only so many hairs on that precious head

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Sleepy floofy dorky joonie on vapp like if u agree <333

LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!!! he was talking so fast he’s like choking on his food the whole time and he kept standing up and sitting down and everything. he said he’s been doing pilates and then he started stretching :))))) also some of his hair was on top of his head, he said it was his antenna ;_; always protect too precious!

He’s excited and very nervous for tomorrow. I can only imagine since he’s gonna be answering so many questions, but joon has always been really good at handling these situations. But media/press can be unpredictable. I’m hoping for the best and I hope they have a great time!

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our beautiful broken boy kotaro and him being happy with the mc. idc how i just want him to be happy. maybe she tells him he loves him for the first time. or they just spent the whole day together and they're just happy, idk i just want fluff

Yes! I hope this little drabble brightens your day~

I tried experimenting on a different stream of consciousness than normal, because I feel like Fuma is on his own wavelength. 

But I had a lot of fun writing this! So I hope you like it. 


It was odd, being here like this. The gentle breeze stirring the wildflowers into whimsical dance that caught her eye and she was sure that this place was paradise. That nothing else in this life would be as beautiful as this moment.

Someone called her name and she turned her head, a smile playing on her lips, one reflected in his own unusually carefree gaze.

“Kotaro.” The young woman breathed, grasping at his open hand, interlacing her fingers with his. “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

And if his gaze never left her, never once strayed to the beautiful scene around them, she didn’t notice.

“No I haven’t.” His voice held a note of wavering joy, something it had done more in the last few months than in his entire miserable life. How could some like him have sound such happiness?

Still, as though noticing his negative thoughts she reaches up, straining on her tip-toes to plant a kiss on his cheek, falling against him when gravity proves to be her undoing.

He catches her, and swears in his heart that he will always catch her, that he’ll be the only one to catch her and keep her safe. Even lowly worms, going for nothing but killing, have purposes and perhaps he has two. One of those is to kill Saizo, a thought that causes a desperate ache in his head and a burning on his flesh. The other is to keep her safe and to love her, a thought that soothes his tattered soul and brings him back to the present.

He doesn’t ask her if the men back at Takeda’s castle know where she is, or how she spends her days off.

As time has passed he’s decided it doesn’t matter, so long as he gets to see her, to touch her in complete freedom.

Of course she’s prepared everything ahead of time, he only picked the location. He’s never met someone so caring all his days. There is a blanket, food that she’s made, and her, the most precious of all, who having escaped his arms is perched on the blanket and holding a bite of food on her chopsticks.

“Wanna taste?”

He barely had time to nod before she thrust the food into his mouth, watching him expectantly. Her face was so serious, and he couldn’t help the laugh bubbling in his throat as he swallowed.

Her expressions were always so funny.

So he laughed, and she giggled.

Everything felt so right when he was with her.

The afternoon passed, quickly and slowly, in quiet and soft talking and loud laughter.

He remembered a moment from childhood, a brief idyllic scene, and it puts his hands to work, weaving a flower crown for his beloved, placing it in her hair and declaring her queen of his heart. Her blush, and the soft kiss that followed taking route in his heart as one of many precious memories he’s made with her.

She weaves him one too, a clumsy thing, and her pretty blush only deepens as she sets it on his head, as she wipes his tears away.

She’s too good for him, he knows.

But still she kisses him, and kisses him, till night falls and their day is at an end.

Till he sees her tucked into her futon, and till he whispers himself back into the darkness.

He loves her.

DHrFavourites Day 2: Favourite Kiss

His breath whispered over the curve of her lips, clouding in the space between his mouth and hers and leaving it slick with humidity. Neither spoke – neither dared to, and she knew it was because if they did, their lips would brush and it would be far, far too late to commit to turning back.

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