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Please share around, even if you don’t plan on commissioning me! Likes are cool but reblogs/shares actually help out more! Thank you!

Commission prices raised and am charging for optional backgrounds now cause of struggling stressful life. Hope y’all can understand.

Commission Info

I am only drawing sonic-mobian characters. OCs, au verses and FCs are acceptable too.


  • Waist or Knees up (pick whichever you want) - $5 (Example)
  • Full - $10 (Example)

Line Art:

  • Waist or Knees up(pick whichever you want) - $15 (Example)
  • Full - $20 (Example)

Color and Shading:

  • Add $2 extra if you want base/flat color added to your commission.
  • Add $4 extra if you want both base/flat color and shading to your commission.

Character Limit Per Commission:

  • Am accepting up to two characters per commission. Extra characters added will cost $3 extra each.

Background Options(Default option will be simple white background or black/dark-gray depending on the commission):

  • Transparent or Gradient color - $0.50

Optional Add-On Effect With Paid Background:

  • Solid White/Colored border around character(s) - Free option with choice of paid background if chosen. (Examples)

Rules for commissions:

  • Please talk to me first before sending money for any commissions.
  • Payment first, then art. Simple as that.
  • Ship/pairing or characters fighting art is acceptable. No idea if they will be great though since still am practicing on drawing stuff like that.
  • Sonic(Mobian) characters/style only
  • Detailed references will be greatly appreciated, thanks! As well specific details you’ll like me to add is cool too.
  • No armor or complex weapons! 
  • Simple swords or guns are fine, as well for robotic limbs too.
  • Won’t draw humans, fetishes, offensive, rude and hateful stuff.
  • Won’t draw robots either rn for commissions(only place I will possibly accept drawing full on robots like Metal Sonic is on patreon alone for now).  
  • No NSFW, gore or torture.
  • Minor blood or bruises are fine.
  • I have the right to decline a commission if I feel I can’t do it or am not fond of the offer given to me.
  • Please no rushing me or pushing me if you commissioned me. I will get it done and posted asap, just life can get busy or overwhelming in times if you will understand.

Payment method: Paypal only (usa dollars) Gonna be using only invoices, meaning will need your email for sending in payment details and such.

Contact Information: (Email), twitter(creativeblur), instant messager here and my askbox.

Links to my patreon, ko-fi(please consider donating!), and etc can be found here!

Reblog if you support artists with OCs and original art

Hey it’s blue and I wanted to talk about how not many OC based artists are getting recognised and the only art work that actually gets reblogged is the occasional piece of fandom art. Please go out there and if you would be so kind as to reblog these wonderful OCs and the original art of the amazing and talented artists who deserve to be noticed. It shouldn’t just be fandoms that are looked at mainly but it should just be the art itself. It shouldn’t matter if the drawing is from a fandom or not, what matters is that the person worked their hardest on their artwork and hope to get it noticed. please make those artists dreams come true.

i want to prove a point to my parents

reblog if you have ever blinked or drank water in your entire life. they keep telling me that i’m the only one who does these things and i want to show them that that’s not the case at all. please help me show them that this is an actual thing that people do

anonymous asked:

If the art was that good people would see it anyway. Without the artist needing to reblog it 100 times

I see you’re stemming from liv’s @larvesta own answer about this and I’m not gonna lie, I’m really hesitant about saying anything on the matter bc i don’t do this kind of thing but I realise people actually think this way so here’s a proper answer. 

It doesn’t work that way. I should know, I should really know. People here on Tumblr get lucky often and you wouldn’t think that, especially if you don’t create content yourself. Things just don’t become popular all of a sudden, most of the time it needs to get reblogged by the right person and add the balance between having good content yourself as well as an ongoing status as a creator. Not to mention how you go about treating your followers, your personality and how you act here. And you’ll tell me; “But people with good art have so many notes! It must be because they’re good! See, you don’t need to reblog it so many times!”

I hope you know what it feels like to be an artist here because I do. I especially do. I have talked, reblogged, supported, and have met so many, too many artists here, some insanely obscure. Some whose work looks like it took so many hours and has very little over 50 notes; my work included. And I can tell you now that I can personally handpick and tell you that some of the work I’m most proud of and have took many hours on are not over 200 notes. I’m not saying I’m frustrated by that, because some of us are reassured in our skill but let me tell you that every time I think of a fellow artist out there who releases amazing art and earns very little notes who looks at their note count and wonders if they are good enough, my heart breaks. And there’s young artists who are still getting by, who are not as good yet but took the same amount of effort and time, they deserve to be cheered on. 

Because people think artists here are machines, capable of creating content without regards to who actually appreciates it. No one is like that, artists are fragile just like everyone else and people really forget that. They really do. 

People don’t just see the art out of nowhere, do you understand the huge amount in this platform? There’s millions of work everywhere, you need to be supported to be seen, you need to withstand the thousands of others around you and you might have to create something that’s away from the norm to stand out, you might have to take hours of your time. You don’t know unless you really indulge yourself this platform, you don’t know unless you yourself do work for more than four hours, no breaks and absolutely tired, and look at your note count to see a disheartening number. You have no idea, you really don’t.

And don’t guilt them, please. I could reblog my art so many times, but sometimes the thougt of ‘maybe it gets annoying’ always bears in my mind, artists are made to feel like it’s okay that they’re not being appreciated. I’m proud of those who reblog their art because they know they deserve better, and guess what? They do.  

There’s a difference between good content and popular content, popular content aimed towards a specific audience that you know will like and reblog that. Good content is a dangerous hit and miss. I really appreciate people who do art for things that are not popular, because sometimes they really do have to rely solely on their skills. I say it’s a dangerous hit and miss because you know it might not have that specific audience, but you still take the effort and time into it anyway. Imagine that; knowing something is popular but going for the alternative anyway; taking time, taking effort, putting your all into it. That’s absolutely insane, man. Imagine knowing you can put that time and effort into something popular that might attract way more notes, but still doing something else for the sake of that something else. 

Also there’s the matter of timezones, in which there’s a worldly concept that everyone is in different times and not everyone is here at the same time to see the same content. I don’t want to explain this; please at least understand the concept of time. 

Artists reblog their work because they want others to see it, to appreciate it. Because sometimes it’s the only way others can. Reblogging their own work is an artist’s way of supporting themselves and you think I’m going to let you let them think that that’s a bad thing? That they’re not allowed to do that? Go home, buddy. 

I don’t have anything against anyone, I just wrote this realising that people actually think this is actually how it works and even then, I don’t have anything against you, maybe you’re just misinformed, some just don’t know enough about this to really understand. 

So here it is buds: support artists supporting themselves. It’s as simple as that. 

hi can i get some love for us dmab nonbinary folks? for us people who are tired of trying to be seen as whatever gender we want but can’t escape “sirs” and “hes” because of some bullshit quota like facial hair or body language? for those of us who are constantly told are “fabulous” by the Straights when we really just wanna tear our hair out and scream “no, no, i’m not fab or whatever you’re trying to label me as, i’m just dressed in everyday clothes”? for us who feel forced to use our “assigned” bathroom when presented with lack of options, and inwardly sigh in relief when we see a unisex bathroom? us who get deadnamed, us who are met with “pardon me” when we did nothing but reply to a question, us who are called “mr” arbitrarily, us who just give up on interacting with humans because, in the end, we know, not think, know, that only one in a hundred people think to actually ask about who we are? because i’ve experienced all of this, and i want to my fellow nonbinary “boys” and “men” that you aren’t alone, that we aren’t alone, we aren’t who others define us as. we are siblings in arms, and i love us. do you love us?

text post sentence starters  /  original version here

  • “bro, you look so cute right now. dude, you are so fucking adorable.”
  • “wanna watch this murder documentary with me?”
  • “i may act like i’m sassy but if you’re mean to me there’s a 900% chance i’ll cry.”
  • “i may act like I’m clueless but actually know what’s going on at al times.”
  • “attention: i need attention.”
  • “i don’t have a nervous system. i’m a nervous system.”
  • “drugs? no thanks, the only ‘high’ i need is the natural rush you get from commiting a murder.”
  • “i think i’m subconsciously trying to ruin my own life.”
  • “why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and never get up?”
  • “i try not to sound like an asshole but it’s really hard because i am an asshole.”
  • “i don’t want to look 'pretty’, i want to look otherwordly and vaguely threatening.”
  • “i’m the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person i know.”
  • “girls are so soft and amazing and nice and beautiful and mysterious and complex and loving and caring. i don’t remember what i was going to say but i’m just gay.“
  • "i’d love to relax but that’s just not realistic.”
  • “contrary to popular belief i’m actually soft and have feelings.”
  • “this could be less hetero.”
  • “to be honest i just need a hug.”
  • “why can’t I be mentally chill instead of mentally ill?”
  • “this is it, this is how i die: lack of attention.”
  • “are we just friends or is this flirting serious?”
  • “i have this problem where i isolate myself from civilization and then get upset because i’m lonely.”
  • “i may be ugly but at least i have an ugly personality too. consistency is key.”
  • “i don’t wanna get involved in drama i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened.”
  • “i am bysexual as in i’m not interested, goodbye.”
  • “i could win an olympic gold medal in being ignored.”
  • “fill your heart with bees. if someone breaks your heart then they have to deal with the bees.”
  • “i’m so tired of not being a multimillionaire.”
  • “i panic a lot of other places besides the disco.”
  • “which layer of hell do you think you’re going to?”
  • “my kink is being right.”
  • “my kink is being home alone.”
  • “you’re really sensitive for a selfish asshole.”
  • “i can tell myself to be heartless but in all reality, i have a big heart and can’t treat people badly, that’s just not me.”
  • “what about netflix and kill?”
  • “no offense but why does everyone hate me?”
  • “i’m a strong independent introvert who don’t need no social life.”
  • “why do i get struggles instead of snuggles?”
  • “if a conversation goes on too long without being about me, i’m out.”
  • “i’m small, queer and something to fear.”
  • “all this sadness is bad for my skin.”
  • “i’m cute and perfect but also unstable, violent and self-destructive”
  • “i’m beautiful and underappreciated.”
  • “she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s me.”
  • “sorry for being awesome, loser.”
  • “is 'no’ an emotion? because i’m feeling it.”
pronoun positivity: THEY

@ anyone who uses they/them/their/themself, whether exclusively or in conjunction or only sometimes; you’re super rad, every single one of you

@ everyone else, here’s how to RESPECT THEM:

THEY are a cool person
i’ll have to ask THEM how THEY want me to refer to THEM around other people
THEIR feelings about THEIR pronouns come first
THEY get to make THEIR choices THEMSELF

pronoun positivity series

my whole life I have been hearing the same bullshit about how autistic people are intractable and inflexible and don’t understand other people or adapt to new situations

me and every other single autistic person I know have been spending our whole lives desperately trying to navigate and understand neurotypical social norms and adapt to a world that doesn’t want us

meanwhile neurotypical people have to deal with some totally minor social anomaly like avoidance of eye contact or someone responding “not great” to “how are you?” and completely flip out, shut down

they consistently make zero effort to adapt to or understand autistic social patterns and we’re the only inflexible ones? okay


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YOOO guess who’s reached over 2k followers!! Thank y’all so much ❤ ❤
I have absolutely no idea how these  follower-special-thingies  work and how they are supposed to look like. But I like to use them as a motivation for me to draw something and share it with you since I think that you, as my followers,  should see that I’m actually able to do decent fanart as well (✿´‿`)
(I just don’t want you to think that the only thing I can do is reblogging lel)

I’d really like do draw more but, unfortunately, I just can’t find the right motivation to sit down and draw stuff on a regular basis ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) And even if I feel motivated, I mostly lack on having ideas most of the time. So if there’s anything you’d like me to do for you or if you have any ideas you’d like to share with me, please lemme know!

But anyway, again,  thank you for following me! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

!!Please do not repost without permission!!


I Made a Bison*-with-Headphones Out of Paper

I made some other Sherlock-y type paper projects, too:

A friend in case I need someone to talk to,

a replica of the black origami lotus from TBB in case I need to let someone know they are marked for assassination,

an origami deer-stalker cap (shown here lined with tin-foil and modeled by Archimedes), 

and a “Persian slipper” (khussa) color, cut, and paste project (I keep nicotine lozenges in mine.)

I’m told there will be an arts-and-crafts room @221bcon this year, and I plan to bring supplies and materials for the origami lotus, tin-foil lined deer-stalker, and Persian slipper to share**.

The bison* skull is my original work and I reconfigured the human skull so I can print, score, and cut the pieces for both with a scrapbooking machine***. If anyone is interested in attempting to assemble their own human or bison* skull, I would love nothing more than to give that brave person or persons**** the instructions and printed, scored, and cut cardstock to make a skull. 

Unfortunately, I am emotionally fragile and terrified of preparing supplies for twenty or so skulls that no one wants. So, I am posting this in an attempt to gauge interest. If you are going to 221bcon and you want to attempt one of the skulls, reply to this post to let me know. (If you are not going to 221bcon and you are really interested in making the bison* skull, let me know anyway and I can email you the pdf or possibly snail mail you the printed, scored, and cut pages.)

Finally, if you read this far and you are not embarrassed on my behalf I would appreciate any signal boost you are willing to give by reblogging this post. Thank you.

   * I spent a lot of time looking at bovine skulls and I’m fairly certain it’s actually a yak skull, not a bison.
  ** I figured these are relatively easy projects suitable for all ages. I intend to find some safety scissors and washable markers instead of only bringing the pointy scissors and sharpies I have lying around.
 *** I don’t want to say the brand name. There’s nothing wrong with scrapbooking, but I just never saw myself as the kind of person who buys a cr!cut. I did, though. I bought one for the sole purpose of cutting out peppakura/papercraft patterns. I’d feel bad, but it’s too awesome.
**** Up to 12 people who are interested in the bison skull and 20 people who are interested in the human skull. 

Not wanting to be touched because you’re upset about something (even if it’s unreasonable!) is not passive aggressive. Something triggered this and it’s valid.

Being touch adverse sometimes, and not other times, doesn’t mean that when you’re in a touch adverse mood you’re being a bad person.

Your body is not reward or punishment. It’s your body and your space. If there is a problem between you and partner/friend, their worry should be about communication and not about access to your body!

Autistic meltdowns are not a behavior.

Autistic meltdowns are a feeling that causes a behavior.

Temper tantrums are a behavior.

Temper tantrums are a behavior that is caused by a feeling.

They can look very much alike. 

I bet a lot of people see this and think I look like a 2 year old screeching because mommy won’t buy me the cool toy I saw in a store. (Video recorded and uploaded by me.)

I am almost 37 years old. I’m not having a temper tantrum, I’m autistic and having a meltdown due to sensory overload. 

I fell apart because a neighbor’s vacuum made a noise that hurt my ears even with my windows shut. You can tell the sensory overload is already intense by my distress stimming (pacing, hip-slapping that left bruises!) because I had a door right next to me and didn’t think to leave through it. The door was shut, my brain treated it like a wall. 

I felt trapped. The feelings of fear and rage built up until the explosion where I start screaming, jumping and flailing. I lost all control of my emotions and my reaction to them. 

It’s a quick meltdown; I call it explosive because it’s immediate and sometimes violent. You see the aftermath of the adrenaline surge when I show my hands shaking at the end.

Now, repeat after me…

Autistic meltdowns are not a behavior.

Autistic meltdowns are a feeling that causes a behavior.

Temper tantrums are a behavior.

Temper tantrums are a behavior that is caused by a feeling.

They can look very much alike. They are not the same thing. Sometimes the only way to distinguish the two is knowing if someone is autistic, their demeanor when angry vs in a meltdown, and the situation they’re in.

I throw temper tantrums too, though it’s rare. You can tell when I’m acting in anger vs a meltdown because I can still respond verbally to what you say. In a meltdown, I may stick to a word or phrase and say only that to you no matter how I want to respond. 

Calling a meltdown a “tantrum” is dismissing, invalidating and insulting.

only reblog if you're e and/or se asian

youre honestly kidding yourself if you dont think weeaboos and koreaboos yellowfacing affects actual e and se asian people. a lot of people think actual mixed kids are faking their race because there are people lying about being asian for their fetish, and the stereotyping of e and se asian people deems people who dont look a certain way as not asian. actual asian people are told they aren’t asian, but there are racists who are praised for “looking asian” when theyre not. yellowfacing follows this strict stereotype of what an east asian person looks like. it perpetuates the idea that there is only one way for them to look, so when actual east and southeast asian people don’t meet this oversexualized and infantilized stereotype of who they’re “"supposed to be,”“ they are met with backlash. they are invalidated for being an actual 3-dimensional human being and not a petite pretty stereotype.

and no matter how you want to twist it, using a non-white person’s race as a costume will always be racist/horizontally aggressive.

Studyblr problems
  • Always typing ‘studybkr’ instead of studyblr on your phone 
  • Only remembering you were going to post when it’s like 11pm and the lighting is terrible 
  • Needing to actually follow your own advice so badly
  • Definitely clicking ‘save as draft’ but somehow tumblr ends up posting your half-finished post 
  • Needing to take a photo of your beautiful set up in the library but also not wanting to look like an actual weirdo
  • Finding a typo in your post once people have already reblogged it
  • Taking a stunning picture of your notes or study set up but have no one notice it
  • Needing to buy all of the stationery you ever see
  • Being forever jealous of everyone else’s handwriting and notes layout
  • Being in love with muji even though you’ve never even been there
  • Wishing that one blog you’re obsessed with would notice you
  • Being fundamentally jealous of everyone else’s urls
  • Hating yourself for quitting French when you were like 14 as all the langblrs are so amazing
  • Having a ginormous list of books you want to read but will probably never get the chance to read them all

Seeing people pit Black Panther against Wonder Woman is especially confusing to me.  Half my family is Jewish, AND African.  I’m actually only one generation removed from the continent.  My dad left the country due to apartheid and violence.  His closest friend was an African American man.  He had all these tribal items that he used to teach me about when I was little.  I was also raised in a dual religious household because my father’s family was jewish.  I went to Catholic school, and Jewish community camp.  All right here in rednecky-ass Texas.  

I’m happy for Wonder Woman, just as I’m happy for Black Panther just as I’m happy for more Doctor Strange or Thor.  These are great things that should combine together to make more great things.  People act like everything we like is somehow exclusive of everything else.  That’s really forcing yourself to have quite a narrow horizon on what kind of stuff you can like.  What for?

Remember that these movies are about heroes.  People who are fundamentally GOOD.  They’re all supposed to show us how to be better people, bigger people.  Wonder Woman was about the danger of black and white thinking. Don’t disregard that and bring in limited thinking to superhero movies. It misses the whole point of them.

anonymous asked:

if you dont mine me asking, how do you make your yoi gifs where it has a completely different background ( like a colored bg ) ??? i wanna make some gifs sort of like that but i cant get the characters cut out correctly

with patience and many many many tears anon~

ahaa sorry; i will actually try to explain :)

  • basic gif knowledge needed. 
  • frame animation + video timeline used.
  • if this did actually help anyone, like/reblog! :)

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🌸🌸OWW's First Giveaway!🌸🌸

Hello dears! So I’ve decided to do a giveaway. Yep my very first. Since I’m on mobile I can’t post pictures with this but I can give very detailed descriptions of what you will be winning! Let’s go over Prizes before I bore you all!

3rd Place:
🌸My Saints and Angels Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue PH.D. Very good conditions I’ve only looked through it and it’s collected dust on the box from never being used at all. All the 44 cards are there.
🌙 1 Set Of Runes! I am actually making these so they are genuinely filled with my love. You can chose between getting the normal runes(26 runes), Moon Phase Runes(8 Runes), or astrological runes(12 Runes).
🌸1 Oil of your choice. I make all of my oils and have tested them on myself so they are safe. They have no chemicals and shouldn’t irritate your skin considering I have very sensitive skin. You can chose between the following scents: lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and Spearmint
🌙3 sigils all made by me. You can chose what the Sigil says
🌸2 white tea Light Candles. Yeah not much but hey I have a lot and buying them costs very little.
🌙1 amber chip! It’s small. Like smaller than the runes but it’s still really pretty. Amber is fragile so it’s going to be put in an earring box so it won’t get hurt.

2nd Place!
🌸1 Small Dream Catcher Handmade by Moi(me). I generally use sticks from my back yard, twine and white string to make them. I will attach 3 feathers to it and a small semi precious stone to it as well.
🌙2 Sets of Runes. Same offer as for third place but you get a choice on two types instead of one! Great deal isn’t it? Again I’m making these with my love.
🌸2 Oils handmade by me. Again completely safe and chemical free. I have 7 scents to chose from (lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and spearmint)
🌙6 sigils made by me with whatever you want them to mean.
🌸4 white tea light candles. Again. Simple and easy to buy.
🌙Sleep Well Dream Satchel: this is actually made by my mom. It’s inside a golden mesh satchet with green and red rhinestones. Inside are dried roses and Lavender to induce a calming scent (honest to God it smells like a bath remedy) to help you sleep at night. Or hang it above your bed just like a dream catcher (that’s what I did with mine before.) you will be getting a fresh one made by me in a different satchet worry not. The one I described has been with me since like, middle school.

1st Place: yep I totally made you wait to see what First places prizes are. I’m evil but I totally got your attention didn’t I? Without further ado, the first place winner shall receive:
🌸A Clear Quartz Crystal Wand! Handmade by a guy at my local flea market. I bought it for 15 dollars even though it isn’t fancy looking in any way. The wand is a little over a foot in length and the handle is made from oak wood or pine. I originally bought this for me but uh I’ve never used it and it’s been getting in my way recently
🌙3 Sets of Rune stones made by me. You don’t get a choice. You’re getting all three kinds of runes I offer! Lucky you!
🌸3 Oils of your preferred scent! Yep not one or two but three oils! All skin and animal safe(lavender is really good for fleas) and there are no chemicals! You can chose between lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and spearmint.
🌙2 Parakeet Feathers. These feathers come from my two birds Welken and Riceball. Both boys. I collected these when they were molting and I already washed them for you. (Note: I did not Harm my birds. Molting naturally happens in order to let new fresh feathers grow. Also I can easily get more feathers because they’re my birds. And they molt almost every month or two)
🌸A Happiness Spell Jar! It’s my spell! You can totally check it out on my blog somewhere in that mess. It’s all safe and just herbs with papers. Nothing dangerous that can hurt you in anyway(unless your allergic). You can shake or smell the jar. (Note: if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, please tell me or don’t open it.)
🌙1 Vanilla Birthday Cake Scented Candle! It’s 18 ounces and smells really freaking good. I was tempted to keep this before I remembered that I technically can’t burn candles in my room… my dad doesn’t know I have tea lights soooooo yeah. Still living with the parents I won’t lie about that.
🌸AND GUESS WHAT: you get 12 sigils made by me with whatever meanings you want them to have!

❗️you must be 18 Years or older. 15-17 Year olds can participate WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION. I will ask the winners ages.
❌USA Residents Only Please! Sorry I’m sending three packages and shipping is expensive.
❗️you must be following me. I will check.
❌NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS. I will check. Like seriously. Just Don’t.
❗️You have to be willing to give me your personal information (name, address)
❌1 Like=1Entrance 1Reblog=1Entrance. You can reblog once a day. I don’t want to get spammed so I’m minimizing it.
❗️winners will be chosen by a number generator with the help of Bomie.
❗️This give away is NOT Tumblr associated.

The GIVE AWAY WILL END ON JULY 29TH only because I won’t be back at my actual house until then.

I WISH YOU ALL LUCK and if you have any questions as to what the items look like please do not hesitate to ask. ~Moon Child


Keith icons requested by @marmorakeith​ and anonymous

Please like/reblog if using

Credit isn’t necessary but will be greatly appreciated

Please don’t repost these or claim them as your own

Let me know if you want these with another background colour/style

Requests are open

Part 1

[icon page]

Welcome to The Calt Phannies Net! (note: calt= cat cult and this started off as a joke based off  this post so don’t judge us too harshly okay) 

about the net!

- this net is hosted by @serenephil and @danopoly!

- calt= cat cult (the peak of our creativity is at 12 am, phacts only.)

- no, you don’t have to adore cats or anything, as long as you appreciate them you’re welcome here!

- we will be accepting about 12-15 people! (and possibly more in the future)

- the deadline for applications is April 21st! (may be extended or shortened depending on how many applications we get)

- this gc  will be on imessage, so please take this into consideration before filling out the typeform!

what you must do to join!

- must be following julie, megan, and the caltphannies net blog!

- must reblog this post!

- must be 12-18 years old to apply!

- your blog doesn’t have to be solely dedicated to dan and phil, as long as you like them it’s fine!

- must fill out this typeform!

cool things about the net?

- some cool new friends/mutuals!

- some nice lil reblogs/likes on selfies and content!

- fun lil  bants!

- sharing your dankest memes!

- skype calls (but only if you’re comfortable with it when the time comes, don’t stress about it too much!)

- movie nights on!

- cards against humanity!

- sharing cute cat photos! (or any animals you want for that matter)

- discussing dan and phil with fellow dnp lovers!

if you have any more questions, please send an ask to the caltphannies net blog, and even if you aren’t going to apply, reblogging to spread the word would be appreciated!

(p.s. if this gets less than 50 notes then it didn’t happen)