only reason i kind of watch this show

13 Reasons Why characters

Justin Foley: Massive dickhead. Barely redeemable. He has a tragic backstory and a shitty childhood. However, he’s a massive douche, who let a girl get raped and lied to her, he was willing to kill a guy to save his own back and only right near the end did he decide to admit he was in the wrong and even then we don’t see him do anything to actually help the situation. This guy needs some emotional help and needs to start being a much better person and only then would he ever be anywhere near redeemable. 

Jessica Davis: At first I hated her for refusing to listen to her friend but then I realized this is similar to most girl as we are taught to trust our boyfriends more than our friends which sucks. However, she still tried to be nice to Hannah shortly after and a bit of communication could have helped their situation so much. I feel like she’s well and truly suffered enough and didn’t deserve any of the shit that happened to her. Already redeemed.

Alex Standall: As much as guys dont want to admit it and girl would deny it, these lists happen so often its unreal. I’ve seen groups of girls and boys alike make lists ranking others. Its not okay at all but its something that happens so often that it just goes to show how something so simple can be so harmful towards someone. He hurt two girls with this list, Jessica and Hannah. I feel like he is redeemable as he shows the most guilt to the point its shown he’s considering his own suicide. He knows what he did was wrong even if it wasn’t as hefty as some of the other guys. He was redeemed as soon as he admitted what he did was wrong. 

Tyler Down: I don’t get why everyone is up Justin’s ass but hate this kid. They both committed a similar crime. One is a pervy stalker and the other took what was an innocent mishap and made it into something filthy and then distributed it. I hate them both but they are incredibly similar except one is the lonely isolated loser with a camera who was bullied beforehand and the other a popular jock with a bad home life. As far as I’m concerned if one has the possibility to be redeemable then so does the other. I feel like Tyler needs some serious help, the kind that Hannah needed but never got. Except where Hannah killed herself, this guy is going to kill others. I can actually see some parallels between Hannah and Tyler, the only difference one is a creep and deserves at least a years sentence in prison. This kid really isn’t okay mentally and thats shown throughout the series, do I feel sorry for him? No. But, he would be redeemable if he got help and it turns out that he didn’t shoot Alex like many people are speculating. As far as I’m concerned, you cant love Justin and hate this guy as they both did similar crimes except one let his girlfriend get raped. Both are creepy assholes. Also, at least the kid told the parents and people about the fucking tapes and Hannah unlike the other assholes trying to cover it up. 

Courtney Crimson: She annoyed the fuck out of me when she was defending Bryce and trying to call Hannah a liar when it was already established that these tapes are all true. However, after actually taking some consideration into her character I can understand why she was scared and thought what she was doing was right. Yes this is the 21st century and her parents were gay so she must have known she’d be accepted. But its not that simple, she’s probably seen her parents go through shit and heard them say that her parents homosexuality would rub off on her. If she came out she would give the homophobes what they wanted, evidence to back their claim. I don’t agree with her further spreading rumours and defending a rapist. But with some compassion I find her story more redeemable than some of the others. Her character showed just how spiteful females can be towards each other. I feel like if she would just tell the truth, she could have been a redeemable character.

Marcus Cole: I haven’t seen this guy mentioned despite the fact he’s so much worse than both Justin and Tyler. He literally assaulted a girl in broad daylight and got away with it. And then when she dies he shows no remorse and even tries to stop the tapes from being distributed. He is one of the only two absolutely nonredeemable characters because he shows no remorse and only cares about his reputation. Whilst watching this I honestly got the feeling this guy has no compassion or emotions whatsoever and the only reason he didn’t agree with Justin wanting to hurt Clay is because he knew it could cause problems. He was only interested in calculating the best situations for himself and that makes him way worse because even at the end he didn’t think he did anything wrong. 

Zach Dempsey: The ‘nice guy’ mixed in with the wrong crowd. He may actually be a kind and nice guy but his popularity made him feel entitled and when Hannah pushed him away he acted out in revenge. What would have been a petty revenge on its own took away some of a girls last bit of happiness. He obviously had his own problems and confidence issues and what he did wouldn’t have been so bad without the other things that happened.  He’s definitely a redeemable character. 

Ryan Shaver: I don’t feel like he was focused on enough. He’s definitely a prick but he seems to be the only one to outright be like ‘yeah I’m an asshole’. He seems to be the kind to tell the truth and whilst still being a thoroughly unlikable character he does seem to want to do whats right. He know what Bryce did was wrong and he blatantly addresses the fact that Courtney is defending a rapist and is a rape apologist. I didn’t like him because of his lack of emotions however I did appreciate a character with a decent moral compass and I think hes redeemable but needs to take more interest in peoples lives outside of his stupid writing. 

Clay Jensen: Actual sweetheart. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the signs but its shown throughout the series that he helped her feel both better and worse in some of these situations. However, he has nothing to be forgiven for as he technically did nothing wrong except not notice which he tries to make up for with Skye at the end. 

Sheri: I guess she deserves to be forgiven when it comes to Hannah as she was just trying to be nice and after Clay is probably the nicest on this list. However, I feel like she let what others think help her to make decisions that aren’t as forgivable. However, she still deserves a chance at becoming a better person even if she does get put in prison for some time. 

Bryce Walker: Let him burn. That’s all I have to say about this fucker, he is not redeemable at all. Kill it with fire. He has no reason for what he did other than being a giant jackass with money. 

Mr. Trey Porter: Redeemable but a jackass. He’s one of those teachers that doesn’t actually give a shit about the students. The fact he told Hannah just to move on when shes been raped and is physically, verbally and sexually abused almost everyday is sickening and shows you just how good these anti-bullying campaigns actually are when teachers don’t even give a shit. 

I know a few people do not like the show, however I think it was good because it showed plenty variations of mental health, abuse and bullying with out actually addressing them but still showing the consequences. We didn’t just get Hannah’s story we got all the others stories too and it shows how mental health and bullying really can cause a butterfly affect. This show may not have been perfect but it was accurate and important.

EDIT: When I measure how redeemable these characters are, I’m not saying what they did was okay. I’m measuring how forgivable they are or if they do deserve forgiveness at all. This is my opinion obviously, you’re allowed to think differently. 


‘ It’s nice of Jeff to force you to come tonight. - No, he didn’t force me. He, uh… strongly recommended it. - Didn’t he also strongly recommend you to come to the dance? - No, I lost a bet. - To Jeff? So the only time you and I actually ever get to hang out is because of Jeff? - No, no. I mean…maybe. Kind of. But it’s strictly coincidental. - If it’s strictly coincidental, then why is he watching us? - I mean, he does take an interest in my social life.

I never post on Tumblr, but this platform is the only place I feel like I can be myself. Recently I watched 13 Reasons Why. I never read the book, and I started it mostly because I heard great things about it and how they spread such an important message. I don’t know if I’ll spoil anything by accident, but I’ll give a warning just in case. This might be long, so bear with me.

The show is about a girl named Hannah Baker (as many of you probably know already). Each episode showed different events as to how she was treated by her peers, and she recorded tapes explaining basically who fucked her over before she ended up taking her whole life.

A few days before I started watching, I wanted to take my own life. I had it planned out, I knew the texts I was going to send my family and friends, and I knew when I wanted to do it. I thought I lost all hope in my future and I just didn’t want to exist anymore. I resonate with Hannah a lot. I really held on to her because I saw so much of myself in her. I wasn’t treated the greatest while I was in school (I didn’t endure some things that happened to her and I am very grateful). Every little thing you do or say to someone sticks. It’s not easy for them to just brush it off and move on, especially if you deal with a mental illness.

As I got to the episode that contained her suicide scene, I thought I was prepared. I just pictured there to be a little blood. I didn’t expect to see it all happen, and it killed me. It killed me because of how real it looked. I felt like I was watching it happen right in front of me. I had a full blown panic attack by the time I saw it and I know I’m not alone on that. It was fucking hard, but nonetheless very powerful. That stuff happens every single day to people who you least expect it from. This show proves that bullying can really do some serious damage on someone. It’s not something to keep quiet about.

After the show I realized how much I have in my life to appreciate. When Hannah’s mom saw her lifeless body floating in the bathtub, I realized that if I ever took my own life, I’d be putting my family and friends through hell. I realized that I have a purpose in this world, and even though I don’t see it now, I know it’s coming. I’m more important than I think I am. You are all important to people around you, whether you know it or not. So if you think you can handle it, watch the show or read the book. Space it out a little bit. Learn from it. Talk about it and never let the conversation die down. You never know how many people you can save from taking their own life just by being kind.

Sorry for the long post. This show made me realize how passionate I am about mental illness and bullying, and I don’t plan to stop talking about it.

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Are you ready to see Clarke being the commander? because that's totally going to happen. The foreshadowing is there. JRoth's intentions are transparent. Clarke following L footsteps and two endgames. Don't tell me it's not perfect.

I’m tired™

Listen, you can think whatever you want, I can’t control how you feel. I understand why people are worried and I totally get how problematic it would be if Clarke took the flame. (if this happens, the only thing that could keep me watching the show is Bob/Bellamy, and I’m not even sure)

but the point is I don’t see that happening.

Let’s make a list:

Reasons to believe she will.

- She’s a nightblood

Reasons to believe she won’t.

- Their society and the world will be gone in 6 days.

- The flame is kind of in no man’s land.

- They’re moving away from hierarchies.

- Polis and the tower are going to be destroyed in 4x13.

- COL is gone. In my opinion there’s no way to communicate with the commanders.

- The flame was a religious symbol, now it’s just an USB. Some grounders reject it because it’s technology.

- Society+ Religion+Politics = Commander but….. Non society + USB= ???

- Grounders wouldn’t or shouldn’t accept her since she’s not a real nightblood. She’s an experiment and that’s blasphemy (Echo said something like that)

- Before this season, having nightblood was a gift/curse, but now it’s nothing special. If it’s not special, there’s no tradition.

- Raven is connected to Becca’s mind in some way. Clarke doesn’t need to take the flame.

- When Clarke decided to inject herself with nightblood she was rejecting L’s leadership.

- Clarke doesn’t need an upgrade. If they make her take the AI it would be like erasing her character, her leadership, the lessons she learned….

- All the commanders have led alone. Clarke was already isolated in s3 and it was her worst moment. She needs her people and shipper goggles off, this show is about Bellamy and Clarke and their leadership. I mean, Together is their motto.  

- It’s no coincidence this season we’ve seen many characters calling her out. Monty, Murphy, Jasper, Emori, Arkadia!!… They’re pushing Clarke away from God’s rol. “You know, it’s too bad that you weren’t a real Nightblood because then you could’ve been Commander. Imagine how many people you could’ve killed then” The commander’s rol has pretty negative connotations, don’t you think?

Maybe they managed to add a plot where Clarke feels tempted to take it to save her people, but she would ultimately reject it. This is the only ‘Clarke as commander’ plot that I can see. The narrative isn’t going there.

I’m not going to tell people how they are allowed to feel and react to a situation.

The way I see, what’s done is done.

If they haven’t written that. I’m spending weeks worrying over nothing.

If they have written that, my worries are not going to change their story. If that happens I’d drop the show or I’d turn into a casual viewer. It’s as simple as that.

Th1rteen R3asons Why: Prepare to Be Obsessed.


I thought for this recap/review  I would stick to the theme with 13 reasons of my own.

13 reasons why I LOVED  (or Not Loved) THIS SHOW (and BOOK)

The Loved List

1. The Cast - Katherine Langford (Hannah) is amazing (some Aussie pride over here!) and I feel she does total justice to the lead character, she made it completely believable and relatable.  I also loved seeing Ross Butler (Zach) in another role, as I already love him as Reggie in The CWs Riverdale! Only wish we could’ve seen more of him. It’s always an honour to have Kate Walsh (Hannah’s mom) grace the screen, I’ve been a fan since Private Practice. I felt that all the cast were perfectly chosen and brought their characters stories to life in a magical way. I couldn’t imagine any of the roles with another actor. They were amazing and a great fresh young cast who I am sure will soon be taking Hollywood by storm! 

2. The Narrative Format - I absolutely LOVE Jay Asher’s narrative concept for this story. The tapes, the voice, the whole idea and concept just adds to the whole kind of ‘thrilling’ feeling which perfectly suits the haunting story of Hannah Baker. I think it’s an extremely unique narrative and it works so well with this particular theme and topic by adding so much more depth and emotion to the story. I don’t reckon that such an important and serious theme could’ve been addressed half as well or as appropriately with any other narrative. It worked perfectly together.

3. The Storylines - The storylines are all fabulous. The book and main storyline about the suicide of Hannah Baker and what lead her to her decision is something I think is extremely important to tell in today’s society with teen depression and cases of teen suicide scarily on the rise and being one  of the leading causes for teen death. It’s haunting, it’s honest, it’s raw, and most importantly it’s so damn real.  Also the individual story for each ‘character’ / ‘tape’ / ‘episode’ are so incredible. Each character has their own unique storyline of how they fitted into Hannah’s life and became a part of her final decision. Most of the stories were exceptionally well suited to their respective character , but some of them left me sad as I really expected more from those characters (especially Zach & Justin but more on them later). Having said that though, it was all fitting to the main story, and wouldn’t have been the same otherwise.

4. The Characters - All of the characters were relatable and wonderfully portrayed. One of my favourite characters was Zach -  mainly because he is played by Ross Butler, but I honestly think he was one of the nicer guys and I really feel like Hannah could’ve come to a different outcome if she’d given him more of chance instead of just brushing him off - but I do also understand she had her reasons for reacting the way she did. I really enjoyed watching each character’s story unfold through out this series as they each had an extremely unique and definite personality, and story. Justin was a character I also enjoyed as I could really feel his pain, and I think he was not a bad guy, but his life lead him to make a couple of bad decisions himself. Everyone has their own demons that they’re battling against and I think that this show perfectly portrays this how all of us are dealing with our own personal issues which cause things to work out the way they do. (I love how the show focuses on each of the characters and also explores the aftermath of how listening to the tapes affected each of their lives (whereas the book only really concentrates on Clays thoughts as he is listening to the tapes and doesn’t really give us much background into the other characters, the show really gives us insight into each of their personal lives and their relationships with one another).

5. The Interweaving -  I also loved seeing in the show how each of the characters were connected to one another and how their relationships are affected by the demise of Hannah. Of course all of them have played some part in her final decision and it’s heartbreaking for them to realise the consequences of what they had done, even though for most of them it was unintentional. They now also become connected by all their secrets as the 13 of them are now fully aware of the secrets of each other and they have to work together to try and keep Hannah’s accusations and their guilt from going ‘public’ which they’re all afraid the ‘stand up, good guy’ , Clay might do - as even Hannah admits - ‘one of these things is not like the others’ and Clay in a sense doesn’t really belong on the list - but I guess Hannah feels she owes him a kind of explanation.

6. The Acting -  The acting is mostly brilliant in this show. I have to give special recognition to the actor Justin Prentice in this segment as I think he did a phenomenal job. Justin Prentice played the character of ‘Bryce Walker’ who is basically the ‘villain’ of the season, he is pig headed and absolutely disgusting , typical jock type guy with less than ZERO respect for women (and his friends) who thinks his money can buy him out of any problem and get him whatever he wantes. He honestly had me HATING him at the end of this show, and I had developed kind of a personal vendetta against him wishing he’d been the one who was dead in Hannah’s stead. Only a few days later I was watching an interview (13 reasons why: beyond the reasons - special available on Netflix under trailers and more) and I realised - ‘Crap. Like he’s (Prentice) a hot, genuinely cool guy. Bryce is just a character.’ He explained how hard it was to bring this character to life. It was a real challenge as it would’ve I’m sure hit a few nerves and touched on a LOT of raw emotions, and sensitive issues. So major props to him for creating such a believable character!

7. Tony & His Mustang -  Tony, played by Christian Navarro, is like half the reason to love this show. Man, Tony is just so effortlessly suave and sexy (but sorry ladies - he’s gay!) and he just happens to continuously appear at the right place and at the right time. I love his kind of mysterious, guardian angel aura that portrays on the show as he follows Clay around and supports him as he tries to get through listening to the tapes. Not that he needs another reason to be sexier but he drives and adores his vintage, red MUSTANG! Dayum! (I’m not sure if I loved Tony or the ‘Mustang’ more to be honest haha) …. He was a major part of the shows success and It wouldn’t have been half as incredible without him in it. 

8.The Messages-  I think that all in all the message that this show tells is one of EXTREME importance : It needs to be heard. It raises awareness of a very important issue which should not be hushed out and kept silent. It’s a shout out to a number of groups too. To Depressed Teens : SILENCE IS NOT STRENGTH!!! PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. OPEN UP TO SOMEONE. If you’re thinking sad, depressive and suicidal thoughts, don’t keep them bottled up inside your mind, speak about them, say them out loud, admit your feelings don’t hide them away from those around you. People can’t help you if they don’t know what’s going on inside your head. Some one will always be willing to listen. You just have to speak to the right person. To Teenagers (Humans) in general : DON’T BE AN A**HOLE. You never know how what you do may affect some one and slowly be chipping away at their identity. Be kind. Show Respect! and LISTEN. Read between the lines, be there for people, and provide a ‘safe space’ and an opportunity for them to reach out. Don’t ignore subtle hints! Take EVERYTHING seriously, let them know they are loved. Let them know you CARE! To Adults , Parents and Councellors. Be PRESENT. Be AVAILABLE. Don’t undermine their feelings. If something is troubling them - it’s troubling them for a valid reason - don’t make them feel silly, or like they are over reacting. If they are upset they HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO FEEL THE WAY THEY DO. Help them overcome it, help them deal with it and remember: the worst thing you can tell someone who is hurting is to ‘MOVE ON’. Their emotions are ALWAYS justified - don’t disrespect their feelings by minimising them. To EVERYONE - whatever we say or do can affect someone else in ways we could never know or imagine. Pay attention to how you treat others! 

The Not so Loved List

8.  The Sexist Themes - I really was affected by the sexism portrayed especially as it’s not just a show and / or story - this is happening IN REAL LIFE. Boys today (and I’m sorry for generalising here, I admit I know it’s not all of you, I know there are still stand-up, genuine gentlemen somewhere out there, they just happen to be the exception rather than the rule these days) have such a little, if any respect for the female body. In this show particularly, it’s as if the girls are viewed as a trophy or a plaything and nothing more - they are not treated as respected, independent, strong individuals - but rather they (girls) are expected to just be taken advantage of allow the boys to ‘take’ their own pleasure from them ( I say this because of two separate rape incidents within this story where the girls did NOT give consent and yet the boys went ahead anyway taking advantage of the vulnerability). Girls are viewed a prize or possession something which can be owned and just because they ‘have the hottest ass’ or the ‘best lips’ now every guy has the ‘right’ (sarcasm here) to just grab the ass, or make out with her whenever he feels like it. It’s absolute rubbish. Any guy who thinks like this is madly flawed in his reasoning - under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should a girl EVER BE TOUCHED UNLESS SHE HAS GRANTED HIS PERMISSION TO DO SO. (And the same goes for guys! Girls shouldn’t throw themselves over them unless the attraction and desire is MUTUALLY acknowledged). It’s a two way thing and BOTH PARTIES involved should have an EQUAL say! Mutual respect is important in any relationship. It doesn’t take much longer to take the time to say, ‘this is what we’re about to do? Is that okay with you?’ make them feel secure and supported.

9.  The Teenage Stupidity -  I was horrified once again by the realisation that this is how teenagers actually treat eachother. More than just in the book or series this is REAL LIFE. It’s so sad to think about how stupid, and naive and unintentional actions can have such harsh, and permanent consequences. I am so glad I am no longer in high school right now - if I had to see these things going on around me I’d be crushed. When did our generation become so cruel? so uncaring? This is not the kind of future we want to raise our kids into .. is it? Let’s get some respect and healthy relationships back into fashion. Let’s raise our girls to be strong, confident, loving and trusting and our boys to be protective, caring, kind and respectful. We are the future and it starts with us! Let’s not just ignore overlook the seriousness of these issues. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, have a little chat with the (WO)MAN in the MIRROR!

10. The Selfishness - There are more than one areas where I felt selfishness could’ve been avoided and Hannah’s story could’ve had a different outcome. First instance is with the other characters - each of them performed selfish actions (Alex selfishly wrote the list to make himself feel better and get his revenge on Jess, Ryan selfishly published Hannah’s private poem, Bryce, Marcus and Tyler all used Hannah to selfishly satisfy themselves in their own ways). Second instance is Hannah herself - she was extremely selfish in her final decision. Suicide is a selfish choice, and a selfish action. I know it may sound cruel and harsh - but it’s true. When you decide to take your own life, it’s something you want to do to end your pain because you feel that you can’t go on with life anymore. But do you stop to think about those who are left behind? After you’re gone - they’re the ones who will be left struggling with the aftermath, with a hole in their hearts and an emptiness in their life because of what you CHOSE to do. It’s always a choice. Another interesting point brought out in the special is that suicide of a friend / classmate can affect people so much that it often drives another person to suicide. (As happened in this show when Alex also shoots himself in the end). It’s heartbreaking for those left behind, and do you really want to make your loved ones suffer a pain worse than what you yourself has been going through? Especially if you haven’t really given them the chance to help you overcome what ever it is you are facing.

11. The Lack of Support -  I was especially disappointed in Hannah’s parents, Mr. Porter and Hannah’s “Peer Communications” class and teacher. All of these groups had a chance to support / help Hannah. She tried to talk to her parents, but because they were so worried about the business all the time, she felt like she would only be burdening them unnecessarily, she thought she was strong enough to do it without them, and they were too distracted to notice that she was going through some really rough things. They didn’t make themselves available and Hannah didn’t feel like she could talk to them.  Hannah made a reach out to her ‘Peer Communications’ class in the anonymous discussion bag with a note about suicidal thoughts but the class laughed it off, and thought it was some one looking for attention, the teacher didn’t realise it was actually a cry for help (but in all fairness Hannah refused to come forward - so what was she expected to do?). Hannah however did come forward and try to reach out to Mr. Porter, the school councellor, after she was raped by Bryce and what did he tell her ‘If she didn’t want to report it, or confront him, Bryce would be leaving the school in a few months and her best option was to ‘move on’.’ What an absolute disgrace!! It’s no wonder he became the 13th Reason why! She said in so many words that she just ‘Wanted life to stop’ but he didn’t take her seriously enough and that same day she went home and did what she felt was the only thing she could. 

12. Clay - I found myself getting annoyed with Clay ALOT through out the series (he was a little less irritating in the book) … He felt like a weak, pointless character other than being the one to deliver the contents of the tapes to us. I felt like he didn’t have much depth, or wasn’t all to interesting to watch. He was trying to fight the tapes instead of just listening to them and getting the full story for Hannah. Luckily Tony (the hero of the story) was there to set him straight at every turn. I do like the fact that Clay stood up to Mr. Porter at the end as he so wisely said ‘It’s got to change. The way we treat each other.’ I did also respect that he was probably the only guy spotlighted in the series that didn’t try to take advantage of Hannah.

13. Hannah’s Choice(s) - This may seem a little unfair and I know Hannah had her reasons for her final choice, and I understand why she felt like she had to do what she did, I do, but I also think that there were a few instances where she could’ve made a different choice and all in all this could’ve lead to a very different outcome for her. In a sense I feel that she set herself up for failure. She made choices which allowed her to justify her decision.  One mistake I think Hannah made was not giving Zach a chance, I might be wrong here, and maybe he would’ve used her like all the other guys, but he seemed genuinely concerned for her after Marcus’ stunt! She made him look like a fool in front of everyone and then expected him to stand up for her when she ‘tried’ to call out for help? Maybe if she’d just given him a chance and opened up to him when they were in good standing he might have been able to hear her cry for help and respond accordingly. Another missed opportunity was that with Clay - when they were making out at the party she asked him to stop she felt the hurt from all the accusations against her reputation up until that point. He listened, he respected her , he stopped. He was confused, he asked her what was going on, she could’ve broken down and opened up to him then, but what did she do? She pushed him away. She chased him out. If she’d opened up to him, if they’d begun a relationship, she could’ve regained her self-respect and she wouldn’t probably have found herself in a shady situation with Bryce. Bring me to her third mistake NOT REPORTING BRYCE, yes she blamed Mr Porter for telling her ‘move on’ but she did not want to report it or confront Bryce- she didn’t want to see him again. She could’ve and should’ve reported him. She had witnessed Bryce previously rape a barely conscious Jessica (and Justin had seen too)  and if she’d paired up with them they could’ve taken him down and found peace. But Jessica didn’t even know, Justin covered for Bryce and Hannah never told Jessica the truth or confronted either of them until the tapes. If she’d spoken sooner, the outcome could’ve been a different one.

Anyways an AMAZING story completely haunting, gripping and thought provoking! Definitely recommended!!! Even the points on my NOT SO LOVED LIST made the story what it is - and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing - as if Hannah’s story were any different it wouldn’t leave such an important lesson for every single one of us!

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Hi there jessica! Do you see a reunion of olicity before the season ends?


…Were you looking for a bit more? ;)

Ok, but I’m going to add a couple of other asks to this because they’re very similar and no point writing out the same reply 5 different ways (2 have been in my inbox for too long, oops):

“Hello; read your posts, really liked your explanations but I’m worrying. I don’t see how Olicity could reunite by ep20! Won’t they need more time?! They’ve already taken so long. Since they’re following S3, they could sleep together, especially if they go on the run together. Saw a theory that they go Lian Yu? That would be interesting. Would fit with them running. What do you think’s going to happen?”

“Hi! There have been a lot of theories about Olicity this season. Do you really think season 5 is paralleling season 3?”

“Hey Jessica! So what do you think about the Olicity love scene being a flashback?”

“What about Oliver’s dark spiral? SA said he’s going to be resigned to his fate; won’t that affect a possible reunion?”

Wow! I see: it’s THAT time of year! (I’ll do my best!)

Here’s the meat of it: since they broke up, I have been 100% certain that Olicity would get back together but I wasn’t always certain of when until last October (2016). I figured they’d be sending the wrong kind of message to have them take 2 or 3 seasons to reunite; as if they were the type of couple who couldn’t work through their differences and that ONLY time apart could heal them.

Time apart – factually – would kill them.

It’s part of the reason why she stayed with him in episode 4.23.

But until last year, I was the type of reviewer that didn’t think or consider the content of the shows I watch. I should have done because I missed so many clues. I took Psychology (a lifetime ago and am rusty as heck so don’t expect any profiling, you’ll be disappointed ;)) and I loved English literature; I know what a thematic analysis is etc, so… shouldn’t I have known better?

I have my own life but Arrow – this fandom – is where I go to replenish, so to speak. It’s where my brain switches off. To escape for a while. But it became more than that during season 4. Suddenly it was this hopeful symbol; the idea, however naïve, that love prevails and that trust can be earned, that even when things look so very bad, they can always get better. Naïve, right?

Because then Oliver and Felicity broke up and my mind just kind of went… ‘what’?

Too much heart. Not enough brain :)

I was too involved in what I was watching and sometimes you need to take several steps back and actually connect some dots: I used to be so good at that. But it had been years and I’d forgotten how. But then I found @louiseblue1 and her insights; these on top of @jbuffyangel reviews and her fabulous way of understanding narrative flows, Cali’s knack for hitting the head of every nail out there and @dust2dust34 @so-caffeinated natural understanding of Oliver Queen, gave me a kind of swift subconscious kick to the head that I needed to pull back a bit and really look at the show the way it needed to be looked at.

(I will fully admit that I’ve needed Bre and @callistawolf to bring me back from a major huff and puff once or twice this year too;))

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I say this because I want you to understand that I’m just going off what I now see. I may not be right. But until proven otherwise, I’m sticking to the near-invisible threads we’ve been watching so far this season.

Do I think they’ll reunite by season end? Yes. Absolutely. Since Diggle asked Oliver that question in episode 1, about whether his life would personally involve Felicity Smoak in future (OF COURSE IT WILL), to which he answered ‘I don’t know’.

Since then.

There are other reasons why I do but as the above questions don’t ask for them, I’m going to save you the many pages I’d write about them ;)

Okay! *rubs hands together* episode 20…

Why are people assuming they WILL reunite episode 20?

Has there been a spoiler saying they will?

I’d LOVE it but I think we’ve learned pretty damn well that expecting anything to happen will only end in disappointment.

Just because its episode 20, it doesn’t mean they’re following season 3 to the letter. I’ve had a few asks that have made it very clear to me that people are expecting a LITERAL – not just a figurative – 3.20 parallel for episode 5.20.

Please don’t.

Season 5’s parallels to season 3 are absolutely present and we should pay attention to them but they also haven’t been quite so obvious thus far as to copy season 3’s progression.

The obvious parallel is that Felicity is – in a different kind of slide into darkness – sort of doing a ‘season 3 Oliver Queen’. But mostly, it’s been in the little things. And the symbolic things.

For instance, I highly doubt O + F are going to go away together to someplace in episode 20, have some life affirming sex (I’D LOVE IT THOUGH), say I love you and have Oliver leave her to face her horrible fate… just like a 3.20 parallel. Like a copy and paste, just switching character placements.

I don’t think I like that idea. It feels cheap. This deserves to be handled properly; no rushing.

For one thing, from the spoilers, I think they’re trapped – not necessarily running - and the team needs to save them (remember that pick of Echo propelling down that shaft?). I think they’ll be alone together.

As I theorized in my post (an hour or a day), I think they’re going to air everything out in this episode. Big time. They’ll have no choice because they’re trapped but to face each other. They’ll have no choice because with out it, moving forwards will be impossible for them. And though I have no idea what would come of it I do know that by itself is supremely different to what happened with them 3.20. That was an ‘I love you’ and a ‘goodbye’. A physical representation of repressed feelings coming to the surface.

Oliver and Felicity have always been magical at communicating without words, which was why sex was the obvious conclusion in 3.20.

But THIS time? They NEED to flipping talk.

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And sometimes? Talking is an intimacy – and an openness - unto itself that even sex cannot reach.

I think they need to reach that final level with each other; the level where two people meet in the center and understand each other completely. They’re going to connect. Really connect, one soul to another (cheesy I know), or that’s what I hope for. I mean, there really is no other choice for these two.

They’ve ruined each other for anyone else.

Felicity found a boyfriend in Billy, because it wasn’t a chance to take (she wasn’t risking her heart, she was defending it); he was an escape option and a shield. It was her saying ‘look how fine I am’? ‘I’m absolutely over Oliver Queen’. ‘He can do whatever he likes too’. ‘No I don’t think about him every second of the day’…

It’s human. And it’s painful. And it’s sad. It’s natural. It tells us just how much she isn’t passed it all.

Oliver found Snoozan who, like Billy, doesn’t quite fit the title of girlfriend.

Neither Oliver or Felicity – or ANY other character – has really been able to refer to Billy/Snoozan as their boyfriend/girlfriend respectively which delights me.

Oliver has been routine in his belief that he isn’t good enough for Felicity since season 3 (a bit of 2 as well), so he settled for whatever life threw at him this year (HIS WORDS IN EPSIDOE 5). Life threw Snoozan at him and he went along for the ride.


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Both Felicity and Oliver developed feelings for these two but I promise you now, those feelings aren’t lasting. Nor are they romantic love.

They’re both these tools for O + F to try with.

These attempts failed horrifically.

Billy was killed by Oliver, a deliberate attempt of Adrian’s to prove him the monster he keeps inferring he is and Snoozan and Oliver broke because of secrets he refused to share hoping she’d just believe in him anyway.

Which she didn’t.

(Funny, we all thought Oliver would tell her his secret etc but he didn’t even come close and he CHOOSE that; it’s why he questions what he was even thinking getting involved with her. I’ll tell you Oliver; you were lonely and desperate for someone to see a man instead of the monster you think you are. Poor guy.)

Because, when you spend enough time with someone you develop feelings for them. It’s only natural. But it also makes me feel sorry for Billy and Snoozan (not really) because neither Oliver nor Felicity chose them because they were attracted to them, or because they were tempted, or because they even liked them.

Felicity was hiding. Oliver was settling. Both were looking for comfort.

How flattering.

Which ultimately makes both these relationships utterly unimportant.

AND it explains how stiff Oliver was after sleeping with Snoozan and the feeling that Felicity wasn’t completely present with Billy after they’d done the same.

Now timing has been ridiculous on this show; sometimes the pacing makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe the flashback will explain more as to the why’s of their behaviour. But, really, one episode is all they need. OF COURSE THERE’S TIME.

Olicity has spent the season decidedly NOT talking. And it HAS to be for a reason. They used to always talk. Now they don’t. Why did they make that choice? A choice that has obviously hurt them both.

Just as the flashback sex HAS to be for a reason. As great as it is that they will show this, they wouldn’t do it without a reason. I’m guessing that whatever happened between them between S4 and 5, explains their behaviour this season. There’s been a ‘we’re completely fine’ air about them both that feels off (we know SA and EBR are fab actors so this is deliberate). Eventually ‘fine’ won’t cut it for either of them.

They’re already coming close to their attempt at pretending that they’re fine, shattering into little pieces.


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We’re already seeing the signs in episodes 15 and 16.

Notice Felicity’s physical and verbal responses to him? They’re a bit softer. There’s a lack of defensiveness about her person that made me grin. His focus on her in episode 16 broke through a wall and it surprised her. I think she’s building up to a conclusion.

And Oliver? He’s started concentrating on her again, directing his thoughts to her – I MEAN SNOOZAN WAS TAKEN AND HE WAS ALL ‘NO THAT DOESN’T MATTER; I’M WORRIED ABOUT YOU’ - like he can’t help himself. But his path – because of Adrian – is about to get ten times darker.

Like I said in my post, I think he’ll break. I also think there is a chance Felicity might too for a different reason and in a very different way. But in this regard I also think that, in this respect, she’s stronger than Oliver. Maybe she knows more than we think she does about Helix.

But him breaking will test EVERYONE, including the team. (Maybe that’s why episode 18 is called disbanded *shrugs*)

The sex scene being a flashback isn’t a problem for me.

But when I first discovered it, I will admit to thinking DAMN! WHY NOT IN THE PRESENT? LET THEM VENT IT OUT! BRING ON THE SEX; ALL THE SEX!!

But… at this stage, without really connecting again, wouldn’t that kind of physical explosion just hurt them? It wouldn’t be an answer. Maybe AFTER they talked.

Plus, flashback sex proves neither could keep their hands off each other during the summer. How gratifying.

But I’ve also heard some people saying that their perception of the sex being a flashback is Arrow’s way of telling the fandom that Olicity really are a thing of the past. Dear God, why waste ANY sex scene on them if they were saying goodbye to them.

Why trap them together?

Why claim it’s a big Olicity episode?

Why would the climax of the season be anything but that: a CLIMAX. Something we’ve been waiting for.

Look at season 1: Oliver and Laurel, after spending most of the season apart (seriously, their scenes were few and far between and absent of romantic emotions) suddenly (because it was abrupt, no lead up or anything other than Laurel throwing herself at Oliver right after he lies and tells her what she wants to hear), have sex. Episode 21.

It’s VERY possible. Probable even. There’s no way they’re saying goodbye to Olicity. James Bamford even confirmed (last year) @jbuffyangel theory about them relearning each other. How better to know someone than to walk in their footsteps?

MG asked us to be patient.

WM said that there were some storyline they could only do if they were apart and they were obligated to do them, even if we didn’t like them.

Other than that, we don’t really have enough info to say for sure about what, when, where, how… and I expect to be proven wrong at some point.

Whether they go to Lian Yu or not, I’m also clueless.

But I want to point out something.

True love, fun and bedroom antics…

These are Stephen’s words about the nature of Oliver and Felicity’s season 4 relationship and they make so many things clear in where they may be heading. He didn’t need to clarify that: he offered it. We’ve learned a fundamental truth about our Captain this year:

Everything Stephen says is deliberate. EVERYTHING he says is honest (sometimes you just have to dig or filter or read between the lines):

He brought up the Russian Vodka sex, which I’m sure, was meant to be a joke (I thought it was) but we know has been confirmed thanks to JB for the flash back sequence. And notice how he behaved when he said it – the slight ‘it’s important but I’m going to coolly play off’ shrug thing and slight smile – and the way Emily looked at him, like she was dying not to laugh.

He brought up killing Billy BEFORE episode 1 even aired. Yes, it was another joke, but he referenced it at least 2 more times afterwards. And Oliver did kill Billy.

Bu that quote made it clear that their relationship in season 4 was fundamentally lacking something. The words are great but a relationship doesn’t last from embracing only the good things.

They learned how to fight in season 3.

In season 4 they learned how to live together.

In season 5 maybe they’ll finally learn how to UNDERSTAND each other.

It gives them room to grow as a couple too. It suggests that once they achieve this, then that will be it. When they get back together, maybe they’ll never break again (*fingers crossed*).

He also stressed that Oliver KNOWS he’s at fault for their breakup (to all the people hating MG’s interview recently where he said that Felicity’s lack of understanding is was broke them up, please be aware we only received a partial interview and that he was talking technically – Felicity DID break them up but the reason why they broke up was Oliver’s, that was the point).

Now, why would Stephen do that? Why would he also say that she was right to break up with him, that it was only choice for her to make? She needed to learn something this year and I think she is. I think they’re going to focus on this. Soon. Because they have too; they can’t leave this hanging in the air.

Stephen also said that we shouldn’t stop hoping for them.

AND he has said that there’s a reason for the way Oliver’s been acting this year…

So I looked back at how he’s been acting. He’s content in a way, but not happy. More brutal. Tougher. A better manipulator, lonelier, more understanding and ethically confused. Tired. Like a constant cognitive dissonance. Felicity told him that he was in a schism. He still is in one.

Season 3 had him choose between the Arrow and Oliver Queen. He chose the former. Season 4 had him discovering how to be Oliver. Season 5 has had him try to merge these two identity’s but he can’t because he has a third. The monster. Where every other aspect of himself is defeated by this creature of violence and death and destruction. The man we’ve been seeing in the Bratva flashbacks. The thing created from placing a man in hostile environments for years and having him claw his way out. Only, he never really did.

He never left.

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I think that’s what Adrian is trying to reveal to Oliver; that his true self is this monster. Stephen added that Oliver will be resigned to his fate after episode 17. I think Prometheus is going to somehow convince him – manipulate and mind screw with him – that he can’t change his fate: a fate to be a monster who lives alone.

(Can’t wait to discover this secret he wants Oliver to reveal to him!)

This season NEEDS Oliver to find a way to merge his identities. To see the light again and I don’t think that’s possible without Felicity Smoak.

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So yes, I feel very good about a reunion. Due to how the season has run, I don’t expect one until episode 23 but I do feel that episode 20 will be one for the books!

I know I ranted. It’s a problem. But I cannot WAIT for this episode (well I can but it’s very difficult) because WHATEVER happens - BAD OR GOOD - will be a culmination of the events leading up to it – with Oliver a broken and Felicity making morally ambiguous choices - and I for one am super excited to see how it plays out!

New Netflix Show for Practicing Advanced Spanish

If you’re advanced in Spanish and are looking for ways to practice, I highly recommend you watch the show Juana Inés. It’s currently on Netflix in the US, I don’t know about it’s accessibility in other countries. It’s historical, taking place in 1600′s Mexico (then New Spain), and discusses a very famous and important woman in the history of both Mexico and Spain.

However, I must note that in terms of using this show to practice Spanish, I recommend this to ADVANCED SPANISH SPEAKERS ONLY, and here’s why. Not only does this show include multiple accents all being used with a high frequency, it also uses old Spanish, including tenses I’d never heard of, vocabulary even my native Spanish speaking mother didn’t know, and a lot of literary language that’s hard enough to understand in your native tongue. In like the first episode she recited a poem and neither I nor my mother had any clue what was just said. There is also a lot of history and culture that if you’re unaware of can make comprehension difficult. I recommend reading a couple wikipedia pages on Mexico during the 1600s and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz herself before getting started. And when you do sit down to watch it, Netflix offers Spanish CC, don’t feel guilty turning it on, you’re going to need it.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate, feel free to watch this show just because it’s a good informative show, but just stick with English subtitles and focus on the story not the language. It’s like reading Charles Dickens, but in Spanish. And if anyone thinks it’s a good idea to give Charles Dickens to beginner or intermediate English language learners let me know so I can stop them before it’s too late.

Some warnings about the show though, it contains a multitude of difficult topics, including but not limited to: sexism, racism, xenophobia, physical and psychological torture (some self-induced), blood, sexuality, delusions, illness, snakes, and who knows what else as I haven’t even finished the show yet. It also has lesbians, so make sure you only watch it in a place where someone walking in at the wrong moment won’t put you in any kind of difficult or dangerous situation.

And lastly this show is VERY religious, including primarily strict old Catholicism as well as old Mexica religious practices. It is not preachy religious in any way, but if for whatever reason religion makes you uncomfortable this show is not the show for you as religion is a constant element from the very beginning until the very end.
Class - BBC Three
Coal Hill teens protect London from monsters in a drama from the universe of Doctor Who.

Gawd, if only the summary and name did the actual series even 1% of justice.

Everyone should watch (or at least see clips of) this show for so many reasons. I’ll actually be the first to say that, being a Doctor Who spinoff, the premise can be kind of cheesy and silly sometimes (Big Bad Enemy = Shadow Kin, how silly sounding).

But while the general plot-line doesn’t aim for the gold, it’s everything else - the characters, their interactions, motivations that really bring it all home.

You know all those shows you watch and make fun of due to their unrealistic portrayals of people, or moral codes, or relationships? This series does the exact opposite (or they’ll call themselves out while doing so).

Warning: No plot spoilers, but if want to know absolutely nothing about what may happen, then don’t read.

Here, we have two main characters (and I mean main, not like, supporting-main), in a homosexual relationship. And not only that, there is no drama or fanfare over the fact that they are both guys, just a consistent show of interactions any other couple would go through. There’s acknowledgement that being homosexual is still a struggle, but it doesn’t define the character. 

Here, we have a Nigerian girl genius as well as a jock Indian boy as main characters.

Here, the jock Indian boy doesn’t remain a jock Indian boy, but instead is also smart, loving, scared, cries, and talks about his Sikh faith.

Here, each character talks extensively about their complicated relationships with their parents, because they have greatly shaped and influenced them.

Here, even the parents are fleshed out with motivations and desires.

Here, the moral codes aren’t quite so clear cut, and you can do the right thing and still be damned.

Here, we have a labeled terrorist (self-dubbed freedom-fighter) who is ruthless and brutal but can still feel immense sorrow from loss without losing any edge on that ruthlessness.

Here, friends can say and do things that hurt each other, intentionally or not. Emotions aren’t binary. Everyone has things they’re insecure about, and it shows brilliantly. (And it’s also not like ‘Oh hey, it’s been a while since we showed Character A’s inner turmoils. Let’s add in a line here to hint towards a cathartic moment’)

Here, romantic relationships aren’t so clean either. There’s what you want to feel, and what you feel. Not everything gets resolved immediately, but you always move forward.

Here, white privilege gets mentioned / joked about in passing (er, sort of).

Here, anxiety is simply another thing that happens.

Here, extremely cheesy moments are broken by a sarcastic comment from someone.

Here, we have a gay alien prince. :)

No, I don’t think BBC Class is some amazing storyline sort of show, but it does all the little things right. And I hope more of TV and movies (especially movies, they are so backwards) can learn from this.

so I watched Big hero six again with my sis today and I kept gushing about Tadashi and she claimed that the only reason I was so infatuated with him now was because he kinda looked like Nino….and I honestly never felt so attacked but you know if miraculous was that kind of show Nino would proabaly share the same fate as Tadashi

Addressing concerns with Youjo Senki

I’ve been watching Youjo Senki and find it to be a fascinating ride, which I’ll elaborate upon in a different post, but I felt there was a more pressing matter to address first.
I showed a friend of mine an episode today and explained some of the plot, and he complained that the writer was promoting imperialism and fascism by writing the story how it is.
Not only is this strange given that this logic assumes that anyone who writes a character that kills people must thereby promote murder, but it also misses the point of the story.
The point of Youjo Senki is to look into the kind of a psychopath, which I find to be incredibly intriguing.
This is intriguing for the same reasons you watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and find looking into the mind of Kira, a serial killer with a hand fetish and OCD, is interesting. An abnormal mind is always fascinating and terrifying to behold.
Youjo Senki is also very clear about addressing that Tanya, the main character of Youjo Senki, is hardly a good person. She is very accurately a monster in the form of a little girl, and this is not just demonstrated, but explicitly stated throughout the story.
Clearly this indicates that this is important for the audience to understand.
Tanya, and by extension the Empire, are clearly designed not to be liked. They commit immoral acts, and the series makes a point of demonstrating the cold, merciless nature of the Empire in contrast to the more developed and likable characters from other countries. The Empire is portrayed as the primary villain of the story, and we are simply witnessing how an imperialistic society can overcome all resistance and achieve world domination.
This clearly isn’t designed for you to root for in any way, and that’s the big point here.
Needless to say, the author of the novels this series is based on does not condone the actions of the characters. In fact, the author dissuades the reader from the actions of the characters. We view these character as, despite protagonists, the villains of the story.
And that’s what makes it interesting.

You can’t say that the solution to a problem as big as suicide could be solved by just “caring more for one another”. Suicide is entirely too nuanced to be resolved by a simple solution.
You can’t place the blame of someone else’s suicide on the people they left behind. Of course, there are outliers to this, but suicide is solely to be blamed on the person who committed it. If you place the blame on others, you leave room for others to do so as well, encouraging a sort of martyrdom that suicidal people often already have. It takes the aspect of control away, and people who are suicidal need to know that they are in control, ultimately, of their fate.
You can’t let innocent people believe that they are responsible for someone’s suicide because they weren’t attentive enough. This leads to survivors guilt, and can cause that person to become suicidal as well. Suicide is an amalgamation of several mental and societal issues, and cannot be solved by one person with the will to love another. The suicidal person needs to come to the conclusion that they want to live on their own. There is no way to force the will to live onto another person, and trying to do so can often do more harm than good.
As a person who was suicidal for years watching 13 reasons why seemed too romanticized and too self righteous to make any sort of impact. The presence of the suicidal girl was so calculated, showing nearly nothing of her other than the fact that she was a victim, that it failed to reach me in any sort of way emotionally. It fails to do what it seems to intend, which is to help those who want to commit suicide. The scene where Hannah slits her wrists and bleeds out into the bathtub reminded me of every suicide fantasy I’ve ever had, inflicting pain upon myself and slowly slipping away from my burdens. This is NOT a scene you should have in a show like 13 reasons why, as it will likely (it probably already has) speak to the suicide ideation inside of them, triggering them into an episode or worse. It was careless to include extensive rape scenes in a show that troubled youth WILL watch, many having already experienced the kind of traumatic acts displayed on screen. And yeah, I know that they gave warnings that these particular scenes would play, but showing them in that sort of sick, voyeuristic way could only serve to either sate someones gross fantasies or make the viewer uncomfortable. I understand the point of view that it’s beneficial to make an audience uncomfortable about an act like rape, but this is a young adult show, and young adults shouldn’t be subjected to near porn-like simulations of non consensual sex. It’s trauma sexualized, lingering far too long on parts of the female body, insinuating penetration, etc. So anyways 13 reasons why pissed me the fuck off and that’s why

Beautiful Disaster (Part 2)

Story Summary: Your best friend asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family gathering and you reluctantly accept his request [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,415

Part 1

A/N: Happy reading :)

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“You are treading on dangerous waters, Y/N,” Wanda cautioned as you packed up your belongings in your bedroom. “Do even remember the rom-coms we’ve watched involving this kind of proposal?”

“I have, Wanda. I didn’t forget any of them,” you muttered, grabbing more clothes from your dresser. “I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to him, you know? He was begging and I felt bad,” you explained while Wanda shook her head, resting her back on the bed. “We’ll be only staying there for a week. I highly doubt something is going to happen in that short period of time.”

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Essays in Existentialism: Arkers III

Could you please write continuation of model Lexa and band singer Clarke,maybe one where Clarke heard about rumor of Lexa having a fling with Costia?Or maybe how they’re doing in the first six months of being official?Fluff,angst,anything you want 

Previously on Arkers

“We should have just stayed on vacation,” Clarke grinned, pausing on the mark on the red carpet. 

“What vacation?” Lexa chuckled, shaking her head and looking at the cameras. She felt her girlfriend’s hand on her hip and it helped with the nerves that refused to disappear. 

“A few days in there where we only worked a few hours.” 


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Hermit, pt. 3 (Credence x Reader)

(part one) (part two)

In which: Credence recovers and reveals a few secrets to the Reader. Awkward attempts at affection ensue.

Warnings: implied minor flashbacks, allusions to abuse, but nothing explicit

Word count: 1.278

It certainly did come off as a surprise to you, but you enjoyed taking care of Credence. Even though the cold wasn’t anything dangerous, it seemed to mix together with weariness way beyond his age, leaving him too weak to protest against your care. He tried, at first, but you wouldn’t have any of it. You stayed adamant about his need to rest and so the following days were filled with bleak smiles, reading out loud and the dog growing more and more spoiled (as you didn’t have the heart to forbid it from climbing on the bed anymore – it was warm and sometimes the only thing your unlikely guest could do was absentmindedly ruffling its fur for hours). Credence’s fever went down quickly with the help of your potions, yet he still could barely get to the bathroom and back. You did hope it was at least partially because he simply enjoyed being cared for, but you also had a feeling you weren’t dealing with that type of a person.

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My dear fellow Tumblr old folks, do any of you remember these guys:

No kids that is not Morel Orel that is Davey and his dog Goliath characters in an early 60s era cartoon made by the Lutheran Church. It was a stop-motion claymation and just as sappy and preachy as you would imagine it would be. The dog Goliath talked like a proto-scooby-doo and was the reasonable one. He was always saying “I dunno Davey” every time Davey was about to make an ethically questionable decision like whether or not to blow up the local abortion clinic. My memory might be a little foggy on the details.

Why would any kid watch this?

You see back in ancient times cartoons were only shown on Saturday mornings and kids waited all week for them. You would get out of bed at 6:30 pour yourself a bowl of one of the many sweetened kinds of cereal advertised on those cartoon shows and watch Jonny Quest, Bullwinkle, Mighty Mouse and Bugs Bunny. No Disney in those days. Disney kept its cartoons for its evening show.

So, where does Davey come in? It was the only cartoon on Sunday morning. We watched it out of sheer desperation. Oh, you kids with your Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and internets. You don’t know how good you have it.

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Here are the questions I have to answer:

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3. If you were only allowed to listen to one song ever again which would you choose? Would You Be So Kind? By Dodie (it’s on repeat hah)

4. Least favorite food? Chopped liver and lima beans

5. Which family member are you closest to? My dad

6. Last show you watched on Netflix? 13 Reasons Why (still haven’t finished it)

7. What makes you feel better when you’re sick? Eating hot soup, drinking lots of water, sleeeeeping for days.

8. Sweet, sour, or salty? Salty and sweet pls!

9. Do you use the Oxford comma? Is it bad that I don’t know what that is?

10. Favorite item of clothing/piece of jewelry? Cartigan / rings & choker 

11. Your favorite thing about yourself? I like that I can play in instrument and carry a tune. 

Alright my turn!!! Here are my questions!

1. What are your aspirations in life? 

2. What was the last concert you went to?

3. Dan or Phil? 

4. Favorite singer/band atm?

5. Where would you travel if you didn’t have to worry about money? 

6. What is your favorite color?

7. Tell me about you love life (i’m nosy oops)? 

8. Clouds or Stars?

9. Piano or Guitar? 

10. Have you ever been on a plane? 

11. Dream vacation spot? 

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Why ARE so many the larger male engines in Thomas the Tank Engine so… oddly attractive-looking?

They’re not typical cutesy kids show characters. 

Look at their big, sensitive eyes.  Their defined lips.

Who the hell would they be trying to appeal to with this kind of thing? The moms who have to watch the show with their kids?  The fairly small portion of the older fanbase that isn’t a straight male?

Maybe I’m out of my mind and it’s just elements of the model series carried over to CGI.

But, still, I want to know the reasoning behind this.

I actually feel pretty bad for Swan Queen shippers. Like, they’re in this position where Lana is the only person they believe has their back on the entire show (and in some cases, this idea is not without reason). So of course even when Lana does something which kind of…..makes fun of them, they feel like they have to defend her or else what do they have? They don’t like the show, most of them admit that Lana is the only reason they’re watching, so if they don’t defend her and pretend she wasn’t you know, mocking them, then they’ve wasted so much of the time and money they’ve put into this show. I think they’re in this position where they really have to defend her or else completely lose out. 

I never liked Regina so the idea of shipping Swan Queen never appealed to me, but I can easily see how I could have fallen into this dynamic with other FF ships and the whole picture is just really grim.

And that’s why, kids, we should never trust people. Especially celebrities.

I’m sorry for this long and serious (and possibly triggering) post, but not only I need to get this out of my system, I’m also very concerned about this subject.

I know this is an unpopular opinion but there’s no point in disguising it, so I’ll go straight to the subject: I’m strongly discouraging watching 13 Reasons Why. It may sound dramatic for you but I feel that this show can actually be dangerous.

More under the cut. Please keep in mind that this contains spoilers, and therefore there wil be several mentions of suicide and various kinds of abuse.

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|| Get to Know Me! ||

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Nickname: Hani, I have been called Han before, but that was once? Golden Maknae, Evil Maknae and simply Maknae.
Gender: Female
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 160 cm 
Time right now: 6:10 PM
Last thing I Googled: Downpour I.O.I Lyrics
Favourite bands: Seventeen, EXO, BTS.
Favourite solo artists: My queens Ailee and IU
Song stuck in your head: At The End ~ Lee Changsub
Last movie I watched: Train To Busan
Last TV show I watched: 13 Reasons Why
When did you create your blog: I made this blog like three years ago but I only used it actually an year ago.
What kind of stuff do you post: A lot of my writing, recently a few of my own thoughts, shit my friends post, and a lot of kpop fandom shitposting.

Did your blog reach its peak: It is reaching I am thinking, but I still want it to go higher, since for somebody like me, nothing is enough.
Do you have any other blogs: Yup, I have @aestheticjihoon which is my aesthetic sideblog, more personal shit there though.
Do you get asks regularly: Mostly when I do ask games, but otherwise my inbox is pretty dry.
Why did you choose your url: I adore Jihoon, and I love it when he is soft, so I named my blog after it.
Following: I am on like 578 following or something
Posts: I am like on 8k i think
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Favourite colours: Black and White
Favourite characters: Right now probably Aelin Galanthyius and Lysandra from Throne of Glass
What are you wearing right now: Pyjama trousers and a black shirt
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 or none
Dream job: A lawyer, however after I am settled, I would love to write professionally 
Dream trip : Japan -> South Korea -> Hong Kong -> Thailand -> Around the world

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