only sky is the limit

Character Profile #2: Adine

A waitress and delivery flyer for a café, Adine always wanted a little more out of life. Ever since she was little, she wanted to be a professional stunt pilot. With her aspirations as high as ever, she never gave up her dream and kept practicing for the chance of being noticed at a local festival.

As an Air Dragon, her potential is only limited by the sky itself, with a body that enables her to fly with grace and even pull off complicated maneuvers at the cost of a smaller size and somewhat limited dexterity compared to other dragons.

However, with her hide as colorful as her character, there’s a little more to her than meets the eye. When she doesn’t help out at the orphanage, she also enjoys exploring ancient ruins or reading the horoscope in the latest issue of her favorite magazine.

1. Happiness is a choice. Do more of what makes you happy. Don’t followthrough with things that make you sad. Don’t be ashamed of who you are or of something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

2.That person that tries to bring you down now won’t matter in 20 years time so they shouldn’t matter now. They’re the ones wasting energy on being negative.
Don’t waste yours.

3. Don’t force yourself to be around people that make you doubt everything you do, just to feel cool or accepted. Be around people that will bounce off your positive spirit and encourage you to be you.

4. Stop looking ahead. Stop looking back. Live now. You can’t change the past. You can’t change the future. But you can live now.

5. If you feel like you’ve hit the bottom, the only way is up. Pick yourself up, because the sky is the limit.

—  5 thoughts about happiness ~
  • Kara: Why are people always saying the sky's the limit? Have you not send men to the moon already?
  • Alex: It's an old expression Kara. And it means there's no limit
  • Kara: Well, it needs to be updated. Humans has already made it pass the sky. The sky is not the limit, it's only the beginning. I propose "Krypton's the limit"
  • Alex: Yes, I'll be sure to bring that up to the next idiom dictionary group meeting
  • Kara: There's a group?
  • Alex: **Breathe Alex you must not kill her. In out in out in out**
  • Kara: Who must you not kill?? Are you in trouble?? Do you need help? I'm coming Alex!

Yeah, the world is scary.. 

  And this life is temporary..

     And feelings are often secondary.

        The stars are balls of fire 

           The sky is full of dead hope and nothing seems right..

                             But even with all this chaos.. 

        The world is less scary beside you..

      This life feels like nothing compared to the eternity with you

    My feelings for you are primary, and will last forever.

  You’re the brightest fire burning in my life, the only light.

The sky is not the limit with you, Because you’re and angel..

And all that seemed wrong, but oh so right when I witnessed the universe in you…

💪😚 babe, you know you can change and it’s all in your hands- believe in yourself and only the sky’s the limit ❤️🙌 you CAN and you WILL reach your goal, this is the first step towards your goal body 👙❤️

How I went from high school failure to UCLA scholar:

I stopped limiting myself from what I thought I could accomplish, made the sky my limit and never looked back.

The only person preventing you from the success you want, is you.

Dropped high school chemistry…ended up co-authoring a publication on blood, blood products and blood substitutes in college…but it took a lot of silent persistence. I didn’t think I would be where I am today back then. I didn’t even think I was going to make it past high school.

We are blinded and define ourselves based on the limits society has fenced around us. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We judge ourselves so harshly based on a system implemented by imperfect humans.

Grades are part of that system. We think we are inadequate beings when we aren’t on par with what the system says we should be at. Becoming a doctor is great, but becoming something that makes you happy outside of medicine is also great. If it takes you 8 years, cool…if it takes you 20, at least you made it!

Reject reality, replace it with your own.

My biggest lesson: we as individuals create our own path, there is no timer, it is not a competition, there is no right way to do things…look for what makes you happy at the end of your time. Happiness, is all that really matters in the end, above all else. Let yourself be happy, and don’t let anyone or any social construction take that from you. Especially because YOU are all you have in this world. If you feel bad, you are letting yourself feel bad. Take action/change your mindset if you’re tired of feeling like crap about being stuck in the same situation.

i’m opening up a few icon commissions this weekend!! mostly because i have a week before school starts and any extra cash i can get is awesome

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You always told me not to fear change. It is inevitable, so we should embrace it. Make the best out of everything and show the world nothing phases us. With you, nothing was impossible, only challenging. With you, the sky was not the limit because there was no limit. With you, I saw the colors of the rainbow everywhere I looked. Everything was a prism simply waiting for the light to show its true identity. Life was simple. Life was easy (or at least easier). And with you, I wasn’t quite alone. But now, you have changed, I have changed, and we have changed. Nothing will ever be the same, and to be completely honest, yes, I am afraid.
—  9:03pm thoughts// afraid of what happens next

“To the Bottled Message”

Floating in the sea
Lets see what it’s holding,
“I heard these words
From a translate of a foreign mandate”
‘Who you are,
What you are,
Is not stone,
It is fluid-
You flow
You change
You cannot be held
Down to earth-
You should only visit
Your fear are nothing-
Compared to ambitions,
The sky is your limit.’
The rest was smuged"
From the rubble came the best.

—  that-ny-poet

Here is my progress pics since I started eating better, started and ended personal training (got to expensive), then picked up bbbenwilliamson Crush60 training program! I’ve lost 40 pounds, 6% body fat, 5" on my biceps, 4" chest, 3.5" waist, 4" hips, ¼" calves, gained ½" thigh. I’ve dropped from 4x to 3x shirt size and from 44 to 42 in pants. I’m far from my ultimate goals, but the past three months I’m knocking smaller ones off one by one! I’m gaining strength and endurance by the day.
I may have a full plate with work, college, and raising toddlers, but I made time to get myself healthy.

Thank you wearecrush, bbbenwilliamson without finding this program, I wouldn’t have been able to get myself to where I am today. I know I work hard and I’ve earned it, but it was your guidance that led me!

I just only started! The sky’s the limit! I cannot wait to see my one year progress! Thanks to everyone else on tumblr who have stood with me on this journey! I am motivated and inspired every day when I see you all break past your struggles! We are all in the same boat! Get out there and crush it!