only pokemon now


These are fun, I think I’mma start doing these every day! Like the Daily Zoo but with Pokemon. I’m gonna switch to doing one Pokemon a day, and just do several sketches of it. See how much I can push the gesture and exaggeration, change the style, or whatever.

Also, bonus Lunala just because I love it.

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So... Steve's dog, Tony's cat, you're raccoon, Clint & Sam are birds, Nat's spider... But what animal is Thor?

1. yellow
2. cute
3. lightning


I non-ironically love Team Skull…like a lot. They look so cool! ^o^
I can’t help it. I was a hoodrat, sue me!


@hollylu-ships-it found this while browsing and shared it with me, now I’m sharing it with you.


One of the Pokestops closest to my house was just replaced by a gym! And a new Pokestop popped up right next to it!

That’s super convenient!! Before, there weren’t any gyms in view from my house and I had to walk far to get to one. And it just happened to be friendly today so I finally got my first Ace Trainer medal! Earned some XP, too! I kept at it for a while and did some experimenting with different Pokemon placement and I was able to defeat 4 of the gym guardians!

As soon as I left (because it was getting late) it started losing the prestige I gave it and another team has it now, but the fact that I was able to get that far in training means I could probably handle an actual battle now if I’m careful about it (and I will be).


I’ve been on a character-making roll lately, so for this one I combined two of my favorite things.

hips and chicks-wait no
Because I’m bad with names, I’m calling her Magiken, or Magi for short.

pokemon dppt will always have an unsaid ironic ending

you spend the majority of the game trying to stop cyrus from resetting the universe but ultimately he will never be able to achieve his goal

but someone else does have the capabilities of doing so, the player. at any point you can just hold down a few buttons and restart the game, you unintentionally are the biggest threat to the in game world

so ironically you do complete team galactics goal for them or as cyrus put it, you fulfil his legacy