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Okay so, it’s Sunday and i’m out of good paper to draw anything new and everything is closed on Sunday so I can’t get more. I still have not-so-good paper that I can use for linearts but that’s pretty much it, sooo

How about we do an ask game thing or an anon hour later tonight? Some of you have been asking for one and it’s been a loooong time, and I miss talking w/ you all. I can still answer with little doodles, I just can’t paint them. I’ll let ya know!


“Hush said that when I saw your heart die, part of mine would die, too. He was right in a way. There has been only one woman who has really held my heart. I locked that part of myself away after my parents died. It was too hurt to risk exposing again. And yet, despite my best efforts, you broke in. You were the first to touch my heart and remind me I still had one. I don’t know if we could ever have more than we’ve already had. I don’t know, especially after this, if you’d want any more from me. Tonight I’m only sure of one thing. Whatever the future holds, wherever life takes me… I will love you always.”

  —Bruce Wayne, “Heart of Hush”

How the MM characters probably ask for sex


  • gets real nervous
  • sweats a lot
  • tries to say something but stutters and ends up asking for the TV remote instead
  • keeps giving discreet glances at MC
  • ….until MC takes the initiative and drags him into the bedroom


  • gets 3000% flirtier than usual
  • “I ditched rehearsal tonight…”
  • keeps giving MC the ‘wolf’ stare
  • seriously does he even need to ask
  • that dude’s a sex god give him what he wants already


  • literally sets up a trail of scented candles and rose petals leading you to the bedroom
  • is probably waiting for you on the bed
  • in a suggestive position
  • wearing expensive men’s lingerie
  • holding pink handcuffs
  • “Let’s try something new tonight.”

 Jae Baehee

  • Jaehee:“I only have one thing left on my to-do list tonight”
  • MC: “What is it?”
  • Jaehee: “You”


  • 707: “Oi MC you want some HB chips?”
  • MC: “Yeah sure’“
  • 707: *places a single chip on his crotch*
  • *waits with a dumb smile*


  • “So we gonna fuck or what”
Secrets-NewtxReader (smut)

A/N: Here y'all go! As always, I didn’t proofread….so if there’s any embarrassing mistakes well….🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I love Tina. Lol So this isn’t hate on her~ she’s precious.


A breath of relief escaped you, and you sank back into your bed, enjoying the simple comfort of your sheets. Work seemed to drag today, and all you kept wishing for was a good night’s rest, and maybe, just maybe the arms of your boyfriend. Newt had written to you a few weeks ago, promising to visit New York once his field research was done. You had hoped this would prove true. Sometimes he got so involved he tended to lose track of time, not that you held that against him. He was dedicated to his job, and his creatures, it was just who he was and you loved him for it.

Only thing is, tonight was one of Tina’s few nights out of the house. She would be working late on a case, and you really wanted your sister to be gone when Newt came over. You were all friends, however Tina didn’t believe the British wizard was worthy of you. But, you knew that was simply her being protective. She was still warming up to Jacob after all.

As you settled back into the bed you heard a soft tapping at your window, and you turned over to see Newt standing on the fire escape, case in hand as he gave you a smile. Your heart soared at the sight of him, and you giggled as you untangled yourself from the sheets and climbed out of bed.


As soon as you opened the window, the wizard pulled you into his arms, holding you impossibly close.

“Hello, darling.”

He left a sweet kiss upon your cheek, resting your foreheads together as he just admired the beauty in front of him.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Mm.” You hummed back in response, agreeing with his sentiment. It had indeed been far too long since you felt the affection of his touch. “I’ve missed you too, Newt….why on earth did you come through the window?”

“Oh, um…you see I thought Tina was going to be here…and after the last time I figured this would be better.”

You laughed at his worry, though you did have to admit he had good reason. Last time he came over at night Tina nearly ran him out of the country.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s at work.”

His eyes seem to light up at that, and he grinned mischievously as he placed his case down and wrapped both arms around you.

“So, we’re alone?”


It was obvious what he had in mind then, and weeks apart from your lover would make anyone instantly needy upon their return. It crossed your mind earlier, while you were filing paperwork and wand permits, but thoughts of that nature only distracted you terribly from work. But, having Newt here, in your arms…it was the perfect moment to reacquaint yourselves with the others body.

You trailed your fingers up his chest, playing with the loosened ends of his bow tie as he leaned down to finally shower his affections upon you. His lips brushed across yours, making you part your lips in anticipation. He always knew the right buttons to push, and as he closed the small distance between your mouths you tugged on his bow tie, pulling him harder against you.

His lips moved slowly against yours, almost teasing, like he wanted to savor this moment just a while longer until one of you caved into the desire. And judging by the significant bulge pressing into thigh, he was rather close to that point.

“Merlin’s beard, I’ve forgotten how much I’ve enjoyed this.”

He caressed his lips down your neck, fingers slipping under your night gown and pushing it up as he gripped your hips in his hands. He walked you over to the wall, pinning you between him and it as he continued his pleasurable assault.


You gasped when he nipped at your neck, tenderly leaving kisses on each love bite before working his way lower. He spun you around, your palms meeting the wallpaper as he came back up to his full height and nuzzled into your neck. It was very much like his mating dance, though a bit more seductive, his own unique way of getting you flustered and ready to be taken.

Newt ran his hands along your sides, bunching up your nightgown and revealing your backside to him. He admired the view for a second, before kissing down the nape of your neck, and along your shoulder blades. Every patch of skin his lips touched left you wanting more, and you almost whined out his name as kissed down your spine over the night gown.

“My darling…”

He quietly spoke, now down on his knees as he kissed the back of your thighs, pressing his lips softly to them until he heard delightful little whimpers leave you. You could feel your knees buckling, his ticklish actions making you crumble before him. It was almost distressing, the hold he had over you. But, even so you were more than willing to allow him the honor.

“Newt, gods sake, just please…”

He smiled into your skin, the tip of his nose pressing into your lower back as he released the material of your night gown. It fell back around your thighs as he moved up, placing his hands over yours that were against the wall.

His larger body enveloped you, creating a tempting mix of your body heat as he pressed down on you. His arousal was evident, and you closed your eyes in bliss as he rubbed into you, making your inner thighs warm with need. He pressed his lips to your ear, whispering a bunch of naughty and loving things that only made your desires rise.

“Y/N, I’m home.”

The sound of keys being thrown onto the table made you snap your head towards your door, and you both stiffened when you realized Tina had come home.

“Shh….” Newt whispered out with a smile, his lips still inches from your ear as he held you gently against the wall of your bedroom. You could hear the steps getting closer, and you cursed your sister for coming home now of all times. She was usually an early sleeper, but tonight she seemed more stressed than usual, that much you could hear in her voice.


Tina stood outside your bedroom, lips tightened into a frown as she knocked on your door. “You alright in there?”

Newt and you stood silent, your breathing the only thing that could be heard in the bedroom. You tilted your head a bit back, eyes meeting those of the magizoologist as he grinned down at you. He was playing a dangerous game here, sneaking in late at night, and risking the wrath of Tina. Though you had to admit this was all rather exciting, your older sister could be a bit brittle at times…


Hardly the smartest thing you could’ve said. But, with the wizard’s strong body pressed firmly against you, and his damn arousal rubbing into your backside, intelligent thinking was beyond your reach.


You watched the knob of your door slowly turning, your heart pounding even more in your chest. If she came in here, there’d be hell to pay. Sometimes, you wish Queenie never moved out with Jacob. Tina only became more protective of you after that.

“N-No…wait, Teenie!”

But, Newt only sighed, whipping out his wand from his pocket and uttering a quick spell that locked your door.



It came out in a harsh whisper, your brows furrowing at the wizard as he slowly lowered his arm, giving you that guilty smile he was so very good at. It always made you cave and forgive him for whatever trouble he caused, just like now.

“So sorry…”

“Sure you are, honey.”

You stifled your giggle, shutting up quickly when you heard Tina’s voice raise. “Y/N! What is going on in there? You’re acting strange!”

Newt chuckled softly into your ear, nipping at your lobe before wrapping his arm around your waist and moving you towards the bed. He laid you down carefully, knees pressing into the mattress as he rose up onto them. He placed his wand in his mouth, smiling around it as he slowly removed his overcoat.

You could still hear Tina cursing outside your door, something about ‘Mercy Lewis’ and 'Deliverance Dane’, but with Newt undressing in front of you, your mind was a bit preoccupied. You knew eventually your sister would give up, and judging by the silence behind your door she already had.


“Yes, darling?”

The Hufflepuff’s fingers slid along your bare thigh, slipping under the hem of your nightgown as he traveled further up. The soft touch made you sigh beneath him, making your need for the wizard rise if that were even possible.

“Just keeping going…”

He chuckled at your insistence, but happily complied with your wish. He kept his green eyes on you the entire time as he tossed his shirt to the ground, piling it on top of his waist coat. He didn’t bother with his pants yet, he was more interested in other things at the moment.

He removed his wand from his mouth, prying it between your own lips as he kissed a wet trail down your chest and towards your inner thighs. When you gaze down at him curiously, he chuckled, removing your panties slowly as he spoke.

“So you won’t be so loud, darling.”

You rolled your eyes at him, biting down on his wand as he proved his point though. He kissed along your inner thighs, getting close to your need before moving away and delighting in the soft moans of protest you made. He enjoyed teasing you, if only to see you a gasping, whimpering mess beneath him later on. But, he was getting impatient with his own game, and he hovered his lips just above your clit. He grasped under your thighs, spreading your legs wider and watching intently as your folds glistened before him.

With a groan, he dipped forward, taking your clit between his lips and sucking eagerly down on it. The feeling immediately made you moan, back arching nimbly off the bed as he swirled his hot tongue around it. It never ceased to amaze you at how good he was at this. He was such a gentle soul, yet in bed he was always the one to take charge, leaving you panting for breath after.

“Oh, Newt…”

He moaned when he heard his muffled name fall passed your lips, and he buried his face even deeper between your legs. He sucked hard on you, opening his mouth so he could drag his tongue quickly up and down your folds, eliciting more of the sweet noises he had come to love from you.

You gripped the pillows above you, throwing your head back against the sheets and biting roughly down on his wand as he licked the tip of your clit. It caused a heated shock to run up your legs and you could hardly contain your scream as he flicked his tongue over it again and again. He was watching you, corner of his mouth twitching into a small smile as you thrashed around.

“Settle down now.”

He joked, releasing you from his talented lips and dragging them along your stomach. He pushed your night gown up along his way, finally freeing you of the offending garment that kept you from his full sights. He tossed it carelessly to the side, eyes roaming along your body and resting on your chest where he cupped your breast and gave a soft squeeze.

As the pleasure built you parted your lips, gasping out and letting his wand fall to the side. He paid it no mind though, and as you tangled your fingers through his wavy locks he leaned down, capturing your lips once more in a heart stopping kiss.

Your tongues massaged one another, mouths trapping the moans and grunts that left the both of you. Even through a lack of oxygen, none of you stopped, you just allowed the dizzy spell to further your ecstasy enjoying the closeness that you felt.


Your moan was drawn out, head falling back as his lips brushed and tickled across yours in a messy kiss that left you both wanting. Newt was beyond the teasing now, and he made quick work of his belt and pants, pushing them down as he settled himself between your spread thighs.


He growled out, nuzzling your cheek as his cock slid between your folds. It was hot and heavy, the very feel of the smooth skin of it making you shiver. You wanted him fiercely, so much so you bucked your hips up, letting the head of his cock tease along your entrance. And that was all it took for him to comply.

Newt gripped your hips, lifting them slightly off the bed and over his thighs. He shifted, hand wrapping around his length and fixing it at your entrance as he slid smoothly inside your warmth.

“Unh.” He groaned, burying his face between your neck as he began a steady pace. His hands rested on either side of your head, fingertips digging into the blanket as he tried to control his pleasure. But, with as hot and wet as you were, that was proving rather difficult for the Hufflepuff.

Every thrust was painfully slow for you, yet all the same it created a wave of enjoyment that ran along your entire body, making your toes curl. You seized his shoulders in your hands, nails clawing at his freckled skin as he snapped his hips forward, burying his cock once more inside of you. You could practically feel the pulse of it against your clenching walls, each movement of his hips only making you want to beg for more.

“Newt…ahhh, harder…”

The magizoologist eagerly listened, teeth grazing along the skin of your shoulder as he bucked forward roughly. The harsh thrust made you both moan, and he snaked his arm between your bodies, two fingers rubbing between your legs and pleasuring you all the more. You wanted to cry out, to declare your love for him, and whisper out his name, but knowing Tina was here only made you bite down on your lip.

Newt was panting into your skin, the sound of your love making filling the room, and he could only thank the heavens that he left your window cracked. The heat of your bodies was driving him crazy in all sorts of ways, but the cool air of the night was a welcomed treat. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead and back, making your fingers slide effortlessly down his skin as he tried to keep up his harsh rhythm. His thrusts were becoming more relaxed, and you knew he was getting close.


You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into you and purring out his name right next to his ear. Just like you knew he loved. It was enough to set him off, and wrapped his arms around your body, pressing your breasts firmly into his chest as he pushed forward one last time.

He came with a soft grunt, hiding most of his moans and groans between your neck as he spilled his seed inside of you. You weren’t too far behind, and your inner walls clasped down on him, making him audibly moan out your name before slipping out of you and falling to your side. His breathing was ragged, hair a mess above his head from all your clutching at it, and you couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“Sorry but, what’s so funny?”

“Mmm, nothing.”

You laid your cheek against the heated skin of his chest, nails dragging along his toned stomach. How you missed such interactions with him, before he left New York this was almost a daily occurrence, now you just had to cherish this for as long as possible.


The sound of your door unlocking made you both shoot up in bed, and Newt scrambled out of the sheets, grabbing his clothes and dressing as quickly as he could. His waistcoat hung around his shoulders messily, the buttons mismatched, but you had to admit he was still quite charming.

Tina burst into your room, hands balled into fists as they rested on her hips, and once she saw Newt it was like a fire lit inside her. “Mr. Scamander!”

Newt froze in place, coat slung over his arm, and case in one hand as he attempted to go out the window.


He gave a smile, hoping it’d calm the older Goldstein, but all it did was infuriate the witch more. She pulled her wand out, pointing it towards Newt with a fury in her eyes that would make even Grindelwald shrink away in fear.

“Tina, wait it…isn’t what it looks like…”

You held your hands up, blanket still wrapped around your nude body. You knew your sister didn’t trust the wizard, after all the trouble he caused in New York. At least not fully anyway, especially when it came to your heart.


Your sister paused for a moment, and Newt took advantage of that window.

“Really must get going then.”

He leaned over the bed, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out the window and disapparating.


You blushed, Tina’s questionable stare only making it worse. You could see the judgement in her eyes, and all you could do was grin and bear it.


A/N: was it okay? Sometimes I finish and then realize maybe nothing I wrote made sense…lol


AN: There’s definitely some cheesy usage of the lyrics in Ruin. lol hope you guys enjoy it !

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“He’s not good for you, Y/N. You know that, so why do you keep going back to him?” There was so much pain in Shawn’s eyes. He was the last person you expected to show up at your doorstep on a Saturday night.

“Shawn..why are you here? It’s late and I’m too tired to even comprehend what you’re saying.” You rub your temples, squinting against the light illuminating your front porch.

“Then think harder, Y/N. Please, because all I’m trying to do is help you.” Confusion has filled your mind, and you’re wondering where this is all coming from. Shawn had never shown signs of interest in dating you, or ever seemed to pay such close attention to your current relationship.

“I’m kind of taken aback right now. What made you think of this?” He walks closer, coming up the stairs. His hands deep in his pockets.

“I don’t like your boyfriend.”

“I’m getting that, but why?” He bounces back and forth on his heels and you can tell he’s trying to decide what to say next.

“Be honest,” you say, wanting nothing less.

“Do you think about me?” ‘Do I what?’

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Painty dood of Brei 


Short Negan drabbled thingy for Valentines day. 

Rating: NSFW - oral sex, and Negan’s potty mouth. 

@flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @kijilinn @ladylorelitany @wickednerdery @smuttwd @grab-my-boner @redisunamused @may85 @mamapeterson @negans-network @neganandstevensdoll @lovingzombiechaos @vendekk @melodicdolls @oceansgrxywaves @lucifers-trash-stash @mypapawinchester @hannibalssweaters @heartfulloffandoms @strangersangel9 @crzcorgi @ofdragonsanddreams16 @my-achilles–heel @kellyn1604 @otp-oh-the-pain-666 @superprincesspea @negans-dirty-girl @leatherjacketsandbarbedwirebats @rapsity @backseat-negan @cherieann-2001 @marythenurse @pan-and-proud-writes @texasgal2222 @caitydestroyz @smashoutmybrains

Also why these gifs so GAHDAMN large

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With The Stars as Witnesses - Saeyoung x MC oneshot

Warning: There is sexual content under the read more.

-On AO3-

As MC gazed up at the sky, she smiled at the sight of the sun beginning to fall low. Today was an important day for both herself and Saeyoung, and as the evening approached, she could feel an intense fluttering in her stomach.

“A sunset wedding… It is very you and Saeyoung, I have to say…” Jaehee smiled as she helped MC with adjusting the final part of her hairstyle, and straightened out her dress. “Is it true what I heard that he chose the time of the wedding based upon when the stars will begin to appear?”

“Yes… He wanted it so that we could finish exchanging our vows when ‘the stars can be our witnesses’. It’s so sweet…” MC then went over to a table, and picked up her bouquet of flowers. “I can’t help but feel… anxious though… We’re finally getting married today…” She ran her hands slowly across the petals of the flowers, before she turned to Jaehee with a teary smile. “Let’s go…”

The affair was a private one – only those close to MC and Saeyoung had been invited. The thing was… Nobody in MC’s family had been able to attend. Only the RFA and Saeran were there… Not that the bride really cared – the RFA was more of a family to her than her own family was, and the same went for Saeyoung.

Either way, Jumin was waiting for MC near the piece of private land in which the ceremony was meant to take place. There had been roles decided for the RFA members through the ceremony, seeming as they were the only ones attending beside the officiator. Jumin would walk MC down the aisle, whilst Jaehee was the bridesmaid. Both Yoosung and Saeran were Saeyoung’s best man… or perhaps best men? Zen had been asked to play the piano for when MC walked down the aisle, and of course, V was the photographer for the event… After that, there were the two obvious roles in the wedding - MC was the bride, and Saeyoung was the groom.

“MC… Well then, are you ready to have no choice but to end up committing the rest of your life to Saeyoung?” That was the first thing which Jumin asked, just for V to quietly laugh in the background.

V ended up snapping a quick photo of MC as he approached them, rolling his eyes at his friend’s remark. “You make it sound as though it’s a bad thing, Jumin. They’re happy together!” He then smiled at MC, before he turned slightly. “I’m going to go and tell everyone that you’re here, MC. The sun has almost completely set, so you’ve done well with your timing…”

Just mere minutes later, MC’s heart was racing as she slowly walked down the aisle. She could see her future husband in the distance, anxiously tugging at his sleeves as he attempted to speak to Saeran about something. However, he stopped as soon as his eyes met hers over the slight distance. His face reddened, before he quickly turned around so that he wasn’t facing her.

All that Saeyoung could think about was just how beautiful MC looked in that dress… She had decided to go for something which wasn’t completely traditional, and was wearing a deep crimson coloured dress with intricate silver details on it. She was… beautiful… so beautiful… He knew it was a cliché thought, but he had just fallen in love with her yet again.

Eventually, she was by his side at the altar. Both of them were blushing, and grew even more flustered every time that they dared to make eye-contact as the ceremony began. Thankfully, the ceremony was only meant to be a short one due to the time of it. Introductions and thanks, vows, rings, then kiss.

Saeyoung was a blushing and stammering mess as he read his out vows, and MC couldn’t help but smile at him as he spoke. He did, however, calm down and become more confident as he went through his vows. “U- Um… I, S- Saeyoung Choi, take you, MC, the D- Doctor pepper to m- my Honey Buddha Chips, the 606 t- to my 707, to be my w… wife… to have and to hold from this day forward- y- yeah, from this day forward unt- until the stars s- stop shining, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part…”

MC was able to flow through her vows swiftly and confidently, giggling slightly at Saeyoung’s deep blush as she spoke.

And finally, it reached the exchange of the rings. Saeyoung was trembling as he took hold of MC’s hand, and gently slipped the ring onto her finger. For that matter, MC was shaking too. It was a huge combination of anxiety, anticipation, excitement, and love.

The moment that they were pronounced husband and wife, Saeyoung hardly waited for the ‘You may now kiss the bride’, and leaned forward so that his forehead was pressing against hers, and he was cupping her cheeks. “Look… The first stars are out… They must have realised that the brightest star was down here on Earth, by my side…” He then gently pressed his lips against hers, tears of joy beginning to stream down his face. “I love you, MC… I love you so much…”

“I love you too, Sae…” She kissed him back quickly, before closing her eyes. “I’m so happy to be Mrs. Choi now…”

The ceremony ended with the flash of V’s camera, capturing their kiss forever in a photo.

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Insomnia - Part 1

Description: Camila can’t sleep. One name keeps her awake every night for months. It even did before she left Fifth Harmony. But, if before this name was a nice distraction to her insomnia, now it’s drowning her soul in a nice bath at 12 am. The young woman knows there’s only one way to soothe her pain. So she takes her phone and dials a number she learned by heart: Lauren’s.

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*A very smutty fic drabble, might be my smuttiest/rudest (cringey) one yet for Jonsa. Coz these two are just soooo …HOTTT*


“Are you ready yet?” Arya called out to her from downstairs. Sansa rolled her eyes and smoothed down her hair before flipping the light switch in her room. Jeez, I only said ten minutes..

“Yes, yes I am,” Sansa answered as she walked down the steps to her impatiently waiting sister.

“You look fine Sansa, you know Marge’s waiting for us now,” Arya huffed as she took her crossbody mini satchel and slung it across her chest. Sansa couldn’t help but grin at how adorable and pretty her sister looked, all dressed to the nines and prettily made up. It was a first for Sansa seeing her like this. And Sansa cherished it. Probably an evening to remember for them both since it was Arya’s last night as a single lady and Sansa’s night out in ages. She was quite certain it was going to be unforgettable if Arya was involved.

The deep house bass beats pounded through the speakers as Arya led Sansa into the doors of the Red Keep, the new Goth-Steampunk themed nightclub that Arya had been desperate to get in for ages. How she managed to get onto the guest list was beyond Sansa but who was she to refuse a girls’ night out?

“Hey, Arya, Sansa! Over here!” Sansa saw a familiar face and a hand stretching out to wave frantically at them amidst the large crowds in the club. “Hey Marge!” Arya cried out excitedly and Sansa followed her to where their table was.

“This place is amazing! Oh my god, so happy I get to have my hen’s night here! I am gonna get so drunk!!” Arya gushed as she bounced up and down excitedly. Sansa giggled just as excitedly, happy she was able to be a part of it all.

“I know right? It pays to know people I guess,” Margaery nodded with a knowing smirk. “Yeah, I bet you know the important ones well!” Arya teased laughingly.

“I’m going to get us drinks, just have fun and let loose okay?” Margaery yelled over the loud music and disappeared into the crowds.


“Soo.. I know it’s my hen’s night but Margaery and I were just talking the other day and we think you should be the one getting laid.”

Sansa almost spit out her vodka lime.

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“ […] despite my best efforts, you broke in. You were the first to touch my heart and remind me I still had one. I don’t know if we could ever have more than we’ve already had. I don’t know, especially after this, if you’d want any more from me. Tonight I’m only sure of one thing. Whatever the future holds, wherever life takes me… I will love you always.” (insp)

FLERKEN CAT.     this is a low-key starter call!

A Familiar Face

Klaroline Infinity Day 7 - Ideal Endgame Scene

A year, a century, what was time to an immortal? For Caroline, forty years meant love, laughter, fear and grief. With her daughters grown, she’s ready to stop playing it safe and to go looking for the adventures the world once promised.

She had forgotten how lonely it could be, the fate of a vampire. At home, the girls knew exactly who she was and what that meant - but they couldn’t possibly understand the weight of outliving such a phase in her life. Humans went through a handful of these complete shifts, but Caroline was realizing she would have to do this over and over again until she met the wrong end of a pointy stick.

Having buried both Stefan and Alaric years before and signed the Bennett School over to Josie and Lizzie, Caroline decided to take a well deserved retirement trip around the world for her sixty-fifth birthday. She had left a week earlier, kissing the girls at the airport. “I love you, call me every day.”

“Every week,” Josie promised sternly, onlookers probably confused to see a young woman asking her mother to call every day.

Because Caroline didn’t look her nearly sixty-five years; she didn’t look a day over seventeen, and she never would. It was a realization that came in waves, one that hit her again as she flew over the Atlantic to South Africa. The list of postcards and souvenirs she had planned to buy was much too short for someone of her age, but everyone had died or moved on with their very human lives.

The girls, obviously, would receive the brunt of her gifts. Matt never cared for her messages, and Elena didn’t even know who Caroline was anymore. Some of the school’s students kept in touch, but it wasn’t the same.

She was always missing the people she loved, and she wanted someone to miss her.

Shaking her head, Caroline glanced around the plane to distract herself from the morose thoughts. Brass curls caught her attention, but she turned to her book before she could let herself wonder why.

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Love-ly sentence starters

The obligatory Valentine theme. Various lyrics and sayings!

“Love’s a luxury I can’t afford.”
“Who needs love when you have a full fridge?”
“’I love you’. Why’s that so hard to say?”
“I think you’ve practiced enough in front of the mirror.”
“Maybe it’s time for me to fall in love… but no, no. I want to make money first.”
“You’re more awkward than a mannequin in front of them.”
”You are beautiful.”
”You’re my universe.”
“It’s such a lovely scenery.. I wish you could be here.”
”I just wanted to hear your voice.”
“When you do that it makes me want to hug you tightly and never let go.”
“I miss you so much.”
”You’re so warm. Can I stay here for a bit longer?”
“I just wanna fall in love.”
”Stay the night.”
”We’re all worried over how lovestruck you are.”
”You’re such a beautiful view.”
“I’m waiting for someone who can make me feel something like never before.”
“You turned so red.”
“Did they say yes?”
“I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
“I thought this would look nice on you.”
“I call dibs on you.”
”I want to be more than friends.”
“You- you’re like- from head to toe- wow.”
“You’re the only who didn’t know about this.”
“Let’s buy a shit ton of chocolate after Valentine’s.”
“Are you alright? You look nervous.”
“Can I tell you something?”
“I’m so lucky to have met you.”
“I’ve got a special delivery for you. Let’s just say those roses won’t be the only thing that’s coming tonight.”

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that