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안녕하세요! I can’t thank you enough for all your support and the love you’ve been showing to me lately. Words aren’t enough to thank you all and that’s why I’m going to do this giveaway! There are 3k followers and I want to thank you by giving 10 of you something back. 

Let me explain the RULES first: 

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  • After that, tag three friends so they also have a chance to win something! (let’s be fair)
  • If you skip one of these “rules” then you won’t have the chance to win something. 

IMPORTANT: Tell me for which “win” you take part. THE WINNERS WILL BE PICKED RANDOMLY.

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I wish you all good luck! 

Reblog if you're still in the Hetalia fandom
If you’re an professional/student/beginning/aspiring animator

I’m writing a mini-thesis on animation, not only the basics of actually animating (Illusion of Life) but also how animation brings people together from everywhere of all ages. How our interpersonal relationships can develop and how our morality can develop from themes from these creations (Avatar: the Last Airbender). How it creates communities and lets people share in mutual thought.

Basically, if you could do me a huge favor and reblog with the reasons why you love animation/anime/any animated media. If you feel comfortable enough for a mini-interview please message me. I swear I’m not a spam bot.

Please and thank you!!!


Studyblr problems
  • Always typing ‘studybkr’ instead of studyblr on your phone 
  • Only remembering you were going to post when it’s like 11pm and the lighting is terrible 
  • Needing to actually follow your own advice so badly
  • Definitely clicking ‘save as draft’ but somehow tumblr ends up posting your half-finished post 
  • Needing to take a photo of your beautiful set up in the library but also not wanting to look like an actual weirdo
  • Finding a typo in your post once people have already reblogged it
  • Taking a stunning picture of your notes or study set up but have no one notice it
  • Needing to buy all of the stationery you ever see
  • Being forever jealous of everyone else’s handwriting and notes layout
  • Being in love with muji even though you’ve never even been there
  • Wishing that one blog you’re obsessed with would notice you
  • Being fundamentally jealous of everyone else’s urls
  • Hating yourself for quitting French when you were like 14 as all the langblrs are so amazing
  • Having a ginormous list of books you want to read but will probably never get the chance to read them all

Reblog if you are actually, genuinely a Slytherin and have been sorted.
•no bullshit
•no biased opinion
•not because Draco is hot and you want to live out your fantasies

Reblog if you are determined, resourceful, cunning and ambitious.

Too many people only claim to be in Slytherin because of Draco and it makes me fuckin angry so once again…


you know when yu start daydreaming in the middle of a breakdown because you don’t know how to process your feelings without your daydreams and you just stop being upset because it’s no longer happening to you, it’s happening to the people in your daydream and you don’t actually have to confront it in reality anymore

So my bff wants to read my Campwolfe fanfiction. Only problem is he’s not in the fandom and only has vague idea of who those british lesbian fake surgeons you keep banging on about every time we run Serena Campbell and Bernie Wolfe actually are.  In order to bring him up to speed before he reads I decided to create a simple guide.  Sharing here for fun and also to make sure my sleep deprived brain hasn’t left out anything crucial. Please feel free to reblog with mistakes or omissions.

Bernie and Serena for Dummies: The Coles Notes Version

SERENA CAMPBELL (has been referred to by Bernie as The Fräulein)

She’s the brunette (51 and gorgeous) that prefers flowing blouses and looks like a cinnamon roll but make no mistake she could actually kill you.

Consultant, surgeon, MBA, former hospital Deputy CEO.  Used to getting what she wants. Notorious flirt.  Can charm F1’s out of the trees. Co-lead on ward called AAU at Holby City Hospital. Good at paperwork.

Penchant for shiraz and occasionally whiskey.  Mostly shiraz - in fact just throw her into the vat fully clothed. Bonus she knows where to find the key to Albie’s (Holby’s local watering hole)

Was married to Edward, alcoholic (he’s a shit), has a grown up daughter Elinor and an autistic nephew Jason who lives with her who takes up quite a bit of her time and is fairly puzzled by relationships but when he’s not sticking his foot in it his mission is to move her love life along.

Has a penchant for holding life-long take it to the grave grudges.

Mom™ and spends a lot of time on the ward listening to other people whinge on about difficulties, consoles them and generally takes care of the people in her life personally and professionally.  Hurt someone she is close to and YOU ARE DEAD TO HER. Does not suffer fools gladly. Has no room for fuck ups. Unless said fuck up is committed by  a certain blonde ex-army medic with puppy dog eyes. In that case she will forgive almost anything.

Deadpan sass queen of the century.  Has a snappy comeback for everything. Her smile could thaw Antarctica. Is good at back massages.

Has been in favour of firing anyone who is involved in inter-office romances. Her own hypocrisy not lost on her now that she has fallen for ex-Army Major.

Died-in-the-wool-heterosexual who has fallen in love with a woman and is concerned that she may now be a washed-up midlife lesbian (if that’s actually a thing)

Wears her heart on her sleeve.  Flings herself headlong into love. A hedonist at heart. Takes emotional risks. Deals well with heartbreak by pulling herself together. Gets shit done.

MAJOR BERENICE WOLFE (Bernie - also known as The Big Macho Army Medic or BMAM)

She’s the blonde (51 and gorgeous with unicorn hair) that prefers trench coats and skinny jeans. Looks like she could kill you. Could actually kill you.

Consultant, trauma surgeon, ex British army Major and incredibly brilliant surgeon who takes calculated risks that mostly work out.  Considered the most fantastic fearless doctor on AAU (according to Serena - the entire hospital) and emotionally is an actual bona fide human disaster. Crap at paperwork.

Penchant for cigarettes, especially one lone hold out she’s been carrying around for years as a symbol of her freedom and independent self.  Tries to smoke it and doesn’t. Has so much self restraint sometimes it’s possible to wonder if she has a pulse.

Was married to Marcus (also a bit of a shit) and has two grown up children Cameron (who is training to be a doctor) and Charlotte, who she is trying to get to know again as she was often stationed away from them as they were growing up. Had an affair with a woman, Alex Dawson, while in Afghanistan. Was blown up there and wheeled into Holby hospital on a spine board in one of the most iconic entrance scenes a character has been given.

In the 99th percentile in caring deeply for those she loves. In the 5th percentile in execution of demonstration of caring for said individuals.  When it comes to expressing emotion often loses the ability to speak in full sentences.  Has mastered the art of Long Lingering Looks™. Is complete crap at returning texts or emails. Runs at the first sign of emotional trouble. Likes to brood on the roof.

Her hair gets messier as her involvement in the series progresses. Looks really fabulous in scrubs of any colour. Has puppy dog eyes.  Appears hot even while expressing unwarranted jealousy.

Fiercely loyal and will have your back in a crisis.  Giver of excellent gifts but will leave your office like a complete trash pit if she takes up residence for more than a week.  Housekeeping not her strong suit but she’s excellent at boots-on-the-ground-triage. Card carrying member of Club Screw Up.

Is possibly a Lesbian™ but could be seen as bisexual. Fails to notice she has fallen in love with straight female colleague and this needs to be pointed out to her by her grownup son.  Once pointed out, ever the action woman, kisses dyed-in-the-wool-heterosexual female surgical co-lead right on the mouth while sitting on the floor in theatre because she ‘wants to’. Has not properly thought out next steps. Back-pedals.

Co-creator (with Serena) of AAU’s new trauma unit. Throws arm wrestling contest in favour of allowing straight co-lead (who she really ‘likes’) to dominate. Excellent at removing tap sets out of patients nether regions without falling into fits of laughter. Is pants at freehand drawing.

Professional life: Nerves of steel. Calm as shit. Personal life: Panics.

Bernie and Serena: The Relationship

They meet.  They banter.  They operate. They bond. They wrangle. They arm wrestle. They drink shiraz. They smile. They exchange cute nicknames. They Kiss™. They have a sapphic angst-fest. They Kiss 2.0™-The Office Edition. They have a sapphic angst-fest separation. They reunite. They Kiss 2.1.0™ -The Locked Office Remix Edition

Some hospital property might be destroyed in the process.

Their love can be seen from space. 

Grimoire Ideas

I actually call my “grimoire” a witchbook, because it is easier and sounds cuter to me. But here are some ideas that I want to put in it soon. This is mainly a note to myself but feel free to reblog if you want to do any of these too!

Elements–not only the traditional air, fire, earth, and water, but the druid elements nwyfre, gwyar, and calas. + all their meanings and correspondences

Color correspondences–all of my personal interpretations of colors’ meanings

Tarot cards–their meaning in readings, how to use them in spells, what decks i want, spreads i like. also crystals that go with the cards. and which cards are yes or no.

other ways to do divination–scrying (OMG i want to learn how to do this), pendulums, tea leaf reading, maybe runes?

aaaaaaall the herb and crystal correspondences!! all of them. yes.

witchy crafts and diys

pretty section dividers :D

phases of the moon and their correspondences

anonymous asked:

if you dont mine me asking, how do you make your yoi gifs where it has a completely different background ( like a colored bg ) ??? i wanna make some gifs sort of like that but i cant get the characters cut out correctly

with patience and many many many tears anon~

ahaa sorry; i will actually try to explain :)

  • basic gif knowledge needed. 
  • frame animation + video timeline used.
  • if this did actually help anyone, like/reblog! :)

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Aro-spec Awareness Week 2017

Hey everyone :)

As you might (or might not) know, Aro-spec Awareness Week will be from 19th till 25th February this year - less than a week from now!

I really wanted to do something for Aro-spec week this year, but sadly it’s still exam season here, so I barely have any time for tumblr. Since Aro-spec Week is only once a year I didn’t want to miss it completely, though - and this is where you come in.

If you want to celebrate Aro-spec Week 2017 on this blog, share your ideas/thoughts/art/puns/… with me!

I’ve drawn up a quick plan for posts (though this isn’t written in stone, so if you have any suggestions for other themes or have a post that doesn’t fit the theme of the day, please submit anyway):

Sunday, 19th February: Aro-spec headcanons!
You know that one character who is totally aro-spec? The one you could relate to immediately or read that one fanfic of and headcanoned them as aro-spec ever since? Whether you have drawings, stories or just write the character’s name (and series/movie/book) in my submission box, it will be highly appreciated!

Monday, 20th February: Aro-spec Art Day
Quick aro doodles and art of your favourite character or the aro flag or whatever you can think of! Or do you have a favourite piece of aro-spec art on tumblr? Tag me and I’ll reblog it!

Tuesday, 21st February: How did you find out you were aro-spec?
Whether there was one specific event you can recall perfectly or many small moments that still sometimes make you realize that you’re way too aro-spec for this sh*t - share them here!

Wednesday, 22nd February: What I like about the a-spec community
What is says in the title - what do you like about the aro-spec community? The chatrooms, the puns, this very blog? ;) (Okay, I was just kidding with that last one, but really - submit away:D)

Thursday, 23rd February: Intersectionality
Aro-spec and asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual…? Tell me about your struggles or experiences, share art, jokes, whatever!

Friday: 24th February: Aro-spec recommendations
A book/tv show/movie with an aro-spec character? Your favourite aro fanfic? A cool playlist? Share your recommendations here!

Saturday, 25th February: Aro Jokes and Puns
Everyone knows we have the best jokes - of course this had to be part of aro-spec week!

I’ll try to fill my queue with posts related to these topics, but it would be super awesome if you could share your own ideas etc. - either by submitting something to this blog (whether it’s a page-long rant or two words - I’ll happily take it) or tagging me in your posts so I can reblog them!

The earlier you submit, the more time I have to sort out my queue, so submissions start right now - but if you find/make something on the last day of Aro-spec Week, please submit anyway :) I’ll use the hashtags ‘#arospec17′ and ‘#arospec awareness week’


Hello Ladies and Germs!!! In preparation of my upcoming milestone with this blog I’m doing an Itty Bitty Giveaway!! 

 The Prizes: 

One (1) person will win-

 - This Huge and Emo poster, perfect to start your very own in-home Panic! shrine

- This Cute and Dazzling pin, a perfect conversation piece to drag more people to the fandom!

The Rules: 

 - This is for my followers! So, you have to be following me. 

- Feel free to like and reblog as much as you want, but I will only be taking one entry for each url that reblogs this post

 - You have to be comfortable giving me your address, as I will purchase these items from amazon and have them delivered straight to the winner

 - I’m not actually at 2k yet! I’m about 85 away, so the deadline to enter will be whenever I reach 2k or let’s say April 7th, whichever feels right I suppose

 - When the deadline comes I will put the urls into a website that will randomly select one for me 

So, get following and get reblogging, and if no one is interested in this we can all turn a blind eye and act like I never said anything ;)


Some Lams Galaxy s6 Wallpapers I made half for myself and half to put them here (tbh only wanted the one that says “in short…” but got out of hand) but idk how they turned out bc it’s like 1:30am and I started seeing double so yeah (that’s actually Hamilton’s John Hancock signature)

but like/reblog if you use

also pictures not mine;found on google,fonts not mine, words not mine lol


After rereading a few descriptions of Brienne for artwork reference, I decided to calculate her actual weight and physique to see where she would stand in size compared to Jaime Lannister, just for the heck of it. I included Bobby B. and the Hound for frame-of-reference, and was surprised by the results.

GRRM has stated that “Brienne is taller than Renly and Jaime and is significantly heavier than either.” He states in that same paragraph that she is “a bit shorter than the Hound” and “roughly the same height as Robert [Baratheon].”

The first book states that Robert is “six-and-a-half feet tall”, and his height remains consistent. So Brienne stands at about 6'6" give or take an inch. The Hound is “a bit” taller than her, so I’d put him at 6'9". Brienne is also “a hand higher” than Renly (and presumably Jaime). A hand as a unit of measurement is 4 inches, so Renly and Jaime are roughly 6'2".

Renly Baratheon is described as lean, broad-shouldered, and muscular; large compared to most men, but still “lithe and lean” compared to his older brother (in his heyday, at least). Jaime (prior to his imprisonment) had a similar build. I’d imagine the difference between Renly/Jaime and Robert’s builds is similar to the difference between a quarterback and an offensive lineman. The Hound would have similar proportions to the latter.

The average NFL quarterback is 6'2" and weighs approximately 225 lbs. The average NFL O-lineman is 6'5" and 310 lbs. If we scale the O-lineman down to Jaime/Renly’s est. 6'2" (same as the Q-back), we get 274 lbs. If we scale him up to Sandor’s est. 6'9", we get 360 lbs. This would make Sandor 35 lbs lighter than Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the world-class strongman/actor who plays the Mountain in GOT. Since Sandor is “huge” and “muscled like a bull”, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume he actually is HJB’s weight.

Brienne, in addition to being unobjectively large and having a masculine-shaped body, also has low body fat. Her large, visible musculature (“her thick muscular chest”) and lack of (noticeable) female secondary sex characteristics reinforces this. Logically, the “significant” weight difference between her and Jaime comes from muscle and bone mass, not fat.

Even assuming Brienne is lighter than Bobby B. and we give her the 274 lb mark for the scaled-down O-lineman despite the height difference, that would make her 50 lbs heavier (“significantly heavier”) than Renly and Jaime and put her on par with an average D-linebacker. It would certainly be enough for her neck and shoulders to be distinctively thicker than the latter’s own, and make her large enough to overpower them (and the majority of men) in brute strength while still having good stamina and agility.

So, to summarize:

Renly/Jaime: 6'2" 225 lbs. Has a quarterback’s build.

Robert: 6'6" 310 lbs (in his heyday). Has an offensive lineman’s physique.

Brienne: 6'6" 274. Has a defensive linebacker’s physique. Possibly heavier, considering that she shoved a “boulder the size of a cow” over a cliffside.

The Hound: 6'9" 360-400 lbs. Has either an offensive lineman’s or a strongman’s physique.

Across the Stars, Chapter 2

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4    Chapter 5

Chapter 6   Chapter 7  Chapter 8

An update! Yay! I hope you all are liking it so far <3 I’m having so much fun writing it! Word of warning: There is foul language and a bit of sexual content in this chapter. But, it you’ve read ACOMAF, you can definitely handle it. Please like/reblog if you enjoyed it! It’s so encouraging to receive a response! 

 Rhys leaned his head against the back wall of the hallway, staring at the door to his own apartment through his eyelashes. He was only prolonging the inevitable, he knew. She’d been furious on the phone, and he would have stayed at the diner longer, might even have actually ordered something, if only to keep an eye on that girl, Feyre, but he hadn’t wanted her to hear Amarantha screaming at him. He hadn’t wanted to shatter the illusion she had of him.

Especially as he certainly hadn’t missed the flash of jealousy and disappointment when Amarantha’s picture appeared on his phone the first time she’d called him.

And now that bitch was in his apartment, waiting to scream at him. Probably naked so he’d have a harder time fighting back. So she’d be able to use his desire against him. Five years with her, and he knew the routine.

He ran a hand through his hair, half slumping back down the wall. He should try to change the locks again. He should try to file a restraining order against her again. Not that it had worked the other times he’d done so, but…Wasn’t it worth a shot?

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reblog this if you'd date a non-binary person AND respect their gender

im nb (genderfluid specifically) and i always get really upset thinking that no one would want to date me because of my gender, or go “oh okay yeah” but then continue to only see me as cis because they think im joking or making shit up

Your Flowerfell Asplode

For those of you curious about the ramifications of Flowerfell imploding, I’ll give you a tl;dr version of what I’ve seen and what that means. Feel free to reblog this for your friends who haven’t figured this out. Here’s the long version:

Flowerfell is a “FAN WORK”. What this means legally is that the ‘owner’ isn’t actually in any position to order a take down of their works/stop other people from using the idea. Only Toby Fox can do that, as Flowerfell and all related characters are still INHERENTLY Undertale. So you’re not going to get hit with fines or anything of that sort. The owner is asking based on the honor system to stop using their AU. Those of you that want to honor that, great. But for those of you who like it and want to continue, read on.

You can’t be reported, unless you’re stealing THEIR ART specifically, harrassing them, or taking ACTUAL ORIGINAL CHARACTERS that may have been inserted into the fanwork. That bit is important. You and your head canons are protected under creative commons. So at most you’ll get trolled. That’s it. Block and report them for harassment to key in the irony.

While it is unfortunate the owner wants to see their work undone based on it naturally spiraling out of what little perceived control they had of it to begin with, I hope they see the fallout this causes and learns from it. What they are doing amounts to what is basically a temper tantrum. It’s not very good PR and it will follow them for the rest of their tenure on Tumblr/associated media.


+ Fanwork of Undertale, you are safe from legal action. Unless Toby Fox himself orders it, this stuff is protected under creative commons/ Toby’s own mandate. If you don’t want to stop, you don’t have to.

- UNLESS you take someone else’s artwork or Original Characters. (No, Flowerfell Frisk is NOT an OC. They’re Frisk. Which belongs to Toby. )

- The trolls are coming for you if you have a Flowerfell Blog.

+ You can block and report them. They are essentially powerless IF YOU DON’T GIVE THEM POWER. Stop developing complexes.

Have fun, kiddos. Try and be responsible about this, ok? If you respect the owner’s will and stop then more power to you. Just don’t turn around and bring that down on others too.

Because you ain’t got shit legally, bruddah. Welcome to maritime law.

Baby witch here!!

Hello there, I am a brand new baby witch, as in just a few minutes ago decided I want to actually do this (after a lot of thinking about it). The only thing is, I have no idea where to even start, or how to do things, or what to get. I’ve found a lot of information but have no idea what to do with it. If I could get some help figuring out what my next steps are, that would be great!! I’m also looking to follow more witchy blogs, though it would be from my main blog, twin-ace, so please reblog if you are a witchblr!!! thank you so much in advance!!

so i’ve been sorting through my playlist and actually found that a lot of the songs can be amazing plots so under the cut is a masterlist of 40 plots and 5 character musings based on songs separated into their respective categories!! this is actually a really long list filled with some pretty underrated songs with lots of detail so please like/reblog if you found this useful or are an rph blog. some of these are pretty generic, but i included them nonetheless because the songs are good and the plots/inspo can definitely be expanded on. most of these don’t have specified genders aside from a few, so feel free to fill them with any of your muses and also to tweak them however you want. this list consists of only english songs, but i may make ones for chinese and korean songs if people like this. if you do end up using any of these, let me know!! trigger warnings of sex, drugs, abuse, and a few more apply (including me swearing aha oops) so read at your own caution!!

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