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Have you ever heard the song “I of the Storm” by…

They’re easily in my top 3 favorite bands! Likewise, the song “Crystals” from that same album makes me think of Ruby and Sapphire.

gosh, me too! They probably are my #1 favorite band at the moment (Beneath the Skin is one of the only albums that I listen to entirely without skipping a song) and that might be why I associate so many of their songs with SU (since that’s my #1 favorite show so I’m always thinking about it) but also so many of the songs seem to fit so well!

I can definitely see that with Crystals, I’ve always really strongly associated that song with Fusion. In fact, I’ve been wanting to do a music video for it about Fusion, but I’m waiting for Steven to fuse with Garnet and Pearl first (ideally, I’d like to also see the Rose Fusions with Garnet and Amethyst too, but I can work it without those)

I associate almost every song on the album with something SU related:

  • Crystals - Fusion (specifically Fusion among the Crystal Gems)
  • Human - Rose, particularly Rose becoming Steven
  • Hunger - Pearl, regarding her feelings for Rose (specifically after Rose is gone)
  • Wolves Without Teeth - Ruby and Sapphire (this song can be taken negatively I think, but I interpret it in the positive sense)
  • Empire - nothing in particular, I just really love the “Heavy stones fear no weather” line for the Crystal Gems
  • Slow Life - Malachite/Lapis and Jasper, mostly for lines like “You caught me in the tide / And I caught you”
  • Black Water - Lapis. This is THE Lapis song to me, I want to make a music video of it
  • I of the Storm - Rose, of course

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“Hiiiiiii! Your blog is absolutely amazing and I’ve looked through every one of your posts!do you think you could give me a list of your fluffiest wing fics? I really love those! Thank you!!”

Hey there. Thank you for your compliments and your time, too. You have looked through all the posts? Wow. That’s so cool! Thank you!

And hey, look who’s back! Yes, it’s me, Admin J! Someone still remember me?

Sorry for answering your ask like this… Admin A accidentally deleted your message while I was away… Luckily, we do have all the asks saved to our own folder, so it was safe there.

So, about fluffy wing fics. We have posted a lot of wing fics already, you should go and check those out in HERE. Anyhow, I do have a few good, fluffy wing fics for you that I’m almost sure you can’t find in that tag. I hope that smut isn’t a problem since in many of these there’s both fluff and smut. Enjoy! – Admin J

P.S. So good to be back! Hey you all, there are so many more of you than there were last time I was able to blog. How are you? Enjoying the blog?

Title: The Rare Gift

Author: triedunture

Rating: Mature

Words: 4,803 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I like the idea of Cas healing Dean by his Grace. This fic was kind of fantasy novel like to me and I adored it. It’s a very good wing!fic, very well written and very enjoyable. If you want to read just one wing!fic, read this.

Summary: The prompt was “Dean receives an … unusual … Christmas gift from Castiel.” The gift turns out to be wings.

( Read here )

Title: The Care and Keeping of Wings

Author: nekosmuse

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 2,956 –  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I love how much Destiel this is, even if they’re not even kissing. It’s written from the POV Sam which is always amazing because poor Sam! I always feel so sorry for Sam. I need to make a list of fics in which there are epic “poor Sam” moments. Anyway, the POV Sam is very well written, totally different way to use language than in POV Dean, which makes this one even better. Good job, author.

Summary: Castiel comes back from Purgatory a little different. Sam doesn’t want to talk about it.

Aka the one where people can see Cas’ wings, Dean discovers a kink, and Sam resolves to be a good brother. Also, dust baths are had on the side of not-so-deserted highways and #angeldustbaths trends on Twitter. Utter fluffy crack.

( Read here )

Title: Angel-Mine

Author: relucant

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,274 –  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: While reading, I got a bit frustrated because of the lack of last letters. I know that Dean speaks that way, but it’s just annoying if everything he says is like “talkin’, sayin’, hatin’”… You got the idea? Good. It’s okay once in awhile, but not all the time. If you ignore that fact, this fic is a nice little wing!fic with smut and fluff.  

Summary: Cas exhaled. “When an angel’s wings are injured,” he said to his feet, “the healing process can be augmented by… grooming, I suppose, would be the most accurate word. Removal of the maimed feathers to allow growth of healthy ones. Otherwise, they’re left to fall out alone.” He tilted his head towards the nightstand. “As you see.”

Dean stared at him. “So… that’s why I can’t help?” he said slowly. “‘Cause I can’t, y'know… see ‘em? Or touch 'em?”

“Yes,” Cas said, slightly too quickly, and Dean snorted.

“You’re still a shitty liar, Cas,” he informed him. “What ain’t you tellin’ me?”

( Read here )

Title: How To Groom Your Angel

Author: allthebeautifulthings9828

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,893 –  Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: It seems that I’m giving so many five stars today but I can’t help it: these are good. The author is one of my favorites and I just love her way of writing. Once again, it works so well, and in this fic the entire atmosphere is so from the show. No big moments between Dean and Cas, only a huge tension and bond. It’s amazing! I love all the little details, everything just works together so well.

Summary: The season is turning colder and, unexpectedly, Castiel’s wings molt. When Dean and Sam see black wing feathers shed everywhere, Castiel is embarrassed. Dean confronts him about it privately and learns that an angel’s wings are an intensely private thing, like seeing a human naked. But Dean is curious. Before either of them understand the implications, Castiel is allowing him to see his wings.

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Midoriya is one of my favorite protagonists because of how unique he is, but he's not that unique. Luffy cries alot and was also a crybaby before spending his entire childhood, and later 2 more years, training to improve. He's also weaker than most of his opponents, only winning with help from others, and sure, determination, but Midoriya also depended on determination before, like his battle against Muscular. And that's just One Piece, other shonen protagonists are like that too.

Characters like Luffy, Naruto and Ichigo can and have gotten emotional yeah, I’m not denying that, they can yield in very iconic moments in their respective Manga and show the heroes in a way we rarely get to see.

That’s the thing though, with those characters it’s seldom or rarely seen, usually their default personality is loud and bombastic or cool and collected. It usually has to be a big event that triggers those kinds of emotional responses. With Deku however he’s just ALWAYS like that. He’s not someone who’s always determined and eternally optimistic, he’s unsure of himself, he gets worried or sad, he easily sympathizes with others and, yes, he cries a lot. Some might find a character trait like that annoying and indeed the narrative points out how much of a crybaby he can be at times when he cries over the smallest things (comedic or otherwise) but I never feel like it makes him overly whiny or self loathing because first and foremost he wants to improve himself as a person and is aware of his shortcomings.

Stuff like that makes Deku feel like like a more multifaceted and realistic character to me, and he makes me feel like someone I want to root for. Again a lot of shounen protagonists have a habit of refusing to admit their own personal faults or improve on them unless they get a SEVERE kick in the ass. It doesn’t take Deku big revelations to want to change, he just does it because he wants to strive for something better for himself and the people around him and I find that extremely admirable, hes a being driven by his emotions that effect him internally and not just externally

Two Sides, Same Coin: The Adrien/Chat Noir Dynamic

Warning: this is gonna be long and filled with screenshots, so grab some snacks and settle down, folks!

I’ve been wanting to write something about this for a while now, because treating both aspects of his personality as two different people, or arguing that either Adrien or Chat are his “true” self, seems to be a recurring habit in the fandom. I’m not saying everyone does it, but it is a bit worrisome that a fandom would prefer one aspect of a character over another, when both sides are a part of the real Adrien. There are several levels, both in characterization and storytelling, which show that maybe, the gap is not as wide as it seems.

One VERY important aspect I have to point out is that we don’t see everything in his point of view. And no, I don’t mean the glimpses given to us most episodes. Marinette is the main character, and the plot of the day starts and ends with her. Because of this, we can visually confirm her every day thoughts, feelings, and identity struggles between Ladybug and Marinette. There is no surprise on her behalf.

But what about Adrien? As Chat Noir, he seems to throw his Adrien persona away to become someone else, making it appear like his civilian and his alter egos are drastically different. How does he feel about this?

The best, most direct evidence we’ve got about his Chat identity is this line from the “Adrien’s Double Life” webisode:

If we were to place value in that one statement, however, it would destroy the 3-dimensionality of his character. And since we don’t get to follow him around like we do with Marinette, there isn’t enough information about how he feels when it comes to his identities, or if he even talks to Plagg about his double-life issues (like Marinette and Tikki). We have to make do with the subtleties given to us.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a glaring difference in personality, but I don’t think Adrien considers Chat Noir as an identity that is better (like Marinette to Ladybug) or more “true” than his civilian one, but rather as an extension of what has always been there. In fact, this is why I feel Adrien doesn’t abandon himself in Chat, but rather emphasizes the more positive aspects of his personality, separates himself from the negativity plaguing him, and breaks away from all societal restrictions. Our actions are driven by emotion and thought, and vice-versa. And this relationship between thoughts, feelings, and physical behavior is what determines personality. That is extremely important when analyzing Adrien and Chat Noir.

His character primarily expresses himself through body language and mannerisms. Though he is an emotionally reserved person, his mood seeps out through his physical behavior. Not just that, but Adrien and Chat are constantly pulling the same gestures. Ironically enough, this can’t be said for LB and Marinette. (Imagine Ladybug constantly tripping and stuttering. That’d be a total disaster). In this manner, he doesn’t make that huge of a distinction between his actions as Adrien and Chat.

Actually, there is a gifset that shows exactly what I’m talking about.

Now, there IS one episode I feel is very important to his characterization: Animan. I cannot express how important the opening scenes were in terms of Chat/Adrien because for the first time, we’re not seeing Adrien from Marinette’s perspective. The show opens with Adrien and Nino, giving us a different look at Adrien’s everyday life. Up until now, we’ve seen him in relation to Marinette’s plot-line, or his father. But here, we’re given a glimpse at how he acts with a close friend.

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Being overweight never really bothered you, and it certainly never bothered Michael. He loved your curves and rolls, the way your waist flowed perfectly into your hips and the smooth dents in your thick thighs. Though you knew you were beautiful and Michael never let you forget it, you had your bad days; the days where the comments from “fans” tore you apart and made you feel like shit. You could’ve been someone of “ideal” beauty standards and you would’ve felt just as bad, because what they would say was brutal. It could tear anyone to shreds, and sometimes, it would bring you down. Michael would take to twitter and Instagram, calling out anyone who had anything but praises to say to you. He would write paragraphs on how you were purely beautiful and he had nothing but love for you, shutting down every rude comment he saw immediately. But after posting a photo of Michael and yourself, your Instagram was under attack. People were spewing hate like venom, stinging you slightly but mostly just making you roll your eyes, because at the end of the day, Michael was yours. All yours, and he loved every thick, chunky, squishy part of your body. Michael was more upset than you were, trying his best to figure out how to make them stop; how to let you know how wrong they were. You excused yourself from Michael’s grip on the couch, walking to the bedroom and taking off your jeans. You were left in your lacy black cheeky underwear. You stripped off your t-shirt and sweater, pulling on Michael’s largest flannel; the one that fit you just right. You sat on the floor in front of the large mirror, positioning yourself just right to where your entire ass was showing off. You put your middle finger up, snapping a few pictures and posting your favorite one. “You are so sexy,” Michael gushed, grabbing your ass in both of his hands. “And I love the way you look in my clothes, Princess.” In that moment, Michael only wanted two things. He wanted you to be happy, and he wanted your thick thighs on either side of his head. Fuck yeah, you were thick as hell. And you loved every single part of it. 

plus size series masterlist / request here

literally one of my all time favorite breakfast show moments was the time that nick decided to set a Guinness world record for the longest twerk ever during his show and he fucking DID it only to have the curtains pulled up in the studio next door to find greg james had been twerking the entire time too and had now beaten nick’s record as revenge for being sprayed with water and yelled at by collette while sleeping covering T in the Park. 

Preference #126 1D Concert


You were first row. Dancing and singing along to every song with your best friend.
Niall had wanted you to watch from backstage, knowing the fans could get out of hand at times; but you declined. You wanted to be apart of the loud and vibrant atmosphere.
You would see him look over at you every now and then just to make sure you were ok. He would laugh to himself whenever he saw you dancing along to one of your favorite songs.
They had just finished up Little Things and were getting ready to perform Night Changes. You loved this song from the moment Niall showed you it.
“Alright, well before we start, I’d like to dedicate this song to my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N! She’s here tonight and this is one of her favorites!”, he looked into the crowd as your gaze met his. The crowd erupted into screams and yells. You were blushing at his words and he flashed you a quick smile; only making the crowd cheer louder.
Throughout the entire song he stood in front of you on the stage, making you feel like the only girl in the stadium. It was one of the sweetest moments that you’d never forget.


The crowd was absolutely wild at the MetLife show, it was something you’d never forget. Everyone was singing, screaming, and dancing; but you weren’t one to judge, because you were doing the exact same thing.
The boys knew you were in the crowd tonight, so they made it a priority to mess around with Liam as much as they could. Although, it was mostly just Louis.
They had just finished up reading out the fans’ signs, and were about to move on to the next song. The intro to Girl Almighty began booming through the speakers, and you were already dancing along to the beat. You loved this song and you’d sing the lyrics at the top of your lungs anytime it came on.
You watched as Liam and the rest of the boys were jumping around the stage to the up-beat song. Liam came running in your direction as he continued to sing; falling to his knees when he got in front of you. “I’d get down, I’d get down, I’d get down on my knees, I’d get down on my knees for youuu”, the crowd went absolutely insane and you blushed a slight shade of pink as Liam let out a small laugh and ran back down the catwalk.
You knew this was going to be all over twitter by the time the show was over.


The boys had just finished singing No Control and they were now talking to the crowd/each other.
You were having an amazing time, it was always more fun to be out in the crowd, rather than watching from backstage. You were front row and there seemed to be no lack of security around you. Louis always got a bit over-protective when you were in attendance at one of the shows but you knew the fans could get wild at times.
Harry and Niall were just finishing up thanking the fans as Louis and Liam were messing around with water guns. When the two of them got together, it was like being with a couple of 10 year old children.
They were starting to come toward your direction and you were hoping Louis wouldn’t try to pull any funny business; but he had a different plan in mind. “My amazing girlfriend, Y/N, is here tonight!”, the camera panned to you as you waved. “Now, since you got me with the faucet yesterday…I think it’s only fair that I return the favor!”, you tried to hide your face, knowing what was coming next. Louis began shooting the water gun at you, managing to get your hair completely soaked. You shook your head and smiled, knowing he was bound to get you back at some point.
The boys quickly came to your defense, as all 3 of them began shooting Louis with their own water guns. Only causing you, and the rest of the crowd, to laugh.


“We’ve got two very special guests in the crowd tonight! My wife, Y/N, and my son, Eric, are here with us!”, you were holding Eric in your arms as the camera panned to you. The crowd cheered when they saw Eric appear on the big screen. “Say hi” you whispered into his ear and he giggled as he began waving.
“Can we get him up here?”, you looked up to Harry who had his arms open and ready to take him. You passed him to the security guard, who then passed him on to Harry. “Hey, buddy! Are you having fun?”, Eric nodded his head and clapped; earning screams from the crowd. “How about you stay up here and sing the next song with us?” “Yeah, daddy!”, Harry set him down on the stage and he went running toward Louis.
The intro to Drag Me Down began playing and the fans were going wild for it. Louis squatted down to Eric’s height, putting the microphone between the two of them, as it was almost his turn to sing. “Ready?”, Louis questioned, as Eric nodded and pulled the mic more in his direction. “NOBODY, NOBODY!”, Eric yelled into the mic and the rest of the boys laughed, as did the crowd. It was the only lyric he knew from the song but he still enjoyed getting to sing along with the boys.
You made sure you took plenty of pictures and videos to commemorate the adorable memory.

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what character do you think has the best character development?

That’s a really good question.

For one, I think MTMTE and RiD  in general have amazing characters with good, subtle development. I think Tailgate and Cyclonus are really well done, and I actually like what Barber did with Prowl. I like how Roberts turned Drift into a very likeable, sweet character, I like the constantly growing pile of regrets Rodimus is collecting, I adore Chromedome and Rewind and how what happens to them is dealt with.

But I think outside of IDW, I’ll have to go with TFA Prowl. Because (massive spoilers for all of TFA, don’t read if you haven’t watched it) at first, he is so annoyed by his team, which isn’t even actually his team, he just got there by accident. He thinks himself better than all of them and even for the rest of the series, there is always that sense of him feeling at least slightly superior, just not as obvious and cocky as in the beginning. So when (SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING) he realises that there is only one way to gather all the fragments in time in the final battle, he sacrifices himself without hesitating even once. And you know what the most amazing part about it is? He doesn’t do it to be a hero. The only guy there to witness his sacrifice is Jazz, a guy who, while not being a complete stranger, hasn’t been part of the team for very long and is probably the most distant ally in the fight. He doesn’t do it to show off how superior he is, he doesn’t get any heroic last words, he just knows he has to do this and he does so to save the exact people he didn’t like at the beginning of the show. Hell, he doesn’t even get to say goodbye, his friends don’t know what is going on with him, they think he’s doing fine. His only goodbye is a sad smile, and that short moment is so powerful that it actually moved me to tears. It doesn’t look like he’s sad about dying, he looks sad that it’s over. Those are two very different things in my opinion. It’s so great because during the show, he rarely smiles or openly shows sadness, and I think this is the most emotional he gets in the entire series. It’s a perfect moment, a heartbreaking moment, and I can only pity anyone who says TFA was too silly and stupid, because they missed what is one of the most beautiful, soul-shattering death scenes in cartoon history. Yes, I will go that far. I am dead serious.

Also, shoutout to Starscream from Armada, probably the only thing I genuinely loved about that series, but he’s not my favorite because there was some hilariously strange things in between. The end of his arc was fantastically tragic, though.

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Are you still taking prompts? Because I was going through them and I absolutely love them. Can you do an ot3 of what Yixing, Jongdae and Minseok get up to in the EXO-M dorm now that 3 of their members have left?


“Hello family,” Yixing walks into the living area. “Do you want to order a pizza for dinner?”

“You know what,” Jongdae starts, removing his glass of water from its coaster and putting it directly on the coffee table for no reason other than mindless rebellion. “Duizhang is off being a superstar. It’s just us here, why not get a little crazy?”

Minseok sits up, “Yeah why the heck not? Let’s order two pizzas!”

Yixing feels a surge of adrenaline when he not only orders two pizzas, but a liter of soda too. Not even caffeine free. Jongdae just starts screaming.


“Let’s throw a party,” Jongdae suggests. “We can invite all of our elite idol friends.”

“I’m down,” Minseok agrees. “We’ll start with our friends in Exo-K.”

The three remaining M members look at each other for a few moments and then just start laughing. “Psych.”


“Now it’s a party!” Yixing swings the door open and gives his guest a big hug. Handsome and talented member of the wildly popular group Vixx walks into the M dorm, the one and only Jung “Leo” Taekwoon. He’s the only guest to show up. He sits on the couch and says nothing the entire night.


“So who wants to hear my favorite bible verses?” Jongdae rips the sacred text from where he has it taped beneath the table, one of many hidden around the dorm. “I have a sticky note to mark off the ones I like the best.” There are easily a thousand sticky notes.

“Done!” Yixing holds up his macaroni art glued to a piece of construction paper. It’s a rabbit.

“There’s macaroni everywhere!” Minseok yells as he sees the pieces of uncooked penne all over the kitchen tile. “Life really does imitate art!”

“Where is Taekwoon?” Yixing asks suddenly, turning this way and that to find him.

Then the three hear a voice coming from a phone in the other room. “Jung Leo, Jung Leo where are you? Jung Leo you come home right now. Taekwoon, Taekwoon, Taekwoon, Taekwoon.” Taekwoon takes one look at the phone and throws it out the window, Hakyeon’s voice coming through the speakers spiraling to the ground before it shatters into a thousand pieces.


“Hey,” Yixing pauses Space Jam, the only dvd Kris ever brought to the dorm. “Do you think that if people learn from their mistakes, but at the same time, people continue to make mistakes throughout their entire lives, we someone have both Heaven and Hell inside of us here on Earth?”

Minseok looks at his watch, “Yeah, now I see why duizhang never let us stay up this late.”


Jongdae’s phone rings. “I know you guys are still awake,” that’s Junmyeon. “Now I trusted you guys to stay on your own. Do I have to come over there and–”

Minseok takes Jongdae’s phone and throws it out the window. Then he does the same with Yixing’s and finally his own. “Minseok why–”

Minseok points to the window where two pigeons now sit perched on the frame. “He sent them! He sent them here!” Yixing jumps behind the sofa and Jongdae recites the rosary and Taekwoon doesn’t say anything.


Junmyeon stands in front of the Exo-M dorm. “Why are there broken cellphones all over the ground?!”

Allrighty. Arrow Recap 310, "Left Behind"

Hey you guys, this one was a hard watch for me and the multiple rewatches required for a good recap were even harder. Still, it provided some clarity on parts I previously disliked, and insight into others I still don’t like. Either way, I made jokes. That’s in my DNA. 

Another chase down an alley. For a police chief, Quentin sure does plebe work a lot. Shouldn’t you be avoiding a heart attack at your desk? Team Arrow also continues their crime-fighting, working tighter suits and with poorer aim.

(Con’t. after the jump)

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oooommeerrgrgmmmmooooOOOMGGGGGGG what pisses me off more than anything on this entire. freaking. show. is their treatment of glenn/steven. 

FINE, my OTP isn’t getting the attention they deserve. 

FINE, my favorite character and one of the best actors on the show is most likely appearing in 4 or 5 out of 16 episodes

but what I CANNOT HANDLE is the sheer goddamn disrespect toward the character that steven yeun has cultivated over 6 years, being killed off as if he were a redshirt. appearing in only 10 minutes of his last episode, and being relegated to share the most heartbreaking final moment for his character with the death of another (far inferior) character (who actually got some development in his final episodes.) and now he doesn’t even get a TD episode to himself, unlike countless other dead characters (such as the lovely blonde who’s greatest achievement was stabbing someone with scissors and getting herself shot.)

it truly baffles me. i simply am at a loss. i’m holding out hope that perhaps they’ll focus on him somehow in the premiere and give his character some more time/closure in the dream sequence or something, i don’t know. 

ok ok rant over hhhhhhhhh

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What is your absolute all time favoritest Doctor Who episode?

Ugh, that’s hard, but I honestly would have to go with the Series 5 finale!

(I’m cheating a little and counting both parts as one episode, cause it’s weird to say only half of the plot is my favorite)

Moffat at his finest, to me, anyway: great character, great plot, great atmosphere, and even my favorite music from the show is prominently featured in it.

Little Amelia specifically is one of my favorite characters ever, and the moment between her and Eleven (when he picks her up in the garden and does that monologue while she sleeps) is my favorite part of the entire finale, and by default, my favorite moment of Doctor Who (so far, anyway!)

Also, Rory punches Eleven in the face. I love Rory, I love Eleven, and I could watch that on a loop reel for an hour.

(Also, up until the big smile and the “Welcome back, Rory Williams!” look at how Twelveish Eleven is acting. I love it, it just shows they all really are the same person at the core of it. Honestly, kind of reminds me of Twelve’s whole “You were faking being heartless” thing from last week’s episode, Murder on the Orient Express)

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Hello! I'm the Anon Fairy. What is your favorite MSR moment? You can only pick ONE.

Their beach wedding, of course.

I kid.

Anon Fairy, this is the most difficult question ever. I truly don’t have one favorite, but I’ll try and give you an answer anyway.

I have a soft spot for early seasons MSR. Living through it was the intensest happiness and most horrible pain of my life. MSR completely ruined me in the area of love. My expectations are extremely high, I’ve only ever fallen for long time friends and I do not date. Because what’s the point? LOOK AT THEM.

I’m going to cheat and choose an entire episode: Pusher.

At this point in the show, we’d recently been gifted some cute flirty things (see WOTCP, Mulder’s turned on comment in Piper Maru, etc) and we’re flying on a high. I was a Shipper very early on, but the family gained a lot of new members in Season 3. Pusher had a lot to do with it.

First, you have the cute stuff: a swipe of Mulder’s fingers across Scully’s face, “I think you drooled on me.” The man was totally chill about her sleeping on his shoulder for who knows how long. He seems awfully close with his pretty partner, indeed.

Next, we get an extremely underrated emotional scene when Mulder is hooked up with surveillance equipment. He sees the apprehension and concern in Scully’s face, so he kneels down in front of her and tells her to smile. He doesn’t have to do this and not too long ago he wouldn’t have. They’d have made eye contact, nodded and he’d have been on his way into the building. But not anymore. There’s been a shift. When he hands her his gun, she places her hand on his. Their eyes… I could write 1,000 sonnets about their eyes in this scene. There is love there, it is undeniable and unshielded. 

Then we get the Russian roulette face off. Mulder so easily pulls the trigger on Modell and himself (pushing that berzerk button in Scully, she’s furious) but he shakes with the effort he puts into not shooting Scully. He cares so much more about her life than his own and we get to see it play out on screen. (Gillian is so flawless, that one tear, Jesus) Mulder is so affected by this, he pulls the trigger of the gun over and over on Modell even though he knows it’s empty. He’s so upset with himself for almost shooting her he slumps into the chair and surrenders the gun.

Then we get the end. Hoo boy. Mulder is, of course, racked with guilt and beating himself up over almost killing Scully. And she knows it. So what does she do? She takes his hand and says, “I say we don’t let him take up another minute of our time.” She lets Mulder know with both touch and words that she doesn’t hold him accountable, she still trusts him and they can move on from this unscathed. 

That is love.

Now I’m dead. Thankyouverymuch.