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Dance Into My Heart

You and Jihoon are partnered up for your friend Somi’s dance video, and get closer as you prepare for filming.

  • for anon who requested you and jihoon partnered up at 1million; i didn’t explicitly state 1million but like u can imagine that the studio is 1million iDK
  • dancers au
  • seongwoo is a little shit (what’s new lmao)

You carefully retied your hair as you headed back inside the dance studio where your best friend and YouTube dancer, Kim Jennie, worked.

“You actually came,” she greeted you as you stepped inside, gym bag slung over your shoulder.

“Anything for my girl,” you replied with a smile, following her inside the studio, dancers milling around and chatting.

“I’m so glad you came,” she expressed, “one of my co-workers, Somi, is starting her own YouTube channel and really wanted her first choreo video to be the best it could, so of course I volunteered you.”

“Are you also gonna be in it?” you inquired, tilting your head as you followed her into one of the studio rooms, following her lead and setting your bag down next to hers.

Jennie shook her head. “Somi only needed one more girl, since it’s a partner dance,” she explained, “and you’re better at the style she’s going for than I am.”

“Ah,” you nodded, “wait, then why are you here?”

“I’m helping her teach you all the moves,” Jennie explained, “she’s not too experienced with teaching, so I figured I’d give her a hand.”

“Wow, what a saint,” you teased, patting her on the back as you slipped into a ratty old practice shirt. A few of the other participants entered, greeting the two of you. There was Nayoung, a tall, quiet girl who shocked you with her grace as she took the spot next to you, warming up her muscles carefully..

“Good morning!” A cheerful guy with a sharp jawline entered the room, followed by two much quieter guys, one with light honey blond hair, the other with darker brown hair.

“It’s not morning, Seongwoo,” Nayoung sighed, rolling her eyes.

“It’s morning if you believe it is,” the guy—Seongwoo—shot back

Jennie’s friend, Somi, rushed into the room, out of breath and red-faced. “I’m sorry I’m late,” she exclaimed, bowing at all of you before waving at Jennie. “I’ll give you guys time to warm up, then we can get started.”

You nodded, running through your normal warm-ups as you chatted with Mina and Jennie, Nayoung occasionally pitching in.

“Okay,” Somi clapped her hands, “so as mentioned when I reached out to everyone, this is a partner dance, and I paired everyone up based on height. Nayoung, you’ll be with Mr. Freak.”

“Hey!” Seongwoo complained, “I take offense to that!”

You snickered at his mock-offended expression, his hand clutched to his chest.

“(y/n), you’ll be with Jihoon, and I’ll be with Woojin,” she explained, clapping her hands again, “so let’s get started. Jennie and I will run through the dance, and then we can break it down beat by beat.”

Jihoon walked over to stand next to you, greeting you quickly.

“Park Jihoon,” he introduced himself quietly as Jennie messed around with the stereo, trying to get it to work.

“(y/n),” you smiled, shaking his outstretched hand, “let’s work well together!”

You watched as Jennie and Somi moved fluidly to the beat, surprised that someone as young as Somi would be choreographing such a sexual dance. Next to you, Jihoon was turning a bit pink. You were comfortable with it having done partner dances like it for other choreographers’ videos before, but from what you’d heard about Park Jihoon, he didn’t have much experience in the more… mature department.

“Okay, let’s start on the first beat,” Somi instructed. You took the starting position, Jihoon behind you.

“You’re okay with this?” Jihoon asked quickly, looking forward at you. You grinned at that and nodded, appreciative of how cautious he was.

“It’s fine,” you assured him, “we’re dancers—this is what we do.”

Jihoon nodded, carefully placing a hand on your waist like the choreo dictated. You were surprised at the bolt of electricity that ran through you at his light touch.

“Filming is tomorrow, guys,” Somi called as everyone wrapped up, stretching their muscles out and cooling down, “so please don’t come in your, like, pajamas.” You smiled at that, shoving your sweaty clothing back into your duffel bag. Your idiot self had forgotten to bring a pullover, so you were left in your street shirt only, not nearly enough clothing against the crisp night air.

“You ready for tomorrow?” Jihoon asked you as the two of you headed out of the building.

“Me?” You shrugged, “I think so—we had the choreography down pretty well. Mr. Freak on the other hand…”

“Hey!” Seongwoo groaned, “I fall one time, one time, and suddenly everyone makes fun of me. It was one time.”

You and Jihoon just traded amused looks and continued off the elevator after saying goodnight to everyone. After the first day of rehearsals, you’d figured out that you waited at the same bus stop, taking different buses, so now the two of you walked to the bus stop together. Rehearsals had lasted a week, and Jihoon was obviously nervous for actual filming.

“Are you cold?” Jihoon asked as the two of you took a seat at the bus stop next to each other.

“Hm?” You looked up at him, in the middle of rubbing your arms for warmth, “Oh, I’ll be fine, the bus is almost here.”

Jihoon shrugged out of his large hoodie, handing it to you, “just give it back to me tomorrow—my bus is right here anyways.”

You accepted the hoodie from him, watching as he boarded the bus quickly, sending you a charming smile. You waved goodbye, tentatively sliding the hoodie on. It was warm, and smelled incredibly good (not that you were like, sniffing it. That’s creepy).

The next day, filming goes smoothly. Of course, Jihoon doesn’t mess up or anything, and he’s obviously super relieved about that.

As you’re about to head out with Nayoung and Jennie, you hear someone call your name.

Jihoon is standing there with a sheepish expression and pink cheeks, Seongwoo and Woojin a few steps behind him (Seongwoo is smirking with an expression fit for the devil).

“Ah Jihoon, what’s up?” You asked, waiting for him to catch up to you. You’re pretty sure that he flashed Seongwoo the middle finger before he turned to you with a smile.

“Um, I was wondering if you’d like to go get barbeque with me?” He asked tentatively, looking over at you hopefully, “like, as a date.”

You smiled widely, nodded, “yeah, I’d love to.”

Seongwoo screeched—like, screeched—and pounded Jihoon on the back, prompting Jihoon to shove him off. You laughed at the interaction, reaching down to intertwine your fingers with his. Jihoon smiled, squeezing your hand tightly as the two of you set off, happy that you two were actually going on a date.

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.


The love I feel for you, runs through me like grain through wood. I love you, Thomas, I love you. Your face, your voice, your touch, enter my mind at the least opportune moments, and I find I have no power to withstand them. No desire to. I want us to be together as we were at the cottage, only forever, not just a weekend. I want it to go on so long that it feels normal.
I love you, Thomas…I’ve always loved you. I see that now. Tell me I’m not too late.

now they’re less ready for battle™ and more casual

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs


The first rule about fighting a leprechaun is do not talk to the leprechaun. It only encourages him.

i can’t believe that i hadn’t noticed that until now but, this absolutely iconic blue plaid shirt mob #look?

it’s actually teru’s look.

i mean, he wakes up in teru’s apartment after the fight with koyama still wearing his battered white shirt, but right after he decides to go after claw, the next scene shows him wearing this. there’s no way he went home to grab a shirt in that space of time, especially considering how urgent the situation was. this nice shirt is teru’s shirt, no doubt.