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omg, you guys. Imagine it was the other way around tho

Yuuri is this really popular 23 year old skater who is winning championships left and right. And Viktor is this washed up ex-idol who lost his love and passion for skating he’s thinking of quitting it all together, only ever messing things up after he had to take time off because of an injury.

then he skates Yuuri’s routine, the one that Viktor really likes. maybe he always looked at Yuuri in awe, because such a young and shy boy from Japan took the audience (and him) by storm

So he skates this really emotional routine that Yuuri was just a tad too young for at 23 and Yurio of course posts it on the internet, because he is a troll and he still is a big fan of Viktor’s

And then Yuuri, who only ever got as far as he did because he had admired Viktor when he was young sees it and is dropping everything (maybe even a chmpionship) to tavel to Russia and coach Viktor for one last magnificent championship.

And of course Ciao Ciao isn’t too pleased about it, but Pitchit is totally on board

Gosh, maybe Yuri awaits Viktor in a bar or whatever… ahhh, I could spend hours with this au

A Reason

Summary: Coming back had to have a reason and that reason is short and simple.

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none really, omg.

Word Count: 1164

OMG. After 84 years, you get a fic from me, and a short one… I promise to post more in the coming weeks since I only have two final tests so yeah.. xD

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

There were many reasons as to why you left Mystic Falls in the first place but there’s only one reason you wanted to go back. There were also a ton of reasons why you left New Orleans and not a single reason why you wanted to go back. You fought wars that you shouldn’t even be in, wars that drove you to the edge. You’ve had enough of it all and thats why you left, to be alone, to try and start a new life. But that seemed to be a hard thing to do. 15 years has passed since you’ve been with anyone you knew, be it the Mikaelsons or the Salvatores.

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[LEFT SIDE] As mentioned before, during Ono’s 1st solo live, Kamiya gave him an extra large flower stand with Belladonna. (Flower language in Japanese: look at me only)

[RIGHT SIDE] After that, the flower stand Ono presented for Kamiya’s 2nd solo live included 7 sunflowers. (Flower language in Japanese: you are the only one in my sight)


P.S. If you don’t know who they are, you can see here -

A King’s Guilty Pleasure || [Tamaki/Kyoya]

Summary: After a successful meeting of the Ouran Host Club, Tamaki and Kyoya are the only ones left to clean up Music Room 3. Things get a little interesting as Tamaki decides to exploit a weakness of Kyoya’s, something that Kyoya isn’t going to take without a fight.

It only took me months to write this prompt, nbd.
And OMG SAMMY ISN’T WRITING A FREE FIC??? WHAT IS GOING ON??? Yeah, I am in dire need of some diversity in my fanfics. Written for a lovely anon, hope you enjoy it! I don’t know if you headcanon Kyoya as being ticklish or not, but I included that because look at that cutie. I kept the main part of your request though! ^^


Tamaki Suoh picked up an empty teacup and sighed. Cleanup was always his least favorite part of an afternoon in the Host Club, and it certainly didn’t help that the other hosts weren’t here to help out. Haruhi left early to do some chores and studying (a commitment for which her doting senpai was more than willing to allow her to leave). Honey-senpai had fallen asleep after a sugar high from too much strawberry cake and Mori-senpai had carried him home. And the twins? Well, they didn’t exactly have an excuse, they were just lazy.

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Stop biting your nails by selectively biting your nails.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but helped me stop biting my nails after almost 20 years.

Start by biting only your left (or right)

Whenever you feel the urge just bite the fingers on that one hand. With time the other hand’s nails will grow.

Then slowly lower the number of fingers on your biting hand that you are allowed to bite.

Eventually having a shorter nail will feel more out of place than a longer nail.

Tldr: direct your urges instead of suppressing them. Start with biting one hands nails and move it down from there

“Imagine if you were the last Shadowhunter left on earth, imagine if all your family and friends were dead, imagine if there were no one left who even believed in what you were. Imagine if you were on the earth in a billion, billion years, after the sun had scorched away all the life, and you were crying out from inside yourself for just one single living creature to still draw breath alongside you, but there was nothing, only rivers of fire and ashes. Imagine being that lonely. and then imagine there was only one way to fix it. Then imagine what you would do to make that thing happen.”


Omg sorry for take so long I had this one in my WIP folder for like months and I haven’t got to finish it till now?? Thank you for the prompt, it’s been very cute to draw!! >w< 

This is surely AU because otherwise Ulqui would die because of those sweets pff

My Journey To Meet Johnny Depp- Part 2

Once I arrived back home from the Gold Coast everything went back to normal. I was still on uni break and had three weeks left and there was only a couple of days until I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out.

The following Saturday after my operation, Sharyn messaged me saying that Johnny was going to be making a crowd appearance at The Spit one night after filming and that I had to get back up there (three weeks after I’d been there). If I went up again I’d be flying alone. So I talked myself into going, I just had a feeling that this was going to be it. I booked a one-way flight to the Gold Coast Tuesday night, arriving there at 9.30pm. Sharyn came to pick me up and we were excited to see each other again so soon and all we spoke about was Johnny. We drove out to The Spit and she showed me where I had to catch the bus from and where I had to walk. I’d be venturing around the Gold Coast by myself until she finished work at 5pm on Wednesday. I remember laying in bed Tuesday night and everything was just so surreal. I never thought I’d be back on the Gold Coast again so soon.

Wednesday morning was an early start. Geoff and Sharyn had packed me a backpack full of food, tissues, sunscreen, binoculars, water and I packed my hat and sunnies. However I only used four of these items: tissues, binoculars, water and sunnies. Off I set in an unfamiliar place to journey to The Spit! I caught the bus from down the corner out to Sea World and walked from there to the Fishing Charters.

When I got there I sat on the sand and looked across over at The Spit where I could see filming. Looking through the binoculars, I saw Johnny on the ship. I couldn’t believe it, there he was, I was looking at him with my own eyes! I had a little cry and I just sat there trying to take everything in. I was texting Sharyn throughout the day telling her what was going on and she said ‘if anything happens you must call me and I’ll leave work’. After sitting on the beach for half an hour I decided I better start walking around to The Spit to get a good position. When I arrived there were quite a lot of people sitting against a black fence that blocked off the trailers. So I walked over and joined the crowd. By this time it was just on 12pm and I sat down and waited not knowing what was going to happen. After 1pm people started moving and I followed them, security had opened a bit in the fence to let us into the other side. I tried to call Sharyn, freaking out that something was going to happen and she would miss out, but I couldn’t get onto her. As I walked through the fence I saw another smaller fence and immediately knew that everyone had to line up along it. I hopped it between two ladies who were lovely. I was texting Sharyn everything that was going on, but because she was working she wasn’t replying.

I couldn’t believe it, here I was standing looking at the trailers where extras were going in and out of and I just thought to myself, I’ve made it, I’m going to meet Johnny today, It’s going to happen. I couldn’t help but start to cry again and the lady next to me rubbed my shoulder. Then a car drove in and everyone was wondering who was inside. It was Gibbs! (Kevin McNally).  He came down the line shaking everyone’s hands, taking photos and signing. He was so nice, when he got to the end he called out if anyone new had come in or if he had missed anyone, and he went back up the line again. Security came out and then the police, I was eagerly texting Sharyn, by this time it was nearly 3. And I had no idea when Johnny was coming out; until I heard the security guard say it would be once he had finished filming. But no one knew when that was going to be. Finally Sharyn arrived (lucky enough to finish work two hours early) and Kevin McNally came back out with Kaya Scodelario. They both seemed like really down to earth people.  When Kevin McNally was leaving he yelled out “and if you see my Captain, tell him I’m looking for him”.

A couple of minutes past and at 3.15pm a black car pulled up and Jerry got out. I was so excited to see Jerry. I couldn’t see in the car and was wondering if Johnny was in there. I was beside myself sobbing at this stage and Sharyn had her arm around me. My arms and legs felt light and tingly and Sharyn told me I couldn’t faint after waiting all this time. Jerry walked along and checked everything out and spoke to the security guards before returning back to the car. The car drove out and I assumed it was going to get Johnny.

At 5 o’clock, the black car returned. The door opened and out stumbled Johnny Depp dressed and acting as Captain Jack, arms swinging all over the place. I think my mind went numb at that point. I grabbed onto Sharyn’s arm and we were both just saying ‘oh my god’ to each other. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was living my dream. I could see Johnny’s beautiful eyes, they were just so captivating and I kept looking at him as he was over in the distance greeting a family.

He walked over to the fence and began talking to the crowd, signing posters and photos and taking selfies. He was slowly but surely making his way down to Sharyn and I. I was literally on cloud nine and I don’t think I’ve ever smiled for so long before. Then I said to Sharyn, “oh my god, you’re next” and then next minute they were both hugging. Sharyn said, “oh I just love you! I can die happy a happy woman” and Johnny replied in his Captian Jack voice, “I hope I die with a happy woman”. I was just standing next to Sharyn, gobsmacked watching this all happen. And then it clicked and I thought ‘I’m next!’ and Johnny and I made eye contact. I don’t know how, because I didn’t ask for a hug but next moment I realised we were hugging. I just held him so tightly and nestled my head into his hair/ neck, he smelt so amazing. I asked him if he could sign my arm and he said “where’s your arm”. Jerry asked if I had a pen but Johnny was already signing, and I just looked down and was thinking “it’s happening, this is it”. He did it so slowly and he was holding my hand while he did it. Sharyn was saying that I had flown up twice from Melbourne to see him and he said “where’s Melbourne? Is that in Papua New Guinea?” I just laughed and said yes and he said “is that near Australia?” and I laughed again and said yes. I managed to get out ‘I love you’, I think I said it about four times as I was just looking into his eyes and holding his hands. And I started to cry and he gave me another big hug. Sharyn and I were both saying thank you to him and he went out of his Captain Jack voice and said ‘no, thank you’. He was everything I expected him to be and so much more. The way he took the time with everyone and just looked into my eyes when I spoke. I was a mess, I accidentally grabbed Jerry’s arm and he said ‘thanks for coming girls, have a safe drive home’ and I replied ‘thanks Jerry’. He was probably thinking ‘what the, how does she know my name?’

After the best moment of our lives, Sharyn and I just grabbed each other and were crying. I was so star-struck. I was over the moon. I had never been so happy. I called Mum and she was on the other end crying and I was trying to get everything out but I was just a mess. Thursday morning I went and got where he signed tattooed. Every time I look at it I just smile, it’s a beautiful reminder of accomplishing my dream and meeting my favourite man.

At the age of twenty I’ve ticked my number one dream off my bucket list. I am over the moon. I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling. I am so grateful and thankful to my family who after all these years have just put up with me obsessing over Johnny, but now I’ve met him, it’s only going to get worse haha. Johnny has brought me so much happiness over the years. If I ever feel down or not myself, I just watch one of his movies or his interviews to pick myself up. You’ve helped me through so much Johnny. I never got the time to tell you how much you mean to me and how much your films have comforted me, but I got to tell you that I love you. Thank you for everything Johnny.  


requested by anon; i loved Rudy so much omg he was one of the only good things that came out of the show after Nathan left xxx

“Hey, hey, it’s alright,” He said, walking over to you, “I didn’t understand my power, either, I still don’t really. It’s a bit of a nuisance, actually. Thing is, I understand it better now than I did. The same will happen for you. You’ll be able to control it eventually. I’ll even help you, if you want?”

Still Into You | Pt. 6

(Taehyung x Reader) ANGSTANGSTANGST

Originally posted by myeong-su

Part: Video Trailer | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: Profanity.

Characters: Taehyung and Namjoon.

Summary: After making a horrible mistake on new years eve, taehyung breaks it off with you.

A/N: Almost a month later omg i’m so sorry for the long wait!! Here you go! ‘Still Into You | Pt. 6′ I hope you guys like it! Hope it wasn’t too confusing and well feedback will be greatly appreciated! Side note: I only have one week of uni left so I plan on writing a lot! Yay! Also I have a giveaway going on so check that out~

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May 2nd. (P2)

A/N- P2 as I promised <3 Read P1 here omg its so fluffly though haha

Your name: submit What is this?

* * *

2015, April 30th - 2:30 pm.

After Bobby died you couldnt believe anything anymore, you didn’t want to. He was the only family you had left and you regretted not being next to him when he died, so you had enough. You decided you were going to find the Winchesters and you were going to be a family again, whether they liked it or not. So you got help from the only friend you had left, The King Of Hell. You pulled out your phone and dialled his number, you looked at the ID and laughed, he called himself “Hotter than hell”.

“My favourite human, how can I help you?” You heard his gruff voice and smiled. If your dad knew you were friends with a demon he would disown you but Crowley was different than any scum demon. He was actually human around you, except for the you know, not human aspect.

“Hey Crownley, I need help tracking two hunters” You heard him set down a bunch of papers while he told ,what you believed to be, a demon to ‘fuck off’.

“Sure thing princess, what are their names?” You contemplated whether or not telling him would be a good idea. Even though you could trust him with your life you couldn’t trust him the Winchesters. Everyone hated them.

“The Winchesters” Crowley went silent for a minute and you heard him excuse everyone from the room.

“What do you want with those muttonheads? They’re not good to be around, Y/N.” You sighed.

“They’re my only living family, Crownley. I need them, you know? Apart from you I got no one.” You heard Crowley curse under his breathe.

“You’re the Y/N, Moose keeps muttering about in his sleep.” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Moose? What?” Crowley laughed on the other side of the line and he went silent.

“Hello? Damn, Hell reception” You heard a chuckle behind you and you pulled out your gun aiming it at a surprised Crowleys head. He  put his hands up in surrender while you rolled your eyes and sighed in shock.

“Dammit Crownley, you scared me” You tucked your gun back into your pants and Crowley handed you a piece of paper with co-ordinates.

“That’s squirrell and moose’s location. Also take Juliet as protection, yeah?” He patted the thin air and you rolled your eyes. You felt a furry beast walk around you, snuggling your legs.

“At least take her invisibility cloak off” Crowley snapped his fingers and you were able to see your favourite beast. You crouched down and scratched her favourite spot behind her ears. You smiled up at Crowley and he kissed your forehead before flying off to Lucifer know’s where.

May 1st, 2015, 11:50 am.

You drove up to where Crowley gave you the coordinates. You heard Juliet growl in the seat next to you and you patted her head in re-assurance. You pulled up in front of this massive tower that went underground and you gulped loudly. Juliet licked your hand and you wondered how hell hounds could be so vicious at times, yeah they looked damn scary but they were so sweet at times.

You grabbed the three milkshakes and walked into the frost night. Julliet walked beside you and you walked down the stairs to the entrance of the bunker.

“Jules, sit“ You swallowed all nervousness and knocked on the steel door of the bunker.  You placed the shakes on one of the stairs so you could be prepared for whatever came. Juliett whined next to you, mostly because she was bored and cold. You heard a gun cock behind the door and Juliet began to growl when you reached for your knife in instinct.

The door suddenly opened slightly and a exhausted Sam appeared. A smile instantly slapped onto your face and at the same time your heart broke. He looked worn-out, he looked as if he went to hell and back. You noticed how he slightly shrunk, but he grew in height.

“Happy birthday, Sammy” Sam exhaled in surprise when he saw your face and he ripped the door wider, crushing you into a hug. He immediately pulled away when he heard a menacing growl. He looked to where Juliet was and he pushed you behind him protectively, holding his gun at the defensive dog.

“No Sam it’s okay. Juliet heel.” Sam saw you communicate with the hound and she listened. Surprised was an understatement to what he felt. You walked in front of him and patted her head.

“You have a hell-hound?” You kissed the top of her head.

“Well it’s not mine. Julliet go back to Crownley, bye sweety” Juliet licked your hand and she ran off towards her master. You turned around to see a shock Sam still holding his gun.

“Crowley?” Suddenly Sam pulled out a flask and threw what seemed to be holy water at your face, thank god you were wearing waterproof makeup. You spit out the water and pulled out your silver knife. You cut your hand and when Sam saw there was no burning effect he put his gun away.

“Not a demon or a shifter” When the words left your lips Sam didn’t waste any time and he pulled you into a passionate and affectionate kiss. His hands went to your hair and yours arms circled his neck. You heard footsteps coming your way and you were interrupted by a cough. You turned around to see a sleepy Dean and you pulled away from sam’s grip.

“DEAN” You excitedly said as you jumped into the hunters arms. He hugged you back with equal force and your heart hurt, when was the last time these boys felt affection of any sort? You realised your face was still wet and you pulled away, wiping it on your shirt.

“Hey kiddo, come inside” You saw Sam holding the three milkshakes in his hand. You walked inside and your gasped at the beauty of this place. From the outside it looked like a complete dump but inside it was marvellous. You walked down the stairs and noticed how it went further and further on. You looked at library and you gawked at the series of books.

“This.Is.Awesome” You heard both the brothers chuckle and they led you inside the library where you all sat together.

“Y/N…you grew well in all the right places… how long has it been?“You laughed and punched Dean. You missed his shameless flirting. 

“Well the last time I saw you Dean was uhm before Dad died in 04, and Sam I saw you last in 09” You furrowed your eyebrows which caused butterflies to erupt in Sam’s stomach, he missed that look.

“Wait you saw Sam in 09?” You nodded, thinking back to that night. 

“Your dad’s dead? I’m so sorry” Sam looked at you with guilty eyes, he remembered the pain in your eyes when you saw him with Jessica. And to find out your dad died that same year killed him. You shook it off though, you were okay with it.

“Yeah well, it’s fine. It happened ages ago, sorry about yours. On a brighter note.” You checked the time, 12:05. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY” You got up out of your chair and hugged the giant. He laughed and kissed the top of your head. Dean smirked and he got up to hug his brother next.

“Well damn, Happy birthday bro. Okay so you two catch up, I need sleep. Y/N i’ll see you in the morning” You froze at his words, you were staying?.

“Oh no, don’t think you’re leaving us again. You’re staying here, there’s plenty of rooms and your family.” Dean kissed your forehead and he walked off with a shake in his hand, not giving you time to protest. You looked up to Sam who was simply smiling. He grabbed the last two shakes in one hand and your hand in the other.

“C’mon” Sam led you outside once again and he walked to the grassy part of the bunker’s roof. He sat down and pulled you down with him. He placed the frosty shake next to him and you sat in between his legs while he held you by the waist. You felt safe in his arms, something you hadn’t felt in a while. You realised you two were quiet for sometime, simply enjoying each others company.There was so much to say but you didn’t know what to say.

“I missed you” He softly murmured against your shoulder.

“Word’s cant describe how much I missed you too, Sam” You felt the lump in your throat and you didn’t want to ruin this by crying, but that didn’t stop a tear or so from falling.

“So you know Crowley?, he’s not holding you at ransom, is he?” You laughed at nodded.

“Yeah he’s my friend and no, he’s not brainwashing me or anything. Speaking of I should message him” You pulled out your phone and you clicked on the contact.

To: Hotter than Hell.

I found them, thanks Crownley x

Sam saw your text and he felt jealousy arise in him, something he hasn’t felt in a long time. His grip on your waist became tighter and your snuggled in closer to him. After 15 years, things didn’t change between you two. You felt as if those years were simply minutes, you didn’t feel awkward being in his arms again, you felt normal. Sam laid back down and you moved so your head was on his chest.

“I’m sorry for not coming back, I really am. Dad told me to never come back and I couldn’t risk getting you hurt. I’m so so sorry Y/N. You gotta believe me” You shushed him up by placing a soft kiss on his lips and he turned around facing you directly. Things began to get heated as he was now hovering on top of you with his hands next to your head. He moved from your lips and down to your jaw while your hands went to his hair.

He pulled away and stared into your y/e/c eyes. The moonlight was shining on your face, creating a sparkle in your eyes. You pushed his hair away from his face, tucking it behind his ear while you caressed his cheek. He leaned into your touch and kissed your palm.

“No matter where we are” You softly spoke. Sam pulled his wallet out and he took out the old note. Your heart melted and the fact that he kept it with him.

“we will always find our way back to each other” He finished your sentence lovingly, with his husky voice. He put his wallet aside and he dipped back down and your lips met once again. You felt something touch your hand and you realised Sams pinky was now linked with yours.

Your eyes fluttered to the illuminated sky and you smiled against his lips.

“Happy Birthday Sammy”.

life is happening!

another life update for you, taylor!


2 - Derek and I set our wedding date and venue! We get married NEXT FALL on October 1st, 2016! I AM SO EXCITED. We’ve been engaged for almost 3 months now, and we’ve been dating for almost 6 years (wow??)!

3 - I also have my bridesmaids and maid of honor! These 5 girls are huge parts of my life right now and I am so lucky to have had trouble keeping it to only 5.

4 - School is going well! It’s about midway through the semester and I have one semester left after this one before I graduate!

5 - I think that’s all the updates I can think of, but my best friends on tumblr would still appreciate a follow from you so, if you would do me the favor (and yourself okay they are hilarious and love you) and follow @kendraleigh02, @brebergstrom, and @thetimeladyofnerdfighteria… THANKS TAYLOR.


The peaceful atmosphere that cafes with outdoor patios produced was one of the main reasons that Joey was so drawn towards them. He often lost track of the time in situations like this one and today was no exception, he didn’t know how long it had been since his friend had left but he was in no hurry to do the same. 

The sound of buzzing noise, accompanied by said friend’s contact name flashing up on his phone caused him to snap out of his daydream. Had he forgotten something?

[Text received from <<loser™>>]: omg have u seen this??
[Text received from <<loser™ >>]:

“Ugh-” He sighed after he clicked on the link, at this point all he could do was bury his face in his hands, he only had himself to blame for falling for that one again. “Why do bad things happen to good people?” He groaned, unsure if he was asking himself this, or if the question was directed towards the person nearby him.