only one more gifset i promise

Promises are meant to be broken

Summary: Fic based on this gifset by eliseboobman except Beca hasn’t really kept her promise

Note: I really don’t know what came over me to do this and I’m sorry in advance

It has been two years, maybe even more than that. Two years of grief and misery

Two whole years of missing one person, hoping that when you wake up you’ll have them in your arms hugging them as tight as you possibly could and never letting go

For two years hope is the only thing that’s making Chloe Beale alive.

Tired? Yes, maybe, some may even say no because how can you be tired if you live through hope every single fucking day.

But Chloe Beale thinks differently, loving someone can be tiring, of course it can, because being tired will make you realize that even though your body can’t fight the world anymore, it will, especially for someone you love. But loving someone who is gone and goes with the name Beca Mitchell? Now that’s a whole different story.

Beca Mitchell” the name rolled over Chloe’s tongue in a whisper

Rebeca C. Mitchell

November 5, 1996 – March 14 2013

“You will always be

   cherished and loved”


Beca Mitchell, where do I even start. She’s the girl who always carries around her big chunky headphones, the girl who has “ugly” ear monstrosities, the girl who has the i-don’t-give-a–shit-attitude, to everyone that’s Beca Mitchell

To Chloe she’s everything

Her soul

Her mind

Her heart

Every piece of her ache for Beca Mitchell, but what happens when Beca Mitchell is gone?


Nothing is what happens. Not the nothing that you’re thinking about. Nothing as in like seeing darkness except it’s in a body with fiery red hair and blue eyes that used to shine brighter than the whole world, that nothing.

Chloe wipes the tears that’d escaped from her eyes and tried to hold back a sob

Pulling out the white rose that’s currently in her purse as she feels her phone vibrating through her jeans


“Chloe! Where the hell are you?! I’ve been here knocking on your door for almost half an hour now.”

“B-Bree I’m not home”

“No shit, now can you please stop messing around and tell me where the hell are you because we’re gonna miss our flight ”

“Im at the cemetery” Chloe sighed

“Cemetery? What the eff are you doing th- oh..”


“Chloe if you don’t want to do thi-“

“No. No. I have to… I a-am doing this its for the sake of everyone right?

“Chloe… Please remember that you do not need to do this for us” Aubrey said

“I know that.  I want to do his because this is what’s good for all of us” There was a slight edge on Chloe’s tone that Aubrey noticed but choose to ignore



“Yeah, Alright. Be ready in 20 I’m coming to get ya.” Aubrey said

“Okay I’ll be here.. Oh and Bree?”


“Thank you.. f-for all of this” Chloe admitted sincerely

“No problem Chloe it’s what best friends for right?”

“Right.” Chloe let out a light chuckle before ending the call

‘This is it then’ She thought

Chloe raises the flower to her face giving it a light kiss on the petals before placing it on the cold cemented stone

Chloe released out a shaky breath before starting

“Beca.. Hi… I-I know its’s been two years since you l-left me. Two Years of tears and heartbreak. Two years of people telling to move on and just start over, I never listened though, cause they don’t understand, they never understand that I can never get over from someone like you… You’re Beca Mitchell… My Beca and you always will be.”

A sound of a car honk came from behind her signaling that Aubrey’s here.

“ I guess this is a goodbye then.” She sobs wiping the tears that had fallen

“G-Good Bye Beca Mitchell… Until we meet again.”


“Never.” She said it without a trace of hesitance in her voice

“Never ever ever?”

“I promise you, not in a billion light years will I leave you, Chlo”

“Mhm-mhm” Satisfied with the answer Chloe snuggled closer to the brunette

“I love you do you know that?” Chloe started, raising her head so she could face the smaller girl

“Nooooo… really?” Beca said sarcasm dripping at every word

“Wow… Way to ruin the mood Mitchell.” Chloe laughed lightly slapping the other girl’s arm

“Oh you know you love it Beale don’t even try to deny it” Beca smiled

Chloe started leaning in towards Beca before stopping making their lips inches from touching

“I won’t” Chloe whispered pulling back the piece of fallen hair from Beca’s face before pressing their lips together

“Good.” Beca sighed before continuing 

“Because I love you too Chloe Beale.”

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so i guess you just decided that after teasing your followers and making promises you aren't making another wizarding school after all? fucking rude.

The only person who is being rude is you. I am making another one, I just haven’t done it yet because surprise surprise, I have commitments outside of tumblr that are more important than this gifset.

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