only one left i can't even believe it

in ophelia’s opinion, it had been far too long since she had been out to the club with company. in reality, it had only been a week, maybe less. even still, she hadn’t expected her and arlo’s golf-date planning to turn into setting up a trip to the club. never being one to turn down an invitation to have some fun, regardless of how their last hangout session had left her feeling, she currently found herself propped up against the bar, third drink of the night already in her hand and eyes lingering on the taller male beside her. you going to be my wingman tonight ? she asked, voice loud enough to be heard over the booming music, quirking a brow as she smirked over at her companion.  and, this time, i mean actual wingman. tmi, but it’s been way too fucking long, she explained, shrugging her shoulders as she glanced away from him, attention on the cluster of people on the dance floor, taking another sip from her drink. @avlo