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She deserved better. And I would’ve done anything to give it to her.


Lowly zombie. Do you honestly hope to save the world?


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Rhetorical Ink: Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf” Review


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Can you believe it’s already here? I swear, the shorter schedule is just rough. Again, as I did with the last episode, I watched before writing; taking notes and deciding on…

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My Top 10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7:

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10. Can we all agree that Brienne and The Hound’s concern for Arya was absolutely PRECIOUS?! Of all the reunions on that “march” to the dragon pits, Brienne and The Hound’s were my favorite. His sheer reactions to hearing about Arya were just adorable; our little Hound has a heart! And what strides we’ve made in two seasons with them. Here’s to them hopefully fighting alongside each other in the future…maybe with Arya there too!

9. As epic as it was for Dany to make her entrance on Drogon, it true Targaryan fashion, points in the pits to Brienne for finally calling out to Jaime about “Loyalty” and how it matters now that Winter has come. Jon Snow may have “done goofed” spilling the beans about him being loyal to Dany, but Brienne made up for it for setting it straight to Jaime that loyalties aren’t as important as survival. After the end of this episode, how many of us think Jaime is going to take Brienne’s advice and ride up to meet up with her for the final battle?

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8. Can we just give Peter Dinklage and Lena Heady all of the Emmys now? That scene between Tyrion and Cersei was just layered with complex emotions, unspoken glances, and a beautiful series of lines back and forth to cut to what they both truly care about: Family. In their own twisted, warped ways, they care only about their families. It was a scene I had been waiting for all season and one that was a highlight of it.

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7. The first of many “FINALLY” moments in this episode: RIP Peter Baelish.

I will admit that I loved Peter’s character up until he left with Sansa for Winterfell. His entire plot ot twist the siblings against each other had me questioning why the girls didn’t talk to Bran…why they were after each other…turns out, they did go to Bran. And he shared everything with them.

I will admit, it was cringe-worthy seeing Peter start to cry, begging for his life. But after all the hell he’s put those girls through, it was morbidly satisfying to see him go. His clever plans have no room in a game of survival in the War for the Dawn.

6. FINALLY, Jaime takes Brienne’s words to heart or doesn’t and is furious that Cersei has no intentions of helping in the war to come. He makes a very strong case that they have to help to ensure their family’s future, but Cersei has clearly let her pride and ego override any other reasoning…FINALLY Jaime takes leave of King’s Landing, riding north. I just loved the little touch of snow starting to take hold on King’s Landing.

I had read a spoiler where it showed Cersei would have a miscarriage…we DO NOT see that here…so as far as we know, she is still pregnant going into Season 8…we’ll see where that goes.

5. There are a lot of duos I would like to see take Game of Thrones into a spinoff series: Mark down Sam and Bran as one of them! Seriously, I love that Bran trusts Sam’s intellect and honesty and ability to keep a secret. Well, at least, let’s see how this HUGE BOMBSHELL stays a secret come Season 8!

4. FINALLY, we see Rhaegar, who looks quite a lot like a more mature Viserys, and Lyanna’s wedding…it was a lovely little flashback, but no time for that, because–

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3. FINE. ALL. YYYYYY…..We all knew it was coming, didn’t we?

Dany and Jon hook up as we learn Jon’s REAL name: Aegon Targaryan…

…clearly, Ned was like, “Nope. Jon sounds better.” I love Bran clarifying that Jon should have been a Sand, since he was born in Dorne, and Sam was all, “Nope, he’s the true heir to the throne!”

The boat scene was brief, but if it’s a taste of Wolf and Dragon love to come? I’m in. Also, Jon Snow was friggin’ ADORABLE when he was hesitating at the door, and then Dany was all, “Come on in, sirrrrrr” with her eyes.

Honorable mention to Tyrion, who had that “Myfriendsarehookinguparen’tthey?” face…maybe he sees how this could be an emotional compromise down the road already?

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2. And…uhm, FINALLY, after seven full seasons….

”The Wall Comes Crumbling Down!”

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By a friggin’ blue flame undead torch, no less! Seriously, the flame on the dragon was terrifying…there’s also apparent holes in the dragon’s wings already, meaning the dragon is decaying…so does that mean Viserion can only be rode for a limited time, until he’ll be limited to “ground use” only? Not that he won’t be a force to be reckoned with them, either!

After all this time, it was bittersweet and sad to see the Wall finally come down…and SO scary to see this never-ending army of the dead, swarming south…and did anyone notice Thoros in the undead army? I thought I did, but can’t be sure.

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1. My father looked at me at the end of the episode, as my jaw was agape, and said, “So, now we wait a year?” Yeah, dad. Yeah. A YEAR.

But a nicely satisfying season finale to me, that leaves a LOT open for Season 8…now we just have to wait a year for it. *collapses*

My friend: Hey what happened on PLL tonight?

Me: Bitch you missed it! Emily, Alison, and Paige are all working at the school, Idk where the hell lil Sabrina went but anyways bitch, Alison’s back on her same old high school bullshit acting like she didn’t have her tongue down Emily’s throat all cuddled up sleeping with her on the couch and shit, Paige is acting like she’s over Emily and trying to be lowkey and shit. So they had a meeting and bitch Alison WENT IN on Paige the second she said “Emily and I…” and bitch Paige wasn’t backing down but she wasn’t landing as hard as Ali so then Emily had to step in like stop fighting over me in school again! Then Emison broke up their non-relationship AGAIN bitch, and Paige tried to talk some sense into Emily for always falling face first into Alison’s lap… I mean trap, how she’s always “the victim” and Em’s always being “Captain Save-a-Hoe”. 

My friend: But like, what happened with the rest of the show? What about A.D.? And all the shit that’s been going on? Who’s alive, who’s dead???

Me: Bitch I don’t know!! I was too busy trying to keep up with Em’s love triangle!

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yeah i don't think its a flashback either. i just want to see it on 19, hopefully malec will be okay

YOOOOOOOOO I just remembered something! Remember that scene where Jace and Clary checked Izzy’s room?

Izzy had a photo of her and Max on her dresser and I THINK, they took it the same day of shooting (LOL) because Max was wearing his grey hoodie and though I can’t see what Izzy is wearing, I have a feeling she’s wearing her costume as well that’s why it wasn’t shown. 

ANYWAY. Setting aside the fact that they’re wearing the clothes they were wearing when it all went downhill- WHAT IF the photobooth photos are in photo frames in Magnus’ loft or in Alec’s office? WHAT IF those photos are Magnus or Alec’s phone wallpaper? WHAT IF there’s a scene of Magnus or Alec, fucking looking at the photo? MY GOD. I’M GOING TO LOSE IT. 


Philippe & Henriette → 1x08 (Versailles 2015)

- You can still say no.

 - I want to go.

 -But why? 

- Because he asked me to…

i’m still not over how rebels completely disregarded every known fact we have about maul’s characterization so they could just destroy every piece of it, treat him without an ounce of respect as either a character or a villain, and give him some bullshit ending because they didn’t know what to do with the fact that tcw brought him back to life

meanwhile kanan fucking jarrus, probably the biggest asshole jedi i’ve seen who’s right up there with yoda, mace, and c’baoth, is still breathing