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hey guys!! as some of you know, i recently hit 10K woohoo!!! still cant believe it because i just started 2 months agoo ahhhh anyways, to celebrate ive decided to do blog rates! so i can follow more people and show how grateful i am ahhh tysmm

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 there are so many AMAZING Jokers out there on this site  - and this is a post about MY version of the Joker - how I play him, his appearance, personality, main inspirations and a few headcanons. Just why I play him the way I do.

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Jorge Gutierrez’s ”Border Bang” art show was incredible!!! Not only was the art awesome as hell, but I had an amazing time (I’m also inspired to try painting). I got to meet @mexopolis again; it will forever amaze me how incredibly sweet they are. To put it shortly and lightly, I’m super happy.

Also, as an incredible surprise, Lauren Faust and @craigmccracken were there. They were kind enough to listen to my gushing for a bit and even let @cartoonheroinenamednikki and I grab a picture with them. :’)