only shows how amazing they r

ok listen… you r literally the only person i’m telling this. just.. don’t tell anybody bud, but

i couldn’t sleep, so I decided to just start flicking through some internet TV things, like Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.

and I found


this ANIME~~~~

called “SHE AND HER CAT”.

and it’s just it’s about

this girl and her cat.

but… it’s from the perspective of the cat. who LOVES HER.


and… the whole show is just about how happy he is to be her cat and how he thinks she’s amazing and the best ever




and i SWEAR ON MY LIFE, I am a grown 30-year-old man with a successful business

reduced to literal tears

because it made me miss having a cat SO MUCH that I just cannot deal without ranting on Tumblr!!!

I mean come on… 

She always comes home exhausted.

She brings the smell of a faraway town I don’t know.

I live in my own time, and she lives in her own time.

So these moments when my time and hers intersect

are more precious to me than anything




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anonymous asked:

Well, I'd love to read a thesis about your opinion on them, go off

Oh goodness… Buckle your seatbelts, friend, we’ll be here for a while. 

In the Heights, first and foremost, is something Lin composed from the end of his teenagehood until he was a grown adult. It’s about his surroundings, his history, his family and friends. The amount of personal information and the experience he added to it it’s almost palpable. Also you can’t admire ITH without noticing the amazing arrnagements, the way salsa, broadway, r&b and rap blend together like they were always meant to be it’s amazing to hear and it gets better and better the more you listen to it.

In the Heights is important as a show not only for the broadway community but for the latinx one as well, hence the crazy amount of visibility it gave to the cast, crew and specially Lin. A young latino was put in the spotlight and was given the opportunity of speaking about important subjects on behalf of his people, this doesn’t happen very often. 

Then, Hamilton. How to even begin to explain the influence Hamilton has on Broadway and not only that, but the way people view history and politics and POC in the media… Gosh, this show is phenomenal. For starters, it’s about American history, that could be easily turned into a monotone narrative but instead, is bright and colorful and energetic in a way that is visible that the people responsible for it are not white -oops-. You see the influence of the black music, the jazz and r&b and obviously rap and hip hop. You can tell the research to it was deep and the lyris are tied together perfectly over years of composition, like Lin says, ‘chess not checkers’. The POC cast opening doors for other POC actors to be on Broadway, changing the way people see casting not only there but in the media in general. Lacamoire did perfection when it comes to the orchestration, bringing the old and the new, the classic and the contemporary all together in a beautiful melody that can take you to the 1800s but still keep you gounded here, in the present. 

Both are works of art and I can ramble away about them for ages. 

They fucking won and I’m crying! They are so amazing and talented. They deserved this award completely. I’m so glad that we could come together and help hem win it. This will open the door to so many opportunities for them. Not only them, but other groups as well. This is a step in the right direction for K-pop as a genre. It shows how talented they are. BTS and A.R.M.Y. are amazing and I couldn’t be happier that I’m apart of this fandom. Thank you to A.R.M.Y. and to BTS. The boys have come so far and I’m so proud.

Happy Les Mis Headcanons!
  1. Courf is the king of patterned skinny jeans. He has everything from roses to dinosaurs on them. Ferre pretends he’s staring at the pattern sometimes even tho he’s looking at something else 
  2. Bossuet and Joly and Chetta ended up together on accident. It was a sitcom-style thing where Grantaire tried to set up Joly and Bossuet, and Cosette tried to set up Musichetta and Bossuet, and Bossuet accidentally had both dates at the same time, so he invited them to the same restaurant and tried to juggle both dates. Eventually Joly and Chetta caught on, so they moved to one table and begged Bossuet to stop running around and just eat dinner with both of them
  3. J/B/M cosplayed Finn, Poe, and Rey the day after the movie came out. No one is sure how they whipped those costumes together so fast. Grantaire somehow ended up as BB-8
  4. Enjolras is a natural blond, but he requires tons of product and special shampoo to keep everything in order; otherwise he’s just a giant poofball
  5. Grantaire likes to help his Punk boyfriend do his eyeliner because as amazing as Enjolras is, he’s awful at doing his own makeup
  6. One Halloween after he started re-reading Harry Potter, Enjolras sent R a package. It had a Gryffindor sweater and tie inside, and the note only read “messy hair and green eyes.” R showed up at Le Musaine that night dressed as Harry, and was greeted extremely enthusiastically by a smol, revolutionary Draco
  7. Eponine is secretly an amazing singer, and she and Cosette duet old jazz standards and holiday songs when they get snowed into their apartment
  8. Jehan is in charge of Les Amis’ hair, and he paid dearly for the heart attacks Courf and R got when he gave Ferre and Enj matching side shaves one summer
  9. Bahorel is very good with plants. He gives them out as gifts for birthdays, holidays, etc. When Feuilly got concerned taht he wouldn’t be home enough to water them consistently, Bahorel offered to house sit. Eventually he stopped going back to his apartment when Feuilly got home.
  10. Grantaire has the softest, cutest cheeks in the world, and blushes a lot. He usually distracts people by making a sarcastic comment, but Enjolras makes sure to kiss and compliment him a lot so he can watch him turn pink

(special thanks to @enjolasshole for contributing)


Jorge Gutierrez’s ”Border Bang” art show was incredible!!! Not only was the art awesome as hell, but I had an amazing time (I’m also inspired to try painting). I got to meet @mexopolis again; it will forever amaze me how incredibly sweet they are. To put it shortly and lightly, I’m super happy.

Also, as an incredible surprise, Lauren Faust and @craigmccracken were there. They were kind enough to listen to my gushing for a bit and even let @cartoonheroinenamednikki and I grab a picture with them. :’)

Listening to Cecil’s show is like being slowly caressed by a lover. It’s relaxing and comfortable even when things are chatoic. But listening to Kevin is like being assaulted by someone who has no business touching you. I have never felt violated by a work of fiction before, especially not one that’s only audio but right now I need a shower and to not be touched at all.

Television academy, you brought us here today, didn’t you?

You nominated all of these people but not Tatiana Maslany?

And I thank you, for showing us once again that genre tv can somehow only be recognized if it’s written by George R. R. Martin as you have since before we were even talking about snubs with the X Files. You have snubbed and ignored and not nominated countless amazing performers, Tatiana Maslany chief among them, as if just because there’s a little science to the fiction it doesn’t deserve respect.

Oh how we’d like it if you woke up from this dreary haze, if you listened to all these people saying that you have to stop being so archaic and admitted that you KNEEEEEW Tatiana Maslany was giving the performance of a lifetime!

No! No more words. 

Open letter to Adam Horowitz

Dear Adam Horowitz,

I often read you want critics and feedback and here I am. Silent for many months but now I can’t hold it anymore. I don’t want to be rude or spread hate. No, this is the last thing I want, but I am aloud to tell my opinion and I also wouldn’t stay quiet if I was dissatisfied with a waiter or a carpenter for example ;)

First of all I want to say, I used to love your Show. I really did. It was something new and most of all, it was inspiring in many many ways. Most of the time, your ideas have been very good and exactly here my critics will start. Your Ideas are great. You don’t even have great Ideas, no,  it seems you also have many of them. Many, many, many, many… and that is a big Problem, because you just put one Idea next to another, instead of focusing a few great Ideas and gave them depth. =/

For me, lately it seems you are not telling a fluently story, just painting pictures like in a picture book. No scene is important for another scene. Everything what happened before is unnecessary and everything what will come after, will also not fit in the narrative flow.

I can’t relive your character’s behavior. Most of the time it is very implausible. They are like a flag in the wind to serve just a few other characters. I’m missing consistency. It is a difference between character development and to bend a character. That is the saddest part because you have the power to do a great development but it looks like you chose the easy path. That makes me even more mad, because you choosing the easiest way, let me believe you think the audience is stupid and dull.

Let me tell you why the audience is so into Regina Mills. It’s because you gave her time to develop. Her arc until 4b was comprehensible and understandable. You show all the actions that lead to how she become the person she is in the present but than it seemed you lost interest in her. You stopped developing and started bending her, like how you would needed her in particular scenes. You gave her such a strong backstory, gave her depth and than you gave her scenes and actions which didn’t satisfy her character and backstory we already knew. Why make her boring, just because she was on the road to become a hero? Why took all the bitchiness away? Why always black and white, if we have such a wide palette of grey tones. Please start using it.

All the time you are starting very promising and I found myself very exiting for every season arc but unfortunately you just don’t managed to deliver. And that is beyond sadness because the Ideas have been good but the realization failed. It’s like you have an expensive fillet of beef and decides to make ground meat. Or you have a whole wide and beautiful Playground to play, but just stay in one corner. It is so disappointing, because I really believed in you.

But what throws me in an ocean of raging emotions is the way how you worked on Robin and Regina. Don’t panic, I will not spread hate on you, it is more my attempt to understand your writing process. I asked myself for over one year, what did the author want to tell.

You have the most iconic character on your Show. A character with so much background information finding in Stories, Ballads, Movies etc. But you literally did nothing. And to top this, you came out, not only with the most disgusting, but the cheapest twist in TV-History.  I wished it was the end, but you continue with this and here is the moment, I really don’t understand your ambition behind your writing. You drop a Bomb, but you do nothing with it except ignoring it. You bend two wonderful characters with so much potential in every layer of their relationship, to serve a jealousy, much to rushed redeemed character.  It was and is still totally unlikely, that the same man who snark on the evil queen, the same man who showed no fear for the great and terrible evil queen, was silent when ever Zelena was mocking him. I now you tried, to bring something like justice, when you gave Regina and Zelena the fiercely dialogue in Camelot, but as much as I like watching Lana Parrilla on my screen, this scene had belonged to Robin, who finally put Zelena on her place.

Sadly this was the only attempt, to show that Zelena didn’t had the upper Hand on Robin and Regina and the whole progress till now, make it unreliable. I can’t enjoy this new sisterly bond, because it was either earned nor developed. It was there, like I said before, as in a picture book. Just nice scene but no depth or something that established to what we have seen before.

I don’t know if Zelena became your new favorite toy to play with. Or better say, I have no ideas about Television politics, but you didn’t do justice for any of these three characters.

For example Regina’s infertility. It was, as often, a good Idea, but your intention was utterly wrong. This scene just served Zelena and the disgusting twist you brought. There have been no conversation for Regina and her Soulmate about this, nothing that further her character, no, just an outcry in the audience. And  I refuse to believe, that you as a writer consider yourself satisfied with just an outcry. Imagine you has shown us this scene in the Save Henry arc. That would have been an impact. Showing how Regina is going to lose her son and revealing, that he really is her everything because she can’t get pregnant. God, I would have cried for days, because of the beauty which would have been in the narrative.

Do you know how disappointing it is, to believe in someone. And I believed in you. Week after week, I was waiting for the Element of big surprise in the Baby-arc but week after week I became more frustrated, because there has been never a satisfying surprise at all.

Listen, Adam, I know author’s pride, oh believe me I do,  not to use Ideas from other…and maybe that the fault of the Outlaw Queen fandom, because they came up with a bunch of amazing Ideas…so no one was left for yourself. I still can’t understand why I found so many amazing Ideas how to make this disaster work in the internet, but not once on your show. I still can’t understand, why “non-professional”- writers came up, with a naturally narrative way, of what should happened next. All the dialogues between Robin and Regina after he was tricked into bed (I don’t use the R-Word, because I don’t want to scare you) Everything that should had come logically, I found only online, but nothing from you, the creator. I really don’t want to bash you, really, I just wanted to understand, why you make the decisions, you did. I mean, if you had say from the beginning, don’t expect to much, I wouldn’t have a problem, but now I’m struggling with the thought you are not the good writer I saw in you, when I start watching your show.

Maybe it’s lack of ambition or you simply incapable to work a proper way through your ideas. But if it’s just a lack of ambitions, I’m begging you to find it again. I know writing is just a job for you and maybe it become exhausting doing the show for so long, but what preventing you to action critics. You get a lot, many not entitled but also many which are. I just want you to give your best, because I don’t give applause to laziness.  

But if it is just your inability than please look for stuff who is able to put your amazing ideas into good storylines.

So at least a word or two about “last rites”. I know people are angry and mad, I’m too. But I am not angry because you killed Robin, I am mad, because you really didn’t do anything with him, or better say, you screw Robin up for Zelena. For a character with the depth of a flounder. I mean, come on. You gave her a flat motivation, so I asked myself more than onetime, how will you justify her behavior only with jealousy that was root in her mother’s choices to give her up as a baby. Instead of bending Cora and the rest of the Mills family in a flashback with two sister who SUDDENLY feel connected because they remember they have been sister for a couple of hours, you should show how Zelena has found her mother, when she was all growing up. Imagine what kind of impact and especially in her motivation, if we found out, that even as an adult, Cora would send her away and don’t want anything to do with her. That would have been a motivation, which were comprehensible  to all her actions.  It is soooooo sad because there has been so much potential do develop each of the characters, but as I said above, but you didn’t do it.

I really don’t know how you will get out of the mess you arranged and let me tell you, I have a very wide fantasy and I am on a point where I see no satisfying way out of it rather than bring Robin back. Everything else would just confirm my critics.

But nevertheless, as much as I’m disappointed of S5 I have to commit the costumes have been amazing. Sadly that didn’t console me for you not seeing the potential of having two British legends on your show (Robin Hood and King Arthur)


Your Diana =)

Ps. Please consider that English isn’t my mother tongue and if I sound rude or unkind, that was not my intention.  All I wanted was to motivate you, to use your god given talent and start again giving yur best. And if you need someone who kicks your ass or a drill instructor, don’t be shy, call me.

…If I could only tell my concern in my mother tongue, believe me, we both would lay in each other arms, crying about the wasted potential ;)


Hello from the other side…..

Dear Maya,
We finally got some cooler temperatures.
I’ve been waiting for sweater weather! I sat outside & had a cup of the tea you sent. Nothing like a lovely cup of English tea to make me feel warm & fuzzy. Our favorite girl is in London now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t getting some warm & fuzzy herself!


K: your guitar’s here!

R: well thank God. I missed it so much ;) You’re just in time for tea. We didn’t want to start the tea party without you

K: tea! How very English of you. She loves I’m A Little Teapot. Did you sing it?

R: of course! I love how she puffs out her cheeks at “when I get all steamed up hear me shout”:

K: you were a little steamed the other night. Guess some people just aren’t your cup of tea huh?

R: a little? honey I was beyond the boiling point

K: sounds like a tea party was just what you needed

R: well that’s not all I needed but it’s a start

K: oh yeah what else did you need?

R: I was thinking of something steamy

K: you aren’t talking about a cup of tea though

R: No. Most definitely not tea

K: does this steamy event involve me by chance?

R: it might

K: it better

R: that’s what I was hoping you’d say

K: I love doing steamy scenes with you

R: I’m not talking about PG 13 steamy scenes

K: yeah we had to tone that down

R: what I have in mind is definitely not toned down. I missed you so much honey. This “hello from the other side” is torture. I don’t care if it was only a couple of days. I hate you being on the other side

K: Dude I love that song! Now you only have to say hello from the other side of the bed.

R: surely you don’t think I’m going to stay on the other side of the bed

K: haha! I’m sorry it’s been so hard

R: you have no idea how hard but I’m going to show you

K: so it’s not just about the guitar?

R: I’ll pluck your body like a string

K: OMG Talk about steamy lyrics. “Miracles”. That song is fucking amazing. I love you dude & don’t you even THINK of staying on the other side of the bed

R: You have given me two miracles & you are just my cup of tea but I’m ready to act out some of those lyrics & I love you more

So sweet Maya
That song really does have steamy lyrics so you must have a listen but I will warn you - you may need a tall glass of water after listening! Have a great week. It’s off to a great start for me! It’s going to be OK.