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Do you think Orihime is a mary sue?

Ooh, this question is always fun to answer— I had a really good reply to this on my last blog, but I didn’t save it before I remade so I’ll try to duplicate it here to the best of my abilities!

I’m going to do a point-for-point comparison between Orihime and the TVtropes definition of a Mary Sue, since I feel their definition is the most detailed and unbiased (despite the fact that I do not like the TVtropes page in general, but I digress).

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Ah yes Ichigo and Rukia the two that are practically bro and sis just like Kubo wanted. Thats why he drew them on the beach with a dick shaped palm tree and called it the honeymoon spread, why he had Ichigo blush at Rukias ass and made a penetration joke about Ichigo penetrating Rukias ass and why he made jokes about Ichigos school thinking they were fucking. Clearly kubo wrote bleach with a sister/brother relationship in mind for IR and wanted fans to see them that way. How blind we've been.

That person is just regurgitating what they heard some IH say. They just want to feel like they’re on the “winning” team. 

Clearly, they never really paid attention to Bleach. If you quit Bleach after Aizen, that means you read OG bleach up to Shut and Broken Coda and IGNORED ICHIRUKI. 

You read the SS arc and IGNORED ICHIRUKI. 

Specifically, you read Orihime just being in love with Ichigo but admitting that Rukia is basically the one who changed Kurosaki-kun’s world for Ichigo, and IGNORED IT. 

You read, “Thanks, Rukia. Thanks to you, the rain has stopped” and IGNORED IT. 

You read the Death and Strawberry Reprise/Man in my heart and IGNORED IT. 

You read Orihime’s jealousy and saw her salty tears and IGNORED IT. 

You read Orihime being afraid of Ichigo, but not of real ass hollow Ulquiorra and IGNORED IT.

You read Rukia being understanding of Ichigo’s struggle even while not fully knowing what was going on with him and IGNORED IT. Specifically, you IGNORED that she noticed changes in his eyes and on his mask, while Orihime was only worried about not being reflected in his eyes and was frightened of his mask.

You read how Ichigo was depressed and powerless after Aizen and IGNORED IT. 

You failed to compare this to the SS arc because you clearly IGNORED that he was triumphant and proud of his substitute shinigami status after he saved Rukia. 

You IGNORED so many other things yet somehow you just can’t see anything but a bro/sis relationship with IR. 

Idk whom you’re trying to fool, but it ain’t Tiffany Lesha Thomas.

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To bad for her that Ichigo only has eyes for Orihime.

Hahaha, of course,keep telling yourself that honey.

Also, i don’t understand why you come here looking for trouble. I haven’t tagged my recent ichiruki posts with anti ichihime or ichihime,so you’re just here because you love to see people fight. Stay in your lane,i stay in mine,is as simple as that.

But if you are going to be like this,might as well give you what you want.

“Ichigo only has eyes for Orihime”

You sure of that?

Stop trying. You’re just making a fool out of yourself.

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Historically, whenever Ichigo has lost his focus and flown off the handle, the only way other characters have been able to knock some sense into him is– well, very literally. Other supporting characters have always smacked him over the head, punched him, picked him up and thrown him like a sack of flour, or slapped him across the face to get his attention and say their strong words to get their point across. I’m not saying anything badly about these characters, mind you; Ichigo is the type of guy who needs actions to speak louder than words for them to get through, he’s always been like that.

But there is something very precious about Orihime only needing to tug on his sleeve and look him in the eye to get their communication across.