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  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*
people don’t give warren enough credit for his bravery

regardless of whether you consider warren and max platonic or romantic, he stands up for her in front of nathan and beats him up. twice. when he is well aware that nathan is prone to violent episodes and that he carries a gun around. not to mention the fact that nathan’s room is right opposite warren’s - the guy literally sleeps a few feet away from him and despite everything warren still decides to protect max and piss nathan off, at his own risk.


The Chronicles of Narnia Series

So seeing as it was my birthay and @alice-c-anna (@aslansblessings) yesterday, it only seemed right to dedicate my latest Narnia edit to her. Hope you like the edit and that your birthday turned out awesome because you certainly deserved it!

Patronus Test

Alright, people have asked me for advice in the past about the patronus test, and I have been thinking long and hard as to what my advice should be. I have finally figured it out, so I’m going to share it.

  1. Remember, a patronus is supposed to show a hidden part of your personality. It is supposed to show our soul. We won’t ever know for sure what our soul is, but us and only us can have an idea. Our answers to the patronus test and going with your gut is super important, because these words are symbolic for other things relating to our souls. Do not second guess yourself. Your gut response is key.
  2. Meditate before taking the test. The test says to relax before you take it. Most times I have taken it, I have been too excited or almost nervous. I wasn’t relaxed. When I meditated before taking the test, not only did the patronus seem right, it was also what my gut said my patronus would be way before the test even existed.
  3. Make sure to think long and hard about your happiest memory before taking it. This is important. It is as important as if you were actually conjuring your patronus with magic. Once you have a happy memory to grasp onto, answer the questions based off how your gut would react in your happiest memory versus in the moment. By listening to your gut in your happiest moment, you are going to receive a patronus that represents the most pure part of you. That’s what a patronus is all about - the purest part of you to bring the light to darkness. The purest part of you which is your soul.
  4. If you get an animal you would have never expected or don’t even like, that is not a bad thing. No animal is bad, even if you are afraid of it. This animal shows your true soul, and there are good aspects to every animal. There is no good and evil when it comes to these animals. You need to look at the symbolic meaning of the animal. Just do this by googling their symbolic meaning or looking up facts about them. You will find yourself in the animal, trust me. 
  5. Trust your gut. That’s really the last piece of advice I have. I have said it before, and I will say it again. You know what your patronus is once you get it from the test. It doesn’t matter how many times you take it and meditate, you will know once you see it. The test’s algorithim makes it so you can answer all the same responses and get a different patronus each time. This is to make people more unique, but it also gives them more options. All those animals usually have similar symbolism. You will just know which one is yours. 

Homemade chilli and my favourite bread! I absolutely love making chilli and it only seemed right to make it since it’s perfect comforting dish for fall and is a great pick me up if your feeling a little icky. This alongside a hot cup of tea, and siting in my pjs by the fire is how I’m going to spend my day✨Happy Monday✨
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Inventory’s done, but the urge to hibernate lingers on.

Thought about HAPPY ENDING for that idea of Fidds and Stan meeting earlier and by HAPPY ENDING everything is pretty much the same as canon but with more Fidds!

Stan still takes 30 years though, combination of Fidds too scared to help and can’t remember much, but doesn’t leave him on his own. So they just help each other out in normal ways. Fidds is mentally more stable and Stan becomes more “open” emotionally but still a grumpy grunkle.

The town still calls Fidds “old man McGucket” but not in a mean way, just in the “oh look at this silly old man forgetting his shoes again, silly old thing!” And he still invents random robots when no one’s looking. Usually hidden at the dump.

Also, important, Fidds punches Ford after Ford punches Stan. *thumbs up*

I have other things but those are the most important. Mabel makes Fidds sweaters that is also important.

Captain Canary midnight kiss seemed only right, to post on this incredible day <3 @newyorkcitydreaming, thank you for a beautiful fic and this particular scene, we all need.

2016 was tough, though I’d like to wish you all fabulous time tonight and may this new year, be gracious to the one and only CC fandom! Thank you for accepting my art here on tumblr, for your kind words, kudos and endless support.

with love, PANDArt <3

damnhitsuzen replied to your post “GUYS I READ WISH.  GUESS WHO MY FAVOURITES WERE? GO ON GUESS.  WOOPS…”

And now return mentaly to Legal Drug. Any familiar faces? ;) But I have to remind you that Drug&Drop is heavy on xxxholic spoilers right from the start, so do not read it. They are easy to confuse, but only one will give you spoiler too massive to survive.

Not to worry! I own physical copies of Legal Drug, but none of Drug and Drop, so it’s easy to know when to stop. I will remain spoiler free!

And, re: familiar faces, I’ll be making a post about this in the days to come so JUST YOU WAIT.