his face, that turns into that sexy smile of his.

Wow…! You’re looking super hot tonight,” adding onto his sentence, “Not like you aren’t everyday, anyway.” He’d give her a deep kiss, that lasts a bit longer than usual. He’d open the door and let her in and let the party begin!

Song: Daft Punk - One More Time.

  • Considers the prom more as a “party” than it is a “prom”.
  • Candy would have to explain the slight difference in it, bc he’ll ask about it.
  • …Basically the boring version of a party and everyone dances?
  • Alexy had to pick out his outfit, there’s no way that Armin was gonna pick out a suit on his own.
  • Doesn’t drink, he doesn’t like how people get drunk or have hangovers - sounds like it sucks. Nor does he want one tbh
  • That one guy that starts a dance fight just for shits and giggles.
  • Dances like a dork just to embarrass Candy, but he can boogie
  • So, Sweetness, what did you think of my cool moves back there?” knows he was dancing like an idiot.
  • Doesn’t really look at the other students outfits, they’re just outfits.
  • Pretty impressed with the decor of the area, glances here and there - thinks it’s pretty fancy for some highschoolers.
  • Such a picky eater when it comes to the buffet - takes years to make a decision on what he wants.
  • Actually likes his outfit, thinks he looks good - looked at himself once or twice in a mirror.
  • Didn’t leave his PSP behind, he played with it in the car - it’s resting in his tux pocket.
  • Still wearing his beanie some suit that Alexy picked out won’t stop him.
  • Won’t hesitate to give her a quick kiss on the cheek if she’s leaving or if he’s leaving.
  • Is the “boogie down” dancer, likes spinning Candy around when they dance.
  • Always ends the dance, spinning Candy around, and catching her from behind with a smile. He loves that move and he loves doing it.


Reaction to her dress: Pfft - Kentin is easily flustered, that’s for sure. Would almost tumble, but maintain himself. He’d try not to be super awkward checking Candy out, managing to say “You….You look absolutely stunning,” gives her a sweet kiss. He’d hold her hand, entering prom the same time she does.

Song: The Isley Brothers - For The Love Of You.

  • Wasn’t ready for so many people to be in the same room, he’s not very extroverted.
  • Follows Candy around, not very sure what to do.
  • Ok but he’s glanced at Candy LOADS of times and still isn’t over her beauty tbh.
  • Got teased by Alexy and then double teased with Armin, tag team teasers.
  • Drinks the punch somewhat, two or three cups of it, he just likes the fruit.
  • Lives at the buffet, helps around and takes some pastries - gives some to Candy.
  • Tried to give Candy a piece of his cake and got it on her face,, he felt bad but - Candy ate it anyways.
  • Surprisingly, the best dancer on the floor…only if he wasn’t so awkward to the idea of being in front of everyone else,,
  • Feels like he looks good tonight, glad he does too.
  • Super blushy when he dances with Candy like now he has a closeup ?? Candy would have to tell him it’s “alright” and it’s “okay”, he knows it is but - he’s just timid about it all.
  • Likes spinning Candy around and catching her, probably kissed her.
  • The type of dance he’d do is “swing” basically the retro version of the waltz, with spinning.
  • Thinks his suit is basic but figures it’d be classy to wear.
  • Always straightens out his tux, he doesn’t want it to be wrinkly
  • I remember when we had a prom in middle school, it was nothing like this.”
  • Likes slow dancing, has his head resting in Candy’s neck and holds her close by her waist.
  • If Candy was his dance at their middle school prom, he’d bring it up like “It’s funny how we grew up, doing this again”.
  • If not, then he’s timid to it but alright - now that they’re together.
Render Me Breathless (Peter Parker)

based off of this post 

You stared at the score board in both triumph and disappointment. Your team, Team Shmaptain Shmerica - why would Steve even agree to naming his team that? Sam is an idiot - was both losing and winning to an intense game of laser tag with the other team (which is named normally after Iron Man, unlike Sam who wanted to name Steve’s team for shits and giggles), and you were desperate to win at least just one game. You and Bucky were the only ones left in your team, while Natasha and Peter in the other team. 

“Okay, we need a plan,” Bucky urgently whispered to you. You turned to him with a surprised look; Bucky has never been this serious with this game of laser tag. You’ve played it multiple times before, and he never makes a plan, even with himself. He just shoots at anything that breathes and accepts his defeat when he gets shot. 

“That’s new coming from you, Barnes. Did you learn that word from Steve somewhere?” you joked. Before you could whip out another witty remark, Bucky grabbed your arm and dragged you to a room. You could hear faint footsteps coming from outside. 

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anonymous asked:

People easily forget that this is showbiz. Celebs, especially the most ''desired'' ones will always be asked about their love life. There's no way that just because Harry is now with the Azoffs this will stop. Its very unlikely for him to not be seen/date a girl ever again until he comes out. Once he comes out & has a partner (Louis) this might stop, but even then bc the 'hotshot' he's made to be there might be bullshit quotes in tabloids, while in interviews they'll question him about Louis...

Disclaimer: this is the only ask I am going to reply about the topic because I don’t want to spend my time talking about Harry’s team nor Harry’s het image nor anything they want me to talk about to perpetuate their narratives.  I’m going to focus to what I like from this promo/Harry’s image only, so feel free to indirect and insult in asks & tags because my opinion is different from yours but this is the only time I am going to discuss this topic anyway.

I use this ask to say that people forget a lot of things when it comes to this promo because they were so sure he wouldn’t be asked anything but his music and he was totally free to blacklist topics like who he’s dating….. lol as IF.

Apart from the fact that he signed with a Sony label and this should tell you all about what kind of marketing they usually do around their megastars, people also forget that: 

1. this is Sony wet dream coming true: Harry Styles™ having a deal with them, making a solo album, a solo single, a SOLO image all for them to sell, groom and get money from without the rest of the band around. they won the jackpot here. they are going to do what they feel it’s necessary and he’s going to play by the rule as any other singer who wants a career. The other band members had to do the same, the context was different for each of them (way different) and the goals were different too, but they all play by the rules. Harry is not excluded because now he can be himself and be authentic, like some people like to think for weeks now, he might only want his music to talk but this will never happen unfortunately.  (I think he knows this too) 

2. He has a manager who organised a fake hack of  more than 80 pictures of Kendall Jenner sitting on Harry’s lap and pretending to kiss him (+800 sets of pap pics in two days) for months and months, not once but twice, every time she needed something to promote, blaming the fans for doing it when it was clearly staged and even used Harry’s mother to make it look more ‘real’. And the story about Kendall comes back every two months when needed, even if she’s dating someone else now. He also sold his own girlfriend to TMZ by making her hold hand with Harry and pretend to be a mystery woman to get him coverage about another man magazine and the launch party and once they were satisfied with the attention it got, they issued a denial through the same magazine so they got coverage from that as well. Like, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that he’s in the closet and his team is doing what they have to do in order to sell the product. Het narratives sells, tabloids want that, especially from someone like Harry who has a very well known reputation unfortunately. Maybe they won’t perpetuate it in the same way Modest did (i don’t think so, but you know, it’s still Sony so never say never) and they’ll surely give him more space to talk about his music like they are already doing, but the ‘im single and ready to date’ will never go away until he comes out. and it’s not going to happen now that he’s about to launch his solo career, let’s be real.

 Again, his ‘approach’ to the topic will likely be different than when he was in 1D (mostly because they want to make him the male version of Adele so they need a slightly different narrative) and he will probably be more vague like he was in this pre-recorded interview, but the topic was still brought up and it was absolutely predictable. They know what sells and what doesn’t so don’t expect him to only talk about his music and his working process, also seeing how tabloids are focusing on this quote this morning, the questions about dating and exes won’t stop any time soon in my opinion.

Finish Line

(gif is mine)

Pairing: Racer!Steve Rogers x Reader (AU)

Summary: Two time Formula One champion Steve Rogers faced one of his worst fears during his race in Austin, TX.

A/N: I dont know what this is, okay, this had been stuck in my head for days ever since I found out that Sebastian Vettel is having a kid and ahhhhh I just really need to get it out of my system. Sorry for so many racing terms I chuck in there. 

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anonymous asked:

Johnny making sure that he reads up on every available resource on trans things

peter comes out to johnny as trans the night he reveals his identity to him. peter’s pretty scared about it bc he hardly knows johnny, they’ve only hung out a few times and it was mostly to team up for patrols. they haven’t even really spoken more than a few words to each other besides the occasional “nice job, douchebag” in passing.

but peter’s badly hurt this time from doc ock, and while he can feel his body already healing he knows he needs to rest. he tries to muster up the strength to swing home but when he stands up he falls right back down. it’s hard to breathe and he realizes that the the binder isnt giving him enough airflow anymore, he’s had it on too long and moved around in it too much. johnny insists that they go back to the baxter building and have pete looked at. peter starts to refuse but when he does johnny’s eyes turn into blue flame, so he decides that it probably isn’t the best idea to piss off a literal ball of fire in his weak state. he reluctantly agrees and johnny flies them to the building, making sure to keep his arms free of flame while he carries peter. peter can feel the heat of the fire on his face, he’s pretty sure he has some minor burns on his cheeks now but that’s the least of his worries.

when they arrive johnny gingerly sets peter down on a couch that feels like a cloud and says he’s gonna call reed in to look at him bc “he’ll know how to fix you up better than me” but peter starts freaking out. he knows that someone is gonna have to find out he’s trans if they wanna patch him up, but he doesn’t want all of the fantastic four to know. not yet. he just isn’t ready for that, he needs to prepare more for that. he pulls off his mask with shaking fingers and tells johnny that he’ll be okay, that his broken bones are already healing. he tells him that the problem is he’s just not getting enough air.

johnny surprisingly handles the whole situation with care and gentleness. he blinked owlishly at peter for a moment when peter took off the mask bc “oh no he’s hot” and then blinked even more when peter explained that he was transgender, explained that he needed help out of his binder. but then johnny blinked one more time and suddenly he was back to normal, and just said “yeah i can do that, let me get you a shirt first”

he eased pete out of the suit carefully, making sure not to put strain on any of his injuries. he chatted the whole time about nothing in particular, told peter he smelled like a dumpster and that he needed to shower after that fight. peter had expected him to bombard him with questions about being trans, but johnny didn’t. he was thankful. johnny turns away form him so peter can change into the spare clothes (an ugly tourist shirt and some hello kitty pants of sue’s bc “sorry pete but my pajamas are designer”) without being looked at.

for a few weeks after that he and johnny get closer, talk more. somehow johnny even managed to get peter’s number so he could text him stupid things at 3 in the morning (“i saw a trash can and thought of you ☺️”) and peter likes to pretend that it annoys him. initially johnny won’t stop calling him “dude” and “bro” all the time, and peter worries that johnny may be teasing him, or trying to humor him. but he quickly realizes that johnny is just a fuckboy and those are his lame pet names. why new york seems to be in love with this hotheaded idiot is beyond peter, and why he falls in love with him too is just as ridiculous.