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*throws some Starcrosser Stuckony AU in your faces*

Tony didn’t mean to match them. He wasn’t supposed to match them. By Eros, the tiny blond one already had a match–a pretty woman with a spine made of steel–and Tony despises paperwork.

But he’d been walking down the streets of Brooklyn when he’d gotten distracted by the sounds of a fight. Tony had never had a particular steady grasp on his curiosity so of course he’d followed the sound.

He hadn’t been happy about finding a couple of guys beating up a boy at least a head smaller than they were–old habit of rooting for the underdog probably. He’d actually contemplated matching the small blonde with the leader of his attackers. A reflexive itch in his fingers to mess with the Fates’ plan, if you will.

Also it would’ve been funny as hell.

But starcrossers weren’t supposed to mess with the love lines, unless it was decreed by the Fates of course, and besides rescue arrived before Tony got the chance to do anything.

The rescue turned out to be a young man in a soldier’s uniform who just so happened to walk straight through Tony–mortals and their lack of Amor, seriously–causing Tony’s entire body to tingle.

Curse the Fates.

Of course this particular mortal just had to be sensitive to Tony’s Amor. Of freaking course. Tony could see the mortal’s love line light up like a shooting star on the night’s sky, and he knew he only had limited time before the love would latch on to something. Anything.

He reacted on instinct, Tony would later maintain, because guiding love was what starcrossers did. So Tony threw himself at the blonde who was only just struggling to his feet, and as the guy’s love line caught on fire Tony crossed the lines, united the sparks like they were meant to be.

Unfortunately they weren’t.

Tony stayed to watch for a while, the gleam in their eyes, the easy affection, and couldn’t bring himself to regret what he’d done. That wouldn’t stop him from cursing the mortals once Eros appeared on his figurative doorstep to scold him and bury him under paperwork out of spite though. Not by a long shot.


Love lines, once crossed, don’t break. They may dull, fade, fray or wither. But they don’t break. Not through betrayal, not through hatred or death. Love lines don’t break. Period.

Except this one did. Eros probably had a heart attack when it happened. Too bad Tony hadn’t been around to see it. He’d felt it though. They all had.

It was frankly disturbing.

Naturally it was all Tony’s fault.

Because he had matched two mortals that weren’t meant to be. Like that didn’t happen all the time. Just the other week Rhodey had accidentally matched a child with an octopus. An octopus. And what about, oh, I don’t know, the Trojan war Pepper had started when she’d matched Helena with Paris because she’d wanted to spice things up a bit?

But nooo, the kid was delighted to have an eight-armed playmate and the Trojan war was centuries ago, you really need to get over it and move on, Tones. But clearly Tony was the only one who messed up by matching two human friends.

And of course it fell to him to investigate the mess, considering he’d caused it in the first place. Yeah. They sure had tied that up in a neat, little bow. 

So. Off to some stupid military base it is.


Tony was not gaping at a mortal. He was not. (Thank the Fates nobody was around to contradict him.)

The file in his hand confirmed that this was indeed mortal Rogers, Steve and his love line sure was messed up enough to fit the profile but Eros be damned. This was not the tiny blonde Tony remembered.

This was–damn.

On a slightly more professional note, the broken love line was healing. Which it wasn’t supposed to do either, but whatever. Tony wasn’t really in the mood to do much more than admire the mortal (and maybe envy the friend he’d gifted this one to. Lucky guy.) 

Still, he did have a job to do here. So after a–long–moment he spent staring, Tony finally focused on Rogers, Steve’s love lines for real and oh. Now that was interesting.

The love line that had previously bound him to Barnes, James hadn’t healed itself so much as erased itself. Whatever Rogers, Steve had done–Tony didn’t know much about mortals, but he’d been around long enough to recognise the limits of their physiology thank you–it had stripped him off all his previous love lines without, apparently, leaving any damage.

Though Tony was hesitant to bet on that last part. No mortal could have messed with his Amor on such a level without causing some kind of harm.

With narrowed eyes Tony took a hold of the rapidly dissolving love line that was oh so familiar to him and pulled. The resulting backlash would’ve blasted him through the nearest wall, if not for the fact that he wasn’t strictly speaking corporal.

Alright then. Clearly Barnes, James’ end of the line was doing just fine. If anything the line on his side was stronger than any Tony had ever come across in a mortal.

Tony frowned. This wouldn’t do. He’d done many an unwise match in his youth but never had he ever left a match uncompleted. It meant to inflict the worst torture known to Eros, that of true, irrevocable, forever unrequited love onto a mortal. If the love line had been broken on both sides, perhaps Tony could have left things as they were, but this?

No. He would not shoulder the responsibility of this tragedy waiting to happen. He refused to allow it.

Somehow–mostly by watching Rogers, Steve walk and drink and eat and talk and laugh and walk–Tony managed to occupy himself until Rogers, Steve was finally alone in a small shower trail. 

Not one to waste any time Tony took full hold of the Barnes, James’ love line that still stubbornly clung to Rogers, Steve, gripped Rogers, Steve’s Amor with the other hand and got to work. By which he meant kissing Rogers, Steve on the lips.

Hey, Tony didn’t make the rules.

(Fine, the cheek would’ve been enough but you didn’t walk up to a guy looking like Rogers, Steve and not kissed him on the lips when you had the chance, Tony will insistently tell you.)

And Eros be damned but Rogers, Steve was a great kisser. 

It took a second or two for Tony’s dazed mind to process that thought and rear back in shock.

To come face to face to an equally dazed Rogers, Steve blinking at him in confusion.

“What–Where–Who are you?

Curse the Fates

Staring open-mouthed at Rogers, Steve, who was looking at him like he could see him, both his hands still buried elbow-deep in the (naked, wet) man’s Amor, Tony for once in his life couldn’t think of anything to say.

Forget the octopus. Rhodey is never gonna let me live this down.

Johnny, Yuta, Kun, Ten, Winwin, Mark’s reactions to you meeting their parents but you aren't confident to talk to them in their native language

Request: “Reaction of Johnny, Mark, WinWin, Yuta, Ten and Kun when you will meet their parents but you aren’t confident to talk to them in their native language (you know how to speak the language, but you’re nervous thinking you could make many mistakes) - I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR SO MUCH, I already read everything in your masterlist and I loved everything ♥”

A/N: This is something that would probably haven to me one day, lmao. I hope y’all like it!


Johnny would be comforting you the whole time, while he was teaching you, before you meet them, in your way to his parent’s house, and even in the exact moment when you meet them. He would hold your hand and smile brightly at you, telling you that you’re doing well and that neither him or his parents cared if you had some problems pronuncing some things or if you made a little mistake. They actually think that you’re adorable and the next day he would thank you for learning a whole new laugage for him and tell you how much he loves you non stop.

This gif is not related to the story at all bUT THEY’RE SO CUTE.

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Yuta would be really excited for this, you would finally be able to meet his parents and also have a little holiday in Osaka. Sound incredible to him, and to make you feel more confident he would only talk in Japanese to you and would watch nothing but anime. Once you are in there he would always have his hands over you for comfort and his healing smile in that pretty face of him. If he sees you feeling really lost he would compliment you and help you a little. “You’re doing incredible, princess.” “Y/N studied really hard just to be able to meet both of you, I feel really proud of her.” In the end of the day, his parents would love you.

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You studied for months but you weren’t be feeling confident with your Chinese yet, but by having Kun by your side would make you feel that only the sky is the limit. He would be extremely caring and sweet with you, and would make sure that you remember to relax and to enjoy your time there. He would smile sweetly at you and talk to his parents about really fun things you say and telling them some of the things you like and dislike, sometimes making you flustered on porpose to reveal a more natural side of you. “She loves sleeping, but if you wake her up she would get really moody.” “What?! That’s not true! You’re such a liar. I-I mean..”

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This angel would help you with everything you need. He knows that Thai is a pretty difficult language so he would never leave your side, ready to help you to pronunce some words or translating them to English or Korean. In the end of the day, his family thought that you were really interesed and dedicated and his parents loved you. The next day, Ten would invite his sister and you to eat out and going to other fun places like the cinema or a park where they share lots of memories. You’re basically one more of the family now.

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When you saw Sicheng’s smile once he meet again with his family you knew that you had to try your very best for him, no matter how hard the language was or how little confidence you were feeling. And things ended up being incredible. His family loved you and they kept repeating you how much they appreciate the fact that you learned Chinese just for them. Sicheng would also be thankful for this and would probably take on a date the next day and would be really clingy the whole time.

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It would remind him a lot of the times when he was learning Korean, so ark always tell you the problems he had while learning it would make fun of his mistake with the pronunciations and mistakes, making you feel better when you’re feeling too stressed over this, apart of also invite you to watch a movie and cuddle with you to distract you and make you feel better. And while you’re meeting his parents, he would help you and translate some thing for you if you need it. But would always make sure that you’re feeling comfortable and happy because this is suppoused to be a happy experience after all.

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Hello Darlings!!!

OKAY!! So to consolidate the previous post!!! Here are the facts!!
1) Katie and I are married now and we are Kalyssie

2) We are High Ladies of the Sky Court where the only limit is the horizon

3) Anyone can be a part of our Court so long as you ask and the position is not already taken. The positions which ARE TAKEN include:

     A) @deziremyacotar as our First

     B) @kitkatdragon20 as our Second

     C) @foxboy-lucien as our Spymaster

     D) @autumn03 as our General

     E) @ohmyrowan as our personal artist/ maybe clothing designer???

4) We could still use a Third, an Ambassador/Emissary and an Advisor + Any other positions at your request just ask one of us first!! (@thatbitchydonutcollector??? @feysandsmut?? @arya-drottning?)

**NOTE @dreams-of-feysand and @itsneverjustabook get first dibs because they asked me privately before this**


Sleeping Pills; Johnny.

Request: “johnny comforting his s/o during a depression shower/bath (nothing dirty pls) if that makes sense? Ty ily and your writing 💕”

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: Talks about depression and suicide and etcetera.

A/N: I made it a lot sadder and depeer that it was actually requested bc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

“You didn’t do it, did you? Y/N, please tell me you didn’t do it.” He felt his heart arching when he saw you crying harder as you shamelessly noded your head, making his disappoint obvious with his expressions.

He acted fast, entering the shower without even caring about him or his clothes wet. He placed two of his fingers inside of your throat and making you throw up all the pills you swallowed not long ago.

You couldn’t stop yourself from crying and feeling terrible from your failed suicide attempt, but it was mostly for him. You didn’t want to make him feel down or even traumatized for seeing something so horrible, thinking that he was gonna get angry at you, scold you for doing something so stupid, but instead, he hugged you as the water kept falling in both of your bodies, ruining your clothes completly.

The scene kept replaying over and over again in your head… and in his. He helped you to calm down and got new clothes for both of you. There were two coffee cups in the nightstand, right in front of you but neither of you felt like drinking it. The room was in complete silence and only sights could be heard from time to time. Both of you were sitting on the side of the bed but keeping a certain space from each other, all this distance hurting you even more.

“I’m sorry.” You finally said with a sad, broken voice, making the lump in your throat obvious. Johnny looked at you with a blank expression and a few seconds, thinking well what he was going to say before answering you.

“Why did you do it, Y/N?” Hearing his voice wasn’t as comforting as you expected, it didn’t sound as happy and bright as it always does, instead it was serious and cold, and you could even tell how sad and disappointed he was too. Your heart was completly broken by now. “Were you really feeling so wrong that you had to do that, Y/N? Couldn’t you just call me?”

“I’m sorry.” There was nothing else you could say in a moment like this. You hided your face in your hands and tried your best to stop the tears from coming back. “I’m sorry, I swear, I’m really sorry.” You could feel your eyes getting wet but no, you couldn’t cry anymore, you didn’t even feel like you deserved that.

“I know you are, Y/N. And it’s fine, I’m not angry at you.” He said, his voice getting every time clearer. “I-I’m just.. surprised. I-I neved expect you to do something like this and… it gives me a lot to think about and..” He runned his hands throw his hair showing how stressed he was feeling. It was so weird to see Johnny like this, being so speechless and looking so lost and scared. “What would I do if I didn’t had you by my side, Y/N? You became one of the most important person to me, h-how do you expect me to live without you?” 

He standed up from bed and started to walk from a side to the other non stop, he kept talking but you weren’t listening to him anymore because you knew that it would only make you feel even worst. You never felt more ashamed in your whole life and it was the first time you actually wanted to stop breathing forever.

“Johnny, stop. Please.” Your eyes were swollen for crying so much and your face was completely pale. The image of a weak you opened Johnny’s eyes.

He had mixing feeling inside of him about the whole situation and they were making him feel more confused than never. Just the thought of you leaving him alone was making him feel horribly sad but really angry at the same time. You made him love you so deeply… and now you just wanted to leave him alone with all the promises and future plans you made together? Only thinking about it could make him feel angry in just a few seconds. But, if he was something he was a hundred porcent sure of it was all his feelings for you. He loved you with his whole life, and he wasn’t going to give up on you. From the moment where he saw the empty bottle of the sleeping pills he promised to himself that he was going to help you to fight with your own demons and that he would never leave your side, especially in a moment like this. 

He grabbed your hands with extreme carefulness and looked at you with a concerned expression just to smile weakly at you as he cupped your face, gently taking off the tears of your face. And, do you remember how hard you were trying not to cry? That ended when the next thing you did was standing up and hugging him tightly. 

“Don’t worry about this, princess. I’m going to help you to overcome this, alright?” His voice was soft and sweet again and, so far, it’s the only thing that made you feel better. You nodded slowly against his chest and he smiled widely. “But, you have to trust in me, okay? Y/N, remember that if we’re together, only the sky is our limit.”


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Q: When is Ignoct week?

A: Ignoct Week will begin on July 31st, 0:00 JST and end on August 6th, 23:59 JST.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Participating is easy! You have two options—Tagging your work with #ignoct week/#ignoctweek or submitting it on here!

Q: What can be part of Ignoct Week?

A: Basically anything, as long as it is new content! Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Cosplays, Crafts, Prompto Pictures—the sky is the limit! The only rule is that the content is about the deep relationship between Noctis and Ignis.

Q: Does the story have to be romance?

A: To be inclusive to fans who may love the characters and the pairing but may want to write something other than romance, non-romance stories will be accepted. If you want to write about baby!Ignis taking care of baby!Noctis, that means you can write as well!

Q: So, if it doesn’t have to be Ignoct romance, then can I write another pairing?

A: Other pairings are acceptable as long they do not include Ignis or Noctis. So, if you want to write a fic about Noctis and Ignis meeting as children with a background pairing of Regis/Clarus, that would be absolutely fine. However, this is a week dedicated to Ignis and Noctis. There are lots of other weeks for the pairings you may like, so I ask to keep this Ignoct-related.

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A/N: Back on track (mostly)! These upcoming chapters will be quite fluffy. I will probably post some little smut bonus tomorrow or monday.

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First day of waning gibbous of the third month. Spring.

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry as a wife, or wifey, like Link insists jokingly on calling me.

Yesterday feels like the most amazing dream I could ever have. The wedding came out spectacular and fairytale-like, as a royal wedding, albeit a discreet one, should be: Link looked dashing, the knights did a sword arch for us to pass under, Ashei wore a dress (she looked gorgeous, seriously), and despite all the formality, it was nice.

The celebration here in Ordon was as promised: more sentimiental (we all cried and laughed together), and later we partied until our feet went numb, and fell asleep swiftly - I awoke in the exact position we slept last night.

Under the morning sun I could appreciate better the changes made to the house. It is even better than it was before, the spaces are used more efficiently and the tiny changes in furniture make it cozier: our bed is heavenly comfortable, the couch is big and placed near the fireplace - how cozier can that be?

On the table was a basket with bread, goat cheese, milk and fresh fruit. There were also two bottles; one of sparkling wine - how fancy! - and one of red wine. Since it was no time to get drunk, I started making breakfast - I cheated a little using a sizzle of Din’s Fire to light up the stove and boil the water. I still am not skilled enough to light fire with just flint, tinder, and wood.

‘I thought magic wasn’t for such an insignificant thang’, my husband’s voice grumbled from above, startling me to the point of almost dropping the teapot over the rug, ‘… wifey’.

‘Were you watching all this time?’, I blushed out of surprise.

He hummed affirmatively. ‘I did my best to not pounce on you like a hungry animal, specially when you look so cute prancing around in my shirt and knickers’.

‘Look at you instead, sweetheart’, I poured the tea, ‘You are quite the spectacle only in your breeches! Scandalous!’ - I fanned myself with my free hand, mimicking the mannerisms of the ladies of the court.

‘I’ll cover my shame, milady’, he threw a shirt over him, ‘but only to pick the mail and check the horses’.

I brought the tray upstairs to have breakfast in bed - a rare luxury, even for me. Link returned with the mail, incredibly confused.

‘Who the fudge is Linus Nohansen? Do you have a relative I dunno ‘bout? ’, he asked, and I laughed so hard, I snorted.

‘That is your name, sweetheart’, I explained him, ‘Remember when we were at the library studying our family trees? Do you recall the part when you were to be added to the royal family one, you acquired a new name?’.

‘Kinda? But I , Link of Ordon, Country Bumpkin, married you!’, he complained, with a mouthful of bread and goat cheese on his mouth, ‘not that Nohansen dweeb’.

‘Do you realize you are actually calling yourself a dweeb, sweetheart?’

He answered just a ‘shucks I’m really a dweeb’, embarrassed at his nonsense.

I explained to him it was a mere formality, for he married into the crown in the end. He seemed to be a little less upset about it. Maybe he should have been less if he had actually chosen his name and not let that choice to me.

The letter was from his brothers in arms, to congratulate him:

Dear Lord Commander,

It is our desire as your subordinates and brothers-in-arms, to congratulate you on your nuptials with HRM Queen Zelda IV. We wish for nothing more than perfect happiness for both of you.

It still surprises most of us who Mysterious Lady Z turned out to be (except for Lady Ashei, she won all the bets placed), but we think it might have been so clear, we were oblivious to the truth.

We hope you have a pleasant honeymoon.

Best Regards,

Knights, Royal Guard, and Army of Hyrule

P.S.: Since I was the one who penned this letter I’ll take the freedom to add something: forget about us for a while, please. You always work too hard.

You and the Queen are both young people who are too serious for your age, you got to let your hair down, be wild and free!

Have fun plenty of times a day with your wife, if you know what I mean! The sky is the limit, young lovers!

By the way, Linus is a good name for you; it kind of suits you.


The sky is the limit. Only Sir Artorius is capable of such silly wording - and other types of mischief, as Link told me.

‘That ole tattler scoundrel’, he mumbled, folding the letter, ‘You know he bribed Orville so he could look into the scraped drafts of the letter I wrote you to confess, so he could know who I fancied?!’

I pictured the image, and could not stop laughing: the toughest, bravest soldiers of the kingdom gossiping like school kids over who was their leader’s crush.

Once breakfast was over, and my belly stopped stinging from all the laughter, we dressed up and went out to visit Rusl’s house, to greet everyone.

‘The merry bunch left early in the morning’, Rusl informed us, ‘Telma and Ilia dragged them all back to Castletown’.

I could clearly imagine all the ladies and Shad, dragging Ashei and Naima into the carriage.

‘You got a gift here’, Uli told us, ‘it’s something fancy! Quite a large box!’

To our surprise, it was the most thoughtful -and interesting- gift: a telescope!

The gifter was quite the surprise also: none other than Elder Nabooru. It even came with a lovely note.

So, after lunch, and likely a nap (yes, a nap!) we will depart for Faron Woods.

Clear skies, good company, and the silence of the forest seems a good plan.



LLSHP 7 - Unbreakable Vow

Arc1: [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7]

Arc2: [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10] [Chapter 11] [Chapter 12] [Chapter 13 - title]

Interlude: [Carbonado (1)] [Carbonado (2)]

[Brief note about School Term] [other LLSHP AU stuff] [YohaMaRuby concept arts] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts] [KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Hogwarts Staff]

A/N: (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ That’s right, an update so early instead of bi-monthly lmao *cries* Anyway, there’s a lot of information and HP jargon in this chapter, but hopefully they’re self-explanatory enough within the scenes. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks for your support!
Note: I’ll be editing previous chapters and finally upload on FFN or AO3 to avoid those Keep Reading issues. For the time being, if there’s a problem loading this chapter, I’ve uploaded on pixiv [here] too :’D
Words: 5,647

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Secret Love Song; Taeyong.

Request:  “Helloo~ Can I request a taeyong scenario based on the song “secret love song” by Little Mix? Thankss”

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my first time writing a scenario based on a song, so, yeah, if this sucks or gets too long or too short (?¿) is because I had no clue of what I was doing, lmao. Also, writing this made me realize lots of things related to idols and relationships. I guess it’s kind of sad that they receive so much hate for doing something normal like falling in love, but, not matter how jealous and protective I’m toward all the members I know that the NCT stans are not going to disappoint me if someday this happens. This fandom is really respetful and it’s full of smart people but, just in case, remember this and never stop being supportive, no matter what the situation is, ok? Never forget that our boys are still babies doing their first steps and they need us by their sides.

Also, idk if this is what anon was expecting of me to write, honestly I had lots of ideas while listening to the song’s lyrics but I hope that y’all enjoy it a lot anyways!! ^^

You put your cup of coffee down and sighed, the pain that this horrible headache was giving you every time was harder to ignore but even more painful was the simple though of your boyfriend. You missed him so much and you felt so insecure without him by your side, comforting you.

The sound of a thunder suddenly caugh your attention. You walked towards the gigantic window of the room and looked at the million of rain drops that were falling from the grey sky. Feeling that the weather was understanding your feelings more than thousands and thousands of people would.

When you hold me in the street and you kiss me on the dance floor
I wish that it could be like that, Why can’t it be like that
‘Cause I’m yours

You saw some people avoiding to get wet, running with smiles in their faces while looking for a little roof that could protect them of the rain that came so suddenly. A few seconds later you recognized him, entering quickly to the building where you were waiting for him, wearing all black and protecting his face of the rain with the hood of his jacket. A ungrateful feeling of sadness suddenly was invading your body at the though of him.

We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you, I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It’ll never be enough

“I’m really sorry for making you wait, y/n. The rain made things harder for me.” He said while taking his now wet jacket off and leving it on a corner. “How do you feel, honey?”

“I feel so frustrated and.. kind of… disappointed?” You felt pain in your heart by just thinking about it one more time. There was so much that you wanted to say and having all this strong feelings that you couldn’t express was killing you inside. Taeyong sat beside you with a concerned expression in his face, and you looked at him in the eyes. You took the warm cup of coffee and silently offered it to him, he accepted it but then made a funny expression when it was too strong for him, making you smile weakly. “So much things happened to us in so little time, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I’m feeling really frustrated for the same reason too, and I know perfectly that you don’t deserve all of this, Y/N. I’m so sorry that this is happening because of my fault, and-”

“Don’t say that,” You interrupted him, making him go silent. “It’s fine, I know that if I stay by your side we can overcome it.” You took of your jacket and got closer to Taeyong, putting your small piece of clothing around his shoulders to keep him warm again but getting lost in his intense eyes. “Just.. don’t leave me, that would be even harder for me to surpass.”

“You know I would never do that, espeacially in a situation like this.”

It’s obvious you’re meant for me
Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly
Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep
But I’ll never show it on my face
But we know this, we got a love that is homeless

“You know, even if the public’s response to our relationship wasn’t the best.. I don’t feel regretful at all. Everyone knows that you’re mine now and It’s a relief for me to being able to finally stop hiding my jealously when other people talk to you.”

His comment produced a sad laugh to come out of you, making him smile. But you knew perfectly that it wasn’t like that at all. Your relationship was public now, yes, but now you won’t be able to have dates outside because of the hate that both of you were receiving from part of haters and some fans.

You had to admit that your relationship would never we normal. You’ll never be able to have real dates like normal people does, like going to the cinema or a café and just talkabout your day, and that your biggest bother is how rude this random guy was with you because he was getting late for his job or something like that. You had to cover yourselves with mask and always wear jackets with hoods, and you didn’t even complain about the hundred of persons that were hating both of you.

Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
'Cause I’m yours

Your relationship would never be normal, but that’s a risk that you decided to chose just for him. The feelings that Taeyong woke up in you were more powerful that the hate of a thousand of different people. You know that with him by your side, only the sky is your limit. 


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Q: What is Grelliam Week?

A: Grelliam Week is a week of nothing but pure Grelliam love! From December 10th - December 16th, fans of the pairing Grell Sutcliff/William T. Spears of Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) will be able to participate in fan art, fan fiction, pictures, gifs, crafts, cosplay, etc. and share their love.

Q: When is Grelliam week?

A: Grelliam Week will begin on December 10th, 0:00 JST and end on December 16th, 23:59 JST.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Participating is easy! Just create your content and tag your work with #grelliam week and/or #grelliamweek ! For more information please visit this page!

Q: What can be part of Grelliam Week?

A: Basically anything, as long as it is new content! Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Cosplays, Crafts, Gif Edits—the sky is the limit! The only rule is that the content is about the deep relationship between Grell and William.

Q: Does the content have to be romance?

A: To be inclusive to fans who may love the characters and the pairing but may want to write/draw something other than romance, non-romance content will be accepted. If you want to write about platonic Grelliam or specific AU’s like William taking care of baby!Grell, that means you can work with it as well!

Q: So, if it doesn’t have to be Grelliam romance, then can I draw/write another pairing?

A: No. This is a week dedicated to Grell and William. There are other weeks for the pairings you may like, so I ask to keep this Grelliam-related.

Q: Can I write/draw porn?

Yes! Feel free to fill your smutty heart as much as you desire! However, if you are going to submit mature material you will be asked to simply tag it appropriately.

Q: Can I bash on another ship?

No. Absolutely not. If anyone is found bashing on another ship, writer, artist, etc. they will be permanently blocked and unable to participate in any future ship-weeks. Therefore any anti-content for a ship won’t be accepted. Don’t be a jerk.

Q: Can I write questionable content?

As long as you tag appropriately, you are able to write/draw what you like. However, please note that certain content that is considered “trolly” (IE: Written specifically to anger or hurt a group of people, considered racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc. this also includes any kind of discourse about Grell’s gender!!) will not be featured on the main page and may get you a one-way pass to the blocked zone. They don’t have cookies there. Don’t get sent to the banned zone.

Q: But Grell is a transwoman!!!!1 Can you all stop being transphobic???

Grell is not canonically trans. He is an okama, therefore any pronoun for him is accepted here. If you insist that Grell is trans and start to harrass others by writing rude comments or messages to them, you will be immediately excluded from Grelliam Week, blocked and, if necessary, reported to tumblr.

Q: Do I have to participate in every day?

No! You can choose to participate in one day, two days, all days or multiple times a day! It is all up to you.

Character Profile #2: Adine

A waitress and delivery flyer for a café, Adine always wanted a little more out of life. Ever since she was little, she wanted to be a professional stunt pilot. With her aspirations as high as ever, she never gave up her dream and kept practicing for the chance of being noticed at a local festival.

As an Air Dragon, her potential is only limited by the sky itself, with a body that enables her to fly with grace and even pull off complicated maneuvers at the cost of a smaller size and somewhat limited dexterity compared to other dragons.

However, with her hide as colorful as her character, there’s a little more to her than meets the eye. When she doesn’t help out at the orphanage, she also enjoys exploring ancient ruins or reading the horoscope in the latest issue of her favorite magazine.

Our lives may be a rollercoaster… 

       … but with you by my side, only the sky is the limit.

ANNE                                                                                                        AKIRA  written by trixie                                                                             written by shelby

Yeah, the world is scary.. 

  And this life is temporary..

     And feelings are often secondary.

        The stars are balls of fire 

           The sky is full of dead hope and nothing seems right..

                             But even with all this chaos.. 

        The world is less scary beside you..

      This life feels like nothing compared to the eternity with you

    My feelings for you are primary, and will last forever.

  You’re the brightest fire burning in my life, the only light.

The sky is not the limit with you, Because you’re and angel..

And all that seemed wrong, but oh so right when I witnessed the universe in you…