only ones one pants

More faves wearing my clothes just for the hell of it (ノ◕ - ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


Fantasy on Ice 2017 opening!


Requested by @f0xjaw

-Still got time for me?

-I make time just for you.

Knock knock open up, it´s the cheese police.

Well fuck here we are, in deep.

Trying balls hard to chill out and be happy with my art and not worry about -every fucking thing-  *Finger guns*


Transparent babes for my own transparent needs

Ok guys. I have to do a thing. Really embarrassing thing.

Now I want to make this clear straight away. I. Am. Not. Asking. For. Money. What I need is second-hand jeans.

I’m super broke right now because I’m an idiot who decided to go back to uni. I only own three pairs of jeans. Two days ago my black jeans ripped and then today that number dropped to one when my plain denims ripped. My jeans have all worn though in the thigh where mine chafe together and the third pair are going the same way. I cannot afford to buy new ones. I can’t even afford the second hand ones at the Salvation Army charity shop. I cannot borrow any more money from family. They’ve already helped out so much they left themselves short. I cannot ask again. I just can’t.

Now I want to make this clear again. I. Am. Not. Asking. For. Money. I don’t want that.

What I need is second hand jeans.

If you have a pair of mid-rise or high-waist skinny jeans that don’t fit you or that you don’t like anymore and would be willing to part with please send me a message. I’m an Aussie size 12-14.

So one last time. I don’t want money. Just your second-hand jeans if you’re willing to post them to me.