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I think S3/4 Shiro is a robot not a clone (bc his dainty fingers look like Galra robot hands) and Keith won’t kill him he’ll just get Pidge to reprogram him into “the most expensive sex toy ever” ....okay so maybe “think” wasn’t the right word... the first part of this ask is true though, those are my thoughts I mean.

Nope, no take backsy. Voltron is going to go from a kids show to XXX Robo-Shiro on Happy Keith action next season. The words have been spoken they will be true!

More seriously though, a robot is an interesting idea. The only reason I doubt it is because of his headaches. I could believe the Galra could make a ridiculously human robot that actually thought it was the original, but if they created something mechanically from the ground up like that, then nothing traumatic has been done to the brain that should be causing pain (brainwashed shiro would have headaches because of druid meddling, while clone shiro would have them from the forced memory download).

I do really like the idea of robot shiro sex toy for a fan fic though. Someone needs to write that. Even better, someone needs to write Keith using his new sex toy on real Shiro when he comes back. No way that boy wouldn’t appreciate watching two Shiro’s going at it.

Hot Off The Press

Another AU where Jacky-Boy is a hockey player and Bitty has a job that involves hockey bc that’s my aesthetic. Anyway, I really know nothing about how the world of sports journalism works so there is probably some inaccuracies in here, but it’s an AU so who cares. Artistic license and all that. Very slightly NSFW (i just wanted to get all the warnings out there). 


“Are you into men?”

Jack has been asked this question before, but in such a subtle way (and typically involving Parson) that it’s easy to avoid. No reporter has ever straight out asked him. Besides, he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. So when Jack usually tells them, “No.” it’s not a lie. However, this time it feels different. Maybe it wasn’t just this particular time, but all the times added onto each other that’s finally causing him to really think about what hole he’s digging himself into.

The blunt question has him feeling panicky and the other presser notice his reaction too. Jack can’t say no, because that’s not true. He is into men. Jack’s panic quickly shifts, and now he just feels like shoving the microphones away and storming out, because this is hockey goddammit. Not E! news.

“Excuse me?” Jack clears his throat, trying to buy himself some time to think of a properly crafted response. Over the years, he’s developed a talent for that.

But everything is on overdrive and he feels his breath start to quicken again–

“Are you into men?” Another reporter asks, and it takes Jack a moment to realize that the reporter isn’t asking him. He’s asking the man who popped the question in the first place.

 All attention, including Jack’s, turns to the small blonde that got lost in the bundle of people. He holds up his mic towards the reporter who popped the question in the first place. 

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‘ It’s nice of Jeff to force you to come tonight. - No, he didn’t force me. He, uh… strongly recommended it. - Didn’t he also strongly recommend you to come to the dance? - No, I lost a bet. - To Jeff? So the only time you and I actually ever get to hang out is because of Jeff? - No, no. I mean…maybe. Kind of. But it’s strictly coincidental. - If it’s strictly coincidental, then why is he watching us? - I mean, he does take an interest in my social life.

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Do you still believe in jonsa? :( I really want them to be together :( I want to believe jon is playing daenerys i can't just accept he would bend the knee easily!

Hi sweet anon,

I do still believe in Jonsa. I’ll always believe in it, until the last ASOIAF book comes out to prove me wrong.

Jon and Sansa’s relations have been set up and written to be romantic – both in the show and in the book in my opinion. Not for a one-night stand, not for sexual tension, not for political marriage; but for finding comfort in each other, safety, trust, peace, love and family, something that nobody else in the World could give them. All they long for is the North, the Starks, their family and their home, and who could understand that better than they do themselves? Who else could understand their pain?

Let’s look back:

They had the most emotional reunion out of all characters on the show. None of the men in castle black have looked at them and thought they were siblings. They all must’ve thought they were long-lost lovers. 

The stare™ and the cheesy smile:

When was the last time Jon or Sansa laughed like this? Who else makes them happy like this? 

LOOK AT THIS!!!! For god’s sake if my sibling looked at me like this I would’ve called the police by now

Now, the letter from Ramsay. Look at how he looks as Sansa to check up on her before reading the letter. 

When it got to the r*pe bit, Jon threw it away and looked away in anger.

When Sansa carries on reading, look at his face. Look how gently he lookes at her.   

He loves her.

Now, for the fur-coat scene. This is important - Sansa tells Jon “You are a Stark” without really saying anything. 

For god’s sake look at him

Then the heated argument in the tent. (can you imagine if this was Jon with another specific character arguing in a dark tent while breathing heavily? the internet would go crazy) Jon was really trying to be angry here, but couldn’t. He still looks at her like this: 

“I won’t EVER let him touch you again. I’ll protect you I promise”.

We all know Jon’s reaction to Ramsay mentioning Sansa in his bed *kill bill sirens* Have you ever seen Jon being so protective over anyone like that before? 

I also found interesting how Jon found and was looking at Sansa when the Vale’s army marched in:

After the battle, Sansa was the only reason he didn’t beat Ramsay to death. 

And then the forehead kiss. 

This is not a brother showing affection to his sister. This is something else. This is far too loving, far too intimate, far too long.

And then another stare.

Then, she makes him laugh once again, like nobody else does.

And she finally looks happy. 

And when Jon becomes the King in the North, he looks at her. 

Continuing into season 7, we’ve got this gem, where Littlefinger says he loves Sansa and Jon gives us one of his angriest moments in the show:

He entrusts Sansa with his kingdom and his people

and he tenderly looks back to look at her one last time before he sets off

And lastly, the thought of her is the only thing that stops him from killing Theon.

I know this got long, sorry, but there are so many little moments, touches and looks that are so important. We know they’ve been rushing the show, they’ve been rushing J0nerys, but they haven’t rushed this. Why? Why haven’t they rushed Jon and Sansa and concentrated on them building trust for each other? Their affection for each other? 

Because, dear anon, I believe that Jon and Sansa will end up together. And you should too! 

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Can you write a fic where Elia destroys,tears apart Rhaegar's harp then throw it to flames as he watches? It can take place before he leaves for Trident. Idk I'm just sooo angry about Rhaegar. I stopped watching show since Sansa's rape and only was interested on what's happening and now I learned about annulment and more outrages shit that will happen on episode 7 from the leaks. I can beat D&D with Dance of the dragons(in the case it is the heaviest book) and I just want to see Rhaegar cry.


“Elia, be reasonable. Cruelty is not like you.”

Reasonable? You’re asking me to be reasonable? Were you reasonable when you ran off with a betrothed girl of five-and-ten, leaving me and the children to the mercies of your father? You should pray to all seven gods that I don’t decide to kill you in your sleep.”

“Please, not this. This is over the line. Don’t hurt it. It’s worth too much to me.”

“Is it worth a realm? Tell me where the girl is so I can stop this madness, and you can have your damned harp back. Or else it is going in the fire where it belongs. Personally, I can’t wait to see those silver strings burn. I hate bloody harp music.”

“This was a commission from a well-respected artisan. Do you know how much was spent on it?”

“No, but I would imagine quite a bit less than the war. And since it’s treason to dismember you, this is the next best thing. So again, I ask: where is the Stark girl?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Very well then. This will hurt you a lot more than it hurts me.”

The harp goes up faster than she’d thought, the fire catching instantly on the worn wood, thin silver strings glowing red before melting in the flames. Rhaegar makes a move to attempt to salvage it, but Elia steps in front of the fireplace, and with a single glare, he stops.

“Make one more move and I’ll break your fingers. See how well you can play after that.”

“I can’t believe you just burned—”

“I’ll do a lot more than that when you come back from the Trident. Your precious scrolls are next.”

“Not the scrolls!”


WOOO! Finally got my prints!

Apparently my grandparents think I’m a mind reader and I’m just supposed to know they put my crap on top of the fridge…

Four days after they show up i finally get to see my amazing prints!

@Dement09 i absolutely love your art! Your literally the only reason i joined tumbler in the first place. Friends told me to but nothing ever sparked my interest. Till i saw your art! Without you i would have never found all these amazing artist and picarto.

I’ve been trying to start up comics for a long time fan and originals but seeing nothing come of other local artist work was discouraging. To find and see this thriving community has really put a pep in my step. Only two people have been my driving force for my art/comics and mental health while doing said art my amazing best friend and an amazing woman I’ve never met!

Thank you for all the inspiration!
Dont let anyone bring you down!
Lot of love FoxHound

Zutara from a former Zutarian POV

Disclaimer: This post is not about why Kataang is “superior” or none of that anti-zutara bs

I can’t ship Zutara anymore and I haven’t been able to ship it since I was 12. And as someone who’s matured and been through stuff as everybody does I have realized why I stopped shipping Zutara, 

With the content we were given there is no substantial reasoning for that ship. And yes I can see the “compatibility” between the two of them but I can’t see them actually falling in love and I don’t think I have ever even when I shipped them. 

And you can complain all you want about Bryke wanting the love aspects of ATLA to focus on Kataang soley. I mean they did kill off Katara’s only other love interest (Jet) and gave the only other person Katara could have perhaps started a relationship with a fugly mustache (I’m talking about you Haru)

But I’m not talking about Bryke or any of the behind the scenes aspects of the show. I’m talking about the story and the character relationships. Katara and Zuko have this pure connection between each other that’s not tainted by wanting to bang each other. 

In this modern era, a guy can’t do something nice for a woman without that women suspecting that the guy just wants get in her pants. Because that’s what our society is like, people just courting each other 24/7. But with Zutara there was no banging intention or romance. They respect each other as equals.

Zuko wasn’t put in the ‘friend zone’ and Katara wasn’t secretly hiding feelings from him. And you know why? Because they were truly at the height of a balanced platonic relationship and sure that sounds lame and ridiculous. But not wanting to pair them together means a lot for me personally. It means that a connection like this isn’t chivalry (and chivalry is by no means bad but the intention of wanting to bang do ruin some of the aspects) but just a physical showing of gratitude for the other person’s existence. 

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Hello I'm a neuroscience student and I saw your post about ripley commenting that his reflection was his picture. It's actually really rare for birds to even understand their reflections is in fact them. Only one bird (magpie) has ever done it. Ripley could be the first self aware parrot! If you want to test this you could put a mark that would show up on his face or wing and show him the mirror. If he touches the mark he knows that it's him in the reflection and that counts as being self aware

Hi! Animal cognition is a major interest of mine as well, and arguably a big reason I have parrots in the first place. While I don’t consider the mirror test is the be all/end all of self awareness, I think it is a fascinating demonstration of how some animals express an awareness of their own bodies. It’s also interesting that in many birds, a reflection in water (or even just a mirror placed horizontally) elicits a very different response from a reflection in an upright shiny surface such as a car.

Your question made me realize that I’d never tried the mirror test on Ripley before, so I decided to give it a go. Here’s a short video on his Twitter, during which (spoilers) he makes no attempt to remove the sticker I’ve placed on him. His general mirror behavior was also not markedly different, although he did go straight into tapping the mirror without being prompted to touch it, which he doesn’t usually do. Beak tapping is both a common response to mirrors in greys, as well as what Ripley is often instructed to do when we ask him to “touch” objects, so he taps his beak like that on a LOT of stuff.

As for what conclusions to draw, I think it’s entirely possible that when Ripley refers to the mirror on his toy telephone as “my picture,” he’s simply saying “this is a picture on my phone,” because “picture” Is what we call television and phone screens, so perhaps he sees no difference between the mirror “picture” on his toy phone and the screen “picture” on my real phone, and he’s just saying “this is a part of the phone.”

It’s also possible he noticed the sticker on his face and just didn’t care to remove it. He did allow me to apply the sticker and then remove it without any apparent opinions on the matter. This may be why scientists studying the mirror test often apply a mark to animals only when those animals are under anesthesia, and can’t have known that something was put on them.

Alex the parrot demonstrated some very unique mirror behavior that could have been said to have been self-recognition, but a formal mirror test was never conducted because he had had so much prior exposure to mirrors. Likewise, I don’t think that Ripley’s mirror behavior could really be said to demonstrate a scientific conclusion either way, since for the past eight years he’s had plenty of exposure to mirrors and we’ve been priming him with statements like “look at that bird, it’s you!”

daryl fans are the absolute fucking worst lmao. i’m so over it. y'all have been slobbering over this swamp dwelling piece of oatmeal for seasons on end and it has blinded you to the fact that he’s the worst character on the entire show. daryl is 100% the worst character on the walking dead. hands down. he is badly written, and it’s at the point where it’s almost soul sucking to watch play out. don’t give me the ‘negan is the reason glenn is dead!! not daryl!!’ like…bitch we know negan murdered glenn. we also know that daryl’s dumb ass jumped out of line and tried to fight negan. if he hadn’t done that then glenn :) would :) be :) alive :). aside from glenn though, a number of female characters have been killed off in order to give precious daryl his man pain. it’s a continuous cycle. daryl’s ass could have died S.E.A.S.O.N.S ago.  the only difference the show would have rn is that we’d have more interesting characters alive as a result :) :). literally that’s it.

anyhow i doubt daryl is ever going to die but personally i’d probably throw a party. i would literally rather watch fucking paint dry than have to see daryl’s greasy ass slither onto screen every .2 seconds.

All I need for the finale

I feel like mona saying why build a dollhouse when you can make the entire town one, was important. I feel like AD has been controlling the game from day one, and blackmailing not just the liars but all of rosewoods citizens. Anyone who did some shady shit was just being an unwilling participant in the game. Monas and Ceces reveals were just their turn, and AD made them lie about being a, I’m assuming. That would explain why Mona made that “don’t they know that’s what we want” speech when she was booked into radley. It would also explain why there were cameras on cece during her reveal, not just for the girls to see but for ad to make sure she’s completing her turn and not cheating-telling the truth. This thought also could explain why there have been an insane amount of red herrings who all seem to be 100% guilty of being a, only for the girls to do a bunch of shit only to learn they have nothing to do with A. Anytime the liars get close to figuring something of importance, AD could just be like Alright cool Spenc and Emily are going to those stables that Jessica and Bethany used to go to I don’t want them to find anything pointing back to me, I’m gonna tell Melissa it’s her turn, and have her lock them in the stables and put her old riding hat on the wall so they’ll jump to suspicions about her and stop looking around.

I dont really care about motive because im not really expecting to be pleased with the WHY, just because marlene king sucks, but if she could just make it so that there’s only ever been one true big bAd I would actually be pleased with the entire show as a whole, because throughout the season’s I’ve always hated that people just kept having the game stolen/started by a new person. It just always seemed weird that more than one person would be so interested in the same 5 girls, that they stalked and tortured them. And the motives were always just like friend jealousy basically, WHICH IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON.

Also I feel like Arias whole 7b arc is to show us the way A actually works, like how she destroyed the nursery, usually I would have assumed that only the destruction and stealing and what not is done by As hands, but her arc has made me feel like AD never gets out of that lounge chair unless it’s to make more weird vodka tonic martini whatever’s, and just watches everything and sends all of the worker bees to do anything A needs/wants

Reasons we need Midnight, Texas back for a second season (and to watch the fuck out of it):

• found family feels
• in season one, our protagonists face demons, ghosts, a serial killer, vampires, a weretiger, a rogue angel, a succubus, black magic, and white supremacists - and the white supremacists are the only ones that get zero sympathy
• almost half the main cast are poc, all but one of the established couples on the show are interracial, and the most established of them all is gay
• the only character who gives one fuck about the gay thing gets eaten post haste
• an angel/demon lovestory
• arguably, women are the most badass characters on the show (next to Lemuel, who is inarguably the most badass ever)
• Lemuel the vampire
• Francois Arnaud, who plays the main character, is hot like burning, and his Manfred is the most adorable fuck-up to ever fuck up
• Lemuel’s gratuitous shirtlessness
• I admit that Manfred’s love interest is trash - another remarkably unremarkable damsel that everyone is just supposed to prioritize for no discernable reason - but the theme of the show, so far, seems to be “See, Manny? SEE?? *This* is why you’re a fuck up. Your choices.” And she’s a part of that, so I can handle it.
• Lemuel in shirts (dude can dress)
• a talking cat
• a hot young guy is named Bobo and everyone just accepts it without question
• neat stories about quirky gypsy ancestors and their various remaining body parts
• Manny is one of “the ones” - with a prophecy and everything. He’s the only new resident of a tiny town and the only living person he knows with the power to interact with the dead. But when he hears that “the one” is all of these things, his reaction is basically “Really?? Oh, wow, awesome. Where can we find THAT guy? Boy, am I glad he’s gonna fix all of this, because I am EXHAUSTED”.

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mcgenji for the ship thingy~

Yesss boyssss~

Originally posted by sayrix

  • Who said “I love you” first

- I think it would have been McCree, he is so soft and affectionate that I could totally see him saying it first and having to deal with a stunned little Genji asking him if he is sure.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

- Both of them, they are completely ridiculous 

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

- Genji but he wouldn’t normally write anything romantic or sweet, more likely something like “look behind you.” Or “Stop leaving the fucking toilet seat up. 

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

- I think McCree is more likely to, I could see him wanting to spoil Genji with nice things but would get flustered when Genji accuses him of acting like a sugar daddy.

  • Who initiated the first kiss

- G E N J I 100000% McCree was too stuck on being a mix of the perfect gentleman and a hopeless flirt that when it came to their 3rd date and still no lip action, Genji had lost his patience. 

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

- I honestly don’t see either of them being morning people, Genji likes his sleep since sometimes he finds it difficult to fall to sleep at night and McCree can be a lazy butt. But I think that they would both kiss the other awake, just depends on who wakes up first~

  • Who starts tickle fights

- Both of them are complete assholes when it comes to tickling and don’t be surprised if a tickle war brakes out between them… But it is totally McCree who starts it all and he is usually the one to finish it. (Genji complains that it isnt fair due to how sensitive his skin is.)

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

- Lets be honest, neither of these two would be able to keep their hands off each other so once again I think they both would, well McCree would ask and Genji would invite.

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

- Errrrmmm, I honestly think Genji would come by with food for McCree during training the recruits or something. I see Genji as someone who has a lot of issues with food and McCree respects that, he never surprises Genji with anything food related except for pancakes in the morning (the only time Genji is hungry and only ever with sweet foods)

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

- both of them would be nervous for different reasons! Genji would wonder why McCree would be interested anyways? Although his self-esteem has improved thanks to Zenyatta’s help he still doesn’t see himself as someone on McCree’s level. And McCree would be so stressed over impressing Genji, trying to show the cyborg how perfect Genji is while also worrying if Genji would even like him in such a way or if it was just a pity date. 

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

- McCree! Genji hates bugs, worms and snails/slugs. They freak him out and he will make a swift exit from the room if a bug is spotted especially spiders. Sadly for the cowboy, he isn’t a fan of them either but is too proud to admit how fast his heart beats and the colds sweats he gets when he takes the spider outside. 

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

- B O T H!!! Genji and McCree’s relationship is extremely affectionate and neither of them are afraid to admit their feelings be it alone to each other or in front of the entire base. They are also pathetic when they drink and both struggle to keep their mouths shut. That is unless they are keeping their mouths together because honestly these two would be the horniest drunks ever.
Finally, thank God, someone who dares to tell the truth

I know I’m not alone in thinking the whole Barry/Iris thing is deeply creepy. They are basically brother and sister, and Barry spent all of season 1 being really weird and icky about her. But it’s not even the creep-out factor that works me up about the pair.

The real problem is that there is absolutely zero chemistry between Barry and Iris. They are the most boring couple of all time. In one episode they go on an actual date and find themselves with absolutely nothing to talk about. It’s like they both idealize one another but have nothing in common beyond the Flash.

Even worse, just like in Arrow when Oliver and Felicity became “Olicity” when Barry and Iris became a couple, Iris basically lost whatever identity she previously had. Rather than following her own story as an intrepid up-and-coming reporter, the show consigned her to Barry’s girlfriend/fiance/damsel-in-distress. Ever since, their relationship has been even less interesting, and Iris has become an almost worthless character serving more as a prop (how can they save her from Savitar???) and less of a person.

It needs to end. Arrow has been better since Olicity ended (though that’s not the only reason, and I can actually see them rekindling that ill-fated relationship) and The Flash would be better if Iris went back to being an actual character (with or without a boyfriend) and Barry went back to being a superhero, untethered to silly relationship drama. Yes, the couple has genuinely touching moments (we saw one last night) but they don’t make up for the lack of chemistry, and would work just as well, if not better, if they were moments between really good friends.

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You know, sometimes you say things jokingly about sheith, but really - if you had to pinpoint your interest or why you believe in them, what would it be?

I’m not sure I’m getting this question..

Like what makes me think there’s actually something there?

It’s mostly just my wishful thinking haha. (I think it can be a really amazing thing if they go that way specifically with Keith and Shiro, for so many reasons. But sadly I’m aware the world might not be there just yet :\ )

Hmm I dunno, I have to say that what stands out to me most is that there’s something a bit “extra” to their relationship? Like, all their scenes would have been totally brotherly in nature if it wasn’t for that one weird tiny extra little detail they added to it for some reason.. Not sure how to explain it.

Like I think Keith and Shiro act more like exes that want to get back together but can’t say it, than two bros or two friends? haha.

And like alot of their scenes have like kinda romantic themes to them? Like Keith being Shiro’s knight in shining armor all the time, fate bringing them back together, watching a sunset by the fire for no fucking reason..  Like stuff you would usually see in romantic plot lines and not like “mentor/student” “big bro/lil bro” relationships. (I dunno, if either of them was a girl, would anyone think this is not like the obvious romantic plot line? (Which btw I guess can also work for Keith and Lance haha))

But I guess jokes and reaching aside, these are the things that really do make me think there might be something there:

  • Keith’s introduction. The first things that are established about his character (badass, loves this Shiro guy, Shiro’s savior)
  • The Keith sneaking away after looking at Shiro thing (just a super odd thing to show?)
  • EVERYTHING about “Across the Universe” (ok seriously, that episode was so gay it actually makes some straight fanboys uncomfortable and it’s hilarious haha)
  • Keith’s expressions and voice when he talks to Shiro (yeah.. not brotherly..)
  • The way their hug was framed
  • And I guess also the big focus on their relationship so early on in the show? I mean relationships in stories can’t stay in status quo, they have to develop or evolve during the story somehow, and Keith and Shiro start off with a very strong relationship already. So you kinda have to wonder where can it evolve from here? In most cases the strong relationships that are established at the beginning will go towards conflict (between the characters, about one of the characters) or death of one of the characters, but sometimes it can also be something like best friends to lovers kind of thing. Anyway, that relationship was made to stand out from the start for some reason..

And I guess that’s it? (And I’m only looking at what’s in the show and not like outside of it)

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5x20 aka:  Olicity heaven (with a bit of hell in the last 4 minutes)

It’s official, season 5 of Arrow has started! It’s a shame the season is so short (starting at 5x17 for some reason. Weird) but I’m enjoying it so far!

I’m only slightly kidding. There was very little about the previous 16 episodes of the show that remotely interested me, and I doubt I’ll ever watch them in full; I saw all the ‘best’ parts in gif-form and short clips and that will do as far as I’m concerned. And you may think that disqualifies me from giving my opinion on the final 7 episodes of the season…but I’m going to anyway. Because what I have to say about 5x20 really only concerns one aspect of the show.


Originally posted by sarcasticbritishtwat

This episode was amazing for us shippers. So many wonderful moments. And a few terrible ones as well, but I’ll save them for last, lest I be accused of harshing people’s buzz or being overly negative.

So first, the positives.

This is gonna be nothing groundbreaking. You’ve all seen the episode; you’ve posted and reblogged and tweeted the gifs, with all the appropriate accompanying squeeing. But let me break down my favs:

The flashback scenes were DELIGHTFUL! 

(gif by @just-me-and-the-tv

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I honestly feel that the only reason we see Kara saving Lena so much isn’t because the CW is queerbaiting (well, not the whole reason), but I think the main reason is that they will not show a female superhero constantly saving a man (whether it’s her would be love interest at the time or her male best friends) in the same manner that a male superhero saves a woman. So, in order to protect the ever fragile masculinity, they give Kara a controversial female best friend who’s life will always need saving simply because of who she is (for example, someone with an infamous last name with a habit of having assassin’s constantly going after her).

Look throughout the seasons, even season 1. How many times do you see Kara carrying either Winn or James or Mon-el (her love interests and/or best friends) bridal style after saving them? As often as she has Lena? That’s because it’s the male savior’s job to carry the damsel in distress that way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Kara herself has been carried bridal style by men more than she’s carried men that way. By superman in the beginning of season 2 and by Mon-el in the musical crossover with the Flash.

So yes, it’s queerbaiting to an extent because those kinds of saves that occur that often are usually reserved for the hero and their love interest which they emphatically and frequently squash any notion they could be together at any point. But my take away is that it’s mainly them saying that there’s no way a man would need saving so often by a woman, as depicted in the famous bridal style carry, even if she does have superpowers.


Ouran 30 Day Challenge Day 4: What’s your favorite shipping? Tamaki and Haruhi!


Okay, first of all, Haruhi is a commoner, and Tamaki is a rich boy. You may just find that in a “oh well they just have a difference in how much money they own” yeah, but it’s more than that. Think of it as Tamaki being a pure bred championship showdog, next to an untrained mut. A Princess Jasmine hanging out with the street rat, Aladdin. Tamaki wears $100 clothing daily, while Haruhi wears hand-me-down clothing daily. Tamaki must use all the best skin products and hair products, while Haruhi probably doesn’t use any skin products at all and uses 5 dollar shampoo at walmart.

Not only this, but Tamaki is considered as one of the hottest boys in school with all the girls fawning over him, while Haruhi naturally has a figure that resembles a male’s. She has almost no curves and her chest is so flat. True, she is very cute, and all the host members fawn over her like nobody’s business, but I believe they all find her cute like a bunny or puppy. I don’t believe any of them would ever consider her “hot”.

But Tamaki takes an interest in her anyways. I believe it’s mostly her personality. Another reason why I love the show. Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru and Kyoya all fall for Haruhi because of her personality. Not because she was the hottest girl in school and they just had to have a piece of her body, and then a “oh, while I’m at it, I also love her personality”. And I love how Tamaki never looks at her in a perverted way. TRUE, he fantasizes her a lot and the twins love to call him a pervert just to get on his nerves, but in all honesty, Tamaki’s fantasizes aren’t perverted. He doesn’t dream of touching her body or doing things he shouldn’t. He just dreams of spending time with her, holding her, her wearing girly things, and her doing wifey things for him.

It’s all purely innocent. Even after he kisses her, he feels like he should take responsibility and ask her to marry him. WHO DOES THAT? But it’s wonderful.

Tamaki dotes on her like a loyal guy should. And Haruhi is a good girl for him because she doesn’t judge him… Mostly. I mean, sure, she finds everything he does ridiculous and embarrassing to be around, but at the end of the day she knows how his heart is, and she finds what he does sweet. She is able to put of with his antics while I’m sure that if at least half of the girls who visit the host club saw Tamaki’s spazzy side of him, they wouldn’t know how to react or want to be around him during then. They are more used to Tamaki’s “princely” side to him. Not his crazy, out of control side.

And just- they support eachother. Part of being in a relationship is being there for the other when you need them. Tamaki is there for Haruhi during the thunderstorm. He patiently waits for her to finish her homework. He supports her decisions and he even helps her become a better person by showing her that getting experience and social skills is just as important as studying hard. And likewise, Haruhi supports Tamaki. She is there for him during his family situation. Like I explained earlier, she doesn’t judge him. She listens to his feelings and doesn’t laugh or find it strange. She finds it wonderful. She likes that he wants to help people, even if it isn’t their place, because she knows he has to.

As you can see, I could go on about this for forever. I just had to say immediately what was on my mind. Because I have so many feelings… It’s not even funny. Me and my family agree that Bisco Hatori must have some sort of psychological degree or something, because she's just so good with relational stories. I don’t just mean with Tamaki and Haruhi, but between friendships and siblinghood as well. She makes it so touching and in a way that isn’t just “hey I like you or hey I think you’re hot. Oh you think so too? Let’s date now”

anonymous asked:

do you think Cyrus showed interest in Iris? I don’t think so, personally, but many people do. I think there were reasons, such as Cyrus tried to like her, but couldn’t, or something similar.

I don’t think he was ever interested in her romantically.  He didn’t remember meeting her at Andi’s party when Jonah brought up the group hang. He only wanted to go on the group hang because of Jonah and that’s how he started dating Iris. After the embarrassing moment he was only concerned with Jonah not talking to him anymore, not Iris. When she stopped replying to his messages he shrugs it off and says “it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all or whatever I was feeling towards her”.  And then we see in the premiere that she put the label of girlfriend on herself and she was the one that made the move to kiss him.  And then of course he realizes he’s interested in Jonah.  So it’s pretty clear that he didn’t know what he was feeling towards her but it doesn’t seem like romantic interest at all.  They do share interests and get along well so it would be great if they could stay friends but that might be unlikely once they break up.

okay unpopular opinion rant here but

you can’t force or shame writers into giving a couple a happy ending just because they’re gay. I know in movie/television both lesbian and gay characters have gotten the short end of the stick for shock or initially homophobic reasons, but forcing every queer couple on TV from now on to live happily ever after to “make up for that” is not only soo not the point, but it’s also kind of boring.

I think the whole point of the movement we started was to get writers to stop writing in gay characters or gay ships *specifically* to kill them off for shock or try to pull that “tragic ending” bullshit. I think the point was that we wanted shows to write us in like regular human beings… which means: someone’s we don’t have a love interest, sometimes we do, sometimes we’re a main character sometimes we’re a supporting character, and when a wlw ship becomes canon, technically if we want the writers to treat us like they do their straight audience, that means the couple may not work out for like realistic, regular reasons.

Think of literally any show with straight couples in it. Does every single one of those couples work out every single time? fuck no, because that’s not how life works. Sometimes they last, and sometimes they part ways for whatever reason. Meredith and Derek from Greys Anatomy were like the greatest straight ship of all time and even they broke up for a period of time then got back together only for Derek to die (for shock value might i add)! I’m sure people were angry but i can almost guarantee you Shonda Rhimes didn’t get a bunch of emails saying “you killed him off cuz he’s straight, fuck you, straight couples are treated so unfairly” because literally no couple is treated “fairly” in that show- it’s a damn drama! I realize in that scenario, straight viewers have a multitude of other couples to look to if they want a happy ending, but if that’s what you’re angry about, demand more romantic comedies written about gay people. ask for more light fluffy stories about the gay community instead of vilifying drama writers for including drama in their shows, but only when the drama affects the gay ship *you* like… i mean come on, man. the show wasn’t hand crafted for you, it’s supposed to reach a wide audience.

And think about if every single writer was pressured into giving you want you want and every ship introduced just never broke up. How fucking boring would that be!! You wouldn’t even have to watch the show because you’d already know nothing was going to happen to them no matter what’s happening in the story. Thats flavorless and extremely poor writing. Life is heartbreak, life is the chase, life is falling in love then realizing a year later you’re not right for each other. life is growing out of friendships and relationships AND especially in the realities that a lot of our favorite wlw exist, life is loss, whether in the form of death or injury or someone being kidnapped-or whatever, so you have to expect that those things are going to be written into a show whether a gay couple is part of the plot or not, and i think that’s a better representation of equality than giving gays immunity

My point is you can’t demand equality and then get mad when you’re not given special treatment. Equality may mean more gay characters and less shock value kills, but they still have to deal with reality, and sometimes that means a ship having to sink so pleeeeeaasseee, just let it go and stop harassing show writers. if our requests for more representation are well received, we’ll have plenty of other shows to migrate to.