only reason to watch this show lbr

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for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, please stop calling clone ships "crack ships" if you want us to give a single crap about the fandom positivity you're trying to spread. and anyways, no one is saying "don't stan Delphine/Ebro", people are just annoyed that her making an appearance derails entire episodes and the tags are full of nonstop gifs and caps of her. we want to be able to enjoy the show, you want to be able to enjoy one character. that's the difference.

Pro tip: when asking for a favor, maybe don’t insult the person while doing it. I dunno. Maybe that’s just me. Telling me that I only want to enjoy the show for one character is rude, reductive, and condescending. We are allowed to have faves. If my fave is different than yours, that does not detract from your fave. It also doesn’t mean that my fave is the only reason I watch the show. I’m sorry that “people” find the tags unbearable when they contain Cophine/Delphine. The solution is simple: just block accounts (like mine) who’s fave is Delphine (Evelyne lbr). You have to understand though.. Delphine fans went an entire season without her. Can you see why maybe there is a lot of excitement and joy about her return? If Cosima is your fave, imagine an entire season without her and then (for the final season ever!) she’s back! You’d probably be sharing/making more Cosima gifs/posts than usual too. Just…something to think about before rushing to judgement. Evelyne is my fave but I was hooked on the show before she ever showed up on my TV screen. However, because she is talented beyond words, I became a devoted fan once I saw the rest of her work. She is icing on the delicious OB cake. Now, if Tatiana AND Evelyne weren’t on the show, you may be right. I might not tune in. They are rare talents that can not be replaced. I can’t speak for everyone but no I don’t just “want to enjoy one character”. 
Now, regarding the term crack ship…

If you have spent ANY time on my blog, you’d know I LOVE crack ships. I also use the term “crack ship” frequently. I don’t use this only for one non-canon ship. I use it for ALL. I also don’t judge anyone for their crack ship. You like Soccercop? Go for it! It’s not my fave but I’ve read some GREAT Soccercop fics. You like Prophine? Cool! More power to you. Not my jam but I support you in your crack endeavors. It does not detract from my own crack faves (French!Leather, Shayphine, V!B, and whatever the name for Mrs. S and Marion is…tbd). I don’t know why anyone got the impression that “crack” was a bad word or that it is used only for clone ships. It’s not, and never has been in this fandom. Embrace your love of crack ships, anon. I know I have. Even when it means driving my friends crazy with my incessant crack fic requests, I crack on! If you TRULY find the term “crack” offensive, I suggest just blocking me and anyone else who uses the term “crack” in OB fandom. You may want to clear your schedule, it will take a while. 

I’ll say it again: Live and let live. Fave and let fave. It’s The Final Trip, let it be love. 

if the only reason you watch OUAT is for your favorite character or favorite ship and doesn’t give a fuck about the rest then GOOD FOR YOU. no one has the right to tell you how to feel and what makes you happy. especially when it comes to a show about fairy tales.