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Is this not Mirror Verse Marco, Ace and Jozu? They’re evil plain and simple.

Breathless (Reid x Reader)

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Title: Breathless

Pairing:  Spencer Reid x Reader

Request: Do one where Spencer is in love with the Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None J

Words: 811

My first one! Thanks for the request!


It was late. You sat there typing away on your laptop. This report felt like it was sucking the life out of you. You had been at it for hours and the rest of the team had already packed up and left.

“Go home and get some rest Y/N,” Hotch tiredly staggered down the stairs.

You snickered as he yawned and he stared at you with a stern expression.

“I mean it,” he grumbled.

“Yeah, yeah.  I’m almost done,” you waved him off and spun back around to your desk. Unfortunately, you had said the exact same thing to Morgan when he left.

Thirty minutes had passed by since Hotch left and the only thing lighting up the office was your stunningly bright screen.  Typing up the last sentence, you remembered this case as it passed through your mind. The unsub was a woman hairdresser who would choose a customer, stalk them, and eventually slit their throats. She actually attempted to run when the SWAT Team surrounded her, crazy bitch.

Someone cleared their throat behind you and you jumped out of your seat, the thoughts of the case washed from your mind instantly. You whirled around scanning the office for the culprit until your eyes landed on him.

Spencer Reid. He was standing there with his messenger bag wrapped around him, his shaggy hair was draping over his head and even though it was dark, the computer screen allowed you to see his droopy eyes.

“Oh…sorry Y/N,” he stammered. “I didn’t know anyone else was here.” He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking sheepish.

You shrugged, “Surprise!” you smirked.

Spencer gave a small smile, peeking at you through his bangs. He eyes darted down to the floor and he shuffled his feet.

“You okay?” you questioned. You felt nervous, Spencer was possibly the sweetest guy in the world and he meant everything to you. The first time you laid eyes on him, you practically fell head over heels for him. You hung on his every word, every fact, and every smile. And now here he was; tired and alone.

He nodded and slowly approached you, hands still buried in his pockets. “I heard you’re still working on that report,” he jerked his head towards your laptop.

You plopped back down in your chair, feeling useless. Throwing back your head, you groaned and covered your face.

“I only just finished and I’m exhausted, Spence.” You were the only one on the team who called Spencer by his first name. He never seemed to mind and always looked puzzled when you called him Reid.

He didn’t say anything; he just walked closer and leaned against your desk, facing you.

You looked up into his doughy, brown eyes for what seemed like an eternity before he reached down and brushed your cheek with his hand.

You felt your heart begin to race.

He bit his lip. “Did you know it takes less than four minutes to decide whether or not you have feelings for someone,” He then chuckled. “It only took me about two.”

“Wha-what are you-“ you struggled to stammer out the words before he slowly leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.

It felt like your heart had just exploded. Your eyes fluttered shut as you passionately kissed him back.

He pulled away, “I’m sorry Y/N, I-I just…um,” He stuttered. With a giggle, you pounced out of your chair and threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into an intense kiss. His tongue collided with yours as his hand rested below your ear and his thumb caressed your cheek. His lips were soft and he was so gentle and cute. His hands got tangled in your hair and then they slowly moved down your body until he was rolling his hips into yours. You let out a soft moan, but Spencer silenced you by once again crashing his lips into yours. There was no space between you two and you were sure he could hear your heartbeat. You ran your fingers down his spine and inhaled sharply. He began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses, causing you to giggle due to you being ticklish.

He stopped and looked up at you before grinning, “Stop it.”

You cocked your head in confusion, “What?”

“You’re so adorable,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around your waist. He then, surprisingly, lifted you up onto your desk and placed himself in-between your legs.

You squealed with a smile, never feeling so happy.

“Y/N, I love you,” he spoke so clearly as if he had practiced saying it a hundred times. Before letting you respond, he then kissed you again, but this time much softer and sweeter. You never wanted to pull away.

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hi! i'd love to hear what you think would have happened if wyldon hadn't let keladry stay after her first year!! love your writing :^)

“Mindelan, it may be that the best thing said of my tenure is that you were my student. Should that be the case, I am the wrong man for this post. I did all I could to get rid of you. Your probation was wrong. You know that, I know it. I was harder on you than any lad. Thank Mithros I remembered my honor and let you stay when you met the conditions—but it was a near thing. Next time, I might not heed the voice of honor.”

– Wyldon of Cavall (Squire)

Kel sat and thought about it all through the long summer– thought about joining the Riders when she turned sixteen, or going back to the Yamani Isles with her parents, or running away to become an unlawful bandit hunter. 

She drank tea with her mother and accepted her quiet sympathy. She wondered what was going to happen to Peachblossom. She did her morning glaive practice dances in the heady air of the tiny courtyard garden of her parents’ townhouse, where the cook grew herbs and spices in big overflowing boxes.

Summer rolled on. She sat, and she thought, and she did not tell her thoughts to anyone. On the first day of what would have been her second year of page training, she woke before the sun and had a quiet breakfast with her father, and then she jogged up the big dusty hill to the palace grounds.

When the pages trailed out of the building to the practice yards with dubious enthusiasm, she was waiting just outside their ground. Her chin was high, her shoulders loose while her hands gripped her weighted staff.

“Probationer,” Wyldon barked out her, when one of the boys went to fetch him. “Was I unclear in the spring?”

Kel stared him down, fingers white on her staff, and said, “I’m not a probationer anymore.”

“She’s a private citizen, just enjoying the fresh air,” Neal called from the other side of the practice yard fence. He got armor cleaning punishment for a week for his cheek and Kel lifted and lowered and struck with her staff to the call of the masters. Her staff hit thin air. The clack of the pages’ staves colliding hit her ears.

“That’s palace property,” Wyldon said ten minutes in, and plucked the staff out of her grip, so Kel followed the lesson with empty hands and brought her mother’s spare walking stick the next day.

They started calling her trespasser, after that, and Kel stood calm on the public grounds just on the other side of the practice yard fence, practicing her high blocks.

While the pages had riding practice, she sat in the dirt outside the riding yard and did the homework Neal smuggled out for her. He handed the finished assignments in for her, too, even though only Myles and the one Mithran priest who had never learned anyone’s names graded them. She took notes on what riding exercises the masters were assigning the pages and watched Neal where he sat on Peachblossom’s back like a sack of mulish peanuts.

“When I heard you weren’t t’ be coming back,” Stefan the hostler told her. “I wasn’t sure what would happen to the old lad.”

“Me, either,” said Kel, looking down at her math and trying to keep her face smooth and still.

When the pages went in for their seated classes, Stefan let her take out Peachblossom to try to exercises herself. Days the gelding was too tired, he found other mounts for her and Kel learned all their names– gentle Aubrey and fastidious Starfall and distractible, clever Redding and poor anxious Terence, who almost threw her more than once. “He comes by the fidgets honest,” Stefan told her and Kel brought extra apples for Terence when she could.

She still took on Lalasa when Gower found her feeding the sparrows in the courtyard beside her old rooms and asked her. Her parents’ townhouse had the funds to hire another maid, though Kel didn’t need or want a personal servant.

Lalasa pinched Kel’s torn clothes from her room all the same and returned them better hemmed and beautifully mended. Kel barely saw her, though she tried to leave a coin from her allowance on the piles of clothes she thought the young woman was most likely to steal away next.

She didn’t ask for the help and she told herself she didn’t want it, but she jogged up the big dusty hill to the palace grounds every day with her weighted harness weighing on her shoulders.

She stood just outside the low fence of the practice yards and ignored Joren’s comments and Zahir’s sneers and the rebukes of the swordfighting teachers– distraction, they said. Lump, waste, failure.

The sun beat down on her aching shoulders and she thought I could stand here forever, thought you are just noise and wind, I am a mountain. I will be here long after you cease howling.

Neal landed blows on Joren’s fingers, apologizing blandly to the masters for his clumsinesses, because Kel had ordered him to get in no fights for her honor. The sun beat down on the careful stitches of Kel’s cotton shirt, which fit as perfectly as Lalasa could manage from a shy distance.

She told herself she didn’t want the help, didn’t need it. Her harness weighed down her shoulders, her makeshift staff weighed down her arms, but the cotton laid light and kind on her back.

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Dear Evan Hansen QnA
  • Does anybody have a map: What hopes do you have for the future?
  • Waving through a window: When do you feel most alone?
  • For forever: What would be- in your opinion -the perfect day?
  • Sincerely me: Write a letter to someone you wish you were friends with.
  • Requiem: What's something you want to remember, and something you wish you could forget?
  • If I could tell her: Write something you wish you could tell someone but probably never will without any context.
  • Disappear: Have you ever wanted to be invisible and why?
  • You will be found: The most uplifting thing someone has ever done for/to you?
  • To break in a glove: Name one thing you never opened/used
  • Only us: Is it better to tune out the world or work with it?
  • Good for you: When did you feel the most guilty and why?
  • Words fail: Whats something you wish you hadn't done?
  • So big/so small: Name your favorite bonding moment with one/both of your parents.
  • Finale: Name a turning point in your life.
  • [BOUNUS]:
  • The most amazing trees: What's your favorite tree?
  • You scribble stars on the cuffs of your jeans: Name something you do when you're bored.
  • Tap tap tapping on the glass: Name one way you would try to get someones attention.
  • So you got what you always wanted: Name something you wanted badly but once you got it you wished you hadn't worked so hard for it.
  • All we see is sky, for forever: Whats something that makes you smile every time you see it?

have i mentioned how much i love my beautiful fashionista son

because i love him a lot

Pre-T Trans Men:

You’re as much of a man as cis men and trans men who are on T!

If you don’t want to be called a soft boy flower prince uwu, then you’re not! You’re the hecking manliest man to ever man, even without T or surgeries.

One day, you’ll get T and top surgery and bottom surgery.

One day, you’ll stop being misgendered.

One day, you’ll only be called by your real name, never your deadname.

One day youll finally be seen as the man you are.

aaaaaa guUUUYSSS i just suubmitted an adoption application for this adorable lil rescue pup hooooo my fingers are crossed so hard rn

i really played up the whole vet tech thing i was like “i get free vaccines. half-off on medical care and science diet food. 5+ yrs experience. i unironically refer to pet owners as parents. i can take her 2 work with me she’ll never be alonee PLEASE PLEASE GOD”

Let’s talk about Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide for a minute okay because that show was- and still is- great. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Moze!!! She was smart, tall, extremely sporty, took woodshop (and enjoyed it AND was really good at it!), and was still attractive to many of the popular boys. She got good grades and kicked ass at sports- remember that episode where she won all the school records for sports? Yeah.
  • Characterized the bullies!!! Loomer and his two cronies weren’t just mean, dumb kids- we actually got to know their personalities, like how Loomer liked Moze and how the one with the curly hair was in sewing club. They had interests that went against the typical “big mean bully” stereotype.
  • The advice!!! It was actually useful! I was lucky enough to watch it before I went to middle school and I really did get to use a lot of the tips that I remembered from the show, such as speed walking to get to class on time and keeping an extra change of clothes in my locker. Even now I’m still using some of those in high school. And the fact that the situations that the show portrayed could actually happen to middle schoolers (well, most of them, anyway) made it even better because kids will know what to do when they run into those problems.
  • The people of color!!! They were all over, and they weren’t just background characters who did nothing or messed stuff up, they were main characters who contributed to the plot and had awesome achievements. Think of Cookie, Claire Sawyer, Mr. Wright, Faymen, Backpack Boy, Evelyn, Spencer, Rose the Lunch Lady, Doug, Vanessa, Timmy… Numerous examples out of all the characters on the show and only one of them was never officially named (despite being a recurring character).
  • There are at least two confirmed characters with mental disorders. (x) (x) They aren’t really main characters, but hey, it’s still something.
  • The teachers had complex personalities, just like the kids, and it exposed how hard it is to be a teacher (and custodian!). Many kids don’t understand that they’re difficult jobs, and this show absolutely proved that.
  • There were overweight (or near overweight) kids who weren’t made fun of for their weights!!!
  • The jokes were actually pretty good. Come on, let’s admit it, that show was funny.
  • Gender inequality issues were addressed and stereotypes were totally broken! Loomer was a total sucker for love, one of his guy friends enjoyed (and was good at) sewing, Moze tried every sport at the school, one episode completely dissed the idea that girls and boys should each dress a certain way, Mr. Monroe ran the sewing club, Spencer was completely and unashamedly into acting and adored for it, women taught the gym class and high-level math, The Huge Crew weren’t afraid to show their total affection for Ned, Cookie frequently used dressing in drag as his first plan when trying to accomplish something, Ned could be sweet and sentimental, Ned and Cookie took health class (which was taught by Mr. Monroe) and were extremely protective over their fake baby (which they “raised” together!)… And, my personal favorite example: when Lisa Zemo got her makeover before season 3 and came back all attractive, she got tons of attention from boys. Not only did she not turn down boys for being nerdy or not the most attractive, but when Cookie kept vying for her attention she didn’t drop everything to go after him again. For the past two seasons she’d had a crush on him and he barely acknowledged her. She obviously remembers that and is still willing to be friends with him, but she also remembers that he wouldn’t have been going after her if she hadn’t had a makeover, so she won’t let him suddenly have her just like that. She understands her worth and won’t go out with guys who only want her for her looks.
  • The custodian character was actually important and taught some good life lessons to the kids. Gordy showed an obvious and usually overlooked worth of the people who clean up your messes- they are people too, and they enjoy talking to you! The same goes for the lunch lady- she was valued and respected!
  • Suzie!!! She was made out to just be the pretty, popular girl, but she was so much more. She competed hard in sports, had lots of school spirit, was a loyal girlfriend, didn’t agree with Missy’s harshness, and was disadvantaged when it came to family. Her parents were divorced and she didn’t even have money to get school lunches- she worked for Rose, remember? And people stuck up for her when others (*cough* Missy *cough*) tried to make fun of her. She wasn’t entirely self-centered or vapid or stupid.

Those are just a few of the reasons why Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide was, and is, an amazing show. Feel free to add anything that I’ve forgotten, as I’m sure there’s plenty.

FILLED REQUEST: down with love, a fuckboi! seongwu au

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pairing: ong seongwu x reader
genre: fluff, angst
wordcount: 3023
summary: Ong Seongwu is the campus’s resident type-A fuckboy. when you, an unknown writer, attempt to steal his spotlight, he tries to get revenge by making you fall in love with him.
warnings: provocative situations, but nothing too steamy
(inspired by the movie of the same name! same verse as the sungwoon prince au, but with a different reader + earlier time period. cross-posted on ao3.)

one | two

Each term, Ong Seongwu beats three of his own personal records: the number of features editors who’ve quit at the campus publication he heads; the amount of attention its social media has garnered under his editorship; and the size of his contacts list, the names of interviewees mingling with those of all the people he’s slept with.

Everybody on campus knows Ong Seongwu, and he wants to keep it that way. A consummate professional, he entered university knowing exactly what he wanted and how he was going to get there. After all, one doesn’t become an excellent reporter and social media influencer overnight; Seongwu built his brand through hard work, god-given good looks, and a knack for making people laugh. He flirts with all of them and fucks them without batting an eyelash, and none of them can say they didn’t know what they signed up for.

Yes, it’s easy to fall for Seongwu, with a story like his: a talented boy on scholarship with big dreams, eager to find someone to share his life with. The best lies are half-truths, after all. Seongwu does work hard, but he doesn’t think there’s a place in his life for love. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun, and he’s broken the many hearts of people who’ve wanted more.

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And I just need enough of you to dull the pain
Just to get me through the night ‘til we’re twins again
'Till we’re stripped down to our skeletons again
'Till we’re saints just swimming in our sins again

I’m not feeling great lately, so this is a completely 100% self-indulget thing i drew as a way to cope with it

@digdipper09 I saw your Tony as a villain comment and raise you Tony as an accidental-clueless-unknowing villain. Not quite what I expected when I started but *shrug*

The Villainous Career of Tony Stark–A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events

A different take on the Tony as the Villains’ Favourite™ concept. Where the consequences of hate and gossip are unpredictable, and nothing ever goes the way you intend it to… Also this is mostly crack. I tried treating it seriously, but not sure I succeeded.

Warning: Contains small amounts of various superhero hate, because villains and terrible people. In this chapter mainly Tony and Bruce.

A rumour doesn’t have to be true. It has to be shared.

There is this kid, barely old enough to drink, yet already well on his way to become a super villain. It’s name–though of no importance–is Ian, and he knows two things, and two things only: 1) Being able to corrode even the thickest of stones with just your spit is unnatural and despicable. 2) Tony Stark is the most revolting, hypocritical, pathetic waste of space there is.

Both lessons the kid learned early on, like many other things, from his parents. A spiteful, bitter pair too occupied spewing poisonous words into every direction to find something worth loving in their lives.

And so it is perhaps inevitable that this kid, Ian, eventually finds his way into the New Yorker underground, where, thanks to his ability, he quickly finds a sponsor. An older, more experienced villain willing to show the kid the ropes and keep him out of trouble with the big leagues until he might be able to handle it.

They talk about super heroes eventually because of course they do. Know your enemy and all. And it’s then, when the mentor goes over Iron Man’s known abilities, that the kid frowns in confusion.

“But Iron Man isn’t a villain?” he says like it’s obvious, a truth that has been drilled into his mind for so long that questioning it is unthinkable–after all, following Iron Man’s path is a large part of the reason why Ian is here in the first place, trying to become a super villain.

The mentor meanwhile is struck dumb by this, this utterly ridiculous statement. He doesn’t even know where to begin refuting this claim, everyone knows Iron Man is a hero, where did this kid even come from?

But when he tries to explain as much to the kid, Ian proves himself surprisingly stubborn for the first time. It’s all “He went out of the arms’ business” “Yes, because he didn’t want to share them anymore, he kept them to himself” and “He saved the world” “Yeah, to save himself”, until eventually, the poor, exhausted mentor has to admit defeat. There is no convincing this kid that Tony Stark isn’t a villain, even though he’s obviously a hero.

…isn’t he?

There’s this lower-class villain mentor who’s a little thrown-off by his protégés insistence that Tony Stark is a villain. He knows it couldn’t be true of course, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to convince the kid of that–and that, that bothers him.

He seeks counsel with a higher-up villain the next day, a man feared enough to have earned his own villain name. Dagger he is called and rumour has it he has even once encountered an Avenger himself.

Dagger has nothing but scoffs and scorn for the mentor, served with a bunch of sharp barbs about how the drinks must’ve softened up his brain. But Dagger holds no love for Iron Man, who at one point blasted him into a wall before he could so much as raise his daggers, and so the answer a curious minion overhears is a snappish “sure is enough of a selfish bastard to fit the bill”.

There’s this man well into his fifties, who’s been working behind the bar of the Gustav’s all his life. He’s used to the odd people slipping through the door way too late, used to barely hidden weapons, used to shady deals and not asking questions.

He’s less used to a bunch of very shady men gathering together in one corner, arguing, louder and louder, drawing more and more attention. Over Tony Stark of all things.

But he’s kept his head down all his life and he continues to do so. Until the men demand a refill and one of them demands to know whether it’s true, whether Tony Stark really is a villain. And this man, who’s rarely ever been asked for his own thoughts, bares his teeth as he thinks of Stark, of the man who has been born with everything he could have ever wanted, and so he rants about arrogance and entitlement and how Stark has done more damage to this world than that damn Loki ever did.

And the men listen silently, occasionally nodding in solemn agreement, and the next round the bartender gives out for free.

There is Carter Whistney who hasn’t been high up in HYDRA’s hierarchy. Which might just be the only reason he is still alive and free. But ever since HYDRA’s fall–or setback, depending on whom you ask–he has begun to make a name for himself. And whilst not as high up in the underworld as, say, Loki, he is doing well indeed.

As such, when the first rumours of Tony Stark being secretly a villain reach his ears, he could afford to spend ten minutes laughing about how gullible his minions really are.

Then. Then he takes the situation for what it really is. A chance to besmirch the name of Tony fucking Stark, an irritating nuisance in every honest villain’s butt.

And so he turns back to his terrified underlings with a wide, crazed smile on his lips and uttered a single confirmation.

There is Brock Rumlow tilting his head to the side in consideration. For the past three weeks or so, the underworld has been abuzz with rumours about the one and only Tony Stark, a name that never fails to draw attention from every side of the legal line.

It’s not the first time that uninformed morons and FOX reporters insist on the inherent evil-ness of the guy, but those rumours usually dissipate within days. This time it seems like every minion in New York has been won over at the same time.

It could be a coincidence, mere happenstance, but Brock Rumlow doesn’t believe in coincidences. And since this time the theory clearly isn’t gonna disappear on its own, perhaps it’s time to–reconsider.

After all… There has been the Incident.

(Nobody talks about the Incident.)

With a sign Rumlow pulls out his newest burner phone. It’s time to let the others, who are less likely to pay attention to their underlings’ worries know of this new development. Whether it’s true or not, rumours as persistent as this one will have uncomfortable consequences sooner rather than later.

They need to deal with this as quickly as possible.

The Council of All That Is Evil And All That Spreads Evil is in full session. Which is to say, all its twenty four, highly esteemed members are shouting and flinging insults at each other, as is usual at this stage in the informed decision making process.

“This is preposterous!” one of the more conservative members interrupts. “Why do we even waste our time with this pointless discussion? Iron Man is a hero, there’s no questioning that!”

“Then where was he during Project Insight?” another one throws in heatedly. “Why wasn’t he defending his precious civilians from all those armed helicarriers? Helicarriers that he built by the way.”

“Hulk wasn’t there either and I don’t see you trying to turn him into a villain!” the first one shoots back.

“Psh,” a third member scoffs. “Hulk runs all the time.”

“And someone explain to me how a man who routinely hacked SHIELD and other secret government data banks, could not know about HYDRA’s continued survival!” the second one continuous with new fervour. “Explain how a man with the most developed computing skills didn’t know his own business partner made deals with terrorists.”

“He almost got killed by said terrorists,” the first one scorns.

“Oh, like you’ve never gotten rid off your partner because he knew too much,” the second snarks right back.

“I can’t believe we’re even considering this.” A fourth villain buries his face in his hands.

“You have to admit though, there’s a lot of holes in these stories,” his seat neighbour comments. “I mean, do you really think SHIELD could just sneak a spy in right under Stark’s nose and he’d suspect nothing?”

“Order! Order!” the Council’s president bellows. “I do not believe that we will resolve this issue today. Therefore I ask that you keep your eyes and ears open, and gather as much information as possible for the meeting in two weeks, where we’ll discuss this again. Meeting adjourned!”

Technically there are 2-3 more parts planned. Two more from various villains’ perspectives and then one from Tony’s point of view. But this was getting ridiculously long as it is and also I’m increasingly less sure if it’s a good read? Damn you, insecurity. Let me know what you think?

Btw the alternate title for this was The Only Acceptable Consequence Of Tony-Hate, just because.

anonymous asked:

What are your fave episodes with a lot of CS? those for us suffering from missing them and wanting to rewatch their journey

Oh, fun question.

Captain Swan movie!  I love 3x21 Snow Drifts and 3x22 No Place Like Home and I really think they are the overall two best episodes of the series.And sooooo much CS goodness.  In fact there’s so much goodness it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite scene.  Their first dance and Emma’s first ball will always be pretty dang special, though. This is the show at it’s very best and I don’t think it was ever this good again. 

It’s always a good idea to revisit Tallahassee 2x06 and see how it all began. There is something so satisfying watching all the beanstalk scenes knowing what we know now.  Try watching while talking to the TV “Gurrrrrl, you are so going to get with that!” or “Sweet Pirate, that’s the future mother of your children that you are flinging that innuendo at!”

You know, I always think fondly back on Ariel 3x07. The downside to this is you have to look at Neal and put up with him being a third wheel, on the upside is one of my very favorite CS scenes (When I win your heart Emma…) and Emma being flustered. Also I forever love the message they sent with the staging of the scene in the Dark Hollow, the three characters formed an actual triangle, with Neal behind Emma (the past) and Hook in front of her (her future) and when they were both in jeopardy Emma only yelled one name. By the way if you have never seen this crack recap of the episode, you should go watch it. Back in the day I remember watching it over and over again. Hilarious.  Bonus: the delightful Joanna Garcia as Ariel!

I know there’s not a ton of CS, but I really love 4x02 White Out. We have great CS scenes at the beginning and end, and the middle is filled with a desperate Killian trying to save Emma. The hug at the end will forever be one of the best surprises this show ever gave me. I had no idea it was coming, and we had waited so long for it and it was so heart felt. That television moment was extremely cathartic and so well earned. Bonus: Charming with flowing hair and Warlord Bo Peep.  

Following that, the The Apprentice 4x04 the date episode is chock full of CS goodness. To me this episodes offers so much.  We get the first glimpse of Killian’s new modern costume, Emma feeling soft towards her pirate and putting on a pretty dress, excited Snow and over protective Charming.  And then the kiss! It’s one of my favorites, so sensual and full of feeling. And then… the best part is Emma going into the loft, and she is just absolutely lovestruck. To me that is THE moment she realizes she’s fully in love with him. 

It’s always nice when there’s a little tension between your pair, because that means the tension has to be released. This is one of the many reasons I love 4x13 Unforgiven. Hook was keeping something from Emma, Emma knew it, they got tense, and then they discussed it in such a mature, loving way. So much growth in this episode. Bonus: Snow and Charming almost catching them get busy at the Sheriff station!

I could watch 5x04 The Broken Kingdom on a loop.  Is there any more romantic imagery on this show than Captain Swan galloping across the countryside on a horse and then walking through a meadow and kissing in a field of Middlemist?  No… no there is not. If that’s not enough we get spying parents CS and Killian being the only one who can get through to Emma and keep the darkness at bay. Really nice. Bonus: Guinevere and Lancelot!

Obviously 5x08 Birth is one of the all time great CS episodes. It’s not easy, but we get so much development and so many amazing moments, both in Camelot and in Storybrooke. It’s a bit gut-wrenching, but it’s also the episode where we find out that EVERYTHING Dark Swan did was for Killian. We always knew that Killian would go to the end of the world or time for Emma, this is when we found out she would do the same. Beautiful.  

Probably the best episode of season 6 was 6x03 The Other Shoe.  I love this episode.  The Captain Cobra Swan team up was super fun and we got multiple moments of Killian comforting Emma and then, of course, the moving in conversation. This was a milestone I really wanted to see, so happy the show delivered. the Bonus: The Cinderella fairy backs are good!

I’ll end this with the amazing, fairy tale, roof top wedding, in the very special musical episode 6x20 The Song in your Heart. The musical episode is worth rewatching just for the musical numbers, but the last 6 minutes is the best.  Killian in a velvet suit, Emma in a gown fit for a Princess, the Charmings beaming as they walk Emma down the aisle, heartfelt vows that we actually get to hear and then a dance and a duet. Bonus: Colin and Jen both killing their solo numbers and the Josh, Ginny and Bex having so much fun with theirs. 

Thanks for asking, this was fun!

BabsTabs S04 concept

so I’m thinking that slowly slowly (which will actually be SUPER FAST because Gotham is the most impatient show ever) they reach a place where Tabby has all but forgiven Babs and is willing to give what they had another shot

maybe they end up having wild sex one time after a murder/crime rush

or maybe they just end up sweetly kissing one night and we see them waking up together the next morning, cooking breakfast in PJs and smiling coyly at each other

however it happens

it should be at EXACTLY THAT POINT of reconciliation and tentative rekindling of romance that they both learn about Grundy, and how he’s working for Nygma no less

cue UTTER PAINFUL, ANGSTY, ANGRY CONFLICT in Tabby where she feels like she can’t possibly continue pursuing a relationship with Babs knowing Butch is still alive, even if he isn’t the Butch she knew (/loved?) anymore

because maybe she thinks she owes it to him to try and get his memory back? or at least free him from exploitation by NYGMA, who is such a large part of the REASON Butch has ended up all amnesiac and stuff

plus, seeing Butch so broken will twist her old hate towards Babs for killing him into anger at how she DIDN’T kill him but apparently did something Tabby may well consider MUCH WORSE than death (ie. driven out of his mind and subjugated to an enemy)

meanwhile Babs may be horrified at what has happened to Butch? (if her new feelings of regret/remorse extend to him as well as Tabby) or at the very least she will be shocked and pained at how his ‘survival’ causes old wounds to be opened in Tabby and, ofc, threatens any chance of her and Tabby mending their relationship (and perhaps it will cause old anger and jealousy to resurface in her, leading to a struggle to maintain her new zen-like lifestyle?)

and overall it will be ANGSY AS ALL HELL AND I WILL LOVE IT!

y/n/maybe? ;)

41 facts about the DMC series.

1. Dante is both right-handed and left-handed, Vergil is right-handed, Nero is left-handed.

2. The first Devil May Cry was originally gonna be Resident Evil 4. Almost all of the enemies in Devil May Cry are a reference to Resident Evil.

For example, the Marionettes represent the zombies since they’re slow, the Blades represent the Hunters, and the Beezlebubs, Cyclopses, and Phantoms all represent the giant bugs.

And to add, Dante represents Leon, and Vergil (Nelo Angelo) represents Wesker.

Then later, Leon got changed to a guy named Tony, which is the Dante we know, then Tony’s name because an alias for Dante.

3. The reason Dante wears red and has white hair is because it’s a Japanese tradition of how they create their rolemodels/superheroes (they usually wear red). And the white hair is from a Japanese folklore that has something to do with demon possession.

4. The order of the series actually goes by:

- Devil May Cry 1 Novel (Dante is 16-18)

- Devil May Cry 3 Manga (Dante is 18)

- Devil May Cry 3 (Dante is 18-19)

- Devil May Cry 1, Marvel vs CAPCOM 3 and Viewtiful Joe (Dante is 28-29 years old)

- Devil May Cry Anime (Dante is 29-30 years old)

- Devil May Cry 4 (Dante is 36 years old)

- Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Devil May Cry 2 Novel, and Devil May Cry 2 (Dante is between 38 and 40 years)

5. The Devil May Cry story was based off of the old poetry book, A Divine Comedy/Dante’s Inferno. Dante was named after the author and character, Dante Alighieri. Vergil was named after Vergil, and Trish and Eva were named after Beatrice.

6. The reason they added Patty Lowell into the Devil May Cry Anime was because all Anime companies keep a tradition, where they have to add approximately 1 cute thing in a series, including horror genre type Anime O_o Plus they wanted to add a bit of comic relief, showing how Dante reacts towards kids.

7. Daniel Southworth (Vergil) did NOT do the voice of Credo in Devil May Cry 4, but he did the mo-cap of Credo. And he also auditioned to be the voice of Dante for Devil May Cry 4, but didn’t get the part.

8. Stephanie Cheeva did NOT do the voice of Lady from Devil May Cry 3 because she has an Eastern European accent and can’t get rid of it. But she did the mo-cap of Lady, while Kari Walhgren did the voice.

9. Laura Napoli did NOT do the voice of Lady and Kyrie in Devil May Cry 4, but she did the mo-cap for them.

10. On Mission 19 in Devil May Cry 3 when Dante and Vergil defeat Arkham, notice that when they swap weapons, Dante does attacks similar to Vergil’s, while Vergil does attacks similar to Dante’s.

11. Notice how Vergil’s deadly cuts are activated when he sheathes his katana.

12. Episode 7 of the Devil May Cry Anime is the only episode that has the f-word.

13. Vergil is actually Nero’s father….No joke because there was a press conference with CapCom years ago explaining all the novels, and they confirmed Nero to be Vergil’s son. Plus in one of the latest art books (Japan only), CapCom wrote for one of the concepts, hinting that Nero is related in some way.

14. In Devil May Cry 4, CAPCOM was originally gonna give Nero and Dante a 2nd devil trigger form called “Perfect Devil Trigger”, where their demon side controls them, making them more powerful and wreaking havoc, but Nero controls his demon side more.

15. Cerberus appeared in one of the circles of Inferno which was the 3rd one in Divine Comedy/Dante’s Inferno, and Cerberus was the third mission’s boss in DMC3. Also in the 3rd circle of inferno, there is a heavy rain mixed with hail, and one of Cerberus’ heads shoots ice to the roof, which later falls like rain, explaining why he’s ice element.

16. Lady/Mary was named after Jesus’ mother, Lady Mary/The Virgin Mary.

17. Devil May Cry 4 Mission 11’s name: “The 9th circle” makes reference to Lucifer’s circle in Dante’s Inferno/Divine Comedy. Thinking about it, it’d be more fitting to say the “8th”, since that’s where most of the giants are. In the 8th circle, giants are kept “encaged” inside tall, circular towers, some almost at their height, some not, and the Saviour from DMC4 is a giant inside a large tower where only the top of its head goes further than the tower.

18. Beowulf in Devil May Cry 3 is a reference to Divine Comedy’s/Dante’s Inferno’s Geryon who is the angel that carries Dante and Vergil at some point of inferno. It keeps most of the features Geryon had: Shining wings, large body and scorpion’s tail. They named him Beowulf though due to his creature concept.

19. Geryon in Devil May Cry 3 is a reference to the horse that carried Beatrice’s vehicle in Dante’s Inferno/Divine Comedy. They have moved the name Geryon to the horse for some reason.

20. The Scarecrows from Devil May Cry 4 are filled with black-misty bugs, like in the first circle of inferno in Dante’s Inferno/Divine Comedy.

21. Jester was originally gonna be named Joker.

22. Arkham’s name was originally gonna be named Hyne (pronounced Hai-neh.)

23. Due to restrictions on the PS2’s technological capabilities, there could only be as many as the Abysses showing on screen at once in Vergil’s prologue.

24. All in game animation (except the taunts, cutscenes, and all of DMC4) required no motion capture.

25. The Bruce Lee-like taunt that Dante does before he fights Cerberus was actually going to be one of the taunts in the game.

26. Lady’s school girl design was for the purpose of “moe”, a Japanese term which in this case refers to “sex appeal”, or an effect that brings about “excitement” in that sense.

27. At the beginning of the first mission 9 cutscene, they had to remodel/reskin Dante just for it due to getting soaked in blood.

28. On mission 13 after defeating Vergil for the 2nd time, the battle scene when Lady steps in was going to be longer, having Lady fight against Dante and Vergil. Unfortunately, they had to cut it short due to the fact that Lady (who is human) has no chance of defeating them (half demons.)

29. In the 1st scene of DMC1 where Trish falls from the sky, there’s a shop to her left with a sign that says, “Dino Crisis 2.”

30. In the Devil May Cry Anime, Reuben Langdon (the voice of Dante) changed his name to Justin Cause in the credits. Justin Cause is a reference to the stunt studio he works at called Just Cause. Also the other reason he changed it to Justin Cause was because it had something to do with a contract from the studio, and he also didn’t like the idea of how they made Dante’s character in this anime, so Reuben couldn’t really be himself.

31. Notice how for the Order of the Sword cult from DMC4 wears only white and red, while Nero’s the only one who wears a different colour, violet.

32. Sanctus’ name has never been said in DMC4….Ever. He’s only called “His Holiness”, or “Your Holiness”. Then again, Sanctus means Holiness in Latin.

33. In this video, go to the 25 second mark and listen carefully -> Sound familiar? That part of the song can also be heard from the Devil May Cry anime when Dante battles some enemies sometimes.

34. In the DMC1 novel, Tony/Dante goes on a date with a certain someone by the name of Claire. Remember how I mentioned about how DMC1 was gonna be Resident Evil 4? (See fact #2)

35. After Devil May Cry 1 or Devil May Cry 2 was released, CapCom was gonna make a Devil May Cry game for the PSP called Dance of Sparda. And then it was rumoured to be for the DS afterwards but that never happened either.

36. In Bayonetta, there are a few Devil May Cry references such as Bayonetta saying Dante’s one line, “Let’s rock baby”. Even the gameplay style is a reference, Luka’s one pet cat is named Trish (or girlfriend he calls her), and there’s a thing at the end of the credits that says, “Team Little Angels” instead of “Team Little Devils.”

37. There are some hints that Lady probably is not 100% human:

- she does acrobatic abilities that no Olympic gymnast can do.

- after getting stabbed in the leg by her Kalina Ann on mission 13, she does not scream in pain nor cry. Like, I understand that she’s in shock and wouldn’t scream nor cry but after awhile, she SHOULD be crying and complaining a lot.

- with the state of her wounded leg, it seems like it’s already healing, and she should NOT be walking. If someone had an injured leg like that (especially a skilled soldier or survivalist), they should be using a crutch/cane and not able to walk.

- her father Arkham has the ability to transform into a demonic Mad Hatter in the DMC3 manga, which is a prequel of DMC3, and before the incident of his wife that he brutally murdered, then was able to transform into Jester in DMC3.

38. Besides Divine Comedy/Dante’s Inferno, and Resident Evil, Devil May Cry was also inspired by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:

- Nevan in DMC3 is a reference to the Succubus boss.

- Dante is half-human, half-demon, while Alucard is half-human, half-vampire, and both men have white hair.

- the music has some dark Gothic-like music playing, then changes to heavy metal/rock in both games.

- Shadow from DMC1 is a reference to the one enemy in the inverted castle, Black Panther.

- both Dante and Alucard have a doppelganger-like boss. Before Alucard’s doppelganger emerges, there is some sort of door that has a certain symbol or pattern on it that is similar to the lights in the DMC3 doppelganger battle.

39. In DMC4, the Saviour was not originally gonna be Sparda, it was originally gonna be Kyrie or Eva.

40. Besides Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance had some references to Devil May Cry as well. Raiden’s human concept has a similar facial concept and hairstyle like DMC2 Dante. He even taunted a couple times like Dante would do before the Blade Wolf Fight and fight against the officers of the one city. And some of Raiden’s movesets are very similar to some of Dante’s moves when he uses Ifrit.

41. Dante’s Rising Dragon ability is a reference to Ryu from Street Fighter’s Rising Dragon.

I am just saying I only found this
on a Devil May Cry fansite. I'm not responsible
for any of this and just though it'd be intresting to
share on tumblr. Thank you!❤ 

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I always wanna scream when someone suggest something for your comics because then you have to explain that you have a FAQ thing

It’s the very definition of insanity sometimes, isn’t it? XD , even though the FAQ is in plain sight on both versions of my blog. Though in all seriousness, for every message you see that appears that seems to have been covered by my FAQ, there are so many more that you don’t see. Heck, I even got another boneheads-related message today(one of the ones where they wanted to ask the characters directly, though). I’ve long since accepted that it’s just something that’s never going to go away, so I tend to only answer the particularly fascinating ones, if any at all.