only skin deep


Life makes me feel restless…. selfless? 

Giving, giving, giving, but never receiving? 

How many imperfections must we fix, how many times must we become broken just to be “ready” to be woken, UP! – by some epiphany that comes too late…

Hard working? You mean B’s only get degrees, but nothing else? You mean real job experience is running coffee to your boss … JUST KEEP RUNNING – out of time.. before we get lost. 

RUNNING! CHASING! Your heart can’t stop racing! What is this competition? The Amazing Race, we don’t run together, just in the same space…

You need to be strong, independent, brave, and BOLD…. but listen to everyone and do what you’re told.. 

Imperfections? Those are only skin deep… Your true beauty remains inside, your soul’s to keep.

What are these thoughts I try to write….

My restless… my selfless.. my heart… my life.. 


Other than the plated scales, tough leathery skin, frilled head, horned skull anatomy and sinuous tail, mythological and folkloric dragons have very little in common anatomically with actual reptiles. They have MORE in common with the Felidae genus (cat family) and the Aves Phylum Chordata (bird classification).

Like a cat’s eye, a dragon’s eye has a comparatively large iris with a vertical pupil. This arrangement allows the pupil to open extremely wide and receive
more light than that of a human eye.

A dragon’s legs are also decidedly nonreptilian, despite the scaly coverings. A dragon’s legs are positioned more or less directly under its body, in the manner of mammals. (Most reptiles’ legs tend to splay out to the sides, offering
much less support and mobility than a mammal).

Lasly, a dragon’s four feet very closely resemble those of a great bird. Each foot has three or four clawed toes facing forward (the number varies, even among dragons of the same kind), plus an additional toe, also with a claw, set farther back on the foot and facing slightly inward toward the dragon’s body, like a human’s thumb.

A dragon’s resemblance to a reptile is literally only skin deep  So the next time someone you know refers to mythical dragons as giant lizards, you’ll have the know-what to save a life.

I don’t hate you for breaking my heart multiple times. I hate myself for letting you do it. I gave you my heart when you gave yours to everyone else. I watched you slip through my fingers and fall into another girls hands. I hate that I let you use me as a way to make yourself feel better when she left you. But for once I finally felt loved and to be loved by you was a wonderful feeling, even if it wasn’t real. Your love was only skin deep and for that I apologize for my mistakes. Now I get to call you friend and act like everything is okay. I have to pick you up when you break and I have to let you be there for me when I hit rock bottom. I have to sit on the sidelines while I watch you make out with another girl. My heart aches but I don’t show it. I stumble for words every time I see your eyes and you… you let me fall. Your eyes are the oceans I cease to explore, because while I’m drowning, you’re saving a girl who knows how to swim.
—  averageteenlove 
Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

Planets (represent energies; what is taking place):

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Sometimes I think a lot of people act like Christianity is only skin deep. If we don’t let God wreck our lives it won’t do us any good. God is not interested in just being a part of your life. He wants your whole life, every last bit of it. He is not interested in being on the sidelines He wants to sit on the throne of your heart. Maybe it’s time we do that. Let God rule from the heart.

Structure, expectations, and patterns are the unseen clockwork of Libra’s graceful connectivity. As the sign that exalts Saturn, Libra can sometimes experience its crushing weight in the form of social anxiety or unpreparedness hidden beneath their charming exterior. A lot of that charm comes from knowing what is “proper” and “correct.” Libra always knows the right thing to say, but sometimes there isn’t a “right thing” to say or do, and that’s when the buried nervousness begins to surface. Libra knows it’s normal to flatter, to be polite, have manners, seem respectful; they know what to wear; they know where to put their hands and what facial expressions to make; they know how to flirt, how to be professional, how to be funny. But when they encounter situations that don’t have a textbook response stored somewhere in their mind, they panic. They can lose their composure, get defensive, retreat, shut down. That’s when they begin to observe and study and let others take the wheel, so they can learn how to deal with such things in the future. They’re constantly polishing themselves. That’s a big reason why Saturn does so well in Libra; it’s natural for them to seem perfect, because their life is one long process of self-perfection. What else would you expect from the sign that succeeds Virgo? Venus, the epitome of ease and elegance, rules Libra, but Venus can be superficial – beauty is only skin deep. Beneath Libra’s beauty is gnarled fear.

another thing that gets me about slim women being mad at fat women for not advocating for them is that we do advocate for them all the time. I am constantly pushing positivity for women of colour, trans women, disabled women, gnc women and any woman who does not fit the conventional standards of beauty (all of whom can be thin).
women who are white, slim, cisgender, able bodied and otherwise adhere to hegemonic femininity don’t need me or any other fat person to advocate for them. y'all have big enough voices that you should be advocating for others. your problems don’t extend beyond physical appearance, unlike the rest of us.

Title: Scars.

She looked in the mirror
then down at her wrists
thinking and believing
that the damage she had done
would leave her
broken and alone
but scars are only skin deep
and he’ll look past that skin
and deep into her soul
and he’ll see the beauty that she herself can’t see

All photos are FAKE they are made using FX Makeup or Photoshop.



Song of the Day 

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep - The Temptations

Afraid and Happy -- 5 times Ronan came out to the Gangsey, and 1 time Adam did.

hello!! i have been writing this fic for ao3 for the past few weeks now, and it is finally done!! i posted a teaser of it a little while ago and it did well on here, so i supposed i would upload the rest of it? fair warning: this is about 10k words, but it’s worth the read! if you prefer to read it on ao3 it is here

Part 1—Ronan had always known he was gay. He may not have known it in words, but the thought was always there, pressing somewhere in the back of his mind, waiting until Ronan was ready to fully reveal itself. When he did put words to the music playing dully in the back of his mind, he kept it to himself.  Ronan told himself that he wasn’t embarrassed, or ashamed. He pretended that he was just waiting for a better time to make himself known, if there ever was such a time. Ronan thought that maybe his life would always be too full of dead fathers and night terrors to have room for such nonsense ideas as sexualities. Whatever excuses he came up with for hiding himself, it was all the same: he was afraid.

Those were the thoughts that clouded Ronan’s mind as he sat at a Nino’s booth with Noah, Gansey, and Adam on a Wednesday evening. The three of them were all talking of a homecoming dance, Ronan excluded.

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1. boys are just girls
2. i grew up believing that their hearts were made of gold but it turns out that they’re poured from iron and iron rusts if you leave it outside long enough
3. the arms that sometimes hold me together at 2 am are home to a set of shaky shoulders that cannot bear the weight of the world forever
4. the scars that mark their body do not always have pretty stories behind them
5. they jump from windows two stories high hoping to fall from their problems {but all they get are scars on their lips}
6. bruises do not only bleed skin deep
7. silence does not mean ignorance
8. sometimes when they say their head hurts it’s because they spent the whole night prior with stinging eyes and a wet pillowcase
9. they soak in every word you speak and it either builds them up or tears them down no matter how many times they tell you they’ve forgotten what words you said
10. they get scared
11. they are tender and loving but the world has made them cruel and told them that they’re not allowed and so they close themselves off and shut you out because they’re afraid to scare you away with their feelings
12. their eyes speak volumes
13. just because the world has taught them to only want a girl for one reason, not all boys just want sex and they really don’t mind waiting
14. they like being told ‘thank you’ when they hold the door open for you
15. they are insecure
16. they want to fall in love
17. their lips harbor secrets and their eyes bury lies and their hands are healing and their clothing provides solace and their scent is a home if you’ve allowed yourself to fall that far
—  17 things I learned about 17 year old boys by the time I turned 17
One In A Million

Request: I think it’d be really cool to have a Draco x reader inspired off of One in a Million by the Backstreet Boys.

Originally posted by accio-villain-imagines

“She wakes up with the sun, she throws on her clothes”

Y/N wakes up early in the morning, seeing as the first rays of sunshine beaming through the dark curtains. She let herself another five minutes in bed before she gets up, takes a quick shower and dresses up, letting out a fake smile towards her reflection on the mirror; the reflection that remind her everything that she is not. A good walk may would be good for her, she thought, but the rain starts to fall like a waterfall as she leaves the house. 

She looks in the mirror one more time after she arrives to her workplace. There are circles under her eyes, dark shadows that could scream, just like her. Hands clutching on the white basin, she breathes in and breaths out; with trembling exhales as she tries to choke back her tears. She shook her head and put on some make up; her favourite shade of a red lipstick, a nice and solid wing of a black eyeliner, and something more to make the dark circles disappear. 

The inn is rather quiet as it is still early; she could hear as the rain tapping against the windows. Some people who rent a room in the Leaky Cauldron comes down to eat something for breakfast, and some people just drop in for a coffee or a tea. 

“Wish I could tell her, you’re one in a million
You’re going the distance, babe, you’re gonna work it out someday
I wish I could tell her, you’re on in a million –
But you never even look my way”

But Draco Malfoy never just walked into the Leaky Cauldron for his morning beverage; he preferred more sophisticated places. As he had some business at the Knockturn Alley, he decided to stay in the pub for a coffee before he leaves. He sits down at an empty table and waits, waits for someone to come but no one does; until he sees her, almost hurrying to his table, a huge smile on her face – too huge, he thinks while she apologize for the late. 

“I know you.” – He says after a few minutes, when she returned with his black coffee. Y/N looks at her, eyes widened, so he continues. – “Sorry. My name is…” – He starts, but she cut him off with a soft chuckle. 

“Draco Malfoy. Yes, I know you from Hogwarts. I just didn’t know you remember me.”

But of course he remembers her. He remembers her from the first day, because even if Y/N tried to hide herself, acting like she was invisible, there was something in her that made Draco curious, which curiosity turned into an amazement throughout the years. He remembers to see her smile and laugh, chatting with others cheerfully and carelessly; but he also remembers to see her sad, crying in a corner of the library. And he tried to talk to her, several times, but the years come and go and by the time he finally started to speak to her, it was too late, it wasn’t enough; and she didn’t care. She always closed the conversations quickly, leaving Draco to feel a wistful longing for her. 

And it happens now again; she politely asks if he wants something else before she leaves, and Draco just sits there, staring at her behind the counters, until his coffee go cold. Because she smiles at everyone when she speaks, but lets out deep sighs when she thinks no one see her.

“She ties up her hair, her makeup is smeared; wiping the tears that she wants no one to see
She screams on the pain, I hear every word –
Why don’t you know how beautiful you are?”

So he returns every morning after the first, though he has no idea about her working schedule. But he needs to go again, because there’s still something about her that pulls him back; her honest eyes, her soft voice, the sweet sound of her laugh which was so rare, but every time he hears it makes him gasps.

 Sometimes he walks in and sees her smiling, but sometimes she just walk out from behind the kitchen, her makeup is slightly smeared as she wipes off the last teardrops from her wet cheeks, forcing herself to stay strong. Because she is, but Draco’s heart aching for her, seeing her like this; is there really no one else notice her pain? On her good days it’s nice and fine and easy, but there are days when every tiny movement she makes screams. Her hand shaking as she slowly tries to put down the cup on his table, and he helps her, slightly touching her soft skin, which causes him to shiver – but he knows there’s no effect on Y/N; she doesn’t think she has an effect on anyone or anything. She thinks she’s a little grey dot, just another little girl who thought she could be something but she couldn’t, because she’s no one, she isn’t worth anything. 

“If I could be the one to change the ending to your story
I’d be on in a million, I’d be one in a million
Someday I will tell her:
You’re gonna work it out someday”

Draco sees through her. He sees her nice skin and her pretty face and her beautiful smile, things that somehow she couldn’t see. But he also knows beauty is only skin deep; she’s special and unique, and he wanna scream at her while he just kindly smiles: how could you not see how amazing you are? Imagining this girl always grinning and if her eyes would be gleaming with delight instead of tears, the picture made him almost drunk. He wants to make her happy, he wants to take her hand and give her everything she wants – but he knows life isn’t work like this. 

She smiles a little more every time day meet. Maybe she’s slowly getting better, and maybe one day, when he’ll see the same excitement in the depth of her eyes that also could be find on his when they talk, he will tell her; he will tell her then everything he feels, and everything she is


'Bout Damn Time ch.1

This is a Chibs x Reader imagine  requested by a friend!! Hope y'all enjoy!!

@come-join-themurder @calumonoxide @bluegrassgirldownunder @ouijaboardmystery @lolsthecat

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“Hey there hot stuff, where’s my partner in perfectly legal activities? ” Y/N had just come in the clubhouse looking for Juice but only found Chibs nursing a beer.

“Oh, Hey, he’s ‘round here some where. 'Ow ya been darlin’?” Chibs had been half asleep after his shift in the shop but perked up at the sight of Y/N. She was beautiful long hair, bright eyes, that smile. Good lord that smile Juice had a grin on him but his couldn’t even compare to her smile. But pretty is only skin deep, no this one here was beautiful. The sweetest woman you’ve ever met loved all, judged none. She was fierce too, don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. As open and warm and inviting she may seem if you even caught a glimpse of that dark side you would be scared too.

She was good and pure and loyal and strong. Naturally Chibs fell head over heels for her.

“Been good I guess. Just work, the shop, and the doggies. How bout you? I missed you, I mean… all.. of you, while you all were on that run.”

Chibs chuckled at her stumble it was cute and it happened all the time. Despite her kindness towards everyone she tended to keep to herself, so she was always a bit awkward in conversation. “My run was good, real quiet. I heard tho the guys got a bit loud down in Indian Hills.”

“Yeah I heard that too. Also heard Juicy brought a girl home!!” She started to get louder as Juice came out to the bar from the back.

“You talking shit again Y/N?” Juice smiled when he saw her. She was his best friend and majority share holder in the weed shop. Him being second largest share holder they tended to do most of the work together.

“Who? Me? Never! How dare you accuse me of of using my extended vocabulary in such a manner!” Y/N attempted a serious face that didn’t even last a second before she was smiling.
“Although there was a whisper of a lady friend you brought home? Ooohhh” She goaded Juice.

“She wasn’t a friend and she definitely wasn’t a lady.” Juice defended.

Y/N laughed at her friends tone. “No, I know all about Cherry and what you did you gullible goober.”

“'Ow ya know 'bout that?” Chibs wanted to know how she got the full story before him.

“Kipper.” Was her cheerful reply. At their confused looks she decided to elaborate. “Ya know Kip, Half-Sack.” They both let out an ahh and nodded yes once their brains made the connection as to whom she was referring. “Ya know you guys should really train him to keep his mouth shut if your gonna patch him in. Push up my boobs, call him Kipper with a smile and a few Batts of my eyelashes that kid is singing.”

Chibs looked at Juice like he expected him to do something about the prospect. Juice wasn’t biting though he had a dinner date with his best friend to go over numbers for their shop. “Don’t look at me he’s your prospect.”

Chibs growled and stood slapping his hand hard on the bar top. “PROSPECT!!!”

“Let’s go.” Juice ushered Y/N out the door before things got ugly and she would feel the need to defend the poor kid.

At dinner Juice and Y/N went over numbers, once work was done the fun started. They had each had a drink or two each and were loosening up.

“Oh my God you pussy just ask her out.” Juice and Y/N had just gotten on the topic of girls and she was currently pushing his buttons about a woman who had a shop in the same strip as the one they were putting their shop in.

“You did not just call ME the pussy here. If either one of us is a damn pussy it’s you!”

“WHAT?” Y/N played offended by the accusation “How am I a pussy?”

“Chibs.” Was Juice’s smart ass reply he topped it off with a shit eating smirk too.

“That’s.. that’s different. He’s…. I dont know!”

“Oh, I know you’re a pussy.”

“Am not he’s just intimidating.”


“He is! Look I can’t just go up to him and say… what.. 'hi ya daddy take me now’?”

“Daddy? Really?” Juice looked both disgusted and worried for her mental health.

“Don’t judge me.”

“I’m tryin’ not to, but…….Daddy?”

“Ugh I’m done with this conversation take me home.” As they got up to leave Juice threw a wad of cash on the table and Y/N put on her jacket.

“Ugh SHUT UP!”
They continued to bicker on their way out.

I’m still feeling emotional about the OUAT finale and my mind is telling me to fix it by watching Skin Deep like what kind of unhelpful solution is that

In The Hands of Evil


Because Ashi deserves better than an abusive mother and an unfeeling idol of Aku.

Warning: Contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Samurai Jack, Season 5.

Read it on AO3 here


First, they were many. Now, they are one.

Ashi returns to the temple where she was born, with a stolen sword and a heart full of grief. She doesn’t quite get the welcome that she wants- but she might finally get the chance she deserves.


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katakura kojuro x mc (unnamed)

a/n: i can’t believe i’m still getting requests!! honestly, it’s amazing, and i am so incredibly grateful. it’s so much fun to write these, so feel free to keep them coming!! this one is for an anon, who requested ‘kiss in the rain.’

His entire life has been spent being the responsible one. He keeps people (himself included) in line, and he does so amazingly well. He imagines it comes with having children in his care for much of his young life.

But his own responsibility has a tendency to only run skin deep. One look into his personal quarters at his own castle, and he imagines most would dismiss him as a hypocrite.

And one look at him now, pressed far too close to his page beneath the awning of a long-closed shop as the rain comes down in sheets, would certainly do the same.

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