only rainbows are missing

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since Malec decided to be just friends I would love if Magnus and Dot get back together he needs someone who actually wants to be with him and him alone and not what can he do for others like Alec

for real tho… when did they even decide to be just friends? i think we’re watching different shows

why would you come to me, a person who ships malec 25/8, with this shit? seriously, what were you thinking when you came to me with this ridiculous thing that makes absolutely no sense at all?

have you missed literally every malec scene that happened since the beginning of the show? have you missed all the moments when alec proved again and again that he loves magnus for magnus and not because he’s a high warlock of brooklyn? yes, alec needs him, he knows it. he appreciates magnus’ strength and he knows he and other shadowhunters wouldn’t survive without him.
but don’t you dare saying that alec loves magnus just because his magic. alec loves magnus because magnus is a good person, someone who is always supportive and smart and wonderful. alec loves magnus because being with him allowed him to finally find happiness and accept himself.

i’m done with people. are you a child that has literally no clue how relationships work? or maybe you’re an adult who has been living under the rock and missed that little fact that relationships aren’t only rainbows and unicorns?
real relationships face issues, they grow from situations that happen to them. but real couples also help each other and support each other. real couples are partners. it’s not just about having a makeout session on a couch, grow up

aaaa i officially have 1008 pokemon cards after collecting for well over a decade im rlly rlly happy


Dad only needs you guys.

Really want to dye my hair back to its normal rainbow state, but I’m so apathetic since it’s annoyingly bleached to white and takes more time; plus I’ve been moping about my last exam grade from Thursday 😵😩😢😭

Even w/ only 36 hours to study, my lab mates still asked me on exam day why I hadn’t dyed it yet, though the day b4 was a chaotic, all-day/night/next morning cram. Rude; how could I put at least 6 colors in my hair??

Grades >> hair when I’ve only 1 day to study for pre-med credits, ugh 😡💇😧🔬

I have class tomorrow and too many other things 2 do, but I’m sick of these people ugh