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Lowly zombie. Do you honestly hope to save the world?

watch them not drop a trailer at all but just come back in the beginning of march with new clips  like we haven’t been updating that fucking page several times a day since s3 ended

I find kinda interesting that in this season, Sana’s season, we don’t have literally enough time to be sad for sana. We never experienced this before. In season 3, we were desperate as hell only for isak and noora in s2 and Eva in s1. We weren’t sad for anyone else, just for the main. We were focused on the main.

But in this season, first we were worried about even and now we are upset about noora. And from the beginning of the season I asked the same question with anger ; WHY DO I FEEL WORRIED ABOUT OTHERS? THIS IS SANA’S SEASON, WHY DO I KNOW FEEL ANXIOUS ABOUT OTHERS? and I feel so dumb that I finally understand this now. Because Sana is worried about others. This is why I feel anxious. because she feels anxious. Sana is not only fighting with her own demons, but fighting for/with others. Everyone trusts her because Sana knows™, right? She takes everyone’s problems as herselfs and be sad for them. She even can’t find enough time to be sad for herself because her friends are not doing ok. And even though this fills my heart with warm feelings, it triples the pain. Now we are sorry not only for Sana but even and noora and others. Because my girl has this huge heart that can’t stand see anyone sad.

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I wonder why they didn't redraw Sailor V poster in Season 3 ( since they redrew the chibimoon scene from season 2 in the first part of season 3) If only s1 and s2 had looked like that poster all the time. But I understand why Crystal was hard to animate because Sakou had really detailed designs, which when done right by certain animators came out really good.

Let’s be real, the Sailor V poster is one the few things that actually looked good in the first season of Crystal.

I think they didn’t redraw this poster because they decided it looked good enough and also ~laziness~.

However, since the style was dramatically changed for season III (and the poster remained in the old crystal style) it was a bit weird seeing how Minako and Sailor V didn’t look the same anymore.

To be fair, Minako (season III style) looks more like Sailor V (season I-II style) than Minako (season I-II style) despite of the latter being in the same style that the poster lol.

why k/urotsukki is bad, without hating on the actual ship

i feel like this shit is long overdue, as the fandom seems to have not noticed what’s wrong with the portrayal of krtsk and frankly im sick and tired of seeing the same terrible thing in tags. so, without bashing the characters or the actual idea of the pairing itself, i’m about to list the issues of the godawful fanon kurotsukki and why it needs to stop like immediately. i mean there’s been three seasons ffs, with actual interactions between the characters. there’s no excuses now for how terrible it is. 

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