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there are two settings. the first is success, a crushing perfection that simmers below the surface, a gritted-teeth force that breaks down more often than it runs. it is relying on panic to wake you up, it is nightmares about numbers, it is being unable to stop shaking when the test comes back, it is empty scores, no flaws found but still feels sore. it is the appearance of self-assurance, top-of-the-class, always-in-yoga. nobody gets into the room when you’re sobbing over your gpa. they only smell the candles and not the burning.

the second is failure. it comes in the wake of the smallest thing. a shrug and “you could have done better” rather than a smile. that’s it. and then it’s time to destroy everything. she frowned at me once, we aren’t really her friend and we must never speak to her again. he didn’t want to get dinner, not only is he not interested but he finds us repulsive. it is realizing you are sixteen minutes late and just skipping class rather than showing up late. it’s refusing to study because you understand nothing. it’s taking something down before someone can rip it down for you. it’s isolating yourself so nothing can hurt you and it’s hurting because you’re isolated. it’s missed calls, never-at-work, always-too-drunk. 

that’s it. all or nothing.


(credit: @yawnoseo & @sacramentalxconfession)

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ey yo what if yoko like

drives down full speed towards zarc

takes one good look at him

and then she just like

“i’m not your mom, and you sure as hell ain’t my son, but you sure as hell bout to give him the fuck back”

What I want from this season of Call the Midwife is basically the whole of Nonnatus shielding Patsy and Delia from Sister Ursula, keeping her from finding out about them.

Sister MJ dropping things to get Ursula to turn towards her, giving Patsy and Delia enough time to jump apart.

Trixie trying to engage Ursula in a conversation about fashion so Patsy and Delia can stop being cute on the couch.

Phyllis calling Ursula for help with the rolodex so Patsy can sneak back to her own room.

Just the whole of Nonnatus House protecting my angels from an evil nun. Because everyone knows about Patsy and Delia and they are just too polite to tell them

Diego Luna Gif Pack 3

Under the cut are 90 245x160 gifs of Diego Luna as Cassian Andor. All were made by me and are under 2mb. Please like or reblog if you save any of them. Gun tw, explosion tw, flashing gif tw. Do not edit these gifs, put them in gif hunts or make icons (gif or static) from them.

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beside you (cassian/bodhi)

Bodhi Rook has a long-standing date with Cassian Andor. Not that he would call it that in front of Cass, only Jyn. Well, in actual fact, it’s mostly just Jyn that calls it a date, when on a Thursday evening the doorbell rings like clockwork and she leaves their flat or hides herself in her room, usually with a wink in Bodhi’s direction and a huge grin on her face.

It started back when they were in first year of university, when Bodhi, stupidly, had decided that doodling a portrait of the really cute guy sitting in front of him was a good idea. 

It probably would’ve been fine, just another sketch in the corner of his notebook that no-one else looks at, if he hadn’t bumped into said guy as he slid out from his row and dropped the book on the floor. With just enough luck, it had landed open on the page he had just be doodling on. 

Cassian had let out a bark of laughter and Bodhi’s cheeks were bright red, but somehow, he’d come out of the situation with a new contact in his phone and the promise of Spanish lessons in exchange for A3 sized drawing of Cassian’s face. 

Since then, the Spanish is long forgotten and the drawing of Cassian is probably in the hands of some girl he was half in love with all those years ago, but the Thursday evenings every other week are still standing.

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user aesthetics

so y’all i’m so very close to reaching 5k????? which is unbelievable???????? y’all are awesome???? so i’m finally making these user aethetics that i’ve wanted to try since forever

  • mbf me, a person, or maybe just an endless loop of the last skam clip
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  • send me a ★ + tell me if you have any preferences for it!! e.g., colors you like, anything that should and should not be in it, maybe a poem or quote you love that i can use idk literally anything (this will help me a lot especially if i don’t really know you!!)
  • i’m busy with uni so this may take me a lot of time??? but i wanna make all the ones that i get so just wait for it okay it’ll come