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conversation they probably had at some point:
  • Haruka: You think that you own whatever pool you swim in
  • Rin: Haruka...
  • Haruka: that the water is just a dead thing you can claim.
  • Rin: I-
  • Haruka: -puts a hand over Rin's mouth- but i know every drop and mineral and compound, has a life, has a spirit, has a name...
  • Rin: -muffled complaining-
  • Haruka: you think the only swimmers who are worthy, are the swimmers who look and swim like you, but if you walk the footsteps of an old friend, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew...
  • Rin: CAN YOU NOT
  • Haruka: -whispers- can you swim with all the colors of the sea
  • Rin: get in the damn pool.

tanaka headcanons!!! because im love him?

  • the reason he doesn’t lift hinata above his head the same way he picks up noya is because the only time he tried it, hinata yelled “death before dishonor!” and brought them both down
  • tanaka, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: “i’m the Sokka Friend”
  • he secretly owns a wisdom of the ace shirt, but he’s saving it for the first day of his third year
  • “i don’t have a favorite underclassman! and if i did, it would not be hinata, haha”
    • karasuno, the team they’re currently playing, the spectators, god himself: [looks into the camera like they’re on the office]
  • saeko’s nails are painted black in ch 251. tanaka was the one to do her right hand because she can’t do it on her own. we’re all saeko
  • tanaka and yamamoto are being lowkey about it, but they’re some of the most hyped members of their respective teams for the battle of the trash heap, mostly because they have weeks of trash talking to prove wrong
  • tanaka is the friend who yells “do it for the vine!” noya is the friend who does it for the vine
  • if he wasn’t doing volleyball he would be a swimmer, if only because he would have more opportunities to rip his shirt off
  • he wants to be bokuto koutarou when he grows up
  • [match is about to start] tanaka: “from now on, we will be using code names. you can address me as eagle one-”

Katie Ledecky takes world champ title in 400m free 

The US star proved clearly superior than the rest of the field, establishing a new Championships Record in 3:58.34. Ledecky is now the only swimmer in the Worlds’ history to have won this event on three occasions, and consecutively. Moreover, it is the 10th gold for the US great in this competition, out of 10 finals swam. The podium was completed by Leah Smith, also from USA, in 4:01.54, while China’s Li Bingjie was third in 4:03.25.

But the real question is this:

Does Percy has body hair? Like swimmers shave their body hair because it makes them swim faster, so maybe with him being a son of poseidon, he doesn’t grow body hair. (He is constantly sad because he can’t grow a beard)


Women’s 100m butterfly. Sarah Sjostrom, from Sweden,  touching home for gold in 55.53, a new Championships Record. 

It is her fourth win in the event at the Worlds, after 2009, 2013 and 2015 – she is the only swimmer achieving this feat in this event. Also World Record holder in 55.48 and Olympic champion in Rio 2016, Sjostrom collected her ninth medal at the FINA World Championships, since her first podium in 2009. With the title decided, the fight for the minor medals was quite interesting, with 200m free Olympic bronze medallist Emma McKeon (AUS) taking silver in a “distant” 56.18 and Kelsi Worrell (USA) earning bronze in 56.37

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omg I loved your little winteriron drabble with merman!Bucky can you please please please write more? Maybe with the "wait in line, freakshow" or "on second thought, I dont want to know" sentence prompts if you want? thank you!!

Thank you, and sure. Here’s a little something from Steve’s point of view. 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29  

Steve picked up his pace, cutting through the water and swimming right in front of Bucky to impede his path. “And just where do you think you’re going?”

Bucky reeled, back-flipping through the water then righting himself. “Steve, what are you doing up so late?” He scowled. “You should be in bed. You’re still recovering from the Eels.”

“I’m trying to make sure my best friend doesn’t end up in some Lander’s net.” Steve swished his tail in agitation. “You’re going to get caught if you keep going to the surface.”

Bucky smirked. “No one has caught me yet.” Bucky kicked his tail and with a burst of speed, launched himself past Steve.

“Bucky!” Steve cried out and gave chase.

Steve huffed as he tried to keep up with his best friend. Bucky had always been a faster swimmer. The only reason Steve had caught up before was because Bucky hadn’t been aware Steve was following him.

Steve soon lost sight of his friend and cursed. He pushed onward through the water.

Steve knew exactly where Bucky was headed.

It wasn’t long before Steve reached shallow waters. He navigated his way through the seaweed and rocks until he reached a spot in rocks where he could hide from the Landers on shore but get glimpse of the small beach Bucky liked to visit.

Steve poked his head out from the water and around the rock. His heart screamed and flung itself out of his chest.

Tony was wearing one of his strange, black skins again and was wading in waist high water. He laughed as Bucky swam around him, diving in and out of the water and wrapping his tail around Tony’s legs.

It wasn’t a proper courting dance due to Bucky being limited to shallow water, but Steve recognized the dance for what it was.

Tony’s reached into the water and his fingers touched Bucky’s tail.

Bucky cooed in delight and wrapped himself around Tony. He cupped Tony’s face with one hand and looked at Tony with utter fondness.

Tony’s cheeks turned red. He swayed into Bucky’s touch.

Bucky grinned and slapped his tail onto the surface, splashing Tony before Bucky dove into the water.

“Hey!” Tony cried out. He vigorously wiped at his eyes. “No fair!”

Bucky remerged right in front of Tony and kissed the tip of his nose then disappeared into the water again.

Tony straightened, his face more red than a lobster.

Steve dove into the ocean and swam toward deeper waters.

Steve cartwheeled and swam zigzag as he panicked. His best friend was courting a Lander! Had Bucky even thought this through? Besides the general danger of swimming near the surface, how did Bucky expect to maintain any relationship with Tony? How! It just didn’t make sense, and–

“Whoa, Stevie, you need to slow down. Your tail is going to split in two if you keep swimming like that.”

Steve whirled on Bucky. “Are you crazy? On second thought, don’t answer that.” Steve zipped through the water in a panic as he tried to think of what to say to his friend. “You’re courting a Lander!”

“So you saw that performance?” Bucky glanced over his shoulder and in the direction of the beach. “Not surprised. I had a feeling you would.”

“Bucky,” Steve clamped Bucky on the shoulders and looked him in the eye, “I want to support you, but what you’re doing is insane and dangerous.”

“So was riding that riptide, but we had fun.” Bucky smiled crookedly.

Steve shook his head. “This is different.”

“Come on, Steve.” Bucky swatted Steve’s hands away and put some distance between them. “Since when are you afraid of anything? We’ve out swam sharks, swam through jellyfish, and have even explored Lander ships. We are you acting like such a guppie?”

“Because Bucky…” Steve’s chest ached. He sank into the water. “I don’t want to see you get hurt when things don’t work out. Nets and fishermen’s traps aside, Tony and you are literally from two different worlds.”  

Bucky tail twitched. He once again looked over his shoulder toward the beach. “I have to go. I told Tony I’d only be gone for a little while.”

Steve sighed and bowed his head. “You’re not going to listen to me at all, are you?”

“Haven’t so far. Why start now?” Bucky flipped himself around and swam to Tony.

Steve hugged himself as he drifted alone in the ocean.

“I hope it works out in the end, even if it is unlikely.”

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Yes hello there its been a while.  tb5-heavenward wanted an English Channel piece and I am a sucker for swimmer!Gordon, so here is this.

Living Halfway

Gordon Tracy is the sort of person who does not believe in halfway, even if halfway very much believes in him.  He is the type of person with incomplete projects at every turn, simply because he forgets to finish something he stops caring for.  He is the type of person who, when he loves, will love wholly and completely, leaving no moment untouched, but he will just as easily turn around with such unambiguous indifference that the people who he leaves behind – strangers and lovers alike – have no choice but to feel at least a little bit heartbroken.  He lives his life halfway between boy and man, halfway between rescuer and victim, halfway between orphan and son.

So Penelope isn’t the least bit surprised when he breaks, halfway across the English Channel.

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  • "the setter does it better" squad: taurus, libra, cancer, virgo, pisces, capricorn
  • "screw that, i'm only here for the swimmers" squad: leo, sagittarius, aries, scorpio, aquarius
  • the one who's drawn between the two: gemini
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