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5SOS Preference 01- What concert they'd take you to.

Michael- (All Time Low) “This is our last song.” Alex said into the mic. The crowd cheered, knowing what song was next. Their signature closure song. You were super sweaty, Michael as well. The outdoor venue was helping, but it was still hard for you to get air as both of you were dead center in the mob. Michael looked at you with a huge, stupidly happy grin spread across his face. “You’re going up,” he said. “What?” you asked. As soon as the lyrics “I got your picture, I’m coming with you…” left Alex’s mouth, you were lifted onto Michael’s shoulders. You were a little nervous, but after you got your balance, you moved to the beat with ease. You watched as a circle pit opened a few feet beside you, and Michael joked as if he was going to run in. Managing to only get kicked by two crowd surfers, you stayed up until the end of Dear Maria, and after Rian, Jack, Zack, and Alex all left the stage. Michael brought you gently down and set you on your feet. You lifted up on your tip-toes, pecking him on the lips. “Tonight was great, babe,” you say, smiling. Michael nodded and returned another delicate kiss.

just a heads up if you’re ever writing an imagine/preference/one shot/fan fic that’s dealing with an All Time Low concert THEY DON’T PLAY IN ARENAS THERE IS NO “SEATING” THERE IS MOSHING, CROWD SURFING, AND CIRCLE PITS THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT.

Ashton- (Tonight Alive) You and Ashton were at the very front of the crowd, you leaning up against the barricade and Ash standing protectively behind you. You turned your head back and grinned up at him. “I’m so excited,” you say. He kissed your cheek and quickly said, “Good.” The band walked out on stage about 15 minutes later and you jumped up and down, yelling to them in welcome. They started into their set, playing Bathwater, The Ocean, Thank You And Goodnight, etc. Jenna kneeled down to eyelevel and sang to the individuals in the front. During Amelia, Ash moved his hands to your waist and swayed with you. After the show you went home and crashed on Ash’s bed, talking about the show until you both fell asleep.

Calum- (Sleeping With Sirens) You and Cal were in the back, avoiding the crazy fan girls that usually came with the SWS crowd. Calum was leaning up against the wall next to you, his arm slung loosely around your waist. You could tell he was excited, and that he wanted to be in the crowd, but he was more concerned about your safety. Although you did tell him multiple times that you could take care of yourself, he refused to listen. SWS came out, Kellin leading the way, and Calum immediately stood up straight. He sang out all of the words and did a little dance with you during If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn. You smiled up at him as the band said thank you and left the stage. “Did you have fun?
 You asked. "Of course. Thanks for coming with me, babe,” he answered, winking at you and grabbing your hand before leading you out of the musty venue and towards the car.

Luke- (You Me At Six) The room that YMAS was playing at was tiny, and there was hardly any air between the walls, but neither of you cared. You both jumped around and sang out the words to all the songs. Luke protected you from idiots in the crowd, and gave a few guys a warning glare when they tried to hit on you. You only pulled him away and continued dancing. Suddenly, the mood changed. “This song’s called Crash,” Josh said in his sultry, British accent. Luke glanced over at you, taking your hand in his and wrapping his arm around your chest, your fingers continuously intertwined. “Wait, keep me in your skin, keep me in your chest. I’ll wait for it to start, I’ll wait for it to end. Keep me on my toes, keep me in the know,” Luke sang to you in your ear, leaving kisses on your ear before resting his chin on the top of your head, swaying to the beat.

I’m sorry if Calum’s was shitty. I really don’t like SWS at all, not a big fan, but I knew that they’re one of his favorite bands so I didn’t really have a choice. Anyway, hope you liked them! If you want more, feel free to request something in my ask!